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Hey Everybody!

Merlin Matrix

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Hey How's it goin',

My real name is Miquel Cremeans. My friend Becky told me to join this site because, "It will be the best choice you'll ever make." Who am I to argue with my Jewish, ex-girlfriend that I want to get back with? Well I just wanted to say hey and do the newbie thing of dropping the 'Hello My Name Is...' post. So let's get the general stuff out of the way:

Favorite Band:

U2(and there is none greater my friends!)

Favorite Movie:

Rattle Hum (I know it's not an anime but the stars are the members of U2)

Favorite Anime:

Rorourni Kenshin (sorry I if I butched up the name but I'm trying)

If you need to know anything else just ask. ;)

Peace, Love, Dope,
Miquel Anthony Cremeans
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Hey, Merlin Matrix. What's poppin' bro?

I'm glad you didn't argue with your Jewish ex-girlfriend because joining this site isn't the best choice you'll ever make; pretty much ignoring MarkM is! Apparently he's delirious and believes he's a moderator or something. Like, seriously. Not cool.

[i][i]Anyway[/i], [/i]although introduction threads aren't permitted (we encourage our members to learn about one another as they post along), your post is one of the best of this type I've seen. So, I'll simply close it, but allow it to remain visible.

I hope you enjoy yourself on the site.
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