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Flooding Darkness [pg13 for violence and other possibilities]


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[COLOR=Blue]The Armies amass in the East. All manor of vial, humanoid beasts father in great numbers, trampling forests and villages as they go. The shadow of their wrath darkens the future. What will happen when the hordes are gathered in one spot?

In the last Great War, the beasts nearly won, driving dwarves, elves, and humans alike from their homes, into woodlands and coastlines. But how? How have they regrouped in such numbers, in such short a time? It seems the Fourth Great War may be upon Fearun.

Gnomes engineers are being recruited to make war machines, Halfling rogues and spies are scouring the land for hints of the horde?s status. They have already caused chaos, storming any community they cross on their path to the gathering place.

Hob-Goblins, Orcs, Bug-Bears, and even knolls are said to be among the mass. The people of the West are desperately gathering recruits, anybody with an able body, to defend the land against the oncoming rage. But will it be enough? Chances are slim?
If you haven?t guessed already, this is going to be a Dungeons & Dragons style RP. However, this only goes as far as the setting and the different species/classes. We wont be using dice or spaces or anything of the sort.

The basic plot is, there have been three Great Wars thus far. These wars were fought between the common civilized species (Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Halflings, Half-Elves, Half-Orcs) and the unruly barbaric species (Hob-Goblins, Orcs, Knolls, Bug-Bears, etc.). In the last war, the ?good? side was nearly defeated, driven into the far reaches of their homelands. Somehow, the hordes of humanoid vermin are gathering again, in even greater numbers, in the East. No one knows where they have found such reinforcements, but you will find out. You just have to? play.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Red]For those of you un-familiar with some of the species, I?ll provide their names and brief descriptions. (It is recommended you read these descriptions anyway)

Humans: Pretty basic. Humans are perhaps the most diverse of all the species, having very short life spans of up to 100 years, and constantly changing cultures. By other species, they are viewed with a mixture of apprehension and opportunity.

Dwarves: Dwarves are shorter than humans, usually somewhere between 4? and 5?. Dwarves have a long-standing feud with Elves, but are known to get along with them if they must. Dwarves get along particularly well with Gnomes, who share their passion for engineering and underground. Dwarves reach maturity at age 50, and can live up to 400 years.

Elves: Elves are the elegant, artistic bunch in the different species, and are also known for their skills with swords and bows. Elves almost always live in immense forests among their own kind. However, many elves live among humans and other species. Elves have a long standing feud with dwarves, but can get along if they must. Elves reach maturity at age 110 and can live to be over 700 years old.

Gnomes: Gnomes are famous for their skills as technicians and alchemists. However, what they find most entertaining, is pranks. Gnomes are often found around Dwarves or Halflings. Gnomes live primarily in underground burrows near forests. Though they are hidden, Gnomes gladly accept most company. They reach maturity at age 40, and may live to be 500 years old, though most only make it to 350.

Half-Elves: Also called ?Half-Human? by Elves, Half-Elves are welcome in both human and elven society, though they may feel out of place in each. If brought up by humans, an half-elf seems to mature slowly, and will out-live most of the people he/she grew up with. If raised among elves, he/she will seem to mature quickly, and will most likely be out-lived by everyone else. Half-Elves reach maturity at age 20, and may live to be 180 years old.

Half-Orcs: Half-Orcs are what happens when the more wild humans live near a clan of more or less friendly orcs. Their heritage is obvious, due to the fact they look more like orcs than humans. Regarded as barbarians by most, and generally violent anyway, half-orcs tend to be the out-casts. They almost never live longer than 75 years.

Halflings: Halflings are the smallest of the civilized species, and are usually regarded with some suspicion, though they can be very helpful. Most Halflings are opportunists and wanderers. A whole clan of Halflings may get up and move the community to a place where more opportunity arises. Halflings reach maturity in their early twenties, and may live for nearly 150 years or more.

You may use any of the species above for your character.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=MediumTurquoise]Next up is Classes. This is basically your character?s job or skill. They include?

Barbarian: A wild man/woman. Often savage or crazy.

Bard: They weave magic through music and poetry.

Cleric: A mage that worships a certain deity (God). Has the ability to ?turn? undeed.

Druid: ?One with nature?. Druids always live in forests, and know the laws of nature.

Fighter: A master of war and melee combat.

Monk: They constantly seek physical perfection. Masters of unarmed combat.

Paladin: Much like a fighter, but only works for god or just causes. Usually has magic.

Ranger: A master of hunting and stalking, the ranger knows his/her home forest like his/her own hand.

Rogue: Mostly thieves and assassins, or simply very stealthy adventurers.

Sorcerer: A magic user with inborn magical talent. Their powers are revealed to them at puberty.

Wizard: Magic users without inborn talent, but use study and scrolls to hone their skills.

You may have more than one Class, but it is not recommended.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Now the moment of truth? SIGN-UPS!

Name: Pretty simple? make it slightly medieval or gothic.
Race: one of those mentioned above.
Gender: male/female/none/both/whatever
Age: take into account your species.
Appearance: be descriptive. (pics accepted)
Persona/mannerisms: how your character acts and/or outlook on life.
Class: one of those mentioned above.
Bio: a short or long history of your character. (should be at least five lines long)[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkOliveGreen]Here?s mine then?

Name: Aramil Teidinas
Race: Half-Elf
Gender: male
Age: 20 (about 14 from a human perspective)
Appearance: Aramil stands at about 5?10?? and seems rather lanky. He has brown, messy hair, and green, elven eyes. He has a shy, demeaning posture, and a slim build. He has the slightly pointed ears of a half-elf. Aramil wears a dark, ruddy, tight-fitting shirt under a very dark blue, tunic-like shirt, and similarly dark pants. He also wears padded boots.

Persona/mannerisms: Aramil is very shy and unsocial due to his upbringing, and would rather sit and watch the horizon than talk with his friends (he has very few anyway). He is rather awkward around people, especially girls. He does have a certain finesse for planning and trickery however.

Class: novice rogue and sorcerer.

Bio: Aramil was born of an elven mother and human father. He hardly ever knew his mother, as she returned to her forest home, and his father died of a plague when he was only nine (seemingly younger for a half-elf). He was taken in by another family, but nevertheless, grew up shy. He began training as a rogue at the local ?academy?. However, even this didn?t turn over well, as his classmates matured at a much faster rate than he, being a half-elf. He didn?t understand much of his classmate?s behavior because of his slower rate of maturity. However, when puberty did hit, when he was 19, he discovered his talent as a sorcerer. He dropped rogue training, and began practicing magic. Aramil is still very lonely, in the social and love sense.[/COLOR]
OK folks, your turn!
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WHEE! Another D&D RPs...I love these....EDIT: Made a few changes....abd I hope that we can multi class....you didn't specify.

Name: Rannos

Race: Drow

Gender: male

Age: 22

Appearance: He is about 5'6" tall, with black skin and white hair. He has dark blue eyes, almost black. He commonly wears black, with a hooded cloak designed and enchanted by his master to keep his face shadowed.

Persona/mannerisms: He's fairly quiet, and never says more than is necessary, probably because many shun him for being a drow. He gives trust sparingly and not easily. Like many elves, he also will hold a grudge against one who has wronged him and not repented.


Bio: Rannos was raised among humans, by his adopted human mother. His father had been killed before his own eyes in a magical dule by the arch mage Zoc`nar, and his mother hadn't been seen for years. Since then, he has been out for revenge upon his fathers killer. He trained himself in various battle techniques to help him with his revenge, until strange things began happening around him. Things that he couldn't control......things that were almost magical. Such thing happened one day, while he was being robbed by a human, he caused a nearby barrel to fall on his assailant, thereby thwarting the attempt. A passing wizard saw this, and recognized the odd occurance to be magic. Seeing that this magic, if left uncontrolled, could become dangerous, he tutored Rannos on how to control it. Since then, Rannos has been perfecting his magical abilities and plotting his revenge against Zoc`nar. Also, he worships Lolth (goddess of spiders and Drow in general)
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Actualy, I'm not including levels or anything like that, mainly because they're a hindrence to the story, but you can be any species, as long as it's actualy in D&D, and not something you made up. Thanks for signing up.

Oh, and you reminded me about deities... for anyone who want's to worship a deity (or heck, just make your own) here's a few of them...

Boccob: The God of magic.

Corellon Larethian: God of the Elves.

Ehlonna: Goddess of the woodlands.

Erythnul: The God of slaughter.

Fharlanghn: The God of roads.

Garl Glittergold: God of the Gnomes.

Gruumsh: God of the Orcs.

Heironeous: God of valor.

Hextor: God of Tyranny.

Kord: God of strength.

Moradin: The God of Dwarves.

Nerull: God of Death.

Obad-Hai: God of nature.

Olidammara: God of rogues.

Pelor: God of sun.

St. Cuthbert: God of retribution.

Vecna: God of secrets.

Wee Jas: Goddess of Death and magic.

Yondalla: Goddess of Halflings.

These Gods/Goddesses were taken from D&D Core Rulebook 1.
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[color=purple][font=arial][size=2]Name: Tanthalas (Tanis) Elvinblade (Her name means ever-strong)

Race: Elf

Gender: Female

Age: 115 (15 by human age)

Appearance: 5?7?, 105 lbs., tall, lanky, well muscled, and wiry. She has a tan complextion, long limbs, and deep saffron-gold eyes. Her hair is butt-length, and silver with crimson streaks, silky, slightly wavy, and curls at the end. She has no bangs, and her hair frames her face, with a braid at the back. Her angular pointed ears are pierced, and she often wears large silver hoop earrings. She wears capris(often fawn colored), long- or no-sleeved shirts(often tan or green), and soft ankle boots. She has a thin, straight scar running on her side from her left breast to her hip.

Persona/mannerisms: She has a ready smile and laugh, and makes people happy, no matter what. She has a short temper that she hides, and easily breaks down. Bubbly and friendly, she makes friends easily, and enemies just as readily. She has a habit of humming off-key.

Class: Druid-sorcerer-bard-ranger

Bio: Tanis has many dreams, but does not remember anything directly of her past. All she remembers is falling, and then nothing. She doesn?t remember her parents, though a couple people have struck her hard. A week ago, her best friend was killed by orcs, and they are now her sworn enemies. She hates them with a venom that scares some people. Tanis was always rejected in the elven cities, as she had no past. She wanders, and fights, and does magic.

EDIT- With the Goddess' you forgot Meilieki, or however you spell it...[/color][/font][/size]
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