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Art Bloody Roar 3 Avatars


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These are my (frankly) feeble avatars I made recently, using Photo-Shop and pictures LEGALLY downloaded off the official website. I do not own the pictures, per se, but I made these things myself.
Anyway, let me know what you think. I'm putting a new one up each month. At least that's the plan.
Since I can only put up five at a time, here are Alice, Bakuryu, Busuzima, Gado, and Jenny. Next up...Kohryu, Long, Shenlong, Shina, and Stun. The last set will be Uranus, Uriko, Xion, and Yugo.

I even have a calendar for when I'll put them up...


So, let me know if I forget to change them, okay?
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=SlateGray]Ah...Very cute ULX. ^^ They're all chibish.

I really like the way you've done the borders on all of them. All the colors go well with the image and with their personalities and beast of the characters. The individual fonts and font colors go, pretty well with the color of the over all avatars too. I like the idea you have, and how you changed the borders for the first and last two. Allowing one to know that they go into the same set/collection of avatars, yet are defined so the set is into two different selections.

Good job, ULX.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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Thanks for your inspiring comments, Ruby. I hope you like the Alice of April.

Anyway, here are the next five. Hope you all like them as much, too.

I didn't really like the way Long came out, though. He seems too...colored. Most of the detail was washed out by the coloring. Oh, well. I like how the rest did, though. My personal favorite is Stun...and Shenlong, too.
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Guest Count D
[COLOR=DarkOliveGreen][SIZE=1]They're chibis...That's scary, but looking past that knowing that Photoshop doesn't always have the best font's. I won't comments on fonts at the moment.

I like the fact that you've gotten a good place to put there names. Not everyone can pull it off because of the room and getting the name to fit in perfectly. A nice job on change in' the colors of the fighters to fit them.

A thing that bugs me though. The name "Alice" on the first one is a bit hard to see.

On the whole set I'd give it about a 7/10. [/SIZE][/COLOR]
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I guess the chibiness is a little scary...:eek:

Well, thanks for your honest opinion. And yes, Photoshop does have limited fonts. I tried my best to use good ones for each character.

But that wasn't the full set! What's that? There's more, you say? YES! And here they are...

There's also a bonus avatar, one professing my love (lust) for Eliza Dushku. But Ruby's still my #1 (so don't hurt me).
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[QUOTE=Unborn Lord Xion]
There's also a bonus avatar, one professing my love (lust) for Eliza Dushku. But Ruby's still my #1 (so don't hurt me).[/QUOTE]
XD *wouldn't hurt you*

Count D has never played any of the Bloody Roar games. ^^; And I think the Chibis are cute.

[i]2 Part:[/i] Kohryu, Long, Shenlong, Shina, and Stun
I really love these ones, as your comment on the Long avatar is true. But I like how where you've placed it still. All of these ones have a good color scheme too, I like how you didn't add the corner parts to Shina. As you had did to Alice and Jenny. ^^ Love the Shenlong avatar.

[i]3 Part:[/i] Uranus, Uriko, Xion, Yugo
Once again good color coating. And I like how you added that corner line border type of thing on the Uranus and Yugo's avatar. I especially like the Xion avatar.

[i]Eliza Dushku Avatar:[/i]
Good image quality, she's very pretty...Anyways, her name on the end is a bit hard to see. Other then it'd good.

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Thanks for your flattering comments.

I also (just) made some banner-type things. Some of them turned out hard to read, thought. Especially Bakuryu. I used a bad font.

Anyway, here's Alice, Bakuryu, Busuzima, Cronos, and Gado.

Alice-I think she comes off looking cute, like she's supposed to.
Bakuryu-I like the way the colors turned out, but I used too dark a font color. :sweat:
Busuzima-Seems too neon, but I like it overall.
Cronos-I was trying for more of a gold, but...eh.
Gado-I think the colors were too washed out, and the writing dominated. Oh well.
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I really like them - particularly the longer avatars you've just posted. [Incidentally, I didn't realise there was a phoenix in Bloody Roar - cool!] The chibi ones are very adorable and the colourisation works very well. I would say that in some cases where you've chosen very narrow fonts (the Alice and Jenny ones are those that come to mind) the names are a little hard to read, so it might be beneficial to twiddle a bit with the colour and type of the font - many of them work extremely well in that respect. The size of the Stun one makes it stick out a fair bit, but I wouldn't know your intentions as regards format.

As for the longer avatars - they're all awesome - I love them. The use of colour is really nice and the arrangement of the character beside their beast symbol makes for a comfortable composition. Regardless, Busuzima the chameleon still really scares me... ^_^ I don't think there are any glaring problems with those in my eyes.
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Thank's, yet again, somewhat adoring fans.

*Furiously beats ego*

Anyway, here's the next five. God, I wish I could post more at a time. Sigh.

Ganesha-Writing's a little hard to see someplaces, but I think it came out well.
Jenny-Again, I succumbed to bad font choice. It says 'Jenny', 'The Bat', and 'Dark...Seductive'
Kohryu-No real complaints
Long-His name didn't show up too well, but it seems alright.
Shenlong-The 'Mysterious' kind of got cut off, but it still looks good in my eyes.
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