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Kyokos Double threat banner thread


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i kinda wanted to do a triple threat banner thread but i dont think ill have enough room on the borads to do that. anyway i basicaly will oly post baners here if theres a matching avi and ill only post avis if theres a matching banner. so here goes with the first set. the faster you reply thoe more i can get up. oh and if you want you can use thses banners and avis im not stopping you. this one is miroku from inuyasha. the banners says the armorous monk miroku and the avi says miroku fans unite. i would have put i love miroku but i wantde to be fair incase there are male fans of miroku :)
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well i had alot of empty space on the left so i use a brush on a new layer and messed with the style of it.so i dunno i guess it does kinda look like a shiled lol. its was hard working with that perticular dhade of.. well its sorta a purple grey i spose. -.- meh newaaaay.....

heres a new one! animated too! both o em! the banner says close the world and the second frame says open the next backwards. i got it from a wall paper. the avi says im not alone. also from a wall paper. i like the vi best because of how it fades out it kinda sets the general mood. the anime is Serial experiment Lain. ive looked it up and it looks really cool but i havnt seen any episodes. so here ya go! and remember you can use these if u want!
ugh ok i really wish u guys could see the real version of the banner but its too big so after several tries(literally) i have finally fixed it so that it is the right file size, so the end doesnt fade out like i wanted it to :(
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