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FLCL:Ride a Shooting Star

Gir Kon

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.....beep beep beep.....accessing galactic brotherhood database....concerning subject of one.....Raharu a.k.a Haruko, Haruhana......Enter Login.....

Faction: (Space Patrol, Medical Mechanica, Pirates, Interstellar Immigration, Regular Human)
Story Info: (Original Characters Only)

Acess Granted.....Loading Information......

Raharu was last reported pursuing the infamous pirate Atomsk. While contact was made with her on some occasions, it was unconfirmed of her intentions. what was concluded was that she had followed him to earth, and was in the captivity of Medical Mechanica. Being used as a source of power for their factories. Raharu though did in fact have the key to his re-capture. In a young earthling named...Naota....in a turn of events Atomsk had attempted escape through one of MM's robots, but was eventually split in two, the physical remaining in the robot, the mental aspect within the boy. As this had been demonstrated upon their merging together on some occasions. It had all come to a head though when Raharu was doing more than just trying to capture Atomsk, she had fully intended on taking his power. Her plans had hit a snag though, when Naota ended up taking it instead. The two fought for a short time......after that it is unknown what went on. What is concluded though is that Atomsk has now escaped and is very much free. MM's factory was destroyed and Raharu ended up dissapearing.

Despite this, it seems as though Medical Mechanicas' setback did not put them out of action though. As even more factories have started to sprout around the globe. Something is still giving those factories power, and agents have been dispatched to try and solve the problem. It is more than just an isolated incident anymore. Though it is for certain others will be in search of this power, and will try to find the right head to do it, or even worse.

OC:I will start it up once enough people sign up. We need at least one person as a regular person, and one or two of each other faction. Hopefully it will do well enough. Thanks in advance for looking. Any questions on your mind don't hesitate to ask.
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