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  1. I went to a Nike Tennis Camp. It was a blast I met tons of fun people, were all going to meet up there for the camp next year. -Mark
  2. Which song/s can just sum you up? For me this song is probally Wonderwall by Oasis. I think it is a good song that describes me well.. -Mark
  3. I dunno if the Avatar is really your style...but I kinda like the fact that shes waving. Then again, that may only be me. PM me if you want any changes to anything...or crap like that. -Mark
  4. The 1st set is for Windows. I really liked the image (Yes I snaged my name in there). I dont know about the text color though... Second set is for Mac OS X. I took the picture from random folders..I think they look pretty cool.
  5. Here's my crack at it. -Mark
  6. MarkM


    [QUOTE=Soal]Well I created this story a while ago and well I want to share it with everyone here, it is kinda short though. The story of Algebra. A long time ago there was a teacher that taught at a school, the children teased him constantly. One day he got tired of all the pranks the children played on him so he went home that night and made a plan to get revenge on them. The next day he went to school, and taught the children, what he called algebra. They didn't understand a thing, so they we so focused on trying to get it that it overheated there puny little brains, making it oze
  7. Pm me if you would like any changes.. -Mark
  8. MarkM


    [quote name='Baron Samedi][size=1][color=darkred]It looks cool, aside from the fact that the font is horrible. The font, and colour of said font ruin this banner. Cool picture..but this banner might look better plain.[/size'][/color][/quote] And sudgestions to what I should change it to? -Mark
  9. Well I like how the silver looks.. I think i'd give it a 7/10 because its not very good. But what would you give it? -Mark
  10. Uhhh....Have fun with the Avatar/Banner...Not sure which you were asking for. PM me if you want somthing changed (or anything else). -Mark
  11. Nothing that you can do. All the old images that were uploaded on the boards took up ALOT of space...so they were deleted. The only thing you can really do is make a new banner/avatar or have somebody make them for you. -Mark
  12. Google, Alta Vista, Hot Bot, w/e...I just try to find high quality interesting images... Click here for a TON of search engines [URL=www.search2.com]Search![/URL] -Mark
  13. Well, I have to say that at the begining...your chances were probally quite good. Chicks + Cutting youself and suicide threats = WTF WERE YOU THINKING? Anyway, Just move on and find sombody else...She oviously didn't want a relationship so....why are you still dwelling on this? -Mark
  14. Here you go. PM me if you want anything changed. -Mark
  15. I think I found a picture of him... I'll post your avatar in a few minutes.. -Mark [EDIT] Well, the image that I found was quite small. I searched for a larger one, and found it. Both images when enlarged look a little blochy..so I picked the best one. ...I hope this is Bi-Ryu... -Mark
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