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I really suck at this...


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I was thinking Tripod, but I'm not sure if they host images. Angelfire would be a good bet.

As for the drawings, the first one is okay except for the lack of detail, and I think the second needs more demension. If you want ratings...

No. 1: 5-6/10
No 2: 4/10
The lack of demension on the second is that if it is meant to be jumping, the legs are hardly ever in unison like that. Maybe place a second one at a different angle. On the first, detail. Detail, detail, detail. If the character thingy is metal (which I think it is) you should add some shine. If not, go with increased features and such. I can't very well help you on the topic of drawing, not very good myself.
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Guest sarah3099
[quote name='yalborap']I seriously suck at art, so don't expect anything professional. Either way, can I get some C&C on these? Thanks in avance.[/quote]Well, no offense, but I think a kind of rotated side view of the robot thing would have a more powerful effect on your viewers and it would be good practice. But keep at it!
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