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[B][I][COLOR=Red]OOC: Alright guys, I'm starting this right after Lena sends the partents to diffrent parts of her dark island. Oh yeah, I'm not adding Jr. to any name, so just remember that it's the kids. ^_^

"Hey you," Seto yelled up to Lena, "What did you just do to our family and friends." Selena and Setrina were standing next to their big brother. One on each side. They were just as unhappy as him. Lena snorted and started to laugh.

"I sent them away," Lena said as she started walking back into the castle, "If you wanna see them again, you'll have to beat this tournament. We're playing by my step-father's rules. That means no sacrifices or Duel Disk. You're going to have to use the old Dueling Arenas that, if I'm not mistaken, was the first thing your father created. These arenas are spead out everywhere on the island. Oh yes, one last thing. I did change two things from my step-father's ruels." Seto gripped his fist and looked at Lena. He was getting highly inpaticent with her.

"What would those be," Seto yelled as Lena almost disappeared into the castle. Lena stopped walking and turned around. She grinned and looked down at the kids.

"You'll have 4000 Lifepoints and a Deck Master," Lena said as she turned back around and finished walking into the castle. Seto spun around and looked at everyone else. Joey had his arms crossed and an eyebrow raised. His twin sister, Aurora, and little brother, Noah, looked at him. They know he was about to say something.

"Don't start Wheeler," Seto said as he looked at his cousin. Selena and Setrina looked at each other and then at Aurora. Aurora shrugged her shoulders. Tristen and Malinda started shakeing their heads. These two always got into fights at the wrong time. Caleb and Maria looked at each other and blinked. Terren and Clesia just shook their heads.

"Are we a wee bit upset," Joey said with his arms still crossed. Seto looked highly steamed at his cousin. Selena and Setrina quickly grabbed his arms. Joey uncrossed his arms and grinned at Seto. Arora and Noah grabbed his arms.

"How about we start looking for our parents," Malinda suggested as she started walking into the woods. Everyone looked at each other and agreed. They quickly chased after Malinda.

OOC: Here's a few things I think you should know. You can make up duelist to duel. They don't have to be kids or teenagers. They can be adults. Even some of the adults that were'nt captured from the show. You also have to get 15, yes I said 15, Starchips to make it to Lena's castle. I'm sorry for the short post as well. I hope you guys can work off of this. ^_^[/COLOR][/I][/B]
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Tenkazu looked at his sister, Clesia, and his brother, Terren. They both looked kind of sad.
"Sis, bro, we'll find mom and dad, alright?" Tenkazu said, concerned.
Terren glared at him. "I don't need to be comforted, Ten."
Tenkazu glared back at him. Sometimes, Terren could be such a jerk.
"Yeah, totally," said Clesia.
His sister wasn't much better.
The group moved through a clearing, coming across a big space. A loud rumbling began to fill the area, and an arena rose up from the ground.
"Well, if it isn't the poor saps who lost their mommies and daddies!" yelled a voice.
The group looked to the sound of the voice, to see a tall, skinny man climbing into one of the duel-stations. He was thin and has huge, bulging eyes.
"The name's Skull, and I'm the Zombie Duelist."
"Hey! My dad told me about you!" yelled Joey.
"Your dad?" asked Skull. "I don't think...oh, yeah. You must be Wheeler's brat. No, he faced my brother, Bones. So, you wanna duel me? Keep up the family legacy?"
"How about I duel you?" asked Tenkazu. "You bug-ugly freak!"
"Step into the ring, brat!" snarled Skull. "I'll trounce you! I offer up 2 Star Chips if you win."
"Done," said Tenkazu. He jumped into the ring and the platfrom rose up.
Skull looked through his deck. "For my deckmaster, I'll choose Pumpking, King of Ghosts!"
The huge, orange monstrosity rose up in a new space on the field, the deckmaster zone.
"And for my deckmaster," said Tenkazu. "I pick Wingweaver!"
The graceful pink angel rose up in Tenkazu's deckmaster zone.
"Let's duel!" the two chorused.
"I'll go first," said Tenkazu, drawing. "And for my first move, I place one monster face down in defense mode, and play three cards face-down (m/t)."
The four cards appeared on the field.
"Your turn, ugly."
"Shut up! I play Master Kyonshee and one card face down."
The zombie warrior appeared on the field, his sword hovering around him.
"Attack, Kyonshee!"
With a fling of its hand, the zombie sent the blade flying at the face-down monster. It struck, but was deflected, and the card was revealed to be a Mystical Elf.
"You attacked my defense monster, Mystical Elf! That means you lose 250 LP and drop to 3750!"
Skull snarled as the counter signaled his LP drop.
"My move," said Tenkazu, drawing. "I play another monster in defense mode, and then activate my deckmaster's ability (do we get to make these up?), which means that every time you lose LP, I gain the same number, raising my LP to 4250. Your move."
"Fine. I set one monster, then attack with Kyonshee!"
The zombie warrior lashed out again.
"Hah! You've activated my face down monster!" said Tenkazu.
"No, I destroyed your Elf!" cackled Skull.
It was true. Kyonshee's blade cut through the Elf's chest, and the monster exploded into pixels.
"How?" asked Tenkazu.
"My deckmaster's ability. If I play a zombie, the next turn I can boost it's attack by 300, raising Kyonshee's attack to 2050! And now, I know not to attack that face down card, since it's probably an effect monster."
"Tenkazu!" yelled Terren. "You idiot, think for once!"
"Shut up Terren," growled Tenkazu. He drew his next card. "I play Card Destruction, allowing me to discard my hand and redraw the same number of cards." Tenkazu smiled when he saw his next cards. "And I now play Hysteric Fairy!"
The stuffy-looking fariy rose up in the space.
"Your turn, Skull!"
"You idiot, my Kyonshee outranks your Fairy easily! Now you die!"
"You've played right into my hands, Skull! I activate my trap card, Enchanted Javelin! That means my LP goes up by 2050, to 6300!"
"So what? You still lose your fairy!"
The blade cut through the fairy, who exploded just like the elf. Tenkazu's LP dropped to 6050.
"Your move, kid!"
Tenkazu drew his next card, and burst out laughing.
"What's so funny!?" asked Skull.
"Oh, just that, you're doomed now. Since I drew my mighty card, Wingweaver!"
"But, your Wingweaver is on the field!"
"Duh, I have two! Now, fall, as Wingweaver strikes!"
The second Wingweaver appeared on the field, and shot a blast of energy through Kyonshee, obliterating it.
"You lose 700 LP, and I gain 700 LP."
"Your move, Skull."
Skull grumbled and drew. "I play one card face down and end my turn."
Tenkazu grinned, and drew. Then, he started to laugh again.
"Not another Wingweaver!?" moaned Skull.
"No. Better. My great Moisture Creature!"
The orb of plasmic energy burst up from the field right next to Wingweaver.
"Wingweaver, attack his face down monster!"
Wingweaver destroyed the pathetic Clown Zombie.
"Now, strike him, Moisture Creature!"
The orb glowed bright, and shot a huge beam of plasma right at Skull. The attack struck head on.
"You've got one turn left, Skull. So, any last words?"
"Yeah. DIE! I play Master Kyonshee and equip it wth Megamorph, raising its ATK to 3500! Attack!"
The zombie warrior shot its blade at Wingweaver, but the angel was suddenly surrounded by spiky armor, and the blade and master were destroyed.
"NO!!!!!!" bellowed Skull.
"I activated Sakuretsu Armor, which states that when an opponent's monster attacks, you destroy that monster! And since your turn is pretty much over, I'll obliterate you with Wingweaver!"
The angel charged the beam for a moment, then fired. The blast engulfed Skull's field, and his LP counter dropped.
Tenkazu-12300/Skull- -2500
"Two Star Chips, please," said the smirking Tenkazu.
A platform flipped over on Skull's side, and the Star Chips were transported to Tenkazu.
"Oh yeah! Just 13 more!"

How was that for an opening duel, huh?
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[B][I][color=teal]"Awright Tenkazu," Joey said as he gave Tenkazu a high five, "That was awsome dude! You showed that wierdo who rules the Dueling World." Aurora shook her head at her brother's little speech. Noah stood there with an embaressed look on his face. Joey was just like their father and that was creepy.

"Can we move along," Seto said as he walked by Joey. Joey's high spirit came crashing down in a splite second. His eyes narrowed as he glared at Seto.

"You know how to bring down a moment Kaiba," Joey yelled after his cousin. Seto made a hand motion and kept walking. Selena and Setrina quickly chased after their big brother. Joey slammed his hands in his pockets and followed. Everyone else followed as well.

A few seconds later, the group came into a clearing in the forest. Joey looked around. He knew if someone challenged him to a duel here, it would be perfect for him. It was half-forest and half-plain. Joey grinned and started rubbing his hands together. Aurora looked at him from his right and Noah looked at him from his left. They both had sweatdrops on the sides of their heads and their eyes were narrowed. Joey stopped rubbing his hands together and stood stright up. The group suddenly heard evil laughther.

"Oh this is rich," a tall woman with brown and green hair, "The poor kiddies lost their parents and now they're all alone. So you know, the name's Terra Raptor." Aurora raised an eyebrow at her and then looked at Joey. Joey had a "I'm prepared to duel" grin on his face. Aurora shook her head.

"You any relation to Rex Raptor," Joey said as he looked at Terra. Terra grinned as she looked to her right as Rex step out of the forest next to her. Joey took a step backward. Seto looked at him a shook his head. Joey grinned his teeth.

"Yeah," Rex said as he crossed his arms, "Terra's my twin sister. Why don't we make this a double duel? I know I want Wheeler there to join us." Joey stepped forward and put his fist up. Aurora shook her head as an arena appeared from underground. Rex and Terra jumped on the red side.

""Awright," Joey said as he grabbed Aurora's hand, "How 'bout the Wheeler twins go aginst the Raptor twins. With a bet of Starchips, two each." A sweat drop appeared on the side of Aurora's head as her brother pulled her over to the arena. She shook her head and got on one side of the blue side and Joey got on the other. Both sets of twins sat down four Starchips.

"Lets start by putting our Deck Masters on the field," Terra said as she pulled a card from her deck, "I place down Darkland Fire Dragon as my Deck Master." Terra then looked over at Joey. Joey shook his head as the green dragon appeared on the field. Joey pulled a card from his deck.

"I place the Flame Swordsman, my dad's favorite card, down as my Deck Master," Joey said as he placed a card down in the Deck Master Zone, "How 'bout you Dino Breath." Rex gripped his fist at Joey's remark. He could of swore he heard the same thing from his father at one time. He grabbed a card and placed in the Deck Master Zone.

"I play Twin-Headed King Rex as my Deck Master," Rex said as he looked at Aurora. Aurora shook her head and picked a card. She placed the card down.

"I play The All-Seeing White Tiger, my mom's favorite card," Aurora said as the blind white tiger appeared on the field. Terra and Rex looked as if they were about to laugh. Aurora couldn't careless. The All-Seeing White Tiger was more powerful then it looked.

"Let's duel," all four duelist said at the same time. The four started looking at their hands. They would all have to duel their hardest.
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OOC: I've never seen Keiths deck, so Im gonna make up a deck for him okay?

Matt ran through the woods of the island. His jeans didnt help much as they rubbed against his legs, making it hard for him to run. He just wanted to get his mother out of there as fast as he could. He didnt really care for his father.
"Don't worry mom. I'll save you." Matt said to himself.
After a a few minutes of running, Matt spotted some others. As he went into the clearing, we knoticed the Kaiba kids and the Wheeler twins.
"Hey, are you guys okay?" He shouted.
Matt then knoticed the giant dueling arena in front of him.
"Hmm? Oh, its you." Seto said with hatefullness in his voice.
Matt gave Seto a scornful look as he ran off again. He didnt want to fight Seto again, which he would loose AGAIN most likely. He also didnt want to be around Selena, strangely. As he kept running, Matt tripped and fell into his chest and stomach.
"Owwwww! Who in the hell done that?"
"I did, you pitiful excuse for a son!"
Matt looked up as Keith stood over him.
"Its you. Are you here to save mom?"
"No, I'm here to keep you from doing so. And to do that, we have to duel!"
The ground opened up as a giant dueling arena came up. Keith climbed into one spot and called Matt over to the other.
"Choose your deck master boy. Mine will be Buster Blader!"
"Alright, mine will be my Black Skull Dragon."
The two placed the cards in the Deck Master slot. They flipped a coin to see who went first.
"I go first then." Matt said. He drew his innitial five cards and one more for his draw phase. He had Red Eyed B. Dragon, Mystical Elf, Man-Eater Bug, Sakuretsu Armor, Gemini Elf, and Goblin Attack Force. "I shall place one monster face down and one card in the spell and trap field. I then end my turn."
"Alright boy, I'm gonna finish this soon!" Keith had Final Countdown, 2 BEWD, Gemini Elf, Dark Magician Girl and Harpie Lady. "I will place Gemini Elf in attack mode, and to ensure my win, I will sacrifice 2000 life points to play Final Countdown. In twenty turns, I automatically win the duel. Every turn ends when you end your turn. I then end my turn."
A counter showing the countdown from twenty to zero appeared. '20 turns huh? That should be more that enough time to finish this guy.' Matt thought.
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[size=1][color=#999999][i]Maria and Caleb had found that Alex had begun to walk off on her own. They followed after and soon caught up with her. A blazing fire was set in her eyes. They knew what she was capable of and they knew that if anyone had messed with their family, they would be payed a visit from Alex.

Alex stopped and looked to her brother and sister. She wasn't used to letting her feelings out, but it was one of those times when you needed to speak the truth.[/i]

"Look, I know I haven't been such a great sister to either of you and I know I've given both of you a hard time, especially you Ri, since you're the oldest. But, the only person who can give this family a hard time is me and you both know that if anyone wants to mess with our family, including our uncles and aunts and cousins, they not only end up in the hospital but they get a bruised ego as well. And that's why, I need your help so that I don't do stupid things like I did back home. Can you do that?"

"Of course! Even though, you're mean to us, we still love you, Alex. Right, Ri?"

"Yeah. Don't worry, we won't let anything happen to you."

[i]Alex nodded and held out her hand in a fist, Caleb held out his fist, as did Maria. The three Moto children were now together to fight for their parents and nothing was going to stop them.

The three kids walked on a bit and found that the Wheeler Twins were dueling with Rex Raptor and what looked like his twin. The three stood beside the others and looked on as the four dueled.[/i][/size][/color]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Ri leaned against a tree and shoved a hand in her pocket as she watched the duel. No reason to get involved in any duels yet... not til she learned more about what they were facing. As she watched, she made notes in a small pad about what had happened, where they were, and what was happening at the moment. "At least Alex and Caleb are here with me..."[/FONT]
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[CENTER][COLOR=DarkOrange][SIZE=1][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Caleb walked over to Ri and looked at the notes on her pad. Then he looked at his sister who seemed to be concentraiting on taking the prime notes of the duel. He tried to copy his sister and try to remember the aspects of the game and what would be good to attack each card with.

"Ri...." Caleb said as he looked over at his sister, "I dont think im a strong enough dueler to save mom and dad" Caleb forwned and looked down at the ground. Ri looked over at her brother.

"Don't say that Caleb, our love for our parents will help us through this, before you know it we will have them back. And jsut look at this dual, im sure you'd be able to take him on. You have a pretty solid winged-beast / wind deck" Ri said to her brother trying to cheer him up.

"I know my deck has winged-beasts, but wind?" Caleb took his deck out now jsut barely noticing that a lot of his monsters were ineed wind element. Maria just luaghed at her brother and messed up his hair.

"Silly, i gotta take notes now though, so i have to concentrait," Ri said as she went back to takign notes. Yet off in the distance hiding in shadows was an oppentent watching Caleb. Grinning at his weakness he coudlnt wait till the time he would duel him with a great twist.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER]
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[size=1][color=#999999][i]Alex watched her cousins duel the Raptor kids. She knew that the Wheeler kids were bound to win. But, something made Alex feel as if they were being watched. She looked around her, but could not see anyone else. She sighed and walked to her sister and brother. Her sister was taking notes and her brother was watching intently. She put her arm on top of Caleb's head and relaxed. He groaned so she removed it.[/i]

"That Lena chick needs to get some friends. She's keeping our parents captive while we're out here dueling for their lives. How sad is that?" [i]Alex looked to her sister and saw that she was still taking notes.[/i] "Right. Don't bother."

[i]Alex walked to the Kabia kids and knew that Seto didn't like her cousin, Joey, and once before, she had gotten into a fight with one of his sisters. Neither of the Kaiba kids liked anyone in their family, and Alex was fine with that. She stood beside Noah as he looked at his sister and brother.[/i]

"Embarrased by your brother? Don't worry, we all are. But, gotta love him, right?"

"Yeah, I suppose. I just hope they win this duel."

"If Joey's anything like your dad, then he's got a stubborn attitude and he's got a great confidence in him. So, don't worry. And if they lose and make Aurora sad of even you or even make Joey a fool of himself, they'll wish I hadn't seen that. Ok?"


[i]Alex smiled as Noah cheered his brother and sister on. She looked to the two and had an impule thoguht.[/i]

{If they lose, they can't go on and that would mean that we can't find our parents. This is the first duel and we have to win. We can't afford any mistakes.}

[B]OOC:[/B] Sorry, but I want to change my favorite card to Magician of Black Chaos, if I can't then I'll just keep Dark Magician.[/size][/color]
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[B][I][color=teal]OOC:Arika, my brother said you can change your fav card to anything you want. LOL ^_^

Joey was grinning evily as Rex's Lifepoints dropped to 100. This duel was almost over and it was looking good for the Wheeler twins. Aurora looked over at her brother. She could tell he was itching to say something stupid. She shook her head and watched Rex draw a card.

"Don't be getting too happy Wheeler," Rex said as he took a card from his hand, "This duel isn't over until my dinos say it's over." Joey waved his hand in front of his face. He was getting impatcient and a tad cocky. He stuck his tounge out at Rex.

"Will you just go for Ra's sake," Joey said as he put his tounge back in his mouth. Rex grummbled something and layed a card down.

"I end my turn," Rex said as he looked over at Aurora. Aurora shook her head and drew a card. She had three monsters on the field and Rex just placed down one. Rex and Terra both knew better then to attack her. She had her Cat's Ear Tribe on the field and that spelled D.O.O.M for anyone attacking her. Joey looked over at her and rolled his eyes. Aurora snorted and placed a card down on the field.

"I place this card facedown," Aurora said as she looked at her three monsters, "and I attack your facedown defence monster with my Flame Swordsman. Then I'll attack you head on with my Amozoness Tiger." Rex bangged his head on the dueling area as the Flame Swordsman destroyed his monster and the Amozoness Tiger finshed off his lifepoints.

"I can't beileve we lost because of you brother," Terra whined as the duel arena brought everyone back down to the ground. Joey and Aurora quickly ran over to Rex and Terra to claim their prize. Rex and Terra handed over their four Starchips and walked off into the forest aurgeing. Aurora and Joey put thier new Starchips into their gloves and grinned at each other.

"Awright," Noah said as he ran up to his big brother and sister, "you two did it. You rock! We're also one step closer to finding mom and dad now." Aurora and Joey both hugged Noah as he ran up to them. Seto looked highly amused by this. Joey looked over at Seto with a glare. Seto crossed his arms and started walking.

"Ya know," Joey said as he walked away from Noah and Aurora, "if ya got something to say Kaiba, just say it." Seto stopped and turned around. Joey was standing about a foot away from him. Seto uncrossed his arms and stared at Joey.

"You did a good job at dueling there," Seto said as he pushed his glasses up, "and, now, lets continue on." Joey put his guard down as Seto started to walk away. He wasn't being as rude as usual. Noah quickly looked to his left. The duel between Matt and Keith was still going on. He had to say something.

"We can't leave yet," Noah quickly said as she walked away from Aurora, "We have to wait for Matt." Seto stopped and turned around again. An evil look was across his face. Noah started backing up slightly. He was intimadated by his own cousin. Joey and Aurora both didn't like the fact of Seto scareing Noah.

"He can catch up," Seto said as he turned back around. He went to walk away again, but someone grabbing his arm stop him. He looked down to discover Selena holding his arm. Her blue eyes were sparkiling.

"Lets wait," Selena said as she let go of her big brother's arm. Seto shook his head and turned around. He started walking toward Matt's duel. Joey and Aurora looked at each other and then at Selena. Selena smiled and chased after her brother. Everyone else followed as well.[/color][/I][/B]
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Matt drew his next card. In order to beat his father and continue on to save his mother, he had to win this duel and fast. He only had 20 turns to do so.
"Matt, I almost forgot. I will bet you three Star Chips on this duel. What will you bet?"
"I will bet...my only Black Skull Dragon, the one that is my Deck Master!"
Matt looked at his drawn card. It was Pot of Greed, a card that has saved hm many of times.
"Alright, I will play Pot of Greed to draw two more cards."
The two next cards were Card Destruction and Swords of Revealing Light.
"I will set one card face down in the spell and trap card area. I then play Card Destruction. You know the drill, Kieth."
Kieth growled at Matt, but soon realized that he might take this duel and that card with him. Kieths new cards were Monster Reborn, Call of The Haunted, Nutrient Z, and Dark Magician.
As Matt discarded his hand and drew his next cards, he hoped that he would get his Red Eyes back soon. Matts new cards were Monster Reborn, Bad Reaction To Simochi, Axe of Dispair, and Kuribo.
"Alright. I set another card face down on the spell field and then play Monster Reborn to bring back my Red Eyes. I end my turn."
The turn counter went from 20 to 19 as Matt ended his sentence.
"You foolish boy, didnt you realize that I changed my deck? I set one card face down and then play Monster Reborn to bring back my Blue Eyes. That activates the face down card I just set, Call of The Haunted. I bring back my OTHER Blue Eyes! With that, I will attack your Red Eyes and DESTROY IT!"
The Blue Eyes White Dragon on Kieths field fired a charge of lightning at the Red Eyes Black Dragon. It hit, but Matt smirked.
"One reason why I hate you is that you're so dumb!"
When the smoke cleared, Matts dragon was still alive, and charging its own attack.
"Hehehe...my Deck Leaders ability gives all dark dragons an attack boost of five hundred points and lowers light dragons by the same amount. That meant your Blue Eyes is dead!"
The Red Eyes blasted the other dragon, destroying the hologram. Kieth laughed as he activated his Trap Card.
"I activate Nutrient Z. When I take Battle Damage, not Life Point damage, over two thousand, I increase my Life Points by four thousand before the calculations are complete! You cant win!"
"Again with your stupidity! My Trap Card is activated. Bad Reaction To Simochi! Every time you try to increase your Life Points, you are decreased instead! And since you tried to increase it over four thousand, your Life Points are reduced to zero. Hand over those Star Chips, Kieth!"
Kieth grumbled as the machine flipped the chips over to Matts side.
'But how? I didnt think he could of got that good!' Kieth thought.
As the Dueling Stage went down, Matt started walking since he wanted to rest after all the running and this duel. As he went to sit down near a tree, he spotted Seto and the others.
"Howd it go?" Joey asked.
"I won, but if it wasnt for my Red Eyes and Black Skull Dragons, I would of lost this duel. I have to thank your father for those cards when I see him." Matt replied.
"Good, its over. Come on, we got a long way to go." Seto said.
Matt got up and started following the others towards Lenas castle. He knew that Seto didnt want him there, escpecially not around his sister, but he had to put up with him, at least for this current event.
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[size=1][color=#999999][i]Alex hated that her family was either in grudge with one another or they had had an incident together that made them hateful and disliking each other. She shook her head and felt her arm tug. It was Caleb. She smiled and messed with his hair. Her sister wasn't far off behind. She took notes, still.

As they all walked on towards Lena's castle, something made Alex stop and become cautious. Caleb and Maria stopped as well. They, too, knew something was up. Joey and Aurora stopped and looked to their cousins. Noah did as well. Then, a while after everyone noticed that they all stopped and were looking at the Moto children.[/i]

"What's the hold up?" [i]Seto had questioned in annoyed tone.[/i] "Hey, Alexandra, let's get your sister and brother to move! We don't have all day."

[i]Alex clenched her fists, but still kept her mind on that something around them.[/i] "I'm going to ignore that you just called me by my full name, Seto. But, if you want to know...someone's been following us and now...there's at least 3 others that are hiding somewhere and if you take one more step, you'll be caught in a trap. That's what the hold up was about."

"Seto, I think we should listen to her."

"Kaiba children never listen to other people, understand, Setrina?"

[i]Alex was about to turn to Seto when something was shot at them. Alex was quick to jump out of the way, while grabbing Caleb. Everyone looked to what was shot and they began to search for whoever shot it. Evil laughter was heard everywhere.

Caleb held onto her sister tightly as did Noah and his brother. Maria groaned and wondered who was trying to attack them now. A figure approached the group and was pointing to.....[/i]

[B]OOC:[/B] Ok, I'd like to change my fave card to Magician of Black Chaos.[/size][/color]
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[B][I][color=red]The strange figure started pointing at Seto. Seto looked annoyed as it was and now some wacko, in a white cloke, was pointing at him. He didn't have time to deal with this.

"Seto Kaiba Jr.," the strange figure said as it put it's finger down, "I have a bone to pick with you." Seto crossed his arms. He was getting more annoyed by the secound. He went to say something, but a screen, with Lena's face in it, appeared in front of the group. Everyone gripped their fist except for the non-fighters in the group.

"Where's are parents," Selena demanded as she looked at Lena. Lena was swirling around a glass of fruit juice as she looked over at the figure. The figure had frozen and seemed to be listening deeply. Lena let out a sigh and sat her glass down.

"I can't tell you that," Lena said with another sigh, "but I'm here to watch this duel. Reveal yourself Mika!" The strange figure took down their hood. Everyone gasped as they looked at the person. It was a girl who looked alot like Mairk.

"Hey," Joey said as he looked over at Mika, "who the heck are you?" Mika looked up. Everyone was somewhat scared of who this girl probbly was. They had heard stories about Marik and he never seemed like a nice person. What would they do if Mika was related to Marik.

"I'm Mika," The girl said with an evil grin, "and I'm Marik's daughter. Seto has two things that belong to my father and I want them back." Seto looked down to his side as Mika started to point at it. The Millennium Rod was glowing brightly at his side. A exstremly annoyed look crossed Seto's face as he looked back at Mika.

"I'm guessing you want my Millennium Rod," Seto said as he reached for his deck, "and Obelisk the Tormentor." Mika looked pleased with what Seto said. The ground started to rumble as a arena appeared. Mika quickly ran to the red side and jumped onto the platform. Seto slowy walked over to the blue side.

"Of course I want them you idiot," Mika said as she placed her deck in the Deck Zone, "and for the record, I want The Winged Dragon of Ra fro one of those Wheelers. I also want Slifer the Sky Dragon from one of those Muto brats. Now lets duel." Seto sat his deck down and glared over at Mika. He could afford to lose this. There weren't no Starchips ridding on this.

"I can promise you Obelisk and the Millennium Rod," Seto said as he continued to glare at Mika, "but your going to have to duel the owner of Ra and Slifer to become owner of them." Mika grinned her teeth. She didn't like the sound of that, but she had to agree.

"I agree," Mika said as she started to draw cards, "Now lets duel!" Seto nodded and started drawing cards from his deck. This was going to be a close match. Everyone was really tence about this. Selena and Setrina looked worried. Everything was up to Seto here. They don't know what Mika plans on doing if she gets the Millennium Rod.

OOC: Alright, whoever posts first and clams Slifer is Slifer's owner. This is only applied to the Muto kids. Remember that you will have to duel Mika sometime or other if you do claim Slifer. Is that clear for everyone? Is everyone ok with that? :D[/color][/I][/B]
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[color=darkorchid][B][size=1]OCC: My turn! Okie dokies! :D

Mika place her hand down so Seto couldn't see it and started searching her deck. Seto was doing the same. They were searching for their Deck Masters. Mika was going to try to make this duel short, but sweet. She didn't want to displease Lena.

"I choose Revival Jam as my Deck Master," Mika said as she layed Revival Jam down."How about you Mr.Kaiba?" Seto grinned his teeth. He hated to be called that. It made him sound like his dad.

"I play the mighty Blue-Eyes White Dragon as my Deck Master," Seto said as he placed a card in the Deck Master Zone. Mika watched the white dragon appear on the field. Seto could tell that she wasn't a bit nervous. Seto picked up his hand and looked at Mika. Mika was looking through her hand. An evil grin was across her face.

"Ladies always go first," Mika said as she picked a card from her hand, "and I play the Dark Zebra in attack mode. I also lay these two cards facedown. Your turn Mr. Kaiba." Seto grinned his teeth again. He knew Dark Zebra's effect and it was perrty lame. The zebra had already turned to defence mode. Seto shook his head and started looking at his hand.[/size][/B][/color]
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Matt looked at Seto. He knew that id Seto lost, Mika would have a God Card and the Millenium Rod. He took out his sword, the one that he recieved in the mail. He knew he got it for a reason but didnt know why. His thoughts turned to Seto and Mikas duel as they started. Seto looked cocky as always but he knew that his cockyness would get the best of him as it has a lot of times.
"Seto, dont get cocky you hear? It doesnt help much when you think your opponent is a helpless weakling!" Matt yelled.
"Like you perhaps?" Seto replied back.
Matt looked stunned. He knew that if Seto was like this, he was focused. Whenever he gave Matt a certain look or made some comment that made Matt angry, Seto was trying to focus on something else, unless he was beating the pulp out of someone. Matt decided to check up on his deck. He slipped one card on top because in his next duel, which he felt would be soon, he would need her as a deck master. He looked over at Selena. Her concerned look was focused on her brother.
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[size=1][color=#999999][B]OOC:[/B] Yay! I want Slifer the Sky Dragon!

[i]Alex groaned and watched as Seto and Mika battled. Something about her made her feel uneasy and yet comfortable at the same time. It was either the fact that Yugi defeated her father in a duel or the fact that she was filled with evil. It was either that made her feel this way. It was a strange sight to actually see Marik's kid duel Seto. She disliked the fact that she was looking for the Millenium Rod and the fact that she was with Lena made her fists clench.

Maria was taking notes again, Setrina and Selena were watching their brother intently, the Wheeler kids were anxious for this Duel to end, Matt was watching Selena, Caleb was watching the duel as well, and Alex was annoyed by all these traps and such. She disliked distractions and wished they would all go away. But, they couldn't. She looked back to Seto and sighed. Hoping he would not mess this duel up.[/i]

"Hey, Kaiba! Keep your eyes open for anything. One mistake and this duel is OVER!"

"I don't need advice from you, [i]Alexandra[/i]. If you want me to win, let me focus on this stupid duel with Marik's kid."

[i]Alex realized that he was now actually trying to win. He intended on keeping the Millenium Rod and Obelisk the Tormentor. She also realized that in due time, Mika would come after her as well, for she held Slifer the Sky Dragon. But, when Mika did duel her, she would be in for a surprise.[/size][/color][/i]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Ri laughed softly. "Just like Seto. He's just like his father, Dad says." She flipped a stray strand of hair back over her shoulder and watched the duel intently. "I ought to take him on later... just for fun." She smirked, looking a LOT like Yami. "Of course, it was a little dumb of him to play this girl when she is Marik's daughter, and will resort to ANYTHING to win... just like Marik."

"Hey, Kaiba! Keep your eyes open for anything. One mistake and this duel is OVER!"

"I don't need advice from you, [I]Alexandra[/I]. If you want me to win, let me focus on this stupid duel with Marik's kid."

"Alex!" Ri hissed. "DO NOT distract Seto. This duel could mean [I]YOUR[/I] defeat... after all, you have something she might want."

Alex rolled her eyes and leaned against a tree. "Yeah, yeah. Sorry."

Ri looked at Seto and half-smiled, thinking. [i]You know, the boy is kind of cute....[/i] She scribbled a few more notes to herself as the duel progressed.[/FONT]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=1][COLOR=Red] Caleb watched everything from standing next to his sister. Everything seemed to be getting intense for such a little guy such as himself. He didnt know what he would be able to do if it was him in a situation like that. He hoped though, that his sisters would be next to him to help him.

Caleb took a few steps backwards seeing a overwhelming monster summoned onto the feild.

"Whoa-" Caleb started but stopped as he slipped backwards on uneven ground. Caleb grunted as he landed on the ground. Yet he didnt stop moving, he kept sliding down the hill. He tried to grab onto the groudn to stop but was unable to when suddenly he had a firm grip on a edge. His body was hanging from a cliff.

"Ugh..." Caleb grunted some more trying to pull him self up. He heard the endge starting to crack begining to give away. He knew he had to climb up immediatly. He looked down below him and saw war spalashing against the cliff.

Caleb pulled himself up to wear now he hung from his elbows. Gathering stregnth and pushing his feet agaisnt the cliff to find footing he was finally able to climb back up.

"Ow..." Caleb said as he rubbed his elbows. He used the back of his hand to wipe alittle of the dirt off on his cheek. Caleb frowned for being so careless as he looked up the steep hill that fed onto the cliff. He could see his sisters tryign to yell to him but couldnt hear them.

Caleb waved to his sisters signling he was okay and stood up. He leaned forward as he started to walk up the steep hill. It was hard to walk back up then it was falling down but Caleb knew he needed to get back to the group.

"You know you should be more carefull," Someone said. Caleb grabed onto a rock as it startled him and almsot made him slip. He looked over to the side to see someone sitting on a rock grinning at him.

[I]~He looks like a clown...~[/I]

Caleb looked at disbelif at him. The lady grinning at him was dressed in a black clown dress. Her face painted white with a dark red grin around her mouth. He hair was black and tied back into a pony tail.

"Oh! Don't slip, you dont want to fall again...I saw that...you almsot fell off the cliff! My MY!" The clown lady said.

"Who are you?!" Caleb demanded to know. The grin on her face dissapeared and turned to a frown.

"So demanding....You need to be tuaght some manners! Didn't you mother teach you?! Oh wait...thats right. Hehe! I saw her awhile ago! Poor mother of yours Hehe!" the clown giggled away as she teased Caleb about his mother.

"You'll be sorry! I should...uh...push you off the cliff for that!" Caleb treated...even though he was a sizeable distance away from her with nothing between them for him to hold onto to to walk over there.

"Oh! but you wouldn't want to do that!"

"Why wouldn't I?"

"Becuase then you wouldn't get these! Hehe!" She held up 2 starchips between her fingers. Caleb looked at them. He knew if he was going to save his parents he would need those. Then she closed her hand around them and stuck a finger out shaking it.

"But you need to win me in a duel!" She said as she jumped up ontop of the rock. The ground started to rumble when between them a dueling field began to come up. She jumped onto the ladder of her side of the feild and climbed into the red side.

[I]Oh no...I have to dual her....but i might not be good enough...Though i have to do this for mom![/I]

Caleb nodded his head to himself as he grabbed onto the ladder and climbed up and saw the clown lady standing across from him.

"So these two starchips if you win, but if you lose down the hill you go and splash! Hehe! Oh- but jsut think that'd prolly be a faster way of seeing your mother!" She giggled and teased and winked at him. She threw down her two starchips. Caleb frowned and got mad. His face turning alittle red.

"You'll be sorry for that!"

"Hehe?! Oh I will?"

The two shuffled there decks and drew their cards. Caleb looked down at the field.

[I]Mountain! the field is mountain! Perfect! Now she doesnt know what shes going to get herself into. Just watch! I'll make Mom ,dad, and my sisters proud![/I][/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[B][I][color=red]Seto looked at his hand and started grinning. He picked up a card and started to place it on a magic/trap zone.

"I play Harpie's Feather Duster," Seto said as he grinned, "This will help if you had any traps. And now, since there are no sacrafices, I can play this. Go my might Blue Eyes." Mika took a slight step backward as the big blue dragon appeared on the field. Seto grinned and pointed at Mika's Dark Zebra. "Now attack my mighty dragon," Seto said with a grin. The dragon released a stream of lightning toward the Dark Zebra. Mika started laughing as the dark Zebra started disappearing. Seto looked at her funny. He tought she had lost it.

"You're foolish," Mika said with a laugh, "That wimpy zebra was a lead on Mr. Kaiba. You won't like what I have in store for you." Mika laugh died down as she drew a card. A sweat drop appeared on the side of Seto's head. Joey gripped his fist.

"Don't ya even frezze up Kaiba," Joey said as Aurora and Noah grabbed him, "For all we know, the future of earth is in your rich, greedy hands. Try to think about uncle Seto and aunt Amanda or, in your case, your dad and mom." Seto turned and looked down at him. He then looked back at the field. Something struck him as he looked at the Blue-Eyes.


"Here," Seto said as he handed three cards to a five year old Little Seto, "I want you to use these three cards to protect your little sisters just like I protected your uncle Mokuba." Little Seto looked up at his dad. His bright blue eyes flickered and he looked down at the cards.

"The Blue-Eyes White Dragons," Little Seto said with excitement. Seto nodded and stood up. He picked Little Seto up.

"Those cards have gotton me out of many situations," Seto said as he messed up Little Seto's hair, "and I think they'll do the same for you. I love you and your sister and I would want to see you in a situation anything like what I had to go through." Little Seto smiled and hugged his dad around the neck. He looked toward the doorway to see his mom standing there. She was smileing brightly. She looked really proud.

[center]~End of Flashback~[/center]

Seto snapped back to reailty. If he lost this duel, Mika could stop him from finding his parents. She could also put Selena and Setrina in danger. Seto gripped his fist and looked back down at Joey.

"Thanks Joe," Seto said as he gave Joey a thumbs up, "I needed that." Joey looked shocked as Seto looked back at Mika. Mika didn't like the look on Seto's face. She quickly went to make her move.

OOC: Little Seto is Seto's family name so that him and his dad doesn't get mixed up. I'll use that during flashback so we all don't get confused. :D[/color][/I][/B]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Ri watched the duel for a few more moments, then felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned to see an extremely good-looking guy and smiled self-consciously.

"You Maria Moto?"
"And if I am?"
"We duel." He flashed a smile and brushed blonde hair out of his face. "You didn't think..."
"No! Let's duel!" She pulled out her deck.
"That's the spirit." He winked. "My name's Kin, and let's make this duel interesting. What do you say... 3 starchips apiece?"
"Any other... conditions?" Ri twirled a strand of hair around a finger, following him to a holo-arena.
"Hm..." Kin smiled. "You go out with me after the tournament?"
"Works for me." She grinned. "Pick your Deck Master."
"I choose..." He ran through his cards. "Jinzo."
"Good choice. I choose Patrician of Darkness." She set the card down, then held out her right hand. "Rock, Paper, Scissors to go first?"
Kin stretched out his right hand in a fist over his left. "Rock, Paper, Scissors!" they chanted. Ri opened her fist completely: Paper. Kin pointed two fingers out: Scissors. "You go first."

Kin looked at his hand, then set a monster in face-down defense position. He laid two trap/magic cards face down and caught Ri's eye. "I end my turn."

Ri regarded her cards with a careful eye: Waboku, Dreamsprite, Monster Reborn, Red Eyes Black Dragon, and Gyakutenno Megami. [i]Not bad. If I play my cards right, I can win this.[/i] She set the Dreamsprite face-down in defense position and smiled. "I end my turn."

Kin looked at the newest card he had drawn and considered for a moment, then laid a card down in face-down defense. "Your turn, Maria."

"Please, don't call me that. I much prefer Ri." She drew a card, then looked at it and smiled. [i]Baby Dragon.[/i] She silently thanked her uncle Joey for giving her the card.

"Oh, guess that smile means I'm in for it?" Kin studied her cards and groaned. "A Baby Dragon? Where did you get this deck, your little sister?"
"Alex would kill you if she heard you say that. Nah, I made this deck."
"Hm. I don't think I want to know what that face-down card is." He drew a card and considered, then placed Change of Heart. "Guess I'll take that Baby Dragon. Geez, what if the other card you have down is 'The Unhappy Maiden'? Can't afford to take chances in a tournament like this." Kin rolled his eyes comically. "Ah well, it'll be just fine for sacrificing to use..." he paused dramatically. "Summoned Skull!" He placed the card on the field and watched as the monster appeared, large and in charge. "And I attack your face-down card."
Ri watched as the card flipped and the Dreamsprite appeared. "Your mistake. I use the effect of Patrician of Darkness, which allows me to choose the target of your attacks." She grinned. "And I choose your Summoned Skull."

The Summoned Skull disappeared in a burst of pixels, and Kin shrugged. "Ah, you win a battle, you lose a battle." He smiled at her, and Ri nearly melted into a puddle of happy teen girl. "Your turn."

Ri lifted the top card from her deck and looked at it. [i]Griggle. Could be worse.[/i] She placed it face-down on the field and nodded. "You're up."

Kin drew a card and looked at it, then looked at the cards he had laying on the field. "Hm. I choose to play Dark Hole. All monsters on the field are destroyed." Griggle and Dreamsprite disappeared from the field, along with his face-down card, revealed to be a Mask of Darkness. He laid a magic card. "Then, I'll play Tremendous Fire." Ri's Life Points counter dropped from 4000 to 3000, as Kin's dropped to 3500. He crossed his arms over his chest. "Go ahead."

Ri drew a card. [i]Just Desserts. Too bad I can't use trap cards since he has Jinzo's effects working.[/i] She tapped her chin in thought, then brightened. "I play Monster Reborn." She recalled Kin's Summoned Skull from the Graveyard, then placed it face-up in attack mode on her side of the field. "And since you have no monsters on your side of the field, I attack your Life Points." The counter by Kin's side flashed, dropping from 3500 LP to 1000. She bowed a little, half-mocking him. "Your turn, Kin-san."

Kin smiled tightly and drew a card, then brushed his hand back through his hair. "Hm... man, I shouldn't have chosen Jinzo, I'm thinking." He shook his head and leaned back against the rail behind him. "My deck isn't good for its use."

"Well, I'll end your pain quickly." Ri smiled a little and drew a card, thanking her creative mind for the card she found. "And I won't insult you further by using your own monster to do it.I play the magic card Final Flame." As Kin's final LP drained away, she hopped down from her spot and walked around the arena to shake hands with him. "Well-played."

Kin smiled and took her hand in a warm, firm grip. When she pulled her hand away, three starchips lay in her palm.

"We'll duel again, Ri." He grinned, eyes laughing. "But before we do, can I have your number?"[/FONT]
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[size=1][color=#999999][i]Alex looked to her sister and smiled slyly. She saw him talking to a very fine boy and she knew Maria would not resist, she may be a tough girl, but she still has a weakness for fine looking boys. Chuckling to herself, Alex studied Seto's duel. She grew tired and bored and began to turn when she realized Caleb was not with the group. She looked around intently and saw that he was dueling. Her eyes had grown wide and she ran to her sister.[/i]

"Hey, stupid! Did you ever notice that our little brother was gone?"

"What? Oh, yeah. Kin this is my sister Alex."

"Hey. You don't look anything like your sister." [i]Kin had looked to Alex who was jumpy from her brother's disappearance.[/i]

"Thanks. Anyways, like I said, brother dueling. Not a good sign."

[i]Maria was dragged by Alex and they had found their brother. He was dueling someone who looked like a lady clown. Detesting clown, Alex walked up to the arena and began to shout at her.[/i][/size][/color]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=1][COLOR=Navy]

"For my Deck Master! I choose [B]Mysterious Puppeteer[/B], hehe," She giggled placing it down int he assigned spot. In the field the Puppeteer was summoned up and his hologram was shown.

"For my Deck Master I pick [B]Birdface[/B]," Caleb said aloud. He looked down att he feild and seen the hologram of his card appear. He turned when he heard his sisters shouting. The clown lady twisted the hair of his pig tail with her finger and stuck her tounge out at them and ended with her giggle.

Caleb and The Clown lady pushed buttons on there playing area and hologram dice were rolled. The clown lady rolled a three and Caleb rolled a one.

"Hehe, well for my turn I play... [B]Magical Ghost 1300/1400[/B] and also one face down card, she giggled looking at her Puppeteer he waved his hand making her life points go up 500.

Caleb drew a card and looked down at his hand.

"I'll play [B]Harpie's Brother 1800/600[/B] and one face down card," Caleb said. He looked up at the Clown lady to see her just smiling at him.

"Well, well this may turn up to be easier then I thought! I plau my face down card to reveal its [B]Change of Heart[/B] and your [B]Harpie's Brother 1800/600[/B] becomes mine for the rest of the turn. Hehe! Now then [B]Magical Ghost 1300/1400[/B] attack his life points!"

[U]Caleb : 4000 -> 2700[/U]

Caleb couldn't believe this. after Magical Ghost it woudl be for sure she would attack with Harpie's brother. Then he widen is eyes he had a facedown card.

[I]"Caleb you can't forget about these things! Always to remember that there are more then just monster cards on the field, you do have your magic and trap cards"[/I]

Caleb remembered something his uncle tought him while babysitting.

"Harpie's Brother, show your master your devestating attack!"

Caleb quickly flipped over his face down card.

"[B]Magical Cylinder[/B]! " Caleb said as he flipped over his trap card that surprised the Clown Lady. On the Feild Harpie's Brother was flying towards Calebs Platform when a Cylinder circled around the monster. Once it dissapeared Harpie's Brother attack The Clown Lady's Life Points instead.

Clown Lady: 4000 -> 2200

"Good Job Caleb!" His sisters said. He looked over to them.

[I]Whew...good thing I put that trap there...[/I]

"Hpmh, fine then. I put another face down card and play [B]Cat's Ear Tribe 200/100[/B] in defence mode and end my turn!" The Clown Lady said. She sounded alittle dissapointed but was starting to get in her lively mood again.

Clown Lady: 2200 -> 2700

"That little card?!" Caleb said not knowing it had an effect never have coming by it before. He drew his card.

"I play the magic card [B]Mountain[/B]," Caleb looked down at the field, Mountains started to raise up increasing Harpie's Brothers attack by 200.

"I'll also play [B]Sacred Crane 1600/400[/B] which lets me draw another card," Before he was about to draw a card his Scared Crance exploded into pixles.

"Well, well Trap card! I activated my [B]Trap Hole[/B]!" The Clown Lady Said Picking up her Trap card and discarding it.

"Grrr...Well then Harpie's Brother attack Magical Ghost!" Caleb ordered his monster.

Clown Lady: 2700 -> 2000

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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Ri crossed the fingers on her right hand, slipping her left hand into Kin's. He squeezed it reassuringly.

"Don't worry. Your brother is a good duelist, and he's doing well so far."

Alex looked a little nervous, chewing on a hangnail. "But..."

"Don't worry. He'll be fine. We stick together, right? So we'll help him out." Ri smiled, a little unsurely.[/FONT]
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The clown lady frowned at him. She looekd down at her deck and drew a card. She quickly smiled and grinned again and looked up at him.

"I play [B]Dark Necrofear 2200/2280[/B] and i'll end my turn!" She grinned at him.

Clown Lady: 2000 -> 2500

Caleb drew his card.

"I play [B]Garuda the Wind Spirit 1600/1200[/B] attack Cat's Ear Tribe!" The wind spirit followed orders and took a deep breath. And then exhaled and a high force at Cat's Ear Tribe. The monster was destroyed in a bunch of pixils. But a beam shot out from where the cats were and hit the wind spirit, he began to grow ears and a tail and it started reducing his attack to 200.

"What?!" Caleb hit his table. He looked at the clown lady and she just luaghed. Caleb ended his turn angryly.

She drew her card.

"Looks like your going to fall and be destroyed by my card, Dark Necrofear attack that Wind Spirit!"

Caleb: 2700 -> 700

"Haha, dont worry next turn you'll be finished!" She luaghed aloud
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  • 2 weeks later...
[FONT=Century Gothic][SIZE=3][I][COLOR=Green]OCC: My turn, I hope....
Ayumiki was wondering through the forest, just walking and waiting for her order to attack.
"I wonder how Mika is doing, but then again, she's Marik's daughter, I doubt Kaiba's son can ever beat her..."

Then as she walked some more, she heard the voices of the Moto children; she went closer to find out what they were doing, and saw, that one of them was dueling, and the other were watching, and she noticed a boy was with, them.
"I see they even one has a little companion, how sweet...hehehe" She said with a smirk.

Alex suddenly felt a chill runing down her spine, she knew someone was watching them, she quickly told Ri:
"Aren't you starting to feel a chill, someone or something is watching us..."

Ri answered:
"Alex, there's no one here but me,you, Kin, Caleb and that strange Clown Lady, don't make things up, it's not funny...Especially when our brother is in such a hard time in a duel!!"

Alex resonded:
"I'm not making this up!!"

Ayumiki stared at them, with a smirk on her face:
"I wish I could have a little duel, but I can't duel anyone until Lena gives me the orders...But still, that doesn't mean, I can't have a little fun with them..hehehe, and I can do a little research while I'm at it!"

Ayumiki started walking closer, and closer to them, and Alex was starting to feel more chills through her body, she looked behind her, and noticed, a shadowy figure was moving towards her. She told Ri, but she still told her she was just making things up; and suddenly, Alex could see the person that was coming towards the, she had dark hair, and a sort of tatoo under her left eye, the other eye was in shadow; she had a strange aura sorrounding her.

Alex told Ri:
"Am I just seeing things now, or is that a person coming towards us?"

Ri just said in desbelief:
"You're right!"

Kin said:
"I wonder what she wants? She seems kind of lonely, maybe she wants us to be with her"

Alex thought a while, then said:
"Who knows, she could be on of Lena's duelists trying to defeat us for all we know..."

Ayumiki got closer, and said, in a kind, friendly sounding voice, with a sadn yet kind look in her eye:
"Hello, my name is Ayemi, I'm sort of lost, and, I have no friends here, I got separated from them when the tournament started, I don't know who you are, but, if you can , may you please help me find them?? I beg of you, I don't know what to do without them..."

Ri felt sorry for her, she knew that she must feel horrible, losing her friends, and she wanted to help herbut only after her brother's duel ended, she asked Alex if she wanted to help her, Alex responded:
"I don't know, something seems quite strange here..."

Then she asked Kin:
"Sure, but after Caleb win this duel, I know he can, he's a good duelist!"

Ri decided that she would help her, after Caleb finished and won this duel, so she told her:
"We'll gladly help you! But, after my brother's duel is over, only then will we help you, ok?, You can stay with us and wacth if you wanna"

Ayumiki (Ayemi) told them:
"Oh really?? That'd be wonderful!!!, Thank Youl!! I'll stay with you and watch your borther win this duel, I can see it in his eyes, I know he can!!"

Ayumiki then thought to herself:
"You pitifull humans...hehehe"

Alex still didn't trust Ayemi yet, there was something strange about her, something dark about her, that strange aura that sorrounded her didn't seem good, she knew she didn't look like a nice person, but said nothing, she knew her sister wouldn't make the desition of helping her, if she knew she was evil.

They all watched Caleb's duel, cheering him on and telling him that he could win it, that he was a good enoguh duelist to beat that strange CLown Lady.

OCC:I hope that was good enough!!! :( [/COLOR][/I][/SIZE] [/FONT]
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[size=1][color=#999999][i]Alex kept a close watch on this "Ayemi" girl, as well as keeping a close watch on her brother's duel. Ri and Kin were holding hands now and they watched his duel intently as well. Alex ignored this and could feel that Ayemi was not like the other people around her. Alex ignored this and heard a voice from out of nowhere. She ignored that as well and tried to focus on her brother's duel, but she had felt a pull coming from another reality. This she could not ignore.

Looking to her Millenium Locket, the eye began to glow a bright silver. Taking this as a symbol, Alex looked around and walked away from the duel. She could not feel anyone following her and so she stood behind a tree and held the locket in her hand. A voice spoke to her once more and this time she was taken from her world into the voice's.

Arriving in a new area, Alex looked around and had found a girl who was about the same height as her wearing similar clothes to Alex's. The girl looked to Alex and spoke to her.[/i]

"Alex, my name is Hikaru, but my true name is Princess Anetsunamunankh. I know, it is a long name, but it is the name I was given. But, the reason why I called to you was because there is someone after you and your family. It seems as though that Ayemi girl is truly not who she says she is. I can feel this presence from her as you can."

"Wait. You mean to tell me that everything I was paranoid about was because of you?"

"Yes. Somewhat, but it is also because your heart, mind, and soul is linked to the Locket and that means that, like your father, you once were in Ancient Egypt."

[i]Alex raised an eyebrow at Hikaru and realized that what she said was true.[/i] "I know the story behind this locket and the powers it holds. This Locket is able to let me feel the presence of evil and it also helps me see whether and it also helps me see whether or not someone is being truthful or not."

[i]Hikaru nodded.[/i] "But it also helps you use sorcery. You may not know it, but you have some sorcery within. It also lets you open the closed hearts and minds of those who wished them closed. You can see pain and sadness as well as joy. The Locket is said to be the 3rd most dangerous item of the Millenium Items. I don't know why, but it was said. Anyways, I only kept you here so that I could tell you not to trust Ayemi. She is not who she says she is. Until then, I shall keep a close watch with you."

[i]Hikaru let Alex go back to her world. When she did go back, she looked around to see if anyone had seen, yet no one had. She sighed and walked back to her brother's duel. It seemed as if he was having trouble.[/size][/color][/i]
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