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Passion Of The Christ: The Sequel

Xander Harris

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Well, The Passion Of The Christ stirred up a lot of controversy, and made a ton of cash. Were it any other film, there would be a sequel in the works. Of course, here in the real world, the sequel already exists. It's called The Book Of Acts. And in a way, the sequel is still being written, every day of our lives. Let's travel back to the earliest days of the world's largest religion, to the time recorded in Acts....

The Earth quaked. The sun went black. The temple curtain was split in two, removing the barrier between Jew and Gentile, between man and God. The stone was rolled away, and the Christ ascended into heaven while his disciples looked on. The New Covenant had been created, all things were made new by the sacrifice of Jesus. Now, all men could be saved from death and hell.

His followers prayerfully chose another man to take the place of Judas, Matthias. And then they waited for the Helper the Master had promised to send...

This is a historical drama about the early days of the Church. The story begins with the day of Pentecost, and continues on from there. You will create fictional citizens of Jerusalem, and play out the spread of the gospel. We will deal with some of the issues that the early church faced.

Here's what I need:

Name: (historical authenticity good, but not required. Either make an original character, or use a minor character from the scriptures.)



2-3 Greatest sins and weaknesses:


Race: (Jew or Gentile)

Alignment: Christian, Jew, Polytheist, Persecutor (actively tries to destroy The Church)


For Christians only:
2-3 Favored Spiritual Gifts: (1 Corinthians 12 and Romans 12:4) Wisdom, Knowledge, Faith, Healing, Prophecy, Tongues, Interpretation of Tongues, Ability to Distinguish Between the Spirits, Serving, Teaching, Encouraging, Praying, Leadership, Showing Mercy.

Strongest Fruit Of The Spirit: (Galatians 5:22) Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, Self-control

Here's mine:

Name: James (hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it ;) ), son of Zebadias

Age: 20

Sex: Male

2 Greatest Sins/Weaknesses: Lustfulness, Holds Grudges

Occupation: Tent-maker

Race: Jew

Alignment: Christian

Favored Spiritual Gifts: Knowledge, Teaching, Ability to Distinguish Between the Spirits

Bio: James always loved to go to the Synagogue and hear God's Word preached. He studied it carefully, and was always fascinated by the prophecies in the book of Isaiah.

One day, a childhood friend who had been blinded several years previous met James on the street. He had been healed, and told James to come see the man who had cured him.

After hearing Jesus speak that day, James left his tent-making business to travel with the Rabbi. There was something about him that just seemed right. Sometimes Christ would do things, and James would be reminded of a passage in Isaiah. Could this man be the Messiah?

Then his master was taken and killed in the most brutal manner possible. James watched as even Peter, one of Jesus close friends that James had always looked up to, turned his back on the Rabbi. James was devastated. He was about to go back to tent-making, when he met one of the disciples on the street, telling him that Jesus had risen!

Now, James hides out from the Romans with the other Christians in Jerusalem, awaiting the promised Helper. All of a sudden, he sees a flash of light, like fire, come from the room the Apostles are in. He watches them head outside, and then begin preaching to the surrounding crowds in a multitude of languages! James will do his best to help with the task of redeeming the world...
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