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22nd century gang(possible language, violence, drugs, etc.)


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Okay, now that we've got a 22nd century mafia, here's a 22nd century gang! Keep in mind I'm just creating this, I'm gonna be an average member of the gang. First person to sign up as the boss will be the boss, that's all there is to it.

Here's my bio(all required fields)

name: shotoken
age: unknown. Some say he's only twelve and the child of the legend, others say he IS the legend. After all, the rumor is he stopped aging when he was twelve.(Yes, my character is a legend. He might not have done a lot around here, but my character's killed hundreds in under a year's use overall. You want your character to be a legend, go for it. but it's gotta be something legend-worthy.)
race: morphis demon.
bio: not much is really known about shotoken. He joined the gang in an attempt to get a warm place to sleep, and decided to stay instead of knocking everybody out and sprinting off. He's got a lot of strength and speed, but he doesn't think rationally. If another gang member is captured or in danger, he's gonna kill anything and everything in his way. I guess you could say he thinks with his heart.
History: unknown.
weapons: The akurabe, a legendary blade said to have been made by merging the powers of heaven and hell, throwing knives, and a small paintball gun modified so it can fire either marbles or modified pellets that can do everything from poison you to knock you out.
powers: Element manipulation and the ability to become The Dragon, a special ability made famous by the legend.
skills: Making the pellets he uses,gunplay and swordplay.

Enjoy. Keep in mind you can merge skills and powers if they're one and the same. Skills is just things you can do that aren't based on a power, while powers are, well, based on powers.
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