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Amadeus banner request... yes I have a sad life...


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[SIZE=1][B]Yes... my life is sad... Okay... okay... I will admit I've been watching to much TV, and I stumbled across the movie abotu Wolfgang, well Mozart, in a sort of remarked way. I bought it, watched it, liked it, and couldn't stop laughing at the Mozart in the film, 'spect at the end when he died... anyways! Since I am the most saddest and idiotic person in the world... I want a banner of Mozart in that film... SEE HOW SAD MY LIFE IS?!?!?!

I'd like any colours... Not really bothered. I have a few quotes, pick the best one to put on it:

"Laughter is the joy to the world... or... not..."
"To drink, or not to drink!"
"In need of a new laugh... or voice for that matter..."
"Wigs are for the morons!! ...Wait!"
"What kind of a father name's his son 'Wolfgang?'"
"A genius always dies peacefully... or sometimes painfully"

Something like that anyways... The pictures I want on are attached... I want my name on and Mozart's. Heh...


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