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Art kristalnacht-Art by Eclectic


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[font=Century Gothic][color=silver](sarcasm: RUN AWAY! I've made an attempt at historical accuracy AND spelling at once!) Anyways, I drew this after 1. paying way too much attention in history class and 2. seeing the scene from the HBO movie Joe and Max depicting Kristalnacht. If you have no idea what Kristalnacht is, definitely brush up on the WWII history. Anyways, she's a Jew killed that night in front of her family's store. I couldn't draw the glass on the ground or the feet of the Nazi soldiers running past, but I think the message gets across. The lyrics copyright is a part of the sketch.
Time: 4-5 hours in two days
Medium: #2 pencil, mechanical pencil, school sweater sleeve (for the little bit of shading on the arm), and eraser on sketchbook paper
Inspiration: Kristalnacht
Lyrics: AFI
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