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the royal master:crossroads


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[SIZE=2]"The royal master" is an adventure RPG consisting of many parts. "The royal master: crossroads" is my first attempt to an RPG so I hope you guys bear with me. It is also the first installment to the series. In good fortune I hope that this RPG will be a success and sequels will come.

100 years of war has taken its toll on the land of osseous. This war is fought back and forth between the trysts and the urdus. When the only son of the tryst clan was on a coming of age journey the power hungry urdus attacked the castle and seized power. The trysts were caught suprized by the invasion was driven out to the wastelands. When the prince returned from the journey but was confronted by a sphinx, as in the nature of a sphinx, she asked prince bale tryst a riddle
"you are taking a sack of grain, a chicken and a fox to the other side of the river, there is a boat but it only fits two passengers, you and another, if the chicken can eat the grain and the fox can eat the chicken, how can you take the these three to gthe other side of the bank with out one being eaten by the other?"
then th prince thought for a long time before answering, he said "first take the chicken across the river, then go back, take the grain and cross again, lay the grain beside the chicken and take the chicken back, lay the chicken beside the fox and then take the fox with you across, lay the fox beside the grain and then go back to get the chicken, again cross the river and land on the bank where tha sack of grain and the fox is" the prince was right and the sphinx let him pass. when the prince was near the castle he saw the urdus flag on the castle tower, seeing this put horrors in tghe mind of the prince. he ran back to where the sphinx is and asked her what has happened to the trysts kingdom, she told him of what has happened and then the prince asked her to lead the way to the tryst stronghold in the wastelands she refused and accused him of being a urdu spy he shows her the royal seal and she jumped out of happiness.
sphinx: prince bale we all thought of you dead, where have you been all these years? the urdus attacked after you left the castle and thought that you were ambushed by them.
bale: no i have been away on my journey and now i have returned.
when they got to the camp, they were suprised to see it in ruin, tents lie in smoke, carcasses of the dead were scatered, hoof prints of horses were everywhere, this was a sign of a raid. this was not a good homecoming that princed bale has aways visioned in his dreams. he vows to get vengeance from the urdus...no matter what it takes......
whew that was long i hope your time wasnt wasted in reading that, and i hope you are interested too.

ok this is what i need.

name: any name you want
age: make it reasonable
sex: please do not answer "yes please" to this question
race: use your imagination. and please amke it reasonable, no human-beast hybrid that doesnt make sense like. human father and beast mother, or vice-versa.
weapon: again use your imagination. but no guns, they dont exist yet during these times.
bio: must include intro to character, personality, and persons history
i will do my sign up tonight for i have to cook lunch. k hope somebody sign-up
(and oh a dibs on prince bale) [/SIZE][/SIZE]
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