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Champions of Norrath: Realms of EverQuest

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How many people have played this game? To me it's one of the best hack and slash game made. With a touch of D&D and RPG rolled into 1. You might want to resort to cheats first time around, since it's too freaken hard. Also, it's too hard to hit & run and tkaes up too much of your precious time. I rather destroy them head-on. The creators of Baldur's Gate: Dark Allience did pretty well on this.

What do you think is the best character? In single players, I choose Wizard or Barbarian. Wizard because of thier storm magic and the storm magic can break through walls, leaving them untouched when they hide behind huge boulders. Warrior is for my kind and it could ram the opponent head on and leave with a few marks and bruises, that is healed almost instantly when you're at a high level XD.

For the Internet, I choose the Cleric. If you choose a level restriction (such as lvl 35+ characters only) and some level 12 dude some along, I can kill him before he takes another step into my world. Clerics can kill their own teammates while others can't.

But for non level restriction worlds, I choose ShadowKnight, the "worse class" on the game. SK isn't really that bad, summoning skeletons to do your deeds is really helpful. Also inflicting diseases. Also, it's balanced, so your character can choose betweena Blunt Weapon (staves, maces ect. ect.) or slashing weapons (daggers, swords ect. ect.) and it's good at ramming through hundreds of orcs/goblins when a group of them comes chasing the n00b of your group and you need the other teammates to survive ^_^. Great eliminater. Though, this is a hit and run character, but I managed to survive most of the time with the Bind Wound ability and the all dreaded Harm Touch, which could litterally kill everyone around you with 1 hit becuase it boost up the SK's strength immensely.

SK's stratagy for me is to get in a corner so every enemy near me would be around the SK. Then unlesh Disease Shield infecting everyone around me and also activate Englufing Darkness to confuse and further damage them in case that there's a really strong foe around the group, then hack and slash away with my melee weapon. Online gaming however, I tell my group to stay away from me, I heard that diseases carry to your own teammate, but I don't want that to happen even if it's not true. But most of the time, it's just plain suicidal runs.

So do you have this game? And whats your character and character stratagy?
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I wish I could say I've played the game. I really, really want to get it. I loved Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance and the team that made that went on to make this game (another team did Dark Alliance 2). I figured it would be awesome and from all I've read, it sure seemed like it definitely would be.

I can't wait to try the online modes. Maybe some of us could get a game going sometime.
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[color=Sienna][font=Tahoma]I don't know. It's pretty good, but I played for like a week. I'm sure it would be better online, or at least in multiplayer offline, but my brother is 'above those kinds of games' or something. Or maybe he's just being a ****. Whichever.

The command system is awesome, though everything is incredibly similar to Diablo II. Even so, it's good. I really like how free the controls are.

And the graphics are awesome! I can't resist running in water everytime I find some. The movements aren't jerky, and the characters models aren't clownish. (remember EQOA?) I'm really glad the character's don't look out of proportion.

I decided to be a Dark Elf Shadow Knight. It's fun the be able to hack-and-slash, and then leave a trail of poison if things get tough.

I didn't really do much in the game before I got bored of it, but maybe I'll go back too it someday.
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