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Grey Aurora

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Okay, 6 or so months ago, I came up with an idea for a manga. I have worked dilligently but I have made little progress thus far. Probably because I don't have an artist. ^^;;
Anyway, one of my friends drew me an awesome picture and I was hoping he would help me...no such luck. Therefore, I am also looking for an artist of highly skilled proportions. And when I mean skilled, I mean skilled. If you are interested and you are more than an exceptional artist you can find me on AIM under the name azulcrescent25. I will explain the details in fuull should you contact me. Thank you for your consideration and time.
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Guest Midnight Rush
How much are you offering? Is the contract by hour or by volume? I can hook you up with several professional artists, but it won't be cheap. My estimate is about 15% gross profit and 8.00$ American per hour drawing. Also you will need to supply the supplies and equipment, or pay for my friend to use hers.
Another note, she doesn't work unless there are serious investors involved in the project, so make sure you have a good backing. Contact me if you are interested, ta ta...

*cough sarcasm cough*
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Err, even if that was sarcasm I believe this would be a good time to mention a few things.

1. This is not a professional manga I'm making. I'm merely an amateur writer trying to locate an artist who is willing to draw this for me.

2. I really am in no position to pay the artiist for this, and the materials cannot be payed for either. I'm sorry, but I'm to young to take up a job.

3. This is for recreation, I only need 25 pages in order to submit it to Tokyopop. Hopefully, it will be accepted and turned into a professional manga.

4. You must be willing to endure quite a bit of time for planning and such. This will be an effort on both our parts to create it. Therefore, if you it reaches the point at which it becomes a manga we will negotiate the earnings. If it makes it.
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