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Final Fantasy XII (Original, no?)


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[COLOR=Indigo]The land of Eberon is peaceful, ruled over by King Okomatsu.

However, one day the King banishes his family from the castle and begins a reign of tyranny and terror, spreading fear and death across the land.

It is up to the Queen, Prince, and Princess, along with the Royal Guard and any others they may meet, to stop the evil King and save the Kingdom.

Standing in there way are vengeful rebels, fearsome monsters, the Royal Army, and the evil Captain Akamatsu, new leader of the military.[/COLOR]

Here's what you need to do to enter. I need the Queen, Princess, Royal Guard, Love Interests for Prince and Princess, Captain Akamatsu, other bad guys, and other good guys. I will accept 1 other good person and 3 other bad people.


Name: Be crative
Race: Don't have to be too creative, but no Hobbits, Ronso, Guado, Al Bhed, other FF races, or other typical fantasy beings.
Gender: One or the other
Techniques: 3 now, and several for later
Using these drains your Magic, in the following way. Level One attacks drain 2, Level One boosts drain 1, Level One healing drain 1, Level Two drain 4, Level 3 drain 8 Level Four drain 15, and Level 5 drain 30
Post a Bio if you want to.
You also need to divvy up 50 points between the following areas, to be improved later.
Strength: Stronger you are, the more you hurt things
Defense: Higher, the tougher
Speed: Move master, dodge more
Intelligence: Stretgy is the forte, also used in leveling up magic
Magic: Use powerful attacks
Every time your magic goes up 5, you get another one of your techniques. I will inform of how much EXP each baddy is worth, and you can increase your stats with it.

Here's mine.

Name: Prince Taro
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Appearance: Tall and statuesque, he looks every bit a prince. Has clear blue eyes and dark, thick brown hair with long bangs. Wears a thick black cloak obscuring his appearance, under it wearing a black tank-top and baggy dark blue pants.
Weapon: Katana
Techniques: Dark Star Blade-charges blade with holy Darkness-based energy
God's Own Strenght-Increases power by using Holy Energy; raises Strength and Defense by +1 each time
Shadow of Royalty-Summons two dopplegangers with half his stats each
Mission: To stop his mad father from destroying the Kingdom
Personality: Taro is quiet and distant, preferring not to talk to anyone. He is bitter and cold, now living only to stop his father.
Strength: 12
Defense: 7
Speed: 9
Intelligence: 11
Magic: 11

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Name: Dondar

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Appearance: [img]http://gekon.webzdarma.cz/img/Hadrhunew.jpg[/img]
Weapon: [i]Draerwindle[/i]- A long, black staff with what appears to be a crosshilt atop it--followed by a hilt inthe shape of a dagon. The staff is used as a scabbard for a thin, razor-sharp sword passed down through his family for generations.

[I]Summon Elemental[/I]-Summons one elemental (Earth, fire, wind, water) to fight for him. Using this requires all of his concentration--he can do no more than slowly move while sustaing the spell. Can only be cast if the element of the summoned elemental is at hand.
[I]Dragonflame[/I]- Using Draerwindle, he causes a thin stream of flame from its tip.
[I]Mediation[/I]- Closes his mind to all things--except for his magic. He often uses this before he sleeps to center himself--but for battle purposes, it creates a psychic shield around him; blocking all but the strongest attacks.

Mission: He fights for the good of the kingdom--and now against the king so that the kingdom doesn't fall into chaos.

Personality: Dondar is very serious--but not really cold or bitter. He is jovial in times of celebration; which have recently been few and far between.

Bio: Dondar grew up in one of the greatest cities in the kingdom (Dunno what that would be in FF12, but....) with his family being an unnoficial guard. They would infiltrate thieves hideouts and kill them. The traveled the kingdom thus, changing aliases as the went along. Because they do this, they are greatly respected. This lifestyle changed when the King's guard slaughtered his family for their vigilante missions. Dondar barely got away--bearing his father's sword.

Strength: 10
Defense: 9
Speed: 7
Intelligence: 11
Magic: 13
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