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Universe of Dreams


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[SIZE=1]Okay, you know the rules and story-line, and don't forget, this is comedy as well as action and adventure. I am willing to give you all a lot more information, but the fact I spent a good few horus typing something up and it was deleted pisses me off to re-write all this. No God modding at all, so what if your character is stronger, but still, everyone needs a fair chance. The characters who don't have a huge fighting past get to learn as they go. One new character has been added who we get to kill near the end:

[URL=http://www.imagetown.net/images/19268214.jpeg]Leonx[/URL] (click his name.) We can kill him later, he knows everything about us, knows everything about Cesto's Universe, and is jam packed with magic and is very tough. This gives us a harder foe to beat aswell as Cesto.

We all start as if we've either woken up from a wacky dream, or we just somehow appeared in this place. Everyone must atleast be shocked about who they see, no one can play the tough guy who never gets scared and is un beatable.

Also, as a really cool side effect, each character get's their own special ability. Now be fair, someone like Vegeta will only have a small thing because of their amazing skill, and someone like Bruce Lee might get a powerful attack, but people who can't even fight at all (mine character for exsample) could have like an ego or something. So you decide. Think about how strong your character is, I don't want people like Xion having an army to summon and Billy or Orlando only having a giner bread man to summon. So you know, decide, and be fair on how strong your character is to decide the special power. We won't know this until we meet a foe to fight.

You can see I used some characters for exsamples, now I'm not saying that what I put is true about the character is true, it was just an exsample. So yeah... you get the drill. Also, to explain Cesto's Universe even more; anything is possible. Cesto could change the place into a volcano or something (though he won't because it's his game and even he had rules), but he cannot effect our characters. Let's say Bruce Lee was kicking his minions butts, Cesto can shift the earth under Bruce's feet, and even make his minions as powerful as Bruce Lee, but he cannot effect Bruce Lee in anyway. That's another note, his henchmen can look like anything, from giant walking water pistols to giant monsters. You know, be creative. However, you can bring in weird characters, but no changes to the plot. I don't want people filtering with Cesto behind our backs that's Leonx's job... err... anyway moving on. Let's get this show on the road!

Vicky[/B] - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (duh)
[B]callmegoddess04[/B] - Amara/Haruka
[B]K.K.C.[/B] - Billy Boyd
[B]DaisukeAngel[/B] - Orlando Bloom
[B]Marcus_Beuford[/B] - Prince Vegeta
[B]ReFlux[/B] - Bruce Lee
[B]Unborn Lord Xion[/B] - Xion, the Unborn Lord
[B]Black_Phoenix[/B] - Hoichi "Gun" Kano
[B]Balinese[/B] - Yohji "Balinese" Kudou (a.k.a Yo-tan)
Boy you guys have weird names... don't look at me it wasn't my idea to play Mozart. Now my follow... err... OBer's... POST!

[B][I]Was I drinking...? I think I was... hey wait I can't even remember what day it is.[/I] Mozart thought to himself opening his eyes. All he saw was a blood red sky, with dark black clouds drifting across. Mozart rubbed his eyes and gulped, either this was a dream, or he was dead. Well either was good for him really... well... not the dead part.

"What the...?" He asked himself standing up. He just blinked more and looked around the dusty dry landscape. Red Mountains and huge cliffs where all over the place, like some kind of mountain range, a red mountain range. "This must be a dream..." He thought to himself, just standing there for a few moments. He didn't move, and quietly hummed one of his tunes to himself. The wind picked up, blowing red dust all over the boots he wore, and Mozart never even noticed the change in his clothes.

"What are you standing there for, waiting until you wake up?" A voice laughed. Mozart spun around, only too see a small human figure resting on the side of a small cliff. "Ain't gonna happen genius boy, sorry." The figure said.

"This has to be a dream." Mozart said calmly turning back around.

"Hey look at me when I'm talking to you!" The man snapped. Mozart slowly turned around again, and the figure came from the shadow of the cliff, revealing a tall person who was dressed in some sort of Knights armour, a huge axe in his hand, and worst thing was he looked like some sort of dog man. Mozart wasn't startled at all, after all it was a dream. "Listen, you think it's a dream, but it's just what he wants you to think." The figure explained moving his large axe from one hand to the other.

"Who is he? Salieri?" Mozart sniggered, without the stupid giggle.

"No but he was the one people believe to have killed you, from what I remember... oh yeah... now I know, you're from Amadeus the dicrectors cut." The man-creautre said. "Oh man, Tom Hulce did a great job acting you out. That stupid wacked out giggle put the whole thing together." The man-thing laughed. "By the way I'm Leonx. I'm a Universe smart guy, I know everything about the Universe you could say, well this Universe anyway." Leonx added.

"Hmm... it usually takes a few minutes to wake up when I notice it's a dream but this is taking awhile..." Mozart said ignoring Leonx.

"Listen you fool, you're not going to wake up! Do you want me to PROVE it?" Leonx roared getting up.

"Fine." Mozart laughed. "Prove it. Prove me wrong that this place is not a dream, prove it's not a made-up place in my noodles." Mozart shouted.

"Fine." Leonx replied getting up. He walked over to Mozart, who was still looking calm and very sure it was a dream. Leonx put his axe on the dusty ground, clenched his fist and rammed it straight into Mozart's stomach. Mozart almost threw up, and fell on the ground wrapping his arms around his stomach. "Do I need more proof...?" Leonx asked. Mozart shook his head painfully.

"So... that means... this is real...?" Mozart panted.

"Yeah. 'Fraid so." Leonx answered picking his axe up again. Mozart slowly lifted his head, looking a little... hmmm...Petrified??

"Even you?" Mozart asked slowly.

"Yeah." Leonx sighed. Mozart suddenly jumped up and ran backwards. Leonx raised his eyebrow, not sure what the hell he was doing. Mozart continued to walk backwards, still looking a little shocked. He suddenly tripping over a small stone, and fell onto the ground with a thud. Dust blew up in the air. "What? What's wrong with me?" Leonx asked.

"What the hell are you? Stay back you...errr....thing!" Mozart snapped.

"Oh shut up. Atleast I'm not mentally whacked out!" Leonx growled, showing a huge set of fangs and snarling at Mozart.

"I'm not mentally mad..."Mozart replied.

"Yes you are!" Leonx snarled.

"I'm not!" Mozart shouted.

"Oh shut up. Well, follow me, and we'll see if there are any others around, I'll tell you what I know later on." Leonx said walking past Mozart. "Well are you coming? Look genius boy, if I was evil, I would've killed you right now. And if I am evil, you don't have much of a choice do you?"[/SIZE][/B]
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[size=1][color=darkgreen]A cold shiver ran down Billy's spine as he curled up into a little ball trying to keep warm, he reached around aimlessly trying to find his sheets on his bed, but all he felt was a solid floor. He cursed a bit under his breath and then lifted himself off of the floor, his eyes still closed shut. He rubbed one of his hands across his face, feeling the prickle of his small beard scratch his skin. [i]Wha' the ell', I jus' shaved las' night'...[/i]. He rubbed some sleepys out of his eyes and then pried them open and blinked a few times before his sight finally adjusted to his surroundings. Billy's right I twitched slightly as he gazed upon the cold, red, barren wasteland.

"That's the las' time I eat Haggis before goin' teh bed..." Billy grumbled in his scotish accent and stretched, bringing his hand down to his amr and pinching it. He winced and then looked around. Still wasteland. He grumbled something under his breath and brushed his hands through his hair. This was too real to be a dream. Billy looked down and the ground... He wasn't in his treebeard pajamas anymore... Billy's mouth gaped slightly. He checked himself over noting that he was wearing his normal everyday clothes. Black T-shirt, dark green jacket (with odd rose stitching), and jeans... but where were his shoes. Billy looked down at his feet and was bit surprised to see that they had grown and were covered with hair. [i]****![/i]

Billy turned on his heel and started to run in the opposite direction of where he awoke as if trying to run away from his hobbitish feet. What kind of prank was this! Elijah, Dom, and Sean (possibly even Orlando) must have glued his hobbit feet onto him during the night. Billy skidded to a stop and he heard people talking, the voices were heading strait for him.
[i]Heh, I'll show them.....[/i] Billy quickly leaped behind a rock and waited until the voices started to pass near him. He leaped from his position and tackled the one closest to him.

"Thought' you could pull one ova' on Bill eh'?" Billy grunted as he pressed against the struggling figure, of whom he thought was Dom. Billy then rolled over, pining his knees on the figures arms, Billy looked down and was bit surprised to see... not Dom, but some other guy. He looked familiar, but he couldn't place his name. Before Billy could react he was lifted into the air and thrown a short distance away, landing with a thud on his back. He winced and then stumbled to his feet to see a really large... dog monster thing. "Um..." Billy was more confussed than frightened by the creature. I mean, he had walked around sets with orks and wring wraiths, but never had he seen something like this.

"Wha' in the ell' is goin' on?" Billy asked as he looked from the dog freak to the guy he tackled. Speaking of which, Billy squinted slightly and looked at the guy he had pounced on, "Were you in Master and Commander?" he asked with a small grin. The guy raised his right eyebrow and then started laughing.

"And you said I was going mad!" The guy laughed to the dog face dude.

Billy from left to right at the two people... well, person and thing to be correct. The dog face turned to Billy with a twisted kind of scowl on his face.

"Billy Boyd... From hearing your accent I have no doubt you are him." He said in a deep husky voice. Billy smiled and scratched his head.

"Well.. teh me, I don' have an accent, but you sure do." Billy remarked with a chuckle. The dog face ignored him and the other guy seemed to be walking in circles out of boredom... what a strange person.

"Look Mr. Braveheart, this isn't some dream or stage for a movie, this is real life and you are stuck here with me and this Going mad Mozart guy." The dog face growled angrily. Mozart objected about him going crazy and Billy mouth gapped for the second time that morning... Mozart? Billy suddenly scrambled over to Mozart and walked around him, mumbling some stuff to himself.

"Are you checking me out?" Mozart asked with a gay grin. Billy laughed, always having a good sense of humor.

"Is that a wig?" He asked pointing to Mozart's head.

"Well, the last time I was awake I wa- Ah!" Mozart screaming before finishing his sentance as Billy yanking at a clump of his hair, if it was a wig, then he must have used super super glue cause it was stuck.

"Wow..." Billy said realizing this was actually [i]the[/i] Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. "Um... can someone explain?" Billy asked, but the dog guy pushed them along.

"Tell you on the way, we must find the others." [/size][/color]
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Mumbling in elvish was a wierd thing Orlando did in his sleep. After spending hours learning the complex speech it had been imbedded into his mind. Sometimes he would get so loud it could startle him awake, as he had no idea of his habbit. This was one of those times. He jumped up, expecting to find himself on his bed. But no, he noticed, he was on the ground.

"What the 'ell...?" He mumbled sleepily, looking around and bringing his hand up to tuck his semi-longish hair behind his ears and stopped short after he did it. He slowly felt the tips. They were... pointy! Orlando screamed. This was a dream.

"Maybe I passed out on the set... And no one noticed?" He asked himself critically before he realised they were done filming Lord of The Rings [i]and[/i] he didn't feel the blue contacts he would wear playing Legolas or the wig, either. He sighed, coming to the conclusion he was having a wacked out dream. He gulped as he looked at the scenery. Red and barren and dark. Not his ideal dream, of course. He was actually started to get frightened.

"Come on, Orli. Pull yerself together. It's only a dream afterall..." He said soothingly to himself, oddly, and decided the only way to go was forwards. He could've sworn he heard voices not to far in front of him. Familliar voices. He stuffed his hands in his pockets and walked forwards, towards the voices.

"Tell you on the way, we must find the others."

Was what Orli heard before he collided head on with someone. It was very dark, and poor Orli couldn't see to well.

"Why is everyone jumping on [i]me?[/i]" Came a semi-serious voice that he recognized from a movie, but he couldn't put his finger on it. As his eyes came back into focus, he saw a person sitting infront of him- the person he had no doubt run into.

"Holy crap!" Was the sound heard when Orlando realized that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was the person he had run into.

"Orlando?" Came a voice that Orli definately recongnized.

"Billy! What are you doin' in me dream?" Billy sighed, shaking his head.

"This isn't a dream, Orli." He said, seriously. Orlando wasn't used to Billy not being funny, so he figured it was only dream Billy [i]pretending[/i] to not be funny. Yep. That had to be it.

"Hah hah, dream Billy. This [i]is[/i] a dream. Take a look at us. [i]You[/i] have fricken Hobbit feet and [i]I[/i] have pointy ears! How can this [i]not[/i] be a dream?"

"Look, you delusional prettyboy," came a nasty voice from behind him. He turned and shouted when he saw a man with a dog's face. He figured it was some demented Orc that got distorted in his dream. "This isn't a dream. If you'd like me to prove it to you, i'll bite your head off and prove it to you. If you don't want to risk it, you'll come with us."

Orlando was quickly up off the ground and following dog-boy.
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[color=orange][size=2][font=arial]Haruka turned over, and yawned. ?Michiru-chan, can you..? She sat up, eyes open. ?Michiru-chan? Michiru!? She looked around. She wasn?t in her apartment with her friend and lover, Michiru, and she didn?t know where she was. She looked at herself. She was wearing a dress? ?WHAT?!?

Haruka sat up, and ran her fingers through her hair, looking around. ?This is weird? where am I?? She got up, and put her hands on her hips. ?Nope. Definatley NOT in Japan.? She started walking, looking for any signs of life. ?Well, it is peaceful. I just wish I knew how this-? She was cut off as she, literally, ran into someone.

Haruka brought up her arms in a defensive pose, and let them fall when she saw some people. [I]A guy with pointed ears, a guy with hairy feet ? looks like a midget ? and a guy who looks like he was left in the?[/I] Her eyes went wide. [I]Okay, a guy with a DOG FACE?! I sure hope all this is is a dream.[/I][/color][/font][/size]
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Xion rose from the hard, dusty ground, silver bangs hanging in his eyes. He looked around, confused.
"I was just fighting the insolent Wolf, but now I'm not. How strange," he said, gazing out across the barren red wasteland. "What is this place?"
He looked down at his clothes, noting with some dismay that he no longer wore his trademark red coat, it being replaced with a similar black coat.
"Odd. If I find the person who stole my coat, I must remember to eviscerate them," he said, shrugging casually.
He walked slowly and calmly across the plane, squashing the inklings of fear that dared to rise in his concious mind.
Suddenly, he heard voices. He moved over to a cliff, and saw five figures. They would be simple to eliminate.
With a graceful, elegant flip, he summersaulted over the edge of the cliff and landed in their midst.
"Die," he said, softly.
He lashed out with one arm at a man with wild hair, about to slam him in the chest before a large, hairy hand gripped his wrist. Xion looked up to see a furry, dog-like face.
"A Zoanthrope?" he asked, stunned.
"That would be you," growled the beast.
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Yohji sat up slowly, every bone feeling like he'd been danced on by Manx's high heels. "Ugh... that must have been one bender I was on..." He looked down, and realized he wasn't in his bed in his apartment, and the sound that had awakened him hadn't been Aya's voice. "Huh?"

He turned around, and got a look at a blonde girl wearing a dress, a silver-haired man, a femmy guy with pointy ears, and a good-looking dude with a scrub of beard looking down at him. "You... why d'you all look familiar?"

"Heck if I know," the girl spoke up. "Last I knew, I was asleep beside Michiru. Then these guys appeared..."

"Ah well... so, sweetie, you wanna go get a drink later?" Yohji moved to flip his hair away from his eyes, and realized it was the wrong color. "What the..."

"Back off, buddy." The girl raised a threatening hand, then was stopped by the elf-guy.

"Look, we're all here, we don't know how, might as well make the best of it." The pointy-eared man held out a hand. "Name's Orlando. Orlando Bloom."

Yohji took the hand and shook. "Name's Y... uh, Balinese."

"Pleased." Orli smiled that smile that makes women faint. He waved a hand at the dog-like guy. "Got any questions for this guy?"[/FONT]
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Vegeta stepped out of the gravity chamber along with Goku and Bra. They had got done training for their day and Vegeta wanted to get to sleep. First he had to take a shower.
"Kakarott, I'll see you tomorrow. I'm going to bed. Bra, you should too."
"But daddy!"
"Don't talk back. Its past midnight, Chi Chi is probably angry, and Kakarott will be dead by morning.
"Oh, alright..."
"See ya Vegeta!"
Goku flew outside towards his home as Vegeta went towards the bathroom and Bra went to her room. Vegeta stepped into his room for a minute to get a towel and some bed clothes. He seen Bulma laying down, sleeping peacefully.
"She's so beautiful. And she knows it too."
Vegeta went into the bathroom, threw down his towel on the back of the toilet and the clothes on top of the towel. He took off his clothes as he turned on the shower knobs. After the water got to a decent temperature, Vegeta stepped in. He let the warm water hit his body for a while, but soon fell asleep due to the warmth and the sound of the water...

Vegeta awoke under a waterfall. The water was freezing cold and he awoke extremely fast. He looked around to find himself in some type of jungle. He looked down to find his body covered in pure black fur. Strangely, he had also grown shorter and had on the clothes that he used in the Cell Games.
Vegeta couldnt believe what happened, but remembered his shower.
"Hmf. I must of fallen asleep and this is some type of wierd dream. Nothing big."
Vegeta flew off to try and find something to do in this 'dream'. He spotted some people walking along and decided to see who they are. He landed in front of them. But what Vegeta didnt know is that this 'dream' had more than he planned for.
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[color=orange][size=2][font=arial]Haruka stepped up, hands on her hips. ?I am Haruka. My English name is Amara. What the hell happened?? Being gay, Orli?s smile had no effect on her. She looked around. ?Your Balinese? You seem to be the only person who looks, even if only in style, like me.?

Haruka looked around. She saw a glint on the ground, an ran over to it, kneeling. She picked up the purple-blue transformation pen. ?Okay. Good. I still have this.?

Haruka looked down at her clothes. ?Damn, why do I have to wear a dress??[/color][/font][/size]
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[SIZE=1][B]Mozart looked side to side when two people said there names. Leonx stepped forward and smiled.

"I'm Leonx, I ain't from this world, but I got the memory of an elephant, I can't forget. It's likely I already know who you are, but for the sake of everyone else continue introducing yourselves." Leonx explained.

"I'm Billy, Orlando already knows me. " Billy Boyd told them.

"Xion..." The other person said, not saying anything after that. Leonx looked at Mozart and raised his eyebrow.

"Well...? I know who you are but they don't." Leonx growled.

"He does... but I'm Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart." Mozart told them grinning at Billy. "Apparently, I'm not a real person I'm a movie character..." Mozart grumbled.

"You can't be THE Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, you have to be someone else... I mean no offence but from what I hear the real Mozart din't have a whacky hairdo." Orlando said. Mozart slowly lowered his head frowning. Suddenly, someone, or something jumped right ini front of Mozart, making him jump back in fright and land ontop of Leonx. Leonx fell back, and Mozart landed on top of him.

"Gerroff!" Leonx growled. Mozart was thrown off Leonx back onto the ground, and there stood a man with black fur all over him. Mozart gulped, and Leonx stood up walking around the new comer. "Hmmm..." Leonx said to himself.

"What do you want?!" Snapped Vegeta.

"Aha! Prince Vegeta, even covered in that black fur you still give it away." Leonx laughed. Vegeta growled.

"How do you know who I am?" Vegeta snapped.

"Calm down I'll explain later." Leonx said. "Let's just go see who else is here. Follow me." Leonx said as the group followed him.[/SIZE][/B]
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OOC: I'll give a cookie to anyone that can figure out why my character has nickname Gun. ;)

Unlike the others Hoichi did not awaken in the strange land. Instead he appeared in a small flash of light, while in the middle of throwing a punch. The punch completed its forward movement and slammed head-long into a tree. A light thud and the sound of Hoichi cursing from behind his helmet soon followed.

"Helmet down," Hoichi said in a voice that did nothing to hide his anger. In responce to his statement the helmet disappeared, a result of the nanotechnology used for his "Gun Suit."

"Ohh. I bet that hurt," a voice said from his left.

Hoichi quickly spun anound, pointed his hand at the first person he saw and said "Gun Set." From a storage pack his back a gun appeared and followed a track on his arm until it stopped in his hand.

"Who are you? Are you working for the 'Faldies (short for Riofaldians)?" These questions were asked in a tone that told everyone there how serious he was.

"There are no Riofaldians here," one of then said while walking over. He stopped when he found himself at gunpoint. "You have no need for that here. Everyone else is just as confused as you. By the way, I am Leonx."

Hoichi kept his gun in hand, but lowered it. "The name's Hoichi Kano, but most people just call me Gun." The others in the group replied in turn with their own names before Leonx lead them off to find "others."
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Orlando fell behind the group and took up the rear. He watched in intrest as "Balinese" continued to hit on "Amara", obviously not catching on to what he himself had realized minutes ago.

"One more late person to go..." Leonx sighed impatiently and started growling at anyone who tried to get anywhere near him. Orli found himself subconciously reaching up to touch the tip of his ears again. Unlike the prosthetic ones he had to wear while filming, these actually felt real and he could hear like the sense had been upgraded a few notches.

He also found his eyes wandering- he was staring at the cartoon characters alot. He had seen some of them before- "Xion" had been in some animal tranformer game he had played before, and "Vegeta" he had seen while flipping through the channels in is Los Angeles home.

He sighed and stuffed his hands in his pockets. All of this weird stuff was giving him a headache. He wished they would find the last guy soon so Dog-Man could explain just what the 'ell was goin on.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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OOC: ReFlux you can jump in whenever

[SIZE=1][B]Everyone followed Leonx's lead, still not knowing what the heck was going on.

"You know, it would help if you told us a little." Vegeta snapped.

"Shut up!" Leonx growled in anger. "You'll find out when we find the last guy, 'cos I ain't repeatin' myself!" Leonx added. The others murmed in disagreement, but Mozart just kept his mouth shut. Orlando and Billy where talking behind them, Amara and Balinese fell silent.

"How do we find this guy? Help you with our knowledge?" Xion said sarcasically.

"No. I'm not speaking." Leonx growled moving on.

"Hey, it's all us 'gainst you, so..." Orlando said. "You better tell us." Orlando added.

"Or what? You'll annoy me to death with that silly British accent? Or fire arrows at me? Techinically, I'm the one with the best knowledge and the best weapon, so... you'll wait." Leonx laughed.

"And what's wrong with Britain? Technically I'm Scottish, but what's wrong with Britain?" Billy snapped, looking a little mad.

"And I'm not moving until we know what's going on." Mozart said standing in front of Leonx. Leonx turned around, and burst out laughing. Mozart shrugged, Leonx was out numbered, but he acted so hard and tough.

"Fine, fine... I'll tell you..." Leonx said, falling back on the floor. Everyone came closer, except Mozart who just stood there listening. "This was created by some guy named Cesto, possibly he's a Warlo or has some technology to do it. He can go back in time and bring people back from there, go to other Universes and bring people back, like me, make Movie characters come alive, like Mozart, transport real life people like Billy and Orlando, anime characters and so on. He can do anything. He could trap us in our sleep, make a massive man eating Robin appear, bring more characters. But he cannot control our will. He can't make us do things. He could try and bash the hell out of us, but he can't make us fight each other. He can convince us in ways, but... you get the idea. He has rules of his own, and wants to see how we survive in his realm. The only way to get home is to seek and destroy Cesto." Leonx explained. Everyone looked at each other, and Mozart just sighed.

"So what you're saying is everyone's going to get out except me?" Mozart asked.

"We'll all get home alive." Leonx laughed.

"Not me. Everyone here has some form of fighting ability, except me." Mozart sighed.

"Well you wait, seriously. In time, you and some others will get something really great and cool. Now let's go." Leonx said getting up. Mozart sigehd again.

"I doubt that..."[/SIZE][/B]
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Orlando looked up at Mozart,

"Well, you know, I might be able to fight pretty well, but do you see any Bows or Arrows around 'ere? You shouldn't be complaining."

Mozart, obviously not in the best mood, glared daggers at Orli for a moment, but Orlando stared evenly back until it was Mozart who looked away. Orlando sighed and looked at the ground. After what the companions had just heard, and no one could blame them, tempers had most likely risen a bit, and Orlando was exceptionally p'od at Leonx for making fun of his accent.

Orlando rubbed his temples, [i]"When are we going to find the last guy? I need a rest to clear my head"[/i] he thought drowsily to himself as the group continued on in search of the last member.

OOC: Sorry for the shortness, I got to go :)[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1][B]Mozart sighed heavily and followed the rest of them, looking at the ground. He couldn't help, he was more likely to slow them down than help... He suddenly stopped dead, while the others walked passed him. Suddenly, something tapped Mozart on the shoulder. Mozart turned around, then feeling a sharp pain in his nose and mouth. The next thing he knew he was on the ground with his hand clapped over his mouth and nose.

"WOW!!!" Someone shouted. Orlando helped Mozart up, and Mozart saw what looked like a half horse half demon creature. It must have punched Mozart in the face. It had long fangs and an evil expression on its face.

"Well atleast we out number it..." Mozart said gulping. A few shadowy figures slowly came from behind the rocks and cliffs, each looking either like a demon or a half demon something. There where atleast 8, and that was a bad thing. Orlando, Billy and Mozart backed, as did a few others. Leonx took his axe and brought it up to his face, as another giant figure came from the rocks.

"We can take one on each! Be careful, some of these things can copy your power and throw it back double!" Leonx warned them.

"What power?!" Mozart whimpered backing up more.[/SIZE][/B]

OOC: This is where we can discover the side effect, or powers. Remember! The stronger you are the weaker the power you have.
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[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][COLOR=Orange]Haruka smirked, and stood her ground. She didn't back up when the others did, and shot them looks of distgust. She took out her pen, the planet at the top glinting. SHe held it up, and yelled, "Uranus Planet Power!" She started spinning, then air around her furious. She ended up in her Senshi outfit, and grinned.

Sailor Uranus brought up her hand, and it started glowing with yellow light, she called out, "Uranus World Shaking!" She brought her fist down, and the now huge ball raced towards the demon, creating a furrow of charred earth behind it. It looked like a huge golden planet, and got larger and faster as it got to the monster. It exploded on impact.

She jumped back, yellow hair flying around her face. SHe rolled up, and the demon was struggling. Sailor Uranus held the SPace Sword, and held it ready, the gems glinting. SHe caught Balinese watching her, pale. SHe launched herself towards him, and knocked him to the ground as his demon jumped at him, flying over their heads. She grumbled as she got up. "Damn... if Michiru or Setsuna were here, these things would be toast..."[/color][/font][/size]
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Orlando watched his demon closely. It was smirking at him mischieviously and walking towards him slowly, cracking its knuckles. Orlando made a guess and he figured all of these demons were not the same. After watching some he guessed they all had a different power, so which did his have? Leonx said something about doubling their attack powers and throwing it back at them, but the only powers he had seen so far was Amara's attack thingy.

The demon took this opportune moment of Orlando's split-second of thinking to pull back his arm, then it thrust it forwards in one strong motion. Orlando felt like all of the air had been knocked out of his lungs and he felt his legs buckle. He would've hit the ground then and there, but the demon's psychic attack was not over yet, and Orli flew several feet behind him before landing on the ground, making a cloud of dust fly around him.

Mozart scrambled over to Orlando and watched him take in a few sharp intakes of air. His eyes were screwed shut and he lay there still for a moment, regaining himself.

"Orlando," Mozart said worridly as Orlando's demon came closer, laughing.

In one suprising movement that made Mozart jump, two of Orlando's right fingers twitched violently and were suddenly engulfed in blue flames. And then, even more unexpected, Orlando sat up and stared at his fingers.

"Move," he told Mozart calmly, and stared determinedly at the demon. Mozart, who could feel the intense heat of the two small flames from where he sat, moved quickly away.

Orlando stood up easily despite the force of the demon's telekinesis and clenched his fist's together and opened them suddenly. Whoever was watching him were shocked to see that both of his hands were now both engulfed with the blue flames, and Orlando stood there calm as ever.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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OOC: I'm real sorry folks. If I could just figure out where or who I am with, I would post. Could someone clear that up for me? Or do I need to introduce myself into the RPG?[/color][/size]
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"Stand back," growled Xion. "This could get messy."
The silver-haired man darted forward, slamming his hand into the stomach of a demon. He followed up with a hand-heel to the chin, kicked the beast into the air, and elbowed it behind the head, knocking it to the ground.
"C-A-I-N," Xion said, smiling.
The demon rose from the ground, seemingly unhurt.
"You've got to be kidding me," Xion snarled, staring at the beast in shock.
The beast slammed its clawed hand into his cheek, knocking him to the side. It grinned in triumph, baring rows of sharpened fangs.
Xion slammed his elbow into the demon's neck with brutal force. It fell to its knees, choking.
"...hurt," Xion said, spitting on the demon before kicking it in the face. He looked down at his body. "Odd. My durability seems to have increased. Maybe that's the ability the furry one spoke of."
The Zoanthrope looked at the demon, which was beginning to recover.
"Not so fast..." Xion hissed.
He raised his arm, and swung it down in a large arc. As he did so, he transformed, and the energy blade on his arm sliced through the rising demon's neck.
The Unborn looked to the others, and the demons. They weren't yet 'winning', but they weren't losing. They just needed one thing on their side to turn the fight, and it had arrived.
The Unborn.
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Yohji dragged himself off the ground with a few curses at Amara, and gazed at the demon in front of him. He reached for his trusty wristwatch-garotte, and snugged it around the creature's neck, watching it drop to the ground as it suffocated slowly. "Why couldn't I have been one of the Schwarz... especially that one, the little one. He can make things go boom with his mind. Or what about the red-headed one, who was kinda controlling Bombay for that while..."

As he spoke, he watched the demon raise itself off the ground. "Shouldn't have let the loop go, I guess." He closed his eyes, waiting for the demon to attack, and kept thinking about the Mastermind, and how he'd control the demon and make it attack or something...

Noticing that the weight he had expected on his chest had never come, he sat up and watched as the demon copied his movements. "Aw, sweet!" He made it do things like pick its nose (OOC: ew.), dance around a bit, and stand on its head. "All right! I am the champ!"

"Hey, champ! Quit screwing around and get rid of the thing!"
"Oh yeah, huh..." Yohji concentrated for a moment and watched as the demon casually strolled over to a large rock and began bashing its head against it. "Oh yeah, who's the man now?" He turned to Amara, who was dressed in a short skirt, and winked. "The Schwarz got nothin' on this kitty. Mrrow!"

(OOC: i had to do it. Yo-tan would never have survived, since he uses only the hiragane/garotte and his charm as weapons. ^_^;; i'm not trying to godmode, only to protect my beloved Yohji. [i]Gomen nasai[/i].)[/FONT]
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OOC: Please Tell me if anything must be changed

Up in the light blue sky, a large flash of light appeared that nearly blinded Mozart and Haruka and a large rift portal spat out a short and skinny man who fell quickly to the ground with a loud yell of fright as his body flew to the earth.

"YEEEAAAAAAAHHH!!!!" his yells echoed as he landed on the hard ground and a large pillow of dirt rouse from the ground. While making sure to watch the demons attacking, Mozart rushed over to the man, who was struggling to get up.

"Hello, Sir?!" Mozart yelled out to the man as he slowly raised from the ground, brushing the dirt off his black trousers and bare shoulders. His body was covered with hard, and dark muscles. His face was quite defined, asian in decent and his hair was jet black. He stared directly at Mozart with confusion and suddenly became a bit paranoid.

"Where, where am I! Tell me!" he said in an asian accent to the man in english. "What has happened and..... who are you?"

"They call me Mozart, my good sir, and as for your first question, I can't exactly answer completely..." he said in an eccentric tone. "You might want to take a look behind you, sir." he said as a strange looking creature rose from the ground, the face on a long nosed man, but with fangs and horns. Panicking, Bruce jumped high in the air and back away.

"WHAAATAAAH!" Bruce yelled as he jumped into a quick shifting fighting stance. The demon monster drew a belt held sword and rushed at Bruce with anger, Bruce readied himself as the monster rushed in and swung quickly, Bruce easily dodged it by jumping over the low cutting blade and landing a quick and crushing side kick the beasts face. Dropping its sword as it grabbed its cheek, it then rushed at him again bare handed in a blind fury. "Bad Move..." Bruce said in a sly and playful tone as he smirked. The monster rushed in and Bruce did aswell, too the demon's suprise and skip side kicked the beast with the power of a rushing car. The demon hit the floor quickly, holding it abdomine and with a scream of power, Bruce jumped high in the air and crushed its rib cage.

Mozart sat in amazement and was silent as he watched Bruce take out the monster with relative ease. Bruce then walked over to him and holding out a hand with a smile, he introduced himself, "Jan Lee, but you can call me Bruce. Nice to meat you, Mr. Mozaut." he said in an unforgivable accent pronouncing Mozarts name.

OOC: Hope that was okay....
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[SIZE=1][B]OOC: Fine, it was! ^^


Mozart nodded and smiled.

"The others would introduce themselves but as you can see they are all tied up in battle at the mo-" Mozart paused in fear. Both Bruce and Mozart looked up, and Mozart twitched when a drool oozed on his face. Mozart didn't move. Above him seemed to be the opening of a huge creautres mouth, a bull-like demon staring down at the two. Mozart jumped back, and creature opened its mouth wider, roaring loudly. "Oh would you look at that..." Mozart said, shaking madly. Suddenly the creature lunged itself forward, ramming Mozart back with its huge horns. Mozart hit the small cliff behind, and fell back on the floor. His nose was bleeding, and it hurt like hell.

"Mozart!" Either Orlando, Billy or Bruce shouted. It didn't sound much like Bruce, but maybe it was. Mozart shook his head slightly, and looked up too see the huge creature charging at him again.

".... Oh no..." Mozart stuttered. The creature lifted its head, it's horns almost going through Mozart's chest, but by some miracle, Mozart managed to grab the creatures horns by both hands and stop it from moving anymore. However, Mozart was no match for a Sea Bird, and the creature would surely kill him. It began to push Mozart's arms back, and the creature bashed Mozart's head with its forehead. Mozart let go of its horns with one hand, but with the other still clenched on its horns the creature seemed to be startled. It broke free, backing up and roaring in pain. Mozart opened his eyes, only to see the creature collapse on the floor. Mozart didn't move, he closed his eyes and lay back on the cliff wall.[/B]

OOC: My character's out of fight now, so everyone who hasn't killed a demon do it soon, heh.[/SIZE]
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OOC: I gotta make up for lost time, so I'll kill me some baddies.

Bruce watched in amazement as the Mozart took out the large Minatour like creature and falling into a coma afterwards. Such a frail man taking out such a ferocious beast, Bruce was confused and slightly freightened. He then felt a warm steam go down the back of his spine and he swolloed hard. He then rolled forward quickly too see that there was a monster just like the one Mozart had fought along with two strange man sized creature's with red skin and horns standing by its sides.

Bruce had no clue of what to do. But something strange seemed to interact with his chi. Something, powerful, making his chi more active, much more active and his fists began to glow with a strange yellow light. He then knew, that this strange world had done something to make him, and the Mozart fellow more powerful than before. Bruce looked up with a confident smirk and clenched his fists. First the two red, horned creature's rushed at him together with clubs held high above their heads. Bruce with ungodly speed lashed 18 blows combined on the two creatures. They for a while stood their as the yellow glow of Bruce's fists still resenated. Then large wounds and dents in the monsters body's appeared and they fell to the ground as blood ran from their noses.

Bruce was amazed with the results that occured and he looked up to the Minatour creature with a great smile. He raised his hand and motioned the demon to bring it on. Angered, steamy breath came from the creatures pierced nostrel's and charge at him with a low head. Bruce cocked his fist back and punched just as the demon ran into him. They both stopped in their tracks and at the same time, retracted in pain, Bruce shaking his painful hand and the Minotaur rubbing it cracked skull. Then again with more ferocity, it swung at him with it large arms, Bruce dodged and puched it in the stomache, but it mearly grunted and hammer fisted Bruce on the head, knocking him to the floor.

Bruce was inraged and with a loud "RRRAAAAAAHHHTOOOOOOO!!!" he yelled in anger as he jumped off the ground and smashed his powerful fist into the exposed crotch of the Minatour. With a strange moan of pain, it fell uncouncious, holding it loins. Bruce then walked over to Mozart. Pushing him, he said "Are you okay? Wake up!" with concern, but to no avail. Bruce then turned his back to see if there were anyone else who required help....

OOC: Feel free to interact with my character.[/color][/size]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Yohji stepped over the corpse of the demon he had killed and gaped at Bruce. "No. No way. This HAS to be a dream. Any minute now I'm gonna wake up in bed with Aya screaming at me to open the shop. No way does Bruce Lee just show up outta nowhere." He tugged his messy chestnut hair back and bound it into a ponytail, shoving his sunglasses up his nose. "Any minute now."

Bruce touched his shoulder. "I'm sorry, I didn't get your name..."

Yohji nearly took off like a rocket. "Ah CRIPES! He's really here. I'm a telepath like the Mastermind. That pointy-eared guy has blue flames all over his hands. And to top it all off, there's this really hot girl who isn't responding to my advances." He looked up at the sky in the best anime-hero fashion and screamed "WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?!?!?!?!?!"[/FONT]
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Bruce was used to this sort of thing. He was an A-list, hell, S-List actor in Hollywood and Honk Kong, but never had someone reacted in that manner to his presence. Bruce raised a concerned eyebrow at the young and spunky man. "Hey, hey, keep cool man.... take a couple of breaths..." Bruce said calmly to the young, brown haired fellow, who complied to what he said. "Now, what is your name?" Bruce asked slowly"

"Whew.... its Y-Yohji, Mr. Lee." the brown haired man said.

"Well, nice to meet you Yoh........ji...." Bruce stammered as he saw several demon's rise angrily from the ground. More than Bruce could handle alone.... "Yohji, can you fight?" Bruce asked quickly and concerned.....

Yohji stared at him for a while. Befuddled and shaking with excitment. He was going to finally accomplish one of his dreams... he was fighting side by side his hero, Bruce Lee....[/color][/size]
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Orlando gave one last worried glance at Mozart and turned back to his demon. The fact that his [i]hands were on fire[/i] made the demon freeze in his tracks for a moment or two and that gave Orlando the chance to look around. He saw Mozart take out his demon and black out, and he saw Bruce Lee come into the fight.

The fire wasn't hurting him or bothering him in any way. It felt so natural to him. He stole a glance at his hands and made his fingers spread out farther so more fire was able to appear in the new space. Soon, the fires were larger then his head. Still no burn to be found.

"Now, the tricky part," he mumbled to himself and put his arms straight out ahead of him and concentrated on the demon and the fires. The demon charged him, finding no real threat yet. Big mistake.

In the few seconds before the horns of the demon would be implanted in Orlando's chest, his whole body was consumed in the burning hot flames. The demon stopped in it's tracks, screaming in agony from the heat. Orlando's arms flew back as a tremendous burts of pure fire was sent from his whole body, consuming the single demon and two more fightless demons behind it in a tsunami of fire. All the other demons and fighters stopped and watched as the fire subsided slowly. All that was left of the demons were the charred ashes.

Orlando fell to ground on his knees, drained of all energy and panting heavily, but no less grinning from ear to ear.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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