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Project Ziogi


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[COLOR=SlateGray][I]A screen flickers on, and a face, parcialy hidden by static, appears. The only discernable feature, is that the man is rather old. He takes a deep breath, and begins...[/I][/COLOR]

[COLOR=Sienna]"As you are listening, this experiement, excuse me, project, is already underway. I'm afraid we could not wait for your consent. For my own purposes, I will describe what we have already done...

Three years ago, in 2113, we began researching a new concept... we called it 'spontanious cloning'. Cloning itself has been around since the late 20th century, but we have taken it to a new level... the prossess itself has actualy little to do with actual cloning, but we use the term for lack of a better one. We named the project "Ziogi", after the late Dr. Ziogi, who had the original idea. After speaking with the government, we reciaeved a vast amount of funding. The implications were... incredible.

After completing more research, we made our first attempt at creating a 'spontanious clone'. The process is very exspensive, so we had only enough funding to perform it about one-hundred times. This may seem like a lot, but in science's eyes, it is nothing. Especialy for an experiement of this calibur.

Our first try was... unsuccessful at best. Over the course of two years, we made all one-hundred attempts that our funding would allow, and made many advances... but did not succeed in our ultimate goal of making a lving, breathing, [I]thinking[/I] biological human from nothing but a few atoms.

Begging the government to continue our funding, we recieved anough for only twenty-five more attempts. This was obviously not enough. Nevertheless, we continued, and again found ourselves without any money.

Desperate to continue our research, we turned to Generation Corp., the biggest corperation in the western hemisphere. Fascinated by our studies, they agreed to give us funding... for twenty-five more.

Upon completing these twenty-five, we had a huge break-through... one of our 'clones' had actualy been [I]alive[/I] for a moment. That had been the one-hundred and forty-eighth attempt, so we named the briefly-lived experiement, Ziogi-148. We succeeded in doing this several more times, but they all died.

We again ran out of funding... but as desperate as we were, we turned to you. Your scources may not be legitimate, but you provided the neccessary money. It only took three more experiements, and finaly, we had reached our goal! A thinking being, that could live! We named it, excuse me, him, Ziogi-183. He was obviously rather, hmmm... stupid would be the best word. Having been born of nothing but atoms, he had almost no intelligence. Nevertheless, we tought him.

Ziogi-183 was a fast learner, and was at an average IQ level within half a year. Amazing still. Showing you our results, you gave us funding for three more, and all were succesful. Ziogi-184,185,and186. To our surprise, 185 was a female. We had not intended this, though it did not delay us.

Then, it happened. The first one, Ziogi-183, had amnesia, and only retained basic knowledge. We taught him again, and prayed the same would not happen to the other three. It did. But then an idea came to us... and we instantly prepared.

When the four had amnesia again, we prepared them, and sent them into the world. Fortunately, this time they had retained much more information, enableing them, hopefully, to survive in modern society. And so it began.

We are monitoring them constantly, though they don't know it. I am deeply sorry for not informing you earlier, but the project had to be set underway immediately... I beg your forgiveness.

Dr. Lecturn, signing out."[/COLOR]


Well, I hope you survived my gruelingly long story, and have made it this far. Now, the basic plot is, this group of scientist have made four intelligent "spontanious clones" and released them into the world. The year is 2115, so expect many futuristic, uhh... things.

You must take on the role of one of the four clones. Ziogi-183, 184, 185, and 186. Though they may have named themselves something else after the amnesia. After the four spots are full, you may be someone else (a member of the illegal group, one of the scientists, etc.).

You will need...

Number: 183 184 185 186 (not needed if not a clone)

Given Name: (just Name if not a clone) What you named yourself.

Age: (only if not a clone)

Gender: If you are Ziogi 184 or 186 you are male. If you are 185 you are female. I am taking 183.

Appearance: Clones may be just about anything, but keep it realistic. Pics are accepted (no pics from videogames our movies)

Bio: Not required if you're a clone, though possibly recomended anyway.

Skills: What are you good at?

Personality: Try to be very descriptive here.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Teal]Here's mine...

Number: 183

Given Name: Ziogi

Gender: male

Appearance: 5'11'', and seems about eighteen(18). He has blue eyes, and scraggly brown hair. He has a very strong build, though he appears rather skinny when wearing his usual clothes. Speaking of wich... he wears a brown shirt, under a light-blue jacket that stragnly resembles a lab-caot, and black pants.

Bio: All I can remember, is a strange facility, and someone calling me... Ziogi. I have nothing else to call myself, so I'll use that. After that, I'm at some hotel, with everything paid for, and about three-hundred dollars with me. I'm very confused, but I guess things will sort themselves out... eventualy.

Skills: Very agile, and more flexable than an average person. He has an un-canny ability to predict people's emotions.

Personality: He is largely silent, mostly because he is very confused. The observing type, and a quick larner. He has almost no idea how to deal with many emotions, but copes as bes he can.[/COLOR]

Well friends... this is my longest RP intro yet, and i hope you enjoy!!
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Number: 185

Given Name: Miki

Gender: Female

Appearance: Long (waist-length) dark hair, deep brown eyes, and a shy, gentle smile. She wears soft, comfortable clothes and a small anklet made of red-gold. Something about her seems very child-like, yet she looks about seventeen, standing 5'6"

Bio: I guess I'm someone's child, but I have no memory of a family, nor of growing up... just of the here and now.

Skills: Empathetic and sympathetic. She's also rather strong, and very intelligent.

Personality: Not exactly silent, but quiet. Miki is intelligent enough to realize that something's missing, and she's willing to be led as well as lead. She doesn't cope well with anger or sadness, but no one would ever know because she always shows a happy smile and a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed outlook on life.

Well... let's see what happens.
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[font=arial][color=purple][size=2]Name: Sayree ?Demon? Davidson

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Appearance: She stands about 5?6?, with a slim, elf-like body, her limbs are long and tan. She has a ready smile and laugh. Mid-back dark brown hair with gold and red streaks through it, wavy and soft, no bangs. Her eyes are a clear green, but turn silver-gray when she is ticked. She wears mostly comfort clothes, like large sweat-shirts, loose jeans, and tennis shoes. She hates skirts, but can wear them if she absolutely has to. Her fave outfit at the moment is a pair of hip-hugger Bongo jeans with purple cat whiskers, flare, a tight black tank-top, a loose black hoodie, and her black Nike tennis shoes. Her accessories are a silver necklace with a dolphin holding her birthstones, aquamarine, and her small silver hoop earrings.

Bio: She was always alone at home as a young child, and learned to fend for herself. She often dodged her father, as he got drunk often, and had a bad temper. He died last year in a car accident after driving drunk. Her mother is almost never home, but spends as much time with her when she is. Say cooks a ton, and does her chores. When she?s done, she goes out to parties, or just to window shop. She often goe to the skate park to watch her best friend, Daniel, skate.

Skills: Singing, skating, snowboarding, hacking, drawing, writing

Personality: As I said, she has a ready smile and laugh, and is often friendly. Don?t push her too far, though, or she can bite hard. She has a short temper, but is very good at controlling it. She is very emotional, empathetic, and strong. She is hurt easily, but never shows it.

Lets go! ^^[/color][/font][/size]
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