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Devil's Sympathy [PG-13]


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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]*Note: Just to be safe....This RPG is rated PG 13 for gore, vilence, mild or low swearing, religious factors, etc. Not too much though...Still somethings may not be found suitible for those under the age of 13. If you decide to join and when reading through, please be mature.

[i]They live we touch go unknown, for when we are born we humans have an inncocenence like no other...But with that first breath of air we take, we loose that inoccenece. Many of us go on without a second thought of this...Still...Some of us continue to wonder and thus it leads those who are wondering to think about others having this same type of inoccenes. Like; is it an angel who never looses that inoccene? Or a demon who takes it alway and becomes jaded?

It is said that within a child's heart, the inocene is kept and as they grow older they'll lose it untill the time when they're near death. Those eternal and those immortal could have never had this inoccence. For them there is no time in which to loose or gain that spical innocence. They are the ones that those on earth fear the most, those known only to the dead. The knowledge that may not be contained a human mind long before death.[/i]

The white snow fell slowly from the dim gray sky. Through all the eyes, this world was covered in gray the only thing to care about was one's own well being. Cars rushed by trying to save time during this holiday seaon. Some to get home, some simply to beat the traffic. Others rushing through the slush on the street and it's curves to get the early christmas shopping done and finish all other task that need concern them-selfs and only them selves....Passing those who had simply nothing to do, nowhere to go, nothing to live for, those who were there because soceity had turn it's back on them.

As he walked trough the crowd of people, they shrank away from him feeling cringes on their skin. They walked a few more feet and the cring would be gone and they'd have no other thoughts. The man stopped and slowed as the crowd diminshed and there was no longer anyone around. Infront of him was a fairly large cathdreal, of which the newer chruch on the other side of town had been modled after. But this place was far different from that, this cathdreal no longer held prayers nor hope. It was old and broken....The rose window missed colorful shader that had once been beatiful. On the left side one could see the archs within begin to give way, for the walls of which it held up were caving. The white craks and breaks on the outside wall cut clearly across on the dirty white walls, there shadows cutting downwards like a knife. The large two wooden doors rotting and the bukles and chains rusting as they fell off. Looking down he shook his head. [i]How discrasful[/i]: he though :[i]Mortals...Never should have been granted pass to live, I[/i] The mans thoughts where cut off, looking back up flocks of crows gathered. There numbers always tripping in growth...5...10...20...30. They sat on the silightly curved edging of what had been left of the old cathdreal's roof. Above, it looked a like a black cloud gathering. He began to walk closer to the door, his foot prints emmitting steam with each step...

The birds began shreiking, their shirl insesent voices and the beat of black wings. He stopped in front of the door and as he reached for the handle...The crows began one by one to fly down. Two landing upon each one of his sholders, the rest all behind him standing as if like an arm. Other flooded inside from above, black feathers began to fall he swipped them out of his dark brown hair and off his shoulders while smack the birds away. Once the birds had clamed again, he began to break way he chains letting them hit the ground. Taking off his black gloves, he threw them to the ground hitting the snow, steam rose. Pushing the doors open, he saw crows purched once more upon the rotting bench seats. Looking around a frown came over his face, within the front row there sat three people. They stood, all three of them dressed in total black, each wearing over coats with a cross over each arm. The man scolded as he threw he hand forwards, the crows lunghed attack the three.

The doors closed, silently there was no longer anything left except the black feathers that covered the ground out side. One of the three, a female, ran with a feelt of crows fallowing behind her. There blood red eyes foucsed soully on her to carry out her task. She began to run faster then she ever knew she could, blood dripping fom her forehead, arms, and legs stained the snow. Within those two hours of running she made it across the city to the oppiste side. The new crich within sight, she slide through the doors holding them closed the best she could. It began booming and pushing her a few inchs back....It stopped, dust began floating it, it smelled like ashs. Turning, she ran and hid between one of the middle rows of bench seats. Crouching into a fatel position, she looked up. Father was standing over her.

"Where's the others?" he asked.

"They-they're dead, he killed them."

Father didn't reply he just stared with a solem look in his face.

"H-He had said, that this world would become his own...That he's granting his sympthy upon us and learn what it means to fear." The girl began to cry.



This happened 3 days ago, and since then many strange accidence have been happening. The snow fall have become harder, while in certain areas of the city their having heat ways. In other places it's simply like spring. People of the heavens, and those of hell and other worldly creatures have been appearing. Most humans cannot see them though...But those who can are being locked away under the condition judged by other as insanity. Humans who can see them and remain clam are of the faith and have chosen to join the alliance to fight against this evil. However many of them have been killed, thus those in heaven had stepped in. Which force will come out on top?


[i] ~ The Good[/i] - There is an alliances of humans and other races unknown. They have come to gather in unite to try and stop their world from being engulfed in flames.

[i] ~ The Bad[/i] - Demons, arch angels, some humans and other. Many different types, they are followers of the devil. One's who whish to bring about a new order upon the world and cause pain and suffering.

[i] ~ The Undecided[/i] - These are those who simply don't care what happens, either way their happy. And yet, they still fight to; help things along and their own secret motivations.


~ Sign Up ~

Race: (Human, demon, angel, etc. Heck you could even be a mermaid or elf. If you have a good enough story to back it up.)
Cause: (your motivation and such; spite, religion, boredom, etc.)
Alliance: (Good, natural, bad, basic stuff)
Appearance: (No images)
Weapon: (max 2 / Again no images)
Other information: (opitional)



1. Fallow all/the rules of OB
2. Remember no OOC post or short meaning less post.
3. If you do choose to swear, create violence, and the such....Make she you do it all within good taste.
4. Make sure your coherent.
5. If you do not post within 5 - 8 days from when the rpg has started, other players have the right to kill off your character. Unless you notify me that you will be gone.


Thanks for read! I'll be posting my sign up later since you've had enough reading for now. No images are allowed for the sign up. I would like to see your writing skills. If you have any questions feel free to PM me.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[color=orange][size=2][font=arial][b]Name:[/b] Devi 'Jiae' Myers(nickname pronoucned Jay)

[b]Age:[/b] 17

[b]Race:[/b] Human

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Cause:[/b] Boredom, freedom, lust(though she doesn't know this)

[b]Alliance:[/b] Undecided

[b]Persona:[/b] Generally a quiet person, but her temper is quick to flare. Often indecisive, Devi can be very presuasive, and is in no way gullable. She lived most of her life on the streets, and is very learned in the art of seduction and protecting herself. Quick to attack, she isn't likley to run from a fight, but will if her intuition and gut tell her to.

[b]Appearance:[/b] Devi stands about 5'6", and wieghs 132. pounds. She has chestnut hair(dark brown with gold streaks and a red tint) which falls to her hips in waves of shimmering silk. When her hair gets wet, the ends go into little springs. Devi has dark brown eyes that turned dark grey when she's mad, and are slightly turned down. She has a tan complextion, long limbs, and fingers. Devi is often clad in tank tops, sweaters, sleevless turtle necks, or button-ups. She also wears hip-huggers, boot-legged pants, flare legged pants, broom flare skirts(layered), or short shorts. For shoes she wears tennis shoes, or boots whit thick heels or no heels. She can always bee seen wearing a necklace that is a pentacle with a snake wrapped around it, a cladagh ring(a ring with two hands holding a heart with a crown on top; it stands for friendship, love, and loyalty. RIghtside up means she has a boyfirned, upside down means she's single. Its upside down), a silver bracelet, and silver hoop earrings at the lobes, and jade studs in the top cartelidge(sp?). Very curved. Necessities: always ankle socks or none.Her colors are borwns, golds, and blacks.

[b]Weapon:[/b] Devi carries a handgun(.22 LR), and a medium sized fighting knife. In a fight, the most common used is the knife, or just her hands and feet.

[b]Biography:[/b] Devi was an orphan from the time she was born. SHe never found out what happened to her father, and her mother died in childbirth. SO, raised by her godmother, Devi lived in silence. She was taught the policy: Children are not to be seen or heard. ANd so when her godmother had visitors, she was sent to the basement, where it was cold, wet, and often moldy.

Since Devi's godmother drank regularly, she was beaten, and was never without a bruise. She learned not to complain, because complaining brought only more beatings. She got fed up with it, and jumped out her attic window in the middle of the night when her godmother was dead asleep. SHe was found limping and bruised by a local gang, and she had to fight her way into it. THey rewarded her by letting her in, and letting her live. She slowly worked her way to the top, and the whole gang repsects her.

Devi treats the whole gang like a family, but when they were all killed in a mass murder, Devi was heart broken. She lives on her own now, stealing from people, but neer being discourteous. The manager can always find five dollars somewhere if something is stoeln from him, or anote that will tell them she will be back. And she always comes back, with something worth what she took.

[b]Other information:[/b] Devi flinches easily, but never runs. She is bisexual, and not afraid to say so. SHe has a soft spot for people with disorders, and will not kill someone unarmed.

I hope the description isn't to long, Ruby! You said no pictures, so I started describing her, and couldn't stop. If you need to much changed, tell me. I will be glad to!(Believe it or not, this took me ten minutes to do. No more than that.)[/color][/size][/font]
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OOC: Well, I have to join this, don't I?

Name: Xairiel (Pronounced Zi-Ree-El)
Age: Somewhere in the 1000s.
Race: Angel, slightly Fallen
Gender: Male
Cause: Never passes up a fight
Alliance: Neutral...leaning towards Good
Persona: Xairiel is cocky, egotistical, self-assured, etc. He knows he's good at what he does, and flaunts it. He has a temper problem, but is usually calm and easy-going. His motto is kind of 'Sin is fun', and he doesn't really worry about the tommorow, he's a Today person.
Appearance: Xairiel, well, looks like Xion. You know, tall, lean, long spiky silver hair, dark eyes, pale, wears a red coat. Although, he has large silver wings, with black tips.
Weapon: Enegry Blades that emerge from the backs of his hands.
Biography: Xairiel was an Archangel, warrior for the Heavens. However, he was cast out of the Order for overly Sinful behaviour. :sweat: Now, he wanders the earth in search of fun and profit, loving food, drink, fighting, and sex above all else. If any of those are offered, he takes up whatever the other side of the bargain may be...which has gotten him in some trouble in the past. He still follows most of Heaven's rules, ignoring a choice few. In the war, he has not taken a side, but fights more for Good than Evil. He fights for fun, but avoids killing Angels and other Heavenly beings.
Other information: (opitional)

OOC: I am the Sinful Angel. Fitting, if you ask me. :naughty:
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Name: Sarea (Sa-RAY-ah)

Age: 19 outwardly. Inwardly about 500 years.

Race: Angel

Gender: Female

Cause: A wish for peace, her love of mortals

Alliance: Good

Persona: Soft-spoken and gentle, but the moment things become heated Sarea is the one ready to end the situation in a nonviolent manner. Her belief in peace has influenced many famous people, although they don't know it. (Think MLK Jr, Ghandi.) She doesn't smile very often, living in an air of quiet, gentle melancholy. It only serves to make her more beautiful.

Appearance: Earthly form: Sarea stands approximately 5'8". Her dark brown hair is softly waved and falls around her heart-shaped face in small, ocean-like waves. Sarea tends to wear clothes that conceal her body shape, and no make-up. Her deep-green eyes don't need it though, as their highlights of gold show quite beautifully. People have been heard to say that they feel as though her eyes can see their souls. She wears a thin gold bracelet around her left wrist, and it always seems to shine, no matter the lighting conditions she is seen in.

Angelic form: Sarea stands about the same height in her angelic form as in her earthly form. Her hair falls to below the waist of her dove-gray robes, and her eyes are lit from within, as though candles burn within her soul. Her appearance is topped off by a pair of soft, indigo wings, befitting her station as an angel of sorrow. The halo (that seems to be a requirement for all angels) is slightly tarnished, but shines a soft golden light.

Weapon: A quarterstaff made of oak. (Quarterstaffs tend to be short and stout, and they are the weapon most often depicted as used by Robin Hood's friend Friar Tuck.)

Biography: Born in the late Rennaissance, Sarea was the daughter of a well-known philosopher, Pascal. She was raised in a very well-bred manner, and was taught to read and write on top of the usual things a girl would learn (sewing, cooking, crochet).

When she was nineteen, Sarea was asked to marry by a young man in the village, and she accepted. For nearly a year, she was very happy with her young husband... right until the day they learned he had what was called a 'wasting sickness' (what we call cancer). For six months, Sarea never left her husband's side as he slowly died, and some people whispered that she was never seen to smile when she left her home to go to market. After his death, she lived for two years before dying quietly and alone. Some said the cause was a broken heart.

Sarea became an angel of sorrow because of the turn her young life had taken, and she is purely, wholly good inside. She never was reunited with her husband after her death, and in a way, she resents it. She misses him deeply, and it shows in her manner.

Other information: Sarea tends to fall in love with mortals, because she cares for them deeply. She is the angel that people say they see after a loved one dies.[/FONT]
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[B]Name:[/B] Sariyel

[B]Age:[/B] 20,321 human years

[B]Race:[/B] Archangel

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Cause:[/B] Justice, freedom, humanity

[B]Alliance:[/B] Bad (in a way)

[B]Persona:[/B] Sariyel embodies that which all angels should be. Magnificent, noble, humble, bright, courageous, and fair, she radiates a white and holy light. All mortals who see her are awed by her glory. She has a solemn presence, one which is divine, and imparts wisdom and fortune on those that are in need. She is absolutely intractable on her sense of justice and honor; absolutely firm in her beliefs, she can tolerate only so much infringement until she will rise to strike down the foe. She reflects the sun and the moon; strong, courageous, bright and radiant, but at the same time merciful, gentle, peaceful and delicate. Although rarely becoming bitter, recent events have caused her to question her beliefs and strength; still, she fights for her sense of justice and honor, knowing that what she believes in will hold true. She is indeed like the goddess of justice, imparting forgiveness, while punishing without mercy those who act with malice for their own benefit. She never loses faith, even in the darkest hours.

[B]Appearance:[/B] Because of her beautiful yet sorrowful figure, many who see her mistake her to be the Angel of Death. Smooth, ivory skin seems luminescent and heavenly. She has dark, wavy hair that cascades down to below her feet, and it is luxurious and silky, smelling of the perfect scent of spikenard. Her features are perfect; a slim, lithe figure; dark, magnetic eyes that seem to encompass the universe; delicate nose and mouth; graceful fingers; and a dancer's feet. However, her delicate features do not signify weakness; it is apparent to all that Sariyel is a being of power and might, with strength and courage that cannot be overcome by any small means.

Her wings are marvelous to behold when unfurled; a wingspan of about eighteen feet only emphasizes the magnificent, snow white feathers which seem to glow with radiant light. They can encompass her delicate form completely, and all who are included in the holy light are blessed with courageous and determination. Her pure light banishes darkness and evil.

When cloaked to others, Sariyel wears flowing, ebony robes and hood, which seem to swallow up light, and make her barely visible against the dark shades of night. If heading into battle, she wears a brilliant scarlet tunic, which is embroidered and embossed, stiff with gold embellishments. Her armor is that of a radiant, white gold, which gleams brightly with her heavenly light. It has on it her symbol and crest, a magnificent lion of old, the sign of majesty, honor, and courage. Her helm is of the same white gold, with two crests that parallel her wings. The lion is again mirrored there as well, transforming her into a fierce, majestic persona, one that even her foes must stare at in wonder. However, when not in battle, Sariyel reflects not the sun, but the gentle light of the moon. A silver jewel adorns her perfect brow, and her robes are of a light material which seem to float about her, following her graceful movements, and emphasizing her delicate figure. She radiates a gentle aura, one of peace and hope.


[I][B]Nyke:[/B][/I] The bright, blazing sword of Victory, its pure blade of light is wreathed in the fiery wrath of the divine. It is a weapon of Heaven, forged by pure, immortal souls from the spirit of distant stars. It glows in the light of battle, emblazening its wielder with magnificent, holy light, and shaming those of darkness to cringe from their corruptness. Nyke is the swift, beautiful sword of death, dispatching foes with swiftness and severity. It is the sword that Sariyel most often takes into battle, and matches her glory, blazing with white gold and brilliant rubies.

[I][B]Dykei:[/B][/I] The divine blade of Justice, its crystal blade is no less than its sister's, Nyke, even though its light is less bright. With a clear blade that is able to capture and scatter rays of light, this slender sword reflects the gentler side of Sariyel's being. However, Dykei is just as swift to deliver its sentence on those who are corrupt, bringing pestilence to the greedy, unforgiving, and evil of the population. The gentle light is a blessing to the poor and hungry, merciful to those who are in need. It judges the soul, imparting the wisdom of the heavens, and bringing the justice of the divine to the world. A clear jewel adorns the silver hommel, and it has a gentle, pure radiance.

[B]Biography:[/B] A radiant and powerful Archangel, Sariyel was well-known and well-respected. Her power and intensity drew others around her like a magnet; her presence was solemn and graceful. Never falling back in battle, she awed even the winged ones around her; those around her were never in want of courage, fortified by her own bravery and faith. However, times soon changed... Heaven, as Earth, became corrupted. Angels distorted the rules of God, and soon, even He gave up trying to return them to the order that they once had. In all, angels became...like the humans that they were supposed to guide. Although some were punished, in all the state of Heaven fell more, although it was still extremely better than the Earth. It seemed that God merely turned his eyes away, ignoring it until it was urgent.

This was infuriating to Sariyel. Sickened by the state that Heaven was falling into, she left, forsaking the shadow of the golden gates forever, until it was renewed by God. However, her faith in Him failed; He did not act, or even answer her prayer. Stunned beyond belief, and questioning her own, she left Heaven, exiling herself because she was ashamed and angered. She fights now for the salvation of Heaven in her view. Although some angels followed her into exile, leaving Heaven behind, they are still small in numbers.

Sariyel not only longs for a new order for Earth, but also for Heaven, and is solemn in her silent vow that she will return the sweet, holy light and order to that bright kingdom. Torn between leaving God, or keeping faith with her sense of justice and purpose, she feels extreme guilt for leading other angels away, but knows that that is what she must do to stop the chaos in Heaven from enlargening. She now searches to enlarge her forces to start an assault on Heaven, and wipe clean their corruptness.

[B]Extra Info:[/B] Her affiliation is 'bad' because she wishes for a new order, and is revolting against Heaven. However, this does not mean that her character is evil; indeed, she is one of the purest of heavenly beings that exists. Instead, she has turned against Heaven because she feels that is has been corrupted, and that angels no longer hold up the holy views. She feels that she must do something to restore the order and faith, even if she must fight against God Himself.
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=SlateGray]N/p, callmegoddess04. Detail = Good. Also I'll wait a bit to see if we get anymore sign ups. If not I'll start with what we have now, but sign ups will still be open after this starts.


[i]~ Sign Up ~[/i]

[b]Name:[/b] Zoma Lei Xinzang

[b]Age:[/b] 361 (looks about 21)

[b]Race:[/b] Half breed (demon/human)

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Cause:[/b] As a demon of black wing's flight, she fallows the Devil's whim. Aka, Greek myth of crows. Also her own well fair.

[b]Alliance:[/b] Bad

[b]Persona:[/b] Cruel within battles, but during any other time...She really doesn't care about anything else but helping to bring about a new world order. However, she's very intelligent and smart. They only ones she won't hurt is if she cares deeply for them, but there are very few. Nice and kind to every one, as long as your not in a battle with her. She likes playing mind games, often times hangs around humans deceiving them but when she does. It's not mind games she's playing, she have different motives at those points.

[b]Appearance:[/b] 4?11,? weighs 98 lbs. She has pale/dull white skin, and her eyes are brown but shine a blood red. Zoma's hair is short only goes 3 inches above her shoulders, it has a sharp curve in the back. Having two groups of braids on each side laced in red beads, that reach done past a few inch's of her collar bone. Also she has long shaggy bangs that reach a bit to the mid way point of her eyes, and her hair has a light tint of purple. Zoma usually has her wings cupped around her shoulders. Of course, the wings are black, purple, dark shads of blue and some dark greens. They are hooked to her arms from the back to her elbows.

-Normally...She wears; a black vest with a pocket over her right breast, usually holding a small yellow rose that has been dipped into ash of the internal inferno. Underneath she wears a black/purple, long sleeve, turtle neck, shirt. Around her neck she wears a choker the pendent on the choker is a preserved eye from another crow. On her lower half she wears a short black skirt with ruffles, she also wears purple stockings, and black ankle boots. The ankle boots have weaves of metal, and silver buckles on them. They also have a metal lining on the heel and toe front.

[b]Weapon:[/b] Scythe

[b]Biography:[/b] Born as a half breed, Zoma never truly met her father for he was the human of her parents. Living away from humans she grew up within a demon matter, because those around her it may seem as though she has a dislike for humans. This is far from the truth, her mother had taught her to respect them and the angels just the same as those around her. Yet her mother never allowed her daughter, Zoma, to ever show this emotion if she was not within a realm where mortal are common.

While growing up though, Zoma did have nearly 3 chances to have human contact. She passed them all up reason being, they had all been centered around killing humans off. Knowing her mother wouldn't like this too much if she did is why she had passed up the opportunity. Thus for over a 100 years she's spent her time studying and enhancing her fighting skills. Nearly at the age of 256, Zoma was granted passage to be in one of the Devil's higher ranking groups. And since 256 is fairly young for a half breed, she was still stuck with a lower ranking within that higher ranking group. She's still trying though, at the moment she's only rank; 11.

Once she had hit rank 10, Zoma was granted by the devil and her mother passage to the world of mortals. She's been staying there for nearly 5 years now, and she's been greatly happy. Although she's not been able to be around the same person for more then a few days. Her wings always start to surface and become apparent, one of the only things to cause her any sadness. She's been traveling around the world, until she was requested to come back to the city of which all of those who are immortal are granted passage to the mortal world. Returning she was still hiding among humans, of which she had always called her friends. Unknowing what they had been planning, they were killed by the Devil and other demons of the black winged type. After speaking to a Father, she's hidden her self away. Showing her true self only when she senses those who may cause an upstirr within the Devil's plans. When that should happen to happen, she'll let all hell loose.

[b]Other Information:[/b] She wears long black over coat with white crosses on the side, one over each arm. But only when she feels/wants to fit in with humans. Because at that point her wings fold like a cape lacing over her, keeping her wings close enough to her body allows her to look human enough for a short time. Because her wings are hooked half way to her back and arms, when trying to blend in as a human, her arms have limited movement.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Guest Midnight Rush
[b]Name:[/b][i]Now: Viridans Oculus Originally:Melancus[/i]

[b]Age:[/b][i] Ancient beyound reckoning[/i]

[b]Race:[/b][i] Fallen Archangel[/i]


[b]Cause:[/b] [i]love/promise[/i]

[b]Alliance:[/b][i] neutral[/i]

[b]Persona:[/b][i] Green Eyes is grave and harshly melancholy. He is confused as to his own real mental identity (A near perfect idea of his persona is that of Roger Smith, Negotiator). He has a tendency to use his amazing intellect to cut others down, and he has few friends and allies.[/i]

[b]Appearance:[/b] [i] 6'8", athletically built, but not overmuch. Aquiline nose and a broad aristocratic forehead. His cheek bones are very prominent, but not a sore thumb, his lips are thin and pale. His hair is split color: half a pure snow white, and half an ebony black that shines of darkness. Green Eyes' skin is slightly tanned, a sort of golden white that inspires awe.

His dark, burning green eyes pierce deeply into the soul of any who look into them. They make you feel vulnerable, naked, and alone. Their fire eats into your head, causing you to fear and doubt, some victims are frozen, while others are shaken so deeply they convulse, not in terror, but in a terribly self destroying forced introspection. They reveal truth in the light of pure, deep, unescapable sadness.

His very being shines with that ancient and terrible glory, radiating nobility, poise, and a piercing light. The powerful awe he generates is fueld by the frosted window: That symbol of a melancholy sadness, the ultimate self seclusion inside of a crowd, the love of a grey-scaled life.
[b]Weapon:[/b]a very long, thin, slightly curved single edged sword, not quite a katana, more along the lines of a Peppenheimer marries Yoshitomo kind of deal. Its lightning speed and extreme sharpness lend to its name: [i]Ferus Ventus[/i], the Feral Wind.

[b]Biography:[/b][i] At the beginning of time, when God created Heaven and its inhabitants, the angels, for his companionship, 4 angels in particular where the highest: Michael, Lucifer, Gabriel, and Melancus. As time passed, Lucifer fell and became Satan, the Lord of Evil; Michael stayed with God, becoming His greatest general; Gabrielle also remained with God, becoming the Messanger of Heaven. For a time Melancus stayed in heaven as well, but approximately 1980 years after the Birth of Christ, Melancus, the Angel of Sadness, discovered humans. He immediately liked them as a race, fascinated by their wars, their politics, and most of all their love. Original angels did not understand the concept of love as humans did, and Melancus was amazed. After a long period of reflection, he left Heaven, not as an enemy of God, but to protect the humans from the Demons of Hell and their King, Lucifer. He took human form, but because he was an Archangel, he can revert, but only once. For years he fought the demons secretly, slaying them in numbers, protecting the oblivious humans. Over time he fell in love with a human, breaking all rules and convention, he acted upon this love. He kept her identity secret from all the other beings of the unseen world, but one demon found out. That demon was Lucifer, the lost brother of Melancus. Lucifer killed Melancus' lover and nailed her lifeless body to the Gates of Hell.
When Melancus found out, he tried to kill Lucifer, but Lucifer was far more powerful, as he was the Lord of all Evil. Lucifer broke Melancus, leaving him for dead, thinking that he had destroyed Melancus completely. Melancus, however, survived those wounds, and slowly recovered. For many years he lay un-moving just outside the Gates of Hell, but two years ago he just got up and walked away. Since then he was wandered earth, doing random acts of kindness as a form of penance for failing to protect the only woman he would ever love. He was so deep in sorrow that it will take a monumental event to bring him back to the forefront of things, but he is lurking. He is ready to defend the innocent humans to the death from both corrupt humans, angels, and demons a like. Melancus changed his name to [i]Viridans Oculus[/i], Green Eyes, to reflect the fact taht he is not as powerful as he once was, as he has lost the name given to him by God [b]Him[/b]self.
Green Eyes watched the freak weather from a nearby hill, and he sensed a terrible wrong being done in that city. He has gathered what remains of his tattered resolve and mighty power and said, "Once in all of this eternity I have failed, for so long I have done my penance. Now is the time when I shall finally repent the whole way, now is the time, I sense Lucifer is near... I will kill him."[/i]

[b]Other Information:[/b] [i]Green Eyes is a being whose own newly discovered emotinos bind his enourmous power. He is not fully developed in terms of handling his emotions, as he is pure angel and not human. However, it is possible for him to attain the emotional pinnacle of the human race, and when he does, the chains will break and he will equal Lucifer.[/i]
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[B]Name:[/B] Lena Hart
[B]Age:[/B] 17
[B]Race:[/B] human
[B]Gender:[/B] female
[B]Cause:[/B] curiosity, fear, desire
[B]Alliance:[/B] neutral but willing to help others who deserve it
[B]Persona:[/B] Lena was once a shy, polite girl who always kept her thoughts to herself. She was caring and content, despite her lack of direction. No one had ever tried to convince her of a religion or purpose. Thus, she never really understood her meaning in life. After she had matured, she became more interested in finding herself. She slowly grew less introverted, and learned to speak up for herself. She was very opinionated, but knew when to hold her tongue. She still had compassion for human life, but wasn't afraid to harm others that deserved it.. Somewhere along the way Lena realized how truly lonely she was. Then she began falling into a darker sadness, hiding her emotions from the world. She masked her true self with a confident, somewhat cocky reflection. Now people see her as something of a rebel, fighting for honor. Nevertheless, though she is brave and reckless, Lena still shows her soft side now and then. She is fairly intelligent and focused, trying almost too hard not to let her guard down.
[B]Weapons:[/B] two black handguns (I don't know much about types of guns so bear with me), specializes in martial arts skills
[B]Appearance:[/B] Lena is fairly tall, around 5'8", and athletically built. Her skin is a soft peach complexion with a few freckles here and there. Her eyes are a bright blue with flecks of green, which can change to a darker green if she's mad. She never wears make-up, but doesn't really need to. Her pin-straight hair is naturally a dark blonde, with a few sections dyed a scarlet red. She has choppy bangs that reach her eyes. Her hair is layered and reaches her mid-back, which she sometimes braids or wears with a black bandanna. She usually wears a black tank top or t-shirt and loose, comfortable jeans, accompanied by black rolled-down knee socks and worn out combat boots. She almost never goes without her red leather trenchcoat (which also hides her gun holsters). Her accesories include several chains on her jeans, black fingerless gloves, and a heart-shaped locket made of pure gold that never leaves her neck. Though she prefers comfortable clothes, Lena is not afraid to wear a dress now and then. She also likes to sport stylish sunglasses on sunny days.
[B]Biography:[/B] Lena Hart grew up in a nice, quiet home. She never knew her father, and her mother never mentioned him. She was taught to be polite and never scolded, and her mother was very proud. She was home schooled until age 12, and therefore never knew any friends. Over the years she developed a mother-daughter relationship so strong that it seemed nothing could break it. However, her mother was an Atheist, and therefore Lena had nothing to believe in but facts and realistic goals. This mindset kept her going for a while, as she remained sheltered behind books and the grand piano in their elegant living room. Once her mother had summoned the courage to let Lena attend public school in 6th grade, she was introduced to an entirely different lifestyle. Her antisocial behavior didn't help to make any friends, and everyone seemed to ignore her. However, she eventually became less shy around people and managed to get to know several accquaintances, all of whom drifted away from her. When Lena was around 14, her mother began to show signs of lung cancer, and it was not until later that she discovered her mother's secret smoking habit that had lasted for the past 25 years. Lena found herself asking questions, wanting to know more about why she truly existed.
After being mugged by a street gang, Lena took up fighting for self-defense and enjoyed the rush it gave her. The prim and proper facade that had been molded into her was starting to break. Lena would come home from school and train herself to be strong, secretly fearing that she might wither into old age like her mother had. However, when her mother became bedridden, Lena was forced to take up several jobs in order to support them both. They soon got rid of their fancy posessions that had come as a result of her mother's well-paying job, and moved into a smaller, more affordable house. The doctors informed Lena that her mother's condition would only worsen, and she found herself with no one to turn to for guidance. She was beginning to feel hopeless, until one day she saw something that would change her life forever.
On the cold, rainy eve of her 17th birthday, as she was walking home from work and feeling lonely and exhausted, Lena passed an old cathedral. What she saw nearly caused a seizure. There was a boy about her age sitting on the front steps, yet he was no ordinary human. He had wings, yet from his demeanor Lena could not tell whether he was an angel or a demon. She took this as a sign, and ever since has been searching, hoping for something to reveal her true purpose, to find faith. When she returned home that night, her mother wasn't breathing...
Other: Lena hasn't told anyone about what she sees, and therefore everyone believes she is still sane.
OOC: I hope this isn't too long! ^^;;;;;
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[size=1]Name: Kroenen

Age: His true age is unknown, but he was born before Christ.

Race: Kroenen is a man of eternal life, kept alive with technology and black magic.

Gender: Male

Cause: An assassin of Hell, he does what he is told.

Alliance: Bad

Persona: When Kroenen was still a man, he was cruel and cold hearted. His heart bared many sins. He was greedy, and always though of himself higher than everyone else. Now that he is "dead,? he does not speak, and does whatever he is told. Though he knows he is not all powerful, he is still cruel and heartless.

Appearance: Slim and tall, Kroenen wears a black skin tight fabric over his body, and a golden chest plate that is the machine that keeps him alive. His head is hidden by a black helmet with circular eye holes cover by black lens. He wears a pair of black gloves and boots also. Under his armor lays a scarred and burned man. His hands were replaced with mechanical arms, and lower legs replaced with mechnical versions of them, too. Though not many have seen his face, he has steel grey eyes that seem to stare into a man's soul, and nothing is left of his hair.

Weapons: Kroenen is skilled with a pair of silver bladed baton swords that have golden handles.

Biography: Kroenen was born, and grew up with a rich family. His family spoiled him, and the law let him get away with anything. When he became an adult, nothing changed, and the man married women after women, and had affairs with many women. He had no respect or love for these women, or the children they bared for him. All he cared about in life was him and gold.

When Kroenen was drawing nearer and nearer to his last years, he started to study black magic and the occult. He was able to make himself look younger, and keep himself alive with the magic, but it made his heart even blacker then it was. He soon needed blood to keep himself young, and bathed in the blood of his children. People around him died of old age, while he lived forever.

Korenen then started to lose his mana, the thing that fueled all mana. His body parts decayed, and he scarred. His arms and legs became useless, and replaced them with mechanical ones. He then formed a ritual to make a pact with the devil. For his soul and will, he would live forever.

Other information: Kroenen can no longer use black magic. He goes everywhere with his body armor, and rarely takes off his helmet. [/size]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=SlateGray]Since this is enough people to start, once sign up are done I'll start the RPG.

However...sign ups for the rpg, Devil's Sympathy, will continue to be open to a certain point in time. Once too deep/turning point sign ups will be closed, unless you notify me that you are going on vacation, leaving, etc. and cannot have your sign ups ready by then. But the all the RP'ers will decide on that.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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Your comment about vacation reminds me of something.

I'm not going to be here from Monday to Friday, probably. I'm afraid I won't have internet access. Poop.

But I'll do as much as I can before and after.
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=SlateGray]Alright everyone, the RPG; DS, has been started. Please go and post in the adventure when you have the chance. Or, instead of schering. (If it's not on the first place) Here is the link to the thread.

[URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=39166]Devil's Sympathy[/URL]

Once again, the sign ups are still open for new comers.

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