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Yohji Kudou banner/av request


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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]once again, i am searching for someone with more talent for graphics than i to create a banner/av set ^_^

i'd like it if someone could use the images i'll provide to create a tag of Yohji Kudou from Weiss Kreuz. i'd like it to say "Sin... when you gonna learn?" in an oblique font like Lucida Sans MS, and "Balinese" in a script-type font, if that's possible.

[URL=http://lunatic.deep-ice.com/pics/yohji/yohji07.jpg]Here's a good pic from the manga[/URL]

[URL=http://lunatic.deep-ice.com/pics/yohji/yohji22.jpg]i also love this one![/URL]

Thank you in advance, and have a nice day![/FONT]
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