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Pandora's Black Tower


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Vincent paced around the front door impatiently, four of the selected operatives were late. Sheila and Burque were already inside with their selected ops. But the other four were very late. Rain began to fall in heavy torrents.
[I]Damn the east coast and it's god damned weather, gonna be hard to see without nv.[/I]
He pulled his hood over his head, he pulled the list with the operatives names and descriptions on them:

Sayree "Trea"

[I]Hmmm I hope they're as good as they say they are...[/I]
He looked up at the looming black tower in the distance.
[I]They had better damn well be as good as they say they are...or where screwed...[/I]


Alesander sat at his Ornately decorated Obsidian throne, at the head of the long steel table. All his general's were gathered. He was sorely disapointed with them. All of them.

"Why have they not been utterly crushed?!" His young pale face turned red with rage. General Ingram spoke first.
"They aren't a mere rabble Lord Pandora, They are a powerful, well organized force, with brilliant leader's, as cunning as any here."
Alxander sneered with disgust as Ingram dared praise their abilities. He nodded his head towards him, and his body gaurds drug the struggling general outside. A single shot silenced the astonished Generals cries.

"Now...I already know why they haven't been anihilated yet."He glared around the room. "You all have grown complacent, fat and lazy over the years. Being in places of power and security has made you all soft. I cannot have soft generals."He smiled wickedly, looking more and more a vile serpent.

"It's time for new blood." His body guards opened fire into the 19 Generals gathered their. The large .50 bullets tore into their bodies, blood splattered acrossed the table. When the last of them stopped twitching, He looked into the Shadows.

"Come out Bloodwolf." A large, Powerfull figure strode out from the shadows. His face was hidden behind a full, metal helmet.
"You are my finest creation, Strong Intelligent, fast, Ruthless. You aren now the Commander of all my forces, second only to me. Your first mission...HUNT DOWN AND SLAUGHTER EVERY LAST MEMBER OF THESE RESISTANCES!"


Alright when those of you in the resistance make your first post, Detail your arrival. The last person posting it starts the meeting. Those of you in Alexander's Forces Describe where your at when you recieve your orders, either from Alex if your a bodyguard, or from BloodWolf if your not.
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[font=arial][size=2][color=purple]Sayree, called Trea, brushed blonde hair away from her face, her head bent against the wind. Her hair was soaked, and she pulled her hood up over her head for he seventh time. The vicious wind kept blowing it off, and her blue eyes kept darting around, expecting an assassin to attack her.

She sighed. [I]This is crazy. Why am I doing this?[/I] She shook her head feircly. [I]Because if you don?t, you could die![/I] She spotted the building she was told to go to, and made her way towards it. She saw a cloaked figure pacing in front, a piece of paper held close.

She took a deep breath, and coughed. [I]Gods damn this storm![/I] She had lived along the coast her whole life, and was used to the storms, but she still hated them.

Trea came up, and the man stopped her from going in the building. ?Who are you?? he asked. She straightened, and had a knife ready. ?I am Sayree Trea. I was called for a meeting.? The man nodded, and she let the knife relax and slide back in place. She entered the building.

OOC: How was that?[/font][/color][/size]
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A shadow rippled through the stormy night. Most would regard it as the clouds shifting, the wind changing, or just a trick of the eye.
Then they'd be dead.
This was the way the assassin lived. Lurking in shadows, waiting for the best chance to attack, and ending the life of whoever was foolish enough to regard his minimal presence as the changing winds.
He moved from the alleyway swiftly and silently, darting around the guards, just out of the light cast from inside the tent. He fluidly moved around, scanning the exterior.
He noticed no breaches, no gaps, no back entrance.
Killing them would be all too easy.
He drew his gun silently, took aim, and the guard fell. He jumped over the guard and into the tent, his duster falling around him like a remnent of the shadows.
He rose, aiming his gun in the face of the leader.
He pulled the trigger.
"This was far too easy. Your guard is out and you'd all be dead. You'd better all smarten up because I won't be playing babysitter for a bunch of wanna-be revolutionaries, got it?" said the assassin.
"You must be the legendary Tao Zhou," said Vincent, cooly, unfazed by the assault. He knew the assassin would make an entrance. He just didn't know how big.
He was slightly impressed.
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As Vincent started pacing again, a dark figure became visible in the heavy downpour. He watched in silence, as the figure got closer and became more evident...

Ingrid watched him through the rain as she walked closer. She suppressed the urge to smile at his constant pacing. Her pace stayed constant throughout the whole time until she reached the building. She stopped in front of him, waiting for him to let her pass. Silently, she calculated him, running her eyes up his form until they rested on his face.

Vincent also studied her. She was carrying something over her head that he hadn't seen in a very long time... [I]Is that an umbrella? Where the heck did she manage to find one of those things?[/I] Her face was not strange to him - almost everyone knew Ingrid's appearance. Tendrils of her dark hair hung down, twisting around her neck and shoulders.

She flicked water out of her eyes, and then handed the umbrella to him. "Here, it seems you'll need it more than I do, waiting for the others. Unless, of course, I'm the last one, which I positively doubt. Tao always seems to be more fashionably late than I am." But as she scanned the area around her, her expression turned to surprise. "Tao's already here? Amazing. I can't believe he beat me. Guess he's not so slow anymore." Vincent watched her, not taking the umbrella. A wry smile flicked across Ingrid's face, "Oh, ok then, I guess I'll just put it in your hand for you." Quick as a snake, her hand snapped out and grabbed his, and the umbrella was in his hand before he knew it. She smiled, and walked past, about to go inside the building.

Then, she turned back, searching in some of her pockets for something. Victorious, she smiled, holding up a small flask. Ingrid opened it, sniffed, and took a quick swig. She then offered it to Vincent, who stayed still under the umbrella. She sighed, "Jeez, it'll warm you up. Whiskey's good in cold weather. Come on, even silent men need a drink sometimes." Finally, he took it, his reluctance evident. But it still made Ingrid flash a smile across her face. Satisfied, she went inside, leaving Vincent outside with an umbrella and some whiskey.

Vincent looked at the flask, and then shrugged. [I]I could use a drink, I suppose. What the heck.[/I]
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[size=1][color=darkgreen]Leo sat curled up in a little ball under the large vacent stood in the abandoned town. He had been traveling to meet this Vincent dood, but has decided to take a quick rest before continuing, he was bushed from being chased by bounty hunters and such. What a wonderful dream he was having... He was on a beach... well, at least what he thought was a beach. Leo had never seen the ocean, not even in pictures, he had to use his imagination for everything. The sun was shining brightly, and three B-E-A utiful women were sitting next to him, drooling over his muscels and hottness.

Suddenly, the wind blew a trash can over, which made a loud racket.
"I didn't do it!!" Leo screamed as he jumped to his feet and pulled out his electromagnetic pole. He looked around to see that it had been nothing and then checked his watch to see what the time was. "8:00" it read. Leo smiled slightly, the time not completely sinking in... what! He was late!
With his mouth open and curses poring out, Leo scrambled down the abandoned street, heading North, where he would be meeting Vincent and the others. He was very light and quick on his feet, only 10 minuets had passed before he finally arrived at the sight, the vincent guy was standing there with a flask in his hand, he looked up when Leo came scrambling down the hill, cursing very loudly.

Leo skidded to a stop in front of the man and began to catch his breath, gasping words between breaths. "Hey-i'm Leo-sorry-late-fell asleep..." He then stood strait up and looked at the man, wondering what the hell he should do. [/size][/color]
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The musty smell of the dimmly lite baracks was a welcoming scent to Zeddrick. He had spent most of his semi-adult life in buildings such as this. Created for the sole purpose of housing soldiers, these places were also favorite targets of the resistance.

It was sad really, back in the day the groups would attack war factories and smaller key outposts and supply convoys. Now they had possibly realised that the only way to demorilize Alexander was to slaughter troops while they slept in their beds.
He shook his head as he remebered a scene several weeks ago. His squad had just got finished with a 20 mile hike, their camp just coming into sight. They the sky lite up as several building were blown to bits. He thought to himself, "Man, that clean up job was the worst."

As he reached the entrence on his way to the rec room a private first-class stopped him and saluted.

Man: Sir! I bring orders from the 'brass'.

Zeddrick: Hmmm....Really? Well it's about time!

He hastily opened the letter, completely forgetting to let the messanger to at ease.
He read the letter with hunrgy eyes, then, stopped. The letter was released from his hand and it floated like a feather to the cement floor.

Man: Is there a problem sir?

Zeddrick: *a bewildered look on his face* No, no there isn't..........uhhh you're dismissed private.

He began pacing as the messager exited through the door. He began thinking to himself " Hmmmm all of them....dead. I know Alexander is not the best tempered but...all his generals? And this new guy? Alexander really expects him to do by himself what a whole group of generals couldn't?" The letter had been blunt....like always. It pertained to the execution of the former generals and then stated a brief describtion of the new commander. Who then in several lines gave orders to some various regiments.

Zeddrick's regiment was to attack a small town in the east coast, suspected of harboring and contributing to the resistance factions.
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Inside, the others waited for the rest of the members to join the meeting. Tao, Trea, and Ingrid had gotten a quiet lecture about being on time...but they had shrugged and brushed it off. No big deal. Some of the other ops had glared, irritated at waiting for them, but again, they payed no attention.

Ingrid now leaned against the wall, picking at her cuticles. She brushed back her still-damp hair, and looked up at the others, who were gathered around a table, seated in wooden chairs and crates. Tao she had no idea where he was, but she never did. Trea was also seated at the table, cheerfully smiling and talking quietly to some others. Ingrid made her way over to Burque, and leaned over his shoulders.

She dropped a kiss on the man's cheek, drawing a sigh from the figure whom she had looked up to as a father. "So...are we going to start anytime soon?" Sheila glared at her; she didn't quite like the easy way in which Ingrid treated her superiors. Her manner was a bit too languid. Ingrid just smiled, the expression hinting at a wry, mocking tone, but Sheila merely looked away.

Burque put his hand on Ingrid's and patted it. "Go back to your wall Ingrid, and don't cause trouble."

Ingrid smiled again, this time with legitimate fondness, and walked back over the wall where she had been standing. She again took her nonchalant pose, and watched the others.

Suddenly, the door slammed, and they turned to see the final comers. Vincent entered, wet and dripping, the umbrella folded neatly under his arm. The flask was no where in sight, which was probably a good idea. Sheila didn't really agree with drinking on the job... Leo followed, a sodden figure, but still with a slight, unsure smile on his face.

Sheila stood up. "Now that we're all here, let's get started."
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Trea brushed her hair out of her face, and her eyes darted around the room. She saw the others as potential enemies, and potential allies. She nodded when Sheila said they were ready.

She pursed her lisp, and flipped her min-pilot out, and her fingers flew across the pad. She glanced up at Sheila, who was watching her, a smile teasing her lips, yet an annoyed look on her face. Trea had a small smile, and closed it. She said, softly, ?Only verifying information.? She shook her head, and little beads of water flew across the room.

Trea?s sea-blue eyes fluttered at the sleepy Leo, and she smiled at Ingrid. Her gaze shifted to Tao, and the smile dropped. He seemed the most serious of them all. She nodded respectfully to him. She laced her fingers together, and propped her head on them, her elbows on the table.
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OOC: Late again!! *grumbles*

Johnathan stumbled into the meeting room and composed himself in time for Mr. Alexander to seat the officials and bodyguards. John quickly took his place near the head of the bodyguards, two seats away from the 129-year-old man himself.
"I have called you all here today for one reason, and one reason only. There are two resistance groups that have managed to sneak, like the rats and weasles they are, past our sensors undetected. They have set up bases somewhere unknown to my sources," he took a short pause, letting it all settle in. No one [b]ever[/b] passed Mr. Alexander's sources, mainly because if they did, the sources were killed and replaced with the best of the qualified men Alexander had on hand.
"All I need you snivelling grunts to do is find these bases and [i]destroy them[/i]! Interrogate any members of these resistances and kill them. Find the leaders and bring me their remaining bacterial cells!" he got up and left swiftly, leaving the room slightly shaken.
"What was that all about?" asked one of the newer bodyguards. The rest got up and left, Johnathan with them. The bodyguards were supposed to follow Alexander unless off shift, which was only in the 2 1/2 hours of sleep they seemed to achieve.
The officials also got up to leave, some were muttering something about how dependant Alexander was becoming on his sources. Two were talking about how they would tell their squads and other men.
Johnathan rolled his eyes. Why did they have to worry so much? It was a simple order to be delivered.
He got back to his job.
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Sheila strode over to the easst wall, which was covered with maps and various other papers. All the operatives selected for the mission shifted, sitting more upright, appearing more attentive. Vincent couldn't help but grin, they were all going to piss themselves when they heard the details. Sheila's words peirced into his wandering mind.

"As you all know, this mission has been classified as top priority, and we have taken great measure's to ensure it's secrecy. You'll all be asked to not mention this mission at all, to anyone." Vincent grimaced as she went on with the same speech again, she had a flair for words, she just spoke to often. He could see the others roll their eyes as she repeated the same speech they'd heard a dozen times. The assassin known as Tao intterrupted the lengthy speech.

"Exactl y [I]what [/I] is our mission?" sheila sighed, deciding to scrap the rest of the speech.

"We'll be assaulting the Black Tower." Everyone in the room stopped rolling their eyes, her words finally sinking in. Jaws dropped to the floor. "Our plan is to lure out a majority of his forces while a small team slips inside and assassinates him."

"But the diversionary force will be torn to shreds in seconds by his armies!" One of the revenents cried out. Many muttered their agreement. Sheila glared at the man, forcing his eyes to the floor.

"His forces in this area have weakened. His so called generals sent out thousands of soldiers to reinforce key installations acrossed the world, due to the recent succesfull string of attacks we've made against them." She beamed proudly, remembering the achievments.

"But no one knows the exact layout of his tower. None of us have ever been inside!" Ingrid's voice seemed to hiss, when she looked at Burque.

Burque stood, pulling a computer out on a rickety old cart. He grinned viciously as he spoke.
"We do now." Everyone croweded closer to see the screen, everyone asked where they had obtained such prised information. "We retrieved it during a recent raid in Russia. We managed to kill their techs. before they had a chance to wipe their computers memory." A horrified look appeared on Leo's face.

"Wont they bee hunting for this? They have to know we have it!" Sheila gave an affirmative nod.
"They likely do, but we've prepared for it. There are several other safe houses we've prepared in the area, and we've let the information be leaked out to their forces." Vincent stepped forward.

"Which is why this mission was called so hastily, we've got to strike before they find out for certain that we have it and are planning. And that's why you four were picked." He motioned towards, Leo, tao, Ingrid, and Trea. His eyes lingered on Trea before he continued. 'Your supposed to be the best, and the best are needed for this." He grinned as they all looked to the floor, each of them knowing he spoke the truth. All four looked up at him, determination light up everyone's eye's but Tao's, he looked on Vincent with near hatred when he spoke...

"How much will I be paid, and when do we leave?" Sheila shook her head, it always came down to money with people like him.

"You leave tomorrow, were still waiting on one more arrival. And how much you'll be paid, well...if we fail, your all dead. If you succeed, Alexander does have a lot of money." Tao grinned evily, he was going to make sure they succeded. "Your all dismissed, rest up tonight, it's going to be a long day tomorrow.

That should get things going. People in Alexander's forces, you guys get to describe your orders, and what happens when you find the resistance (Or one of the dummy safe houses) Good luck, and have fun!
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Trea saw Vincent?s eyes linger on her. She got up as they were dismissed, and caught Vincent on the way out. ?What?? Vincent played startled. ?What do you mean?? Trea gave him a cold glare. ?You know perfectly well what I mean.?

Vincent shrugged. Trea wouldn?t let him pass. ?Tell me what you have to so I can go sleep.? Vincent shook his head and grinned. ?What I have to tell you may make it hard for you to sleep.? Trea sighed. ?Look, I'm a trained assassin, and I bet I?ve slept on things worse than what you can throw at me.?

She put her hands on her hips, and cocked her head. ?Now, what is it? I prefer not to fight, but I can if I have to??
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Vincent grinned widend an inch or two, when Trea pressed the issue. He laughed quietly, winked at her and said.
"Your cute, that's all."He struggled to keep from laughing his head off as Trea's eyes widened in sheer surprise.
"Yu...you...you what?" Vincent grinned slyly again.

"I think your cute! hehe...Sleep well!" He waved as he truned and walked out the door, and into the dark, rain soaked world. Trea stood there, dumbfounded with Vincent's unexpected words.
sorry it's short, I have no more time.
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Trea stood there for a minute. [I] And he?s HOW old?![/I] She shook her head, and turned to follow the others. She left the building, and brought her hood up, covering her head from the rain.

She walked to her house, which wasn?t far, pondering that. [I]Okaaaay?. Put him in the creepy list. ?Cute??[/I] She shuddered. Trea reached her house, and unlocked it. As soon as she was in, she was bombarded by her cat, Chifi, and her mutt, Cagne. She laughed, and said, ?Settle, guys.? The two animals sat, and watched her remove her shoes.

Trea went into the living room, and sat on the couch, where Cagne and Chifi pounced on her. She laughed as Cagnes rough tuonge licked her face. ?Whoa! I haven?t been gone more than an hour, guys!?

Cagne got down, and Chifi went into the kitchen, tail raised. Trea followed. She opened the cabinet, and got down their bowls. She filled them with table scraps, and set them on the floor. Cagne instantly dug in, and Chifi, in her cat-like manner, tasted some on her paw before starting.

Trea got out some Tomato juice, poured it in a glass, and got some reheat brocolli and cheese. She turned on the radio.

Afterwards, she took a shower, and had to push Cagne out. She toweled off, and got into a pair of soft PJs. She flicked off the lgith, and climbed in bed. Cagne jumped up, licked Treas face, then stretched out along the length of her owners body. Promptley, she started sleeping. Chifi jumped up, and circled, sleeping at the foot of the bed.

Trea lay with her eyes closed for about twenty minutes. [I]DamN! Why does thst bother me so much?![/I] with that thought, she finally fell asleep.

OOC; Cyriel, technically, it WAS her rents house, before they were killed. She inherited it. ^^
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OOC: callmegoddess, you're lucky you have a house. :p


Ingrid stayed back after the meeting was over, helping to disguise the building to look deserted. The other ops hung around for a bit, then one by one melding back into the rain and out of sight. She avoided Trea and the guy called Vincent, overhearing some of their words. [I]They don't even know each other, and already they're having a lover's spat.[/I] She smiled, but didn't let her sarcastic laughter escape her.

She called to Burque, her voice easy and lazy, "Hey, can I take another look at that map? I mean, we [I]are[/I] leaving tomorrow, and I don't relish walking in blind to Pandora's tower." He gave an exaggerated roll of his eyes, and printed out a copy for her. "Oh, by the way -" But Burque had already turned away, and Ingrid didn't call him back. She felt her spirits sink...why was she feeling so depressed? [I]And again, I suppose it's right...after all, tomorrow we get to decide if we're all wiped off the face of the planet...[/I]

Hearing Trea and Vincent leave, Ingrid deemed it safe to venture out the front door without interrupting the two. Trea was cute - it was hard to believe that she was only two years younger than Ingrid...it felt more like five. Vincent, on the other hand... [I]Wait a second...that guy still has my whisky![/I] She tore off in the rain, quickly scanning the grey scenes surrounding her, looking for Vincent. She saw Trea running off in the other direction, and quickly spotted Vincent also.

Ingrid ran up to him, her hair soaking again. "Hey, you should use the umbrella. I could use it right now."

He said nothing, merely glancing at her.

"By the way, would you mind? I think I need a drink." She tapped his pocket, where she could see the outline of the flask barely weighing down the cloth.

He looked down, remembering the whisky, "Oh, yeah..." Taking it out, he handed the silver flask to her, and she unscrewed the cap, taking a quick swig.

She put it back into her own pockets, and then remembered something that Sheila had mentioned. "...another thing... Who's the other op that we're waiting for? Sheila mentioned someone else. As a matter of fact, what's your role in this? I don't recall ever seeing you before."
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Vincent grinned when Ingrid asked him his role. He played with the thought of telling her, over and over while they strode through the rain. He also took the time to look her over too.
'[I]She's not to bad looking either. Ahh what would it hurt to tell her, we're on the same team anyway...[/I] '
"I'm an infiltrator, I slip in behind enemy lines, shut down important things like automated defenes, camera's, stuff like that." She nodded, understanding his role.

"So I take it your the first member of the team in?" She looked at him, her eyes weighing his abilities. Vincent couldn't help but grin.

"That's right. Also I get to do a little bit of support work with these." His hands drew twin .45's in flash, almost quicker than Ingrid's sharp eye's could follow. She instinctivly reached for her weapon.

"Aren't those a little outdated?" She looked at the old guns doubtfully.
"No, not really. I modified them to take a newer version of a .45 bullet. The problem is, I have to make the bullets myself." His eyes lost there playful light to burning hatred. "It's worth it though, seeing those glowing red eyes of a Pandora soldier's explode when one of my bullets burns through it." Ingrid was slightly taken aback when he spoke. He grimaced when he realized what he had said. He holstered both pistols quietly.

"Sorry bout that."
"Not a problem. I gather you really don't like them?"
"Do you?"
"Good point."

[CENTER] * * * [/CENTER]

Bloodwolf paced outside the large, black barracks patiently, articulate plans buzzed through his brilliant mind.

"What are your orders sir?" Bloodwolf turned to the Corpral behind him. The soldier could be seen quivering, he was not one of the ascended, like himself. He had been born of a [I]womb[/I], in an age past. Defrosted, to return to service of Alexander, instead of being cloned, and enhanced in a vat. His deep voice rang out like a death toll, from behind the large combat helmet.

"Give orders to all Infantry platoons. Encircle and strike at all desginated targets here, at dawn. Full assault" He handed the officer a small clipboard. He looked the map over, his eyes widening in shock. The man was weak.

"B-but sir...This is...uh...this is a heavily populated area! We can'...t" Bloodwolf turned towering over the man, making him stare into the glowing red eyes of his infra-red goggles. He shouted with all the fury he could summon.
"I did NOT ask for what you thought Corpral! I ORDERD you to deliver these orders of attack! And if you are unwilling to do so, then you will have to be REPLACED!" his hands snapped around the shoceked corprol's neck. He lifted him above his head, like he were a mere child. Bloodwolf turned towards a battalion of tanks that was rolling back into their garage. Grinning evily behind his helmet, he carried the struggling soldier to the slow moving tanks. He set his head a foot away from the tracks.
"Oh GOD! please...I'll deliver the orders!" Bloodwolf looked coldly into the corprol's eyes, never speaking a word. They were the last thing he saw before the 90 ton tank rolled slowly over his head.
One thing I had forgotten to mention, This be rated R, due to gratuitious violence, and language. If you decide to throw sex in, please! Don't go into great detail about, just saying that your character's 'doing it' is enough. Thank you! enjoy.
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The rumors spread like wildfire, their new commander was, as they knew a manufactured human. Many of the officers could be heard talking of their disaproval in the darker places of camp. Not disaproval for the removal of the corpral but that the cammander was no doubt as brutish with the officers.

This could go bad for us indeed...not only the harshness fo these orders but that lack of respect for the other officers will not prove efficient. Zeddrick thought as he looked over the orders.

He had been called to the officer's mess, probably more harrassing while he was still a grunt. When he pushed through the doors however, he realized it was something more than jokes.

Officer: Zeddrick.......we have an errand for you. We've been looking over the orders. We find that with the resulting civilian casuilties, there will no doubt be an increase in the resistance movement. You are to give our revised stratagems to the Commander.

Zeddrick:*eyes wide in surprise* You do realise what he'll do. Hell he'll probably kill me just for being the messanger.

Officer: This is an ORDER! You will carry it out or I will shoot you myself.

With a stern salute Zeddrick exited the mess hall and made his way twords the Commanders quarters. All the while he knew that if he lived threw it his promotion would be assured......because there will have to be alot of replacements.
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gunther was just coming back from a recent mission from commander bloodwolf himself to destroy an enemy force that was located a few miles away (capturing 5 enemy soldiers, one of which was an officer, and killing the other six. now he and 65/140 of his men are preparing to move the pows to the black tower for interogation and also recieve his and his mens new orders from general ingram.

already having gone over the details of the movement with his men they are preparing to move out on thier 2 heavily armored maxwell t234 apc's and 10 zx58 jacobson assault vehicles armed with 2 90 calibers. after they were all finished gunther gave the order to move out.
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Ingrid had no idea what to make of Vincent, which was pretty much a first for her. Typically she could interpret small signals from them, subtle body language that made it hard for anyone to hide anything. [I]But this guy...jeez, all I can tell is that he keeps hiding something.[/I] It was like he was changing masks so quickly that she couldn't tell what was beneath. She didn't no if that was good or bad. [I]Well...I suppose it's good for an infiltrator... But God, I don't know whether to crack a joke, or stay on my toes. But he seems...ok...I suppose. Oh jeez, I don't know![/I] She was exasperated, but didn't let it show, only trying not to glance at him too much so he wouldn't notice she was a bit iffy.

"Oh, by the way Vincent, you haven't told me who the other op is, the one we're waiting for. Unless...that's some top secret information that you can't possibly tell me, which in that case I'll have to go do my own little snooping, possibly get caught, lectured....so if you'd save me the trouble, I'd be very relieved." Her serious tone was overlaid by the wry smile on her face, completing her sarcastic words. She still walked beside Vincent, matching his quick stride, and flicking the water out of her eyes with an occassional brush of her hand. Vincent couldn't help but smile; it was nice talking to someone with a cool sense of humor.
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Vincent's smile stayed glued to his face. She wasn't going to back down till she knew about the op. The problem was, HE didn't even know who it was, he had just been told that they might show up. If they didn't show up by tomorrow, mission was still a go.
"I honestly don't know who the op is. Or if they'll be here tomorrow. If they are we, find out who it is, if not...then they're left behind." Ingrid looked at him doubtfully, her eyes still trying to weigh his abilities. She was probably going to ask Burque if he knew anything. They both stopped at the intersection, the rain had formed rivers in the roads. Vincent turned to her, still smiling genuinly.

"Well this is where I leave you, my hideout's nearby. You had better head over to yours." He handed her umbrella to her. "You'll probably need this for the walk back."

"Thanks, make sure your not spotted on the way back."

"You too, take it easy." Both turned to go their seperate ways, walking down opposite roads. Vincent couldn't help but think:

[I]She's cute to, but...Trea's younger...aww hell, what am I thinking?[/I]
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Trea woke up, the live alarm clock licking her face madly. She swatted Cagne away, and sat up, stretching. She got out of bed, and instantly remembered last nights events. She groned, and fell backwards onto the bed, Cagne scrambling to get out of the way. Chifi stalked in the room and gave Trea?s legs a rub before stalking out again.

Trea got up, and dressed after taking another shower. She retrieved her weapons, and slid them into place, daggers disappearing, her gun going into a holster at her hip. She shook her hair back to cascade down her shoulders, and slipped on her shoes. She truned, kissed Cagne and Chifi, and left, locking the door behind her.

Trea went next door, and gave the neighbor the key, as always. Then she left, walking down the streets unobtrusively. She glanced around, looking like a regular college student.

OOC: I think we have a three-way love triangle going on? Ingrid-Vincent-Trea. LOL
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Vincent woke up to the sound of his alarm going off. Still half-asleep, he swung his arm out, smashing out the noise, and breaking the clock. He paid it little attention, there were going to be greater matters at hand then replacing a broken alarm clock. He looked around at his little room, little better than a hovel, but he didn't need any more than that. He took a shower and dressed himself in his combat gear. He looked at his watch, 6:30, the meeting was due to start at 8:00 this morning, and it would take him an hour and a half to get there from the outskirts of town.

He yawned, the walk wouldn't be much. He gazed out the window, only to see several apc's rolling down the road, escorted by dozens of troops. Vincent's stomach turned to a ball of ice at the sight. All the troops were heavily armed, many were carrying weapons meant for tanks, not people. '[I]Shiiit! they know about our safe houses![/I] ' Vincent sprinted out the door, he had to warn the resistance and get their mission underway. He uttered a small prayer to god, something he did only under great pressure.

"I only pray they find the trapped dummies first."
ooc: Love triangle? maybe, but not yet, it's to soon for something like that! :laugh: Vincent just has a thing for younger girls. :D
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Trea gasped as she dashed into an alley. She peeked out to watch the tanks and armies. [I]****! I hope everyones alright! They can?t just come marching in! They?ll kill civilians![/I] The blood drained from her face. [I]Oh, no. They?re looking for me. And the others.[/I] She fell back fully into the shadows, and chocked on a sob. [I]Cagne! Chifi! They?ll kill them![/I]

Trea got up and dashed down the alley way. She turned behind the building, and took off towards the meeting building. She stopped and peeked out of the other alley. She saw the troops, and ducked behind a dumpster. Her heart was beating fast. She forced down her stomach. [I]Get a grip! This is just like everything else you?ve ever done.[/I]

[I]Sayree Trea, get a grip! Oh, Goddess of the Wiccans, God of the Wiccns, God of the Christians, watch over me and mine![/I]

OOC: Maybe? gah? Ingrid said she was cute?
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OOC: I have no idea what that is supposed to mean. And do we still have college students? Ffight for your life against Pandora, and then study in your free time hahaha.


Ingrid woke instantly, her eyes adjusting to the light. Her hand went instinctively to some small blades she kept close at hand. Nothing. The sounds outside were of a quiet morning, dripping water from the rain last night, with gentle sunshine touching the trees. What had woken her? [I]Wait...something's missing... No birds.[/I] There were no sounds of waking creatures. The birds, and everything else, was silent.

Breathing quietly, she inched out of the sawdust, unwrapping herself from the tarp at the same time. Ingrid hardly ever slept indoors anymore, preferring to chance the dangers of the outside world. Last night, she had wrapped herself in a tarp, and burrowed into the wood chips under a slide in a deserted playground. It had been warm, if a little damp, but she had slept well, despite the loud storm. Now, she carefully and silently stretched in the daylight, working out the kinks that had knotted her muscles during the night. But...still no birds. Nothing. Only the dripping of water, reflected by the welcoming sunshine. It was going to be a beautiful day.

And suddenly... [I]What is that?[/I] Ingrid turned her head... She felt something more than heard it... a deep sound, coming closer. And realized it was the steady rumble of troops. Ingrid gasped; [I]Oh *******, this is not the day for this to be happening. Of all days, not today....[/I] Quickly obliterating the signs of her night stay, she ran off with the tarp, abandoning it with other heaps of trash in a dumpster nearby. And then she ran...towards the tanks. [I]Crazy? You bet. But hey, someone's gotta get a head-count, and it might as well be me. Wait, but why me? And again...[/I] [I]Sheila will probably be pissed that I'm late for another meeting, especially this one...[/I] Ingrid smiled; yup, she was definitely going to scout out the enemy. Besides, there was nothing more fun than being late and ticking Sheila off.
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Tao sat in the lotus position on the floor, deep in meditation. Thanks to his business as assassin, he made some good money, and was able to afford a fairly acceptable house. At least it wasn't worthy of condemning, like so many in the world.
Then his peace was shattered.
The sound of marching feet and rolling tanks moved by, bringing him out of his peaceful, centered state.
'Bastards,' he thought.
He got up and grabbed his sword, then his 45. He slipped the weapons into his belt, and also snatched up the dart gun, this time loaded with Stonefish venom instead of tranquilizer.
He moved to the roof, swiftly and quietly, and took aim, firing off into the crowd of soldiers.
A cry of alarm went up, and Tao heard the sound of a body falling.
He moved back behind the ventilation-thing. He reached his hand around and shot a dart, not caring what it hit. More cries, so he must've hit someone.
He grabbed a grenade from the basket at his feet. As he picked it up, he thought, 'I'm running out.'
The small explosive flew into the ranks and exploded, killing several he suspected.
Today would be a fun day, if he wasn't caught.
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Trea saw Ingrid, and looked around. She dashed out, and caught up. She cursed in a string of languages, and the profanity would have made sailors flinch. She said, ?Ingrid, what the [I]hell[/I] are we supposed to do?? She cursed again. ?Scratch that. [I]How[/I] are we supposed to do it?? Ingrid just grinned, and darted off again. Trea followed, a dagger in her hand.

Trea gasped as gas hit her nose. She stopped breathing, and dropped to the ground. She knew where Ingrid was, and threw the knife. It thunked into someone, and the body dropped. The gas cleared, and Trea got up. She had hit a soldier. She swore, and ran off ? and ran into Vincent, literally.

OOC; Whatever. I don't know, honestly.
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