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Yu-Gi-Oh: The Ultimate Gaurdian

Zanarkand Abes

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[INDENT]All right now, here?s the deal. I have pissed off someone in another thread, so I have decided to take on another one. [/INDENT]

[B]Here is the background:[/B]
[COLOR=Red]Jon has been having these weird visions lately and can?t seem to find out what they mean. After seeing Ishizu, she sends him to Domino City to find Yugi and protect him from some growing threat. To find out some more about the story, then you can see the Forgotten Past thread. This adventure will also delve deeper into the story by occasionaly taking place in Ancient Egypt where it all began.[/COLOR]

[INDENT]But in order to start this thread, I need some more people obviously, so to join in, just fill out the below information, (if you want to have a Millennium Item, it must be created by you since Yugi has the Puzzle, and I have the rest as described in the Forgotten Past thread. You must then describe the Item you have created, and tell what it does.) Then just sit back and wait until I PM you informing that has been started.[/INDENT]

Here's what I need:




What country are you from: (Adds a sense of realism to the thread)

Favorite card(s):



Deck Theme: (For fun)

Millennium Item:


[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Name: Jon Wheeler

Age: 18

Gender: Male

What country you are from: United States

Rarest Card: Dark Magician Girl

Bio: After receiving strange visions, Jon has set off to find the past surrounding his ancestor, and its relation to him. Equipped with the original Millennium Items, he is bound to find the truth about his destiny, and his job as the Ultimate Gaurdian.

Description: 5' 8" Red spiky hair. Medium build, fast in speed. Wears a white bandana folded into a rectangle and tied across his forehead. A white long sleeved shirt worn like Kaiba's trenchcoat, with a black shirt underneath and baggy blue jeans worn half way down his rear. Black shoes and a dead serious expression with a black bandana worn on his right wrist and a duel disk on his left.

Deck Theme: Dark and Dragon

Millennium Item(s): the Millennium Rod, the Millennium Necklace, the Millennium Key, the Millennium Ring, the Millennium Scales, and the Millennium Eye.


[COLOR=Blue]Name: Rik Weler

Age: 18

Gender: Male

What country you are from: Egypt

Rarest Card: Dark Magician Girl, Dark Magician and the Red-Eyes Black Dragon

Bio: During the riegn of Prince Yami, he was the Ultimate Gaurdian and Yami's rught hand man. It was his job to protect Yami and intervene whenever eh was in danger. With the Dark Magician by his side, Rik gained control over the other Guardians and Priests. With the ability to control the Shadow Realm, he would sentence those guilty of treason there forever. yet one day, something went wrong and Yami and Rik fell by the hand of Hihgh Mage Seto.

Description: 5' 8" Red spiky hair. Medium build, fast in speed. Wears a band with the Millennium Symbol on it on his forehead. He wears a traditional Egypt outfit designated for royalty.

Deck Theme: Dark and Dragon

Millennium Item(s): the Millennium Rod, the Millennium Necklace, the Millennium Key, the Millennium Ring, the Millennium Scales, and the Millennium Eye.[/COLOR]
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Name: Konner Michaels
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Favorite card(s): Buster Blader and Black Paladin
Bio: Konner was born in Australia where he spent most of his time playing cards and surfing when he wasn't at school. his father's job moved him th Domino City and he started hanging out with Yugi. He recieved the orb as a christmas present from his mom when he was 12 and the nacklace he bought with his birthday money at 13.
Description: about 5'6 with spiked up black hair that when let down reaches his shoulders, he wears some black cargo pants, and a red dragon shirt with a cresent moon scar above his eyebrows on his forehead. He has brown eyes ansd is vrey athletically built.
Millenium Item(Optional): Milenium Orb

and my spirit:
Name: Yuri
Age: looks 15, but is probably about the same age as Yami.
Gender: Male
Favorite card(s): Buster Blader and Dark Magician
Bio: Not much is known about Yuri except that he was a good helper of the pharaoh. He helps others when they need it but also uses that to get what he wants.
Description: 5'6 with a black trench coat, a read shirt and blue carpenter pants. Black spiked hair and hazel eyes.

```Name: Jagan. No one knows real name.
Age: looks 16.
Gender: Male
Favorite card(s): Blackfire Knight. Five God Dragon
Bio: Jagan grew up evil. His parents were never around, so he grew up under the care of Marik. He was well knowledged for his years and surpassed some of his ancestors in strength and cunning. He will stop at nothing to get what he wants. He i very secretive, and usually disguises himself in baggy jeans, a blue shirt and lether jacket.
Description: se avatar or banner.
Millenium Item(Optional): Millenium Orb(see story)

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Guest Chimaira
[font=Verdana][size=2]Favorite cards- horn of the unicorn, buster blader, red eyes black dragon[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2]Bio- this duelist got into duel monsters when his older brother had been caught in a shadow duel with the rare hunters, he is now battleing to try and find a way to bring back his brother, uses extreme battling styles to beat his opponents[/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2]description- tall, built, blonde hair and dark clothing and a yin-yang on his arm [/size][/font]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Heck, why not?

Name: Kito (Kee-to) Kaiba

Age: 17

Gender: Female

What country are you from: Japan originally, moved to Domino City about a year ago.

Favorite card(s): Patrician of Darkness, Harpie Lady, Elegant Egotist

Bio: The eldest cousin of Seto Kaiba, Kito is an extremely bright young woman who came under Seto's guardianship after her parents went on a business trip and never returned (she's still hoping...). When Kaiba Corp. was re-situated in Domino City, she began inventing things to better the world of Duel Monsters. She lives with the owner of Kaiba Corp., but isn't a spoiled girl; in fact, her favorite thing to do is sneak out of the house and go to parties without the security her cousin had put around her. Seto also hates the fact that Kito appears to have a crush on Jon.

Description: Kito's dark hair reaches her waist when it's let down from the ponytail or bun Seto has her wear. For everyday fun, she likes to wear jeans and t-shirts or halter tops, but when she, Seto and Mokuba go into the city for an outing, Seto forces her to wear dresses. She wears a silver bracelet on her left wrist at all times. Her brown eyes sparkle with a sense of fun, and her mouth is in a semi-permanent smile.

Deck Theme: She calls it a 'blender' deck, since it really doesn't have any set theme.[/FONT]
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[B][I][color=teal]I guess I'll join since I know the story behind the Forgotten Past story! ^_^

Name: Amber Kaiba

Age: around 15-17

Gender: Female

What country are you from: Japan! She's always lived in Domino City. LOL

Favorite card(s): The All-Seeing White Tiger, Dark Magician Girl, Lady Panther, and Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon

Bio: Amber is Seto's step-sister and rightful owner of Kaiba Corp. She sees Seto and Mokuba as her brother because they always been there even after her brother was killed and her father isolated himself in the vitural world. She can't stand the thought of running Kaiba Corp., so she lets Seto run it. And besides, Seto seems happy running it. Amber is intelligent and highly computer smart, but she still didn't pay attention to her lessons just because she wasn't interested in Kaiba Corp. She's always used Dueling as a past time. She's very good and hard to beat. Seto hates it that she has a killer cursh on Joey Wheeler. :D

Description: Amber has shoulder length turqouise hair with chin length teal bangs and purple eyes. She usually wears a turqouise belly shirt, a black vest with KC in turqouise on the back and the right side of the front, black leather pants, a black belt with a silver beltbuckle with KC on it, black boots, black fingerless gloves, and a golden heart locket around her neck.

Deck Theme: Her Deck mostly contains beast, but there are other things in there. It's mixed, so there is not really a theme.

Millennium Item: The Millennium Earrings: They look like the Millennium Eye on small golden chains. They contain a Yami named Joy and have the ability to read people's inner feelings and deepest desirers.[/color]

[color=indigo]And here's some info on Joy for the heck of it..............................

Name: Joyce or Joy for short

Age: Looks about 16. She's the same age as High Priest Seth though.

Gender: Female

Bio: Joy has a shady past, but there are somethings known about her. Her and Seth were a rare occasion of twins. They were thought to be special, so they became Yami's High Priset and High Priestess. Yami had a crush on Joy, but she was more interested in his friend Jono though. Not much more then that is knowqn about Joy. She's on a quest to find Jono though.

Description: Joy has waist length reddish-brown hair with chin length blonde bangs and purple eyes. She usually wears a white and gold high priestess outfit, golden sandles, golden armbands, and a golden teira. She has the Millennium Symbol tatooed on her right arm.[/color][/I][/B]
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Name: Seika Fukami

Age: 14

Gender: female

What country are you from: Japan

Favorite card(s): Princess of Tsurugi

Bio: Seika was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. A short while ago she moved to Domino and has had trouble adjusting. Seika's mom died when she was very young and she still has trouble getting over it. Seika's father is a famous archeologist, who found and gave her an odd artifact (right after her mom died). That artifact was a lost millennium item, the Millennium bracelet. The spirits in the item have been helping Seika move on from her mother's death and have been her best friends. Seika is extremly boy crazy, already having crushes on guys like Seto Kaiba. (:P)

Description: She has dyed blonde hair that reaches her hips. She likes styling it in different ways and the most common way is in two thin braids. Her eyes are also blue and from time to time she'll wear glasses. When she's in a tournament, Seika wears a black mini skirt, and a long brown-red coat. (this is a pain to describe. If you can somehow gets your hands on a volume of Zodiac P.I., the outfit she wears is the exact same one Lili wears when she's Spica. Maybe I'll get a scanned picture)

Deck Theme: cards that attack the opponent's life points, and raise her's

Millennium Item: The Millennium Bracelets (nothing special, just a pair of gold colored armlets with the millennium eye symbol on both. The right one also has a circle on it, while the left one has a star)
The Millennium Bracelets can do two things: The left bracelet can see into people's dreams. The right one can see into their memories.The bracelets have two spirits in them, a female named Apolla and her little sister, Estella. Apolla is the 'yami' if you will. Estella's jsut... there. :P

And the spirits:

Name: Apolla
Age: died when she was 17
Gender: Female
Bio: Apolla lived 5000 years ago, of course at the same time the pharaoh did. Unfortunately Apolla offers no information to Seika and has made her sister promise not to tell. All Seika knows is that Apolla used to pretend to be a boy, for some odd reason.
Actually in the past, Apolla wanted to be a soldier in the army but girls weren't allowed to be in the army back then so she pretended to be a boy. When it was found out, Apolla was killed. Her sister never really got over that...
Description: Apolla looks like Seika, but with slightly shorter hair and a more scornful look. She has a more serious and hateful aura around her.... She wears the outfit Seika does when she's in a tournament. Of course, that's not what she wore when she died, (however that happened). Sometimes she'll put her hair in a ponytail

Name: Estella
Age: appears 7, but she actually died at age 20
Gender: Female
Bio: While Apolla has problems tlaking about her past, Estella just loves blabbing on about it. The fact she can't tell Seika about her sister and what she was like back then drives her crazy and she keeps on trying to give Seika hints. Estella herself was simply just a child back then, so she cna't remember eveyrhting. When she doens't remember soemthing she just makes somethign else up!
Estella died when she was 20 however. The reason she looks so young is because she's really just the spirit of her childhood, the form she choose when she died and was reunited with her sister. Hence forth, anything that happened after she turned 7, was locked away in the back of her brain...
What actually happened was when she was 14 she became a lady-in-waiting/servant/maid/whatever to the royal family. She blamed them and their laws for her sister's death, so she plotted to kill them at first, but choose otherwise after a while. In the end it's believed she killed herself, but of course, Estella doesn't remember.
Description: She looks like a younger version of Seika with much shorter hair. Always carries a home made doll from when she was alive. Estella wears a cute little robe. (can't think of anything else)

Other: Apolla will merge with Seika just like Yami does with Yuugi. From time to time Estella will too, for some fun. But most of the time, Estella's spirit just simply appears as a little chibi figure on Seika's shoulder that only she (or someone else with a millennium item) cane see. Makes Seika look like she's crazy when she's tlaking to her shoulder.
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