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Godel-sensei's art thread.


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[COLOR=Gray][FONT=Courier New]Okay, I have finally decided to keep all my crap in one thread, so as not to clutter up this wonderful forum with it further._ _U

To begin with, here is a picture of Ten-Ten doing Neji's hair.
This was a rather spontaneous little sketch that I came up with during science class, becuase I was pretty much bored to tears. I then decided that I liked it, and cleaned it up. I might even colour it one day...
I am aware that I erased Ten-Ten's elbow by accident (><""), and that the entire image's proportions are a little out of whack, but I still quite like this one.

Your thoughts...? (that's the first uploaded image)

Here's my newest, Tsunade-themed, banner.



I quite like this quote, and the character, so I sort of wung (winged, wang...) it, and came up with this.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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