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Humans, Chezna, and the End Of The Universe

Xander Harris

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The year is 2080. The United States has completed it's first permanent Martian base, and is launching a manned exploratory mission to Pluto. Only 3 probes have ever journeyed to Pluto, and they showed it to be fairly desolate. But after oil was found on Mars, NASA began to feel optimistic about the possibility of valuable substances on other worlds as well.

Little do the astronauts know, however, that Pluto is anything but barren, and is certainly not uninhabited. The Chezna, an ancient race of blue skinned magical beings, live upon Pluto, which they call Chexzara. They use powerful magic spells to make Pluto seem to be uninhabited.

Magic. A mystic force stronger than gravity or electricity, more potent than atomic fusion. In ancient days this incredible force of nature was prevalent. Reality could be shaped by it's use, and many ancient struggles of good versus evil were waged by it's power. Power granted by the Chezna, the master's of all mana. They were the gods of the ancient world, worshiped by the human mortals. Those humans who gained the power of magic did so only because they were granted it by their Chezna masters.

As time went on, the Chezna lost interest in humanity. A brutal civil war on Chexzara forced them to withdraw from earth, and they never returned. They had forgotten the reason why they had journeyed to Terra in the first place. They abandoned their mission, and became isolated and self-serving.

In eons past, the Great Seers, now extinct, had prophesied the coming of a Great Darkness. This darkness was destined to consume all light, and end everything that was good in the universe. Yet there was hope. The Chezna were told that their deliverance would come from Earth. They were to prepare humanity as their allies in the coming struggle. For it was prophesied that all other species would serve the Darkness in the last days, except the Chezna, and the ally they were to prepare...

Now, their world is in crisis. There have been sightings of the Three Spirits Of Chexzara, the old gods of the Chezna. Disruptions in the very nature of reality, caused by wicked spells cast in secret by servants of the Darkness, threaten to rip Pluto apart. The word from beyond the Chezna's own solar system is that of a great conqueror, who has enslaved many of the Great Races, and has set his eye upon the Sol system. The Time Of Turmoil has come, and the Chezna are not prepared.

Into this tumultuous environment comes an experimental spacecraft bearing members of the race the Chezna had forgotten...

O.k. Sign-ups. Everyone will start as human astronauts, but as the story progresses, I will open up the option to play Chezna as well.

Here's what I need:






Scientific Specialty: Navigation, astronomy, mechanics, computers, life science, geology, etc.

2 general skills or traits: Good talker, good brawler, sexy, strong, willpower, courage, tenacity, good shot with weapon of choice, martial artist (specify type), good with languages, magical aptitude (useless at the start of the game, but will become very important later on)...etc.

2 (or more) quirky skills or traits: Can play the trombone, wiggle his ears, good at chess, hates classical music... etc.

Weapons and equipment: Be somewhat realistic. This is only eighty years in the future.

Here's mine

Name: Fred Johnson

Age: 35

Appearance: Average height, tongue ring, a big toothy grin. Reddish hair.

Sex: male

Bio: Enrolled in the Space Academy at 18 years of age, because his father got a job as an instructor there, so Fred got free tuition. Always a bit of a rebel, he was assigned to the Pluto mission because his superiors wanted to be rid of him.

Scientific specialty: Navigation

2 general skills or traits: Good brawler, good with languages

2 (or more) quirky skill or traits: Used to smoke cigars, but once he got into space travel he's taken to chewing on them, loves soft rock music.

Weapons/equipment: brass knuckles, laptop computer

This ought to be an interesting story.... I'm kind of looking forward to seeing what happens next :D ...
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