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Send 'Em All To H--- (PG-13 At Least)


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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1]In the time before man, eight Demon Gods reigned over the beings of Earth. However, the Angels were able to seal their awesome power into Hell, so that they would never again appear.
Or would they?
The Dark Lord Satan has appeared on Earth, and has broken eight serial murderers out of the local prison. And he made them a proposition.
If they kill 13 people within the next 6 days, they will be given infinite power in the form of the Demon Gods. If they don't, well, they won't get the power. Simple as that.
However, the Angels got word of this, and they wish to stop it. However, Satan has made it out so they cannot interfere in this contest of men and demon. But that didn't stop them from endowing three special humans with Angelic power.
The three detectives responsible for stopping the killers.
Its Angelic Hope versus Demonic Strength in a contest that will rend the fabric of Earth for all time. [/COLOR]

What do you get to do? You get to be either a Killer or a Detective. Simple as that.

Name: Keep it simple and normal
Age: 18-50
Gender: Male or Female
Target Demon: See Below
Favored Killing Style: Everyone's got an MO
Personality: Standard
Appearance: Standard
Short-ish Bio: No life stories, but some information of how they got where they are today.

Please tie the killers into the Demon you want for him/her. Also, there will be strict rules for each of the demon's summoning, certain qualifications that must be met to gain the power. Fail in even one, and you shall never reach the full potential. Also, you may only make one killing per post, and can only post after at least three others have. That way, you have to rely on others to better yourself. Oh, and killers will be notified if they can kill another or a detective. That is the ONLY time you can kill someone other than a victim.

The same, but minus TD and FKS, replaces with Angelic Powers. Keep them moderate for now, as they will increase later. Also, if I deem a killer unworthy (like if they don't post enough) I will give detectives permission to kill them. But that is the ONLY time you can kill a killer, until the end.

I will be playing as Satan. He steps in to provide information for his charges, and endow them with the powers they gain for each murder.

[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][U][B]THE DEMONS[/B][/U][/COLOR]

#1-Senectus: The Old One, Keeper of All Infernal Knowledge. Powers gained can range from increased knowledge, telepathy, and other mental powers.

#2-Messor: The Reaper, Stealer of Souls. Powers may include energy blades, soul command and summoning, and other Grim-Reaper type abilities.

#3-Tresmalum: The Dark Trinity, the embodiment of See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil. Hears All, Sees All, Speaks All. Powers may include increased senses, sonic power, and eye beams

#4-Voragu: Master of the Abyss, King of Shadows. Powers may be shadow manipulation, invisibility, and other similar strengths.

#5-Tempus: Holder of Time, Master of Then and Now. Powers are predicdibly things like increased speed, time slowing, and time stopping.

#6-Aurum: The Golden One, The Tainted Beauty. Uses seduction and light.

#7-Lentus: The Iron One, Master of Steel. Increased strength, bulletproof skin, and metal manipulation may be given to you.

#8-Nihil: The Zero, Annihilator of All That Is. Can cause matter to stop existing, control shadows, stop time, and master all that is contained within the Zero.

This is my Character.

Name: Satan
Age: Millenia old
Gender: Male, sort of
Target Demon: Neither
Favored Killing Style: Doesn't really kill people that much
Personality: Surprisingly, very extroverted and friendly. He loves a good joke as much as a good massacre, and exudes charm when he's not bathed in the blood of innocent virgins. However, he is not one to be tested in patience, since he can kill you instantly.
Appearance: His chosen appearance is a slim man of average height, with short-cropped blonde hair and gray eyes that burn with hidden hell-fire. He wears, usually, jeans and a black t-shirt with a flame emblem, wearing over that a silky black shirt with blue fire at the bottom. He also wears a strange ring, that he can never seem to stop fiddling with. However, this is his current human form. His real form is in the attachment.
Short-ish Bio: Well, he's Satan. What more can I say? Recently, he killed a powerful Angel sent to stop his plan, and he stole her ring, which allowed him to prevent pure Angelic envolvement, but also hinders his own power...until he can unleash the power of the ring...

EDIT: I made some pictures of the Demon Gods. Yes, they are just edited pictures of BR3 beast-modes. I'm on a kick, okay?
There you go. Have fun,...and Send 'Em All To Hell.[/SIZE]
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Yay! Role playing! I love this stuff. :D


Name: Jeff "Kuroshi" Jinkins
Age: 26 years old
Gender: Male
Target Demon: Nihil
Favored Killing Style: Kills using two large hunting knives. Victims are always found mutilated beyond recognition
Personality: Quiet and seemingly calm in public. While on "the hunt" he's a different person completely. His instincts are shaper then the twin blades he carries and once he kills you he'll kill your mom, dad, brothers & sisters, your friends, and if he feels like it he might just kill your mailman.
Appearance: Jeff always wears his signature black Duster jacket over a blood red T-shirt then black jeans and black army boots. He's about 6 foot 1 with short platinum blonde hair and pale blue eyes (although it's hard to see his eyes since he always wears sunglasses).
Short-ish Bio: Jeff had watched the "Cops" shows on TV and could never believe how stupid the criminals were. He thought that if he ever tried to kill some one hed never get caught. As he grew up he put this theory to the test. He was right...for the first 6 people then he got captured and after 2 weeks in prison he was broken loose.
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Name: Alimia Remia Hartman (Mia)
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Personality: Bright, charming, and well-rounded in knowledge, Mia is a force to be reckoned with. She isn't always all that wonderful to be around (word to the wise: do not get between her and her chocolate), but she makes friends and sticks with 'em.
Angelic power: The powers of Raphael, the angel of Healing and Forcas, angel of Invisibility. She can heal minor wounds and render herself invisible for VERY short periods of time... so far, that's all she can do.
Appearance: Mia has golden-brown hair naturally, but as soon as she gained her majority (three weeks ago) she dyed it this weird shade of burgundy. Naturally, that alone would stand out in a crowd, but her style of dress can either stand out or blend in, depending on her mood. She loves weird clothing, so one day she may be wearing a kimono, one day she may be wearing a t-shirt that says "S--t Happens". However, she always wears a gold chain bracelet on her right wrist and a pendant with a quartz crystal around her neck. A tattoo of a purple dragon reaches from her shoulder (tail) with the head resting on the back of her hand.
Short-ish Bio: Mia is just your average high-school student, although perhaps she is a bit more infected with 'senioritis' than most. Her preparations for entering the polic academy are nearly completed, and she's currently working under the badge of 'junior police officer' (meaning she can make arrests, but can't bust anyone without a 'real' police officer with her), following in her older brother's footsteps. She isn't really religious (closer to agnostic), so it was a bit of a shock to her when the angel Gabriel (who happens to be female) came to her and told her she was gonna help. Her powers are weak as of right now, but she has faith that she can help and will.

Please let me know if you'd like me to change anything, and i look forward to this RP! =^_^=

EDIT: changed a bit of her bio, and i'll see if i can get anyone to join, bro.[/FONT]
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Well, callmegoddess04, one slight problem, or something not clarified. You see, the three Angelic people are supposed to be cops/detectives. Now either your character is and it's not clear, or you just didn't notice that bit. Which is okay. Just, make the changes.
Also, the non-killers are supposed to have Angelic powers. That way, they can combat the killers.
Oh, and since you can't wait for it to start, can you please ask others to join? Eh, sis?

EDIT: This message now targeted at callmegoddess04
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[FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][SIZE=2][COLOR=Orange][u]Name:[/u] Tanji Michiru Daniels (Kit)
[u]Age:[/u] 18
[u]Gender:[/u] Female
[u]Favored Killing Style:[/u] None
[u]Personality:[/u] Often bubbly, and with a ready amsile, and even quicker laugh. When she isn't smiling, she ahs a smile tugging at her lips. Despite all of these, she ahs a short temper, and it often flares in peoples faces. She has a ton of friends, but no really close ones. Sometimes she gets depressed, but not often.
[u]Appearance:[/u] She stands 5'7", and wieghs 138 lbs. Kinda skinny and well muscled, she has a dark complextion that sticks all year round and gets darker in the summer. Her eyes are a dark shade of green, but can turn steely gray when you've ticked her off. Her hair is a natural chestnut color(dark brown-red with gold streaks), due to a lot of sun, which bleached the streaks into her hair. SHe is often seen wearing a pair of flare leg jeans with holes in the knees(or no holes), ankle boots with small heels(she isn't a fan of high-heels), a belly shirt(or plain tank), and a hoodie. Her clothes vary, depending on what she feels like. Her constant jewelry is a pair of silver hoop earringsin the lobes, and aquamarine studs in the upper cartelidge. She also wears a pendant of rose quartz/amethyst and silver wire. Last, she has a Celtic Knot tattoo in between her shoulder blades.
[u]Short-ish Bio:[/u] Tanji, called Kit by everyone who knows her, is very smart. She's in Gifted, and passes that with ease. She is what is considered the second type of popular: everyone likes her, and she has no enemies. She is almost ready to go into college, and wants to take a Visual Arts course. She loves to sing, and dance, and is very good at it, too. Kit plays soccer a lot, and is in on the local team. There isn't much special about her - the only thing is, she's bisexual. Very. And she isn't afraid to show it. Half her friends are female, and very... open.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

Is it good, onisan?
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