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Angel:Final Battle (PG:13 May be cursing, dark situations etc.)

Solidus Snake

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[COLOR=RoyalBlue][SIZE=2][FONT=Garamond]Angel and Co. are gearing up for the final battle they feel is coming. After defeating Illyria, at the cost of a friend, the crew is dealing with all that has happened. Losing Gunn, temporarily at least, Angel and Spike exhausted, Fred lost, Wesley losing his chance at happiness. Now, there are strange things going on in our teams town, apocalyptic things. It starts with a few un-foreseen Solar Eclipses, then rain of fire, and demons acting wilder than usual. After investigating this, the crew finds out from the demons that the "Father" is coming. Apparently he was the religous leader of all the Old Ones and most powerful. It is a dark time in L.A., the final battle is coming, Cordelia has finally been lost and everything is spinning out of proportion.

Your job is to find out why he is coming back and ways to prevent/stop him.

Here is what I want:

Character (May be original, but keep within certain limits please)
Race: Like what, if any, demon you are.
Preferred Weapon:
Mode of Transportation:
And how you are affiliated with Team Angel:

I want everyone to have fun and freedom, but please try to post regularly. I understand if you have trouble with ideas, if so, you can always PM myself or anyone else for ideas. And don't sign up if you know you will be busy and take weeks at a time to post. But, everyone have fun and be creative![/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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