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The Last of Their Kind


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After the battle with the 7 Evil Dragons, Goku and the gang had decided to settle down and rest. They had known that the Dragonballs were dangerous to use, so they hid them away unless it was an EXTREME situation to use them. But little known to them, they had more problems on their hands, bigger than they could think of.

It has been three years since the arrival of the Hunters. They have slaughtered many and tooken some prisoner. They were to hunt and destroy all of the species they were assigned. Of course since they were Tuffels, the main race they wanted exterminated was the Saiyans. But they wanted to destroy others to so they will have complete control.
On Earth, there was only 3 Saiyan people left. They were Vegeta,Bra(aka Bulla), the half Saiyan, and Matt, the half Saiyan, half Mobian. They were the only ones left because of the amount of Hunters that came. Bulma, Vegetas wife, had been creating a dimensional portal so they can escape from the wrath of the Hunters. But when they tryed to go through, 5 Hunters followed them and killed Bulma in the process. The 3 Saiyans that went through had no idea where they would end up.
On another Earth, much different from the Saiyans Earth, Vegeta, Bra, and Matt came out of the portal and ran. The Hunters soon was apon them but they managed to escape from them. This new Earth that they stumbled apon wasnt as advanced as the other Earth was, but it was greatly infused with magic and sorcery. The 3 Saiyans made camp nearby a village so the Hunters wouldnt attack and draw attention. All they had to do now was figure a way to kill them and return home.

Okay, if your wondering why Saiyans cant kill the Hunters is because of a device they have strapped to their chest. It is a energy transmitter that sends out magnetic like waves that cancel out any Ki attack that is sent at them. They are physically stronger due to genetic engineering and other various DNA changing.

- There are only 3 Saiyans left and no more. There are no Saiyans on this planet, so only the 3 that came are there.
- You can be up to 3 characters, either one of the Hunters, Bra, Vegeta, or someone from this dimension.
- The Saiyans will be hunted in this dimension also, so someone will be him or her.
- Please make your posts at least 1 paragraph (5-7 lines)
- Read the rules of posting if you are new.

[U]Sign Up[/U]
Age: If you are Bra, she is 17. If you are Vegeta, he is 68. If you are a Hunter, age is between 21 and 50
Race: Tuffel, Saiyan (3 Only), Human (this new dimension)
Other Info:
Special Skills:

Here is mine:

Name: Matthew Diminsus Prower
Age: Physically 15, real age is 68
Race: Half Saiyan, Half Mobian
Gender: Male
Height: 5'4''
Weight: 150 lbs
Bio: Born on Mobius and raised there by Knuckels, Matt never truly understood his power untill a journey to Earth had took him to meet Vegeta and Goku. Being equal to Vegeta at that time, Matt had always been one step behind both of the full Saiyans. Journeying to Namek with Gohan, Krillian, and Bulma, Matt soon became the weakest of the bunch and was no help untill they went back to Earth. He trained with Vegeta while Garlic Jr. rained terror on Earth untill Gohan locked him away again. He went Super Saiyan while training with Vegeta in the Room of Spirit and Time, and helped out in the fight with Cell. In the fight with Brolly, it was the first time that Matt understood the true power of Super Saiyan 2 when he reached that level. In the World Martial Arts Tournament, Matt took the last place in the Adult Division, taking the place of Jewel, but wound up going with the others when Gohan was attacked. His fight with Buu had put him to his limits, Matt using the Spirit Bomb for the first time and possibly the last time. During the time between then and when Bebi appeared, Matt was taugh by Goku to go to Super Saiyan 3. In the fight with Super Hell Fighter 17, Matt went to Super Saiyan 4, but it wasnt for a long time as his body wasnt fully developed as an adults. He helped Goku beat 17 with a combined Kamehameha. He let Goku and Vegeta take care of the 7 Shenrons. When he escaped with Bra and Vegeta when the Hunters attacked, he took his Chaos Emerald with him so they wouldnt be able to use it.
Other Info: The only one to go to Ultra Super Saiyan 3 and Chaos Super Saiyan 3.
Special Skills: Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan 3, Ultra Super Saiyan 3, Chaos Super Saiyan 3, Super Saiyan 4, Galic Gun, Final Flash, Big Bang, Rapid Fire Blast, Rapid Double Blast, Finger Tip Blast.

[U]Other Notes[/U]
Bra and Matt have a relationship, so if you are her, you and Matt are a couple.
Vegeta and Matt are best friends. They will always stick together.
The Hunters are ruthless and will kill ANYONE to get to the Saiyans.
If you have any questions, PM me, dont post it because it will be considered SPAM.
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Name: Bra/Bulla
Age: 17
Race: Saiyan/Human
Gender: Female
Height: 5'7" (her dad is approximately 5'9")
Weight: Like she'd tell you.
Bio: The youngest child of Vegeta and Bulma, Bra isn't as strong as her brother. She has never been seen to go SSJ, even after she found out that her mother was dead. She loves her father very much, and would go to any lengths for him.

Not much is really known about Bra from her childhood. Her brother was in the spotlight, and she was relegated to her mother. Of course, this led to her becoming a whiz with computers... and a fashion slave. No matter what she wears, it's always the height of fashion and absolutely spotless; even if she's just come out of a mudslide, her clothes are neatly pressed and totally clean. Just one of the perks of having Bulma as a mother.

Other Info: She and Matt are a couple. An odd factoid: She looks more like Krillin's old girlfriend Marron than a mix of her mother and father.
Special Skills: Brains, not brawn, is her element. Her Ki isn't nearly as high as Vegeta's, so she uses strategy rather than fighting rough.

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Guest Chimaira
name- vegeta
age- 68
height 5'9"
weight- unknown (too proud too tell anyone his weight)
Bio- prince of the saiyans, once a very proud warrior and wouldn't help anyone that crossed his path (usually destroys them himself), has had plenty of battles with the one called goku, has become good in his heart through his wife and children, but became uncontrollobly angry when his wife was killed if it weren't for his children he would have gone after the hunters himself.
other things- this saiyan is the strongest in this dimension having been to ss4 and still training to become stronger
skills- this warrior has tremendous ki and has developed extreme speed through the intense training that he did under heavy gravity causing him to develop faster speed than ever been thought.
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