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DragonBal YX: New hopes


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An evil has erupted 3 decades after the Z Warriors died. He sent powerful warriors to Namek, Earth, and Vegeta. The universe's strongest warriors are beating him, but he is now showing e can fight by blowing up star, planets, whatever he can. Goku and the others left the original dragonballs to help out.

Rules: 1.)No SSj5!!
2.) You can be any creature from any planet.
3.) Goku, trunks,... all have only 1 grandchild. You can be one not taken.
4.) 3 people may start out with level equal to ssj1, not ultra.
5.) you may be a dead z Warrior.


Power Level:
Specialty: (speed, strength, knowledge,...)
Species: (demon, angel, namek,...)
Pet: (optional)
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