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Can someone make me a Jay-Z Banner

James P. Galvatron

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I was wondering could someone make me a Jay-Z banner on it saying If Ya Feelin Like A Pimp Go Head Brush Ya Shoulders Off if you could fit that on there that would be great.If you could put my name in there with the name Hova.

Seeing as my request for a Tenchi Muyo banner and avatar went kaput I will try to get a banner of my favorite R&B and Hip Hop singer Jay-Z or Hova. Someone please answer this request

[color=teal]EDIT:[/color] Okay Instead could someone make me a Jay-Z banner that has his name in the background with my name in the bottom right corner with the words THe Greatest Rapper in the Game. I hope that is easier and that I can finally get a banner I haven't had one since the old Otaku Boards.

[color=teal]Please do not double post. There is an Edit button at the bottom of your posts that you can use to avoid this. Thanks. -Syk3[/color]
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