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Naruto Wallpaper (en francais!)


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[COLOR=Gray][SIZE=2][FONT=Courier New]This is a wallpaper I made a while back. I quite like it, although it is rather simple--however, I am looking for ways to improve it without making it look too busy.

My friend told me I needed a t-shirt that said what it says on the wallpaper (there's a relatively large t-shirt line of this nature), so I whipped this up.


EDIT: Uh oh. It seems that the upload file option will not work...please wait a moment for me to upload this on my website acount, before you flame me...

FURTHER EDIT: Here it be: [url]http://www.freewebz.com/godel/lavieestsimple.jpg[/url]

Hmm...you may have to copy & paste the URL in order to view it...this link isn't working for me...><""[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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