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A Locked Book In The Attic.


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[FONT=Times New Roman][I][B]A Locked Book In The Attic.[/B]

Poems, and writings of a dreamer?


A place of hidden thoughts,
Only known to me,
A doodle here and there,
Dreams and fantasies?

A picture in my mind,
Written on a wall,
Soon to be replaced,
And fading evermore.

A dreamer like me,
Would take her pen,
And race it across the page,
Writing what I thought and dreamed,
Never to be erased.


I sit in the corner,
Because I read a book.

The look and laugh,
Because I read a book.

Laughing and sneering,
Because I read a book.

I tell them to leave me alone,
Because I have feelings too.

The look they give me,
Because I have feelings too.

Stabs and hurts,
Because I have feelings too.

[B]Candlestick Wick[/B]

A bit of rope hidden within,
A waxy cylinder of gold,
When lit a bright glow,
Of yellow and the untold.

[B]Background:[/B] I thought this up because most poems I have read were about something else, or someone else, not a journal/diary style, showing a bit of what the person sees, hears, smells, feels, tastes, wants, hates, loves.

What do you think? Read and Review, please. Don't spam, and please keep it to criticism and comments please.

*Notes, in [B]Bookworm[/B], it is read as in "I wil read a book," not "I have read a book."[/I][/FONT]
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I like them. To be a dreamer is a very good thing to be. They seem to have a bit of thought put into them, for you can usualy tell when someone puts in thought. I also like the fact that there in stanza, which is pretty stupid to compliment on, but I know many poets who don't do that: which makes it hard to read. they are really good, and i believe you can, well, do whatever. keep writing! ^-^
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[FONT=Times New Roman][I][COLOR=RoyalBlue]Thank you, some one replied!!!! *dances around in circles* Whenever I post somthing no one ever replies. Anyway.. I'm going to add a few poems. They are right below.


I woke up in the morning,
A few days before,
The snow melted,
And the grass turned green,
Only to find, a warm crystal scene.

The snow may not have been gone,
The birds not come back,
The trees with only branches, no leaves,
But I couldn?t pick it out just then,
What made it so special,
And then I saw my friend.

She greeted me with a warm smile,
Stronger then the sun,
A soft hello,
Gentler then a zephyr,
But her eyes were the same,
Only with a sense of renewal.

I looked at myself and saw the same me,
The one who has always been,
A tall, smart girl left in the backdrop of another?s beauty,
A friend?s loveliness, made myself pale in comparison,
But yet? I was not jealous, or envious,
Because I made others red with fury,
Just for being her friend.

But yet again, I did not know,
What made the day so perfect,
So utterly wonderful,
Then it hit me, right in the nose!
I was turning thirteen,
A special day for all!
A day when I could be,
Changed and renewed,
And emerge from my old self,
As a new, older, better me,
One who would make other?s,
Be, red with envy.

I was now a woman,
Tall and smart,
Ready to take on the world.

Yes, I know it is all weird... I was bored and had almost 30 differnt things going into my head at once!!![/COLOR][/I][/FONT]
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[quote name='White Akita']So, you don't get replies do you? neither do I. This one is good too! like I said before your damn good and should keep writing. there is a lot of thought. how much time do you put into these? I only ask because i'm envious![/quote]

On average.. about ten minutes, but the really good ones like the ones I've posted, only come once every few weeks.

Here's a short one

[FONT=Times New Roman][I][B]Your's[/B]

Dreamin' of another day...
When you and I,
Can be together,

Wishing that you could stay,
Dreamin' of the other day,
Where we sat around,
Being lazy as hell,
The only sound,
The clock tower's bell,
Swaying in the wind.[/I][/FONT]

Hope you like, and sorry for not updating, I was away on vacation.
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