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Hold on


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What are these hearings of constriction?
People holding on to you so much it hurts.
This need for air, space, and time,
The pressure, massive,
The constant ringing of similar voices,
Winging memories of terrible experiences.
Repetition within each one,
It’s grasp, suffocating,
There’s no escaping it.
But who would want that
What is it of those who have no hold?
No grasp,
No one there to hold,
No one caring enough to even try.
How do those ones’ feel?
What would it be like?
The feel of free,
The feel of comfort,
The feel of hold,
An envious neighbor,
Reaches for your attention,
Fight on.
Don’t leave.
It’s all you.
Constriction and freedom.
Only hold hope.

~you know how it goes. No rhyming. As you may have already guessed. Thanks for reading! :D
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Really like, but it's hard to read because it's not seperated into stanzas. I like that it has puntuation, because it gives the poem more........"expression". Otherwise, your really good and you could go far if you follow everyones advise and critique your own work, as I did when i first started in poetry.
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