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Once again...::sigh:: ...graphics by me.


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I know, I know. When will I stop? You might be surprised to find that this time,. at least, I didn't make a banner. Yeah, I'm okay with using this for sites, whatever as long as it isn't entered in a fan art/computer edited thing, mainly because it sucks and I, not you, made it. Okay, so maybe it doesn't suck, but I doubt it's very good. Simple, layered art thingy. Just an experiment while working on my banner. (In thread: Newest Banner!). It has the same font as the banner, 911 Porscha, a little of the acid green showing through it. It was supposed the be a wallpaper, but then I realized it was much too small. But if you like it and don't care if it gets stretched and mutilated, go ahead. It's your comp. Ratings, maybe?
And yes, I am aware it is a rather large file.
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Well, I'd give it a 5/10. I guess because it's hard to make out what's happening, and the "Vegeta" is too .... uh.... unseen (hard to see?).

Try that avatar but make one image more prevalent and/or the font more noticable.
Sorry if I'm a terrible critic. Besides, they don't suck, just check out my work. THATS sucking.
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