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Zoids: continuation

T man

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Evean was sitting at his desk and looked around his class. Most of them were new students or those who were already pilots that wanted to improve them selfs in there skills. It was one of the last classes he had to do before school was over. He taught students in battle tatics and emergancy tacticts. He looked at his watch and saw that most of the classes would be letting out about now.

"O.k class. We're finished for the day so you can head to your rooms or go about your buisness" evean said standing up.

The students said there good bies as they got up and left. Evean looked at his watch again and it would be about the time his grandson would be getting out of class. He walked out of the rooml and headded down the hall. He came to an intersection and waited. He looked around the hall as the students when there seperate ways.

"He should be bie in 5...4...3...2...1" evean said once the students cleared the hall.

He looked down the hall and saw his grandson running. Maverin ran past him and eaven grabbed his calor.

"You know you shouldn't try to take the geno breaker out maverin" evean said letting go of his collar.

"I know that but I want to pilot the geno breaker" maverin said looking at a clock on the wall.

"I know but unless katherin alows you to you can't" evean said opeing a door behind him.

"I know that but mom doesn't want me to. I'd have a better chance if the class she and suzuki teaches weren't so close to the hangers. Bad enough that you alow them to teach a fighting class" maverin said.

"I know but suzuki wanted the class and you know that I still can't handle her. Here maverin. This might help" evean said takeing out a hover board.

"Thanks grandpa" maverin said takeing the board.

He got on and flew down the hall.

"Why do I feel like suzuki and katherin will give me heck once they find out I gaive him that bored" evean said as he ran down the hall.
Maverin flew down the hall dodging students. As he went past the students he looked ahead and saw that the students from suzuki's class were finishing. The class for the day was fencing so it was a bad idea to get on suzuki's and katherin's when they had swords. He went past the door and looked back. He saw his mom come out of the room and look at him.

"Better go faster" maverin thought as he looked forward.

He bushed a button on the controls and it the board went faster. Katherin started running after him.

"Maverin come back here. You're not supposed to take the geno breaker out for a ride" katherin said as she started catching up.

"Sorry but I can't hear you mom" maverin said lying.

He gaive the bored more power and went faster. He dodged more students as he got closers to the hanger. He looked back but didn't see his mom any more. He looked forward and noticed that some one had put there arm out at the end off the wall. Maverins head hit the arm and he was nocked off the board. The hover board turned off as maverin landed on his back. He opened his eyes to see his grandma smilling at him. He got up to ran but his mom had caught up and put him in a head lock.

"Thanks mom" katherin said smilling.

"You're welcome katherin. Don't hurt him to much" suzuki said smilling.

Katherin nodded as he started useing wreseling moves on maverin.
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Duke walked through the students hanger with blade following behind him. As they walked around the zoids he heard some sounds coming from above him on the catwalks above the zoids. He looked up and saw that katherin had a maverin in a head lock.

"I can't believe he tried to take the geno breaker for a ride again" duke said shaking his head.

He looked down to tail blade who was laughing. He smiled as blade looked at him. Duke had blade with him long enough so he figured that blade knew what he was thinking. Duke opened the bag on his back and took some water balloons out as tail blade flattened his back and moved the spikes on his tails to the sides.

"Once you fire we'll need to move fast" duke said as he put a balloon on blades tail.

Blade nodded as he whipped his tail. The balloon went flying and hit katherin in the face. Katherine let go of maverin and started brushing the water off of her face. Maverin took the chance and left on his hover board. Suzuki looking at katherin and started laughing. Duke loaded another balloon and blade fired. The balloon hit suzuki and she stopped laughing as duke and blade started running down a hall.
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[size=1][b]Kia gripped the Konig Wolf's controls as a shot from the Dark Horn rammed into her zoids side. She grinned and pushed the zoid ahead, clicking on the tail booster and bringing the pair of energy drills out, extending to the sides. A Silver Blade Liger came up behind her, extending it's blade she had done with the wolf's drills, her comlink opened and a young man around her age came up onto the screen, his ragged black hair half in his eyes.

"Do you wanna take this one, it is the last zoid." He asked as the Blade Liger's booster clicked on, gaining on the Konig Wolf a bit. Kia smiled and looked ahead at the Dark Horn, the mounted machine gun locked onto the Konig Wolf. Kia looked up at the comlink picture.

"Nah, you can take this one, use the over and about manuver." Kia instructed. The man smiled and the link to the zoids closed. Kia faced the dark horn and charged at it, the KW's drills spinning rapidly. The Silver Blade Liger remained a few yards behind her, crouched low ready to pounce. The dark horn suddenly fired and Kia brought the KW to s kidding hault. The Blade Liger leaped over the Konig Wolf, it's energy sheild activated and it's blades pointed forward. With a quick slash the front left leg of the Dark Horn went flying off along with it's mounted machine gun and it toppled over.

A large buzzer went off a few times and the judge anounced the winner of the battle. "Battle over, battle over. The winner is, the Midnight Flash Team." The judge said in it's robotic manner. Kia let out a small cheer and punched the air with her fist. She then turned the Konig Wolf around and headed back to the silver hover cargo, the Blade Liger soon following. The loading ramp opened and Kia piloted the Konig Wolf into the docking bay area, then opened the cock pit and leaped out landing neatly on the ground. She heard a few mechanical sounds walk over to her and looked over to see a gold raptor like zoid standing beside her. She rubbed its muzzle and it growled slightly.

"Another victory... sorry you couldn't fight in this one Flash." The organoid grolwed slightly and tilted its head to the side. Kia laughed slightly and they made there was up to the hover cargo's large cockpit area. Standing inside was the Blade liger pilot, a young girl around 20 or so, and another young man who was currently piloting the HC. The girl smiled and jumped up with a smile.

"Looks like we won again!" She then stopped and made a slight frown. "But that darn Dark Horn hit me from behind... Will we have enough money to pay for the Saber Tiger?" he asked. The team had been preparing for vacation, so money had been a bit scarce lately. Kia made a reashuring smile, but the Blade Liger Pilot answered first.

"Don't worry Jamie, we have enough money to fix up your Saber Tiger, we arn't THAT broke... are we?" He said with a cocked smile. The boy piloting the HC turned around in his chair and smiled.

"No, were not THAT broke. The money we just got from this battle will be able to pay for all of the damages and still give us each a bit of money for our vacations this week. I know Tai, Jamie, and myself are heading to the beach, but you havn't told us what your doing Kia." Brian said. They all turned to Kia waiting for an answer.

Kia held up her hands with a sweat drop. "Chill guys! I told you this was going to be a team vacation and it will be, I just wanna stop by an visit some... [i]relatives[/i]." She answered with a cocky grin. Tai gave her "the look", "I swear, I'll be at the beach the day after you guys arrive." Flash growled and yawned, apparently her short attention span was kicking in. "And, just so that i'll be there as soon as possible, i'll leave right now!" with that, Kia turned on her heal followed by Flash and went back into the cargo bay and jumping into the Konig Wolf. Brian opened the door and Flash's wings popped out from her back and she flew out into the sky. Kia piloted the KW alongside the Hover Cargo.

"I'll see you guys in a few days." she said over the comlink, they all replied with OK's and goody byes and she then broke away from the Hover cargo Flash flying above her zoid, heading east where the Demolision Runner's base was located. [/size][/b]
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Maverin went down the hall dodging students as he went. He would take a glance back to check to see if his bother was still chasing him which she was. What maverin wondered was if she had her fencing sword with her. Maverin looked ahead at the hall to see that the other students had cleared out not to be in the way. As he turned a hall he got a feeling that he should he should fall back a bit. He normally followed his instincts and did so. As he slowed down a sword flew and went into the floor.

"I guess that answers my question" maverin said as he grabbed the sword and went down the hall again.

If he had kept going at the same speed he was before the sword would have hit his engine and his mom would have caught up with him. He turned a hall that would lead into the hangers and through the sword into the ceiling.

"She'll probably want to get it out of the ceiling so I should get enough time" maverin said.

He looked back but and saw that his mom didn't stop to get the sword. Maverin cursed under his breath as he looked at his watch. Evean had made the watch for him that was also a remote control for the zoids. Maverin turned the dial on the watch to different symbols but every program he put in kept coming up as an error.

"Mom must have gotten to the programs" maverin thought as he tried one last program.

A message flashed across the screen of the watch saying the program was started. He looked forward as he saw the geno breaker move. The program would only make the geno breaker move forward and avoid obstacles. Once maverin got into the hanger he jumped off of the board and landed on one of the geno breakers claws as it left the hanger. He looked back and waved to his mother as he left. He climbed over to the cockpit door and opened it. He slid in and put the geno breaker on manual control. Maverin smiled as he turned on the cloaking systems and disappeared into the dessert.
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Duke looked back and saw that suzuki wasn't chasing after them. He signaled for blade to stop as they came to an intersection in the hall. Duke got off of blades back and looked around. He didn't see any body else around and didn't see any cameras.

"O.k blade. Even though evean said not to go into the tunnels because of the clean up it's better than facing suzuki head on and no one wants to do that" duke said.

Blade nodded as duke opened a panel on blades side. Two wires came out as duke removed a panel from the wall. Behind the wall was some of the systems inside the base that controlled the tunnel doors. Blade connected into the controls and opened a door. Duke closed blades panel once its wires had retracted. They jumped into the tunnels and ran to the hanger. Once they got to a door under the hanger floor duke opened it and looked around. There was no sign of suzuki but katherin was there.

"Hopefully she doesn't see us" duke said getting out of the tunnel.

Blade got out and closed it behind them. They ran over to the aerosaurer and duke got in while blade flew ahead of him. Once the systems were set duke left. Duke figured they should go to town to get some things for the aerosaurer. As they went through the dessert blade noticed something in the distance.

"What is it blade" duke asked.

On one of his screens a konig wolf was running through the dessert. From what duke saw it seemed to be in pretty good shape for being an older zoid. Most people piloted the new zoids that had been made so only those who had skills piloted the old ones.

"O.k blade. Find a sniper position. Let's see if we can have a battle" duke said.

Blade nodded as its cloak started. Duke turned the aerosaurer and went towards the konig wolf. Once he was in view of the other zoid he got a message. Duke allowed it and a girl appeared on the screen.

"Do you know where the demolition's runners base is" she asked.

"I'm a student there. How about a little battle. If I win you keep looking for the base and if you win i'll take you there" duke said.

"Sounds good to me. Let's just hope the peace keeping bureau don't show up and I'm kessi" kessi said smiling.

"I'm duke and I hope they don't show up either. They're already about to take my license for fighting outside the stadiums" duke said smiling as he started firing at her.
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OOC: You didn't say anything about attacks... so I didn't put them as weapons. ^^

IC: Kessi had Demon charge up Tanner(her zoid). Tanner jumped, dodging fire. The girl had Tanner lunge, and went past him. Kessi grinned. The pulse lazer rifle shot at Duke, but he dodged aside and it only skimmed past. Kessi blew a strand piece of hair out of her face. Tanner jumped, claws beared. It slashed at the other zoid, and it pried some of the metal off before jumping back.

Kes smiled evilly at Duke before sayin', "Now you see me-" She flipped on the boosters and the Konig wolf was a blur as she darted around. "Now you don't." She had Tanner lunge at Duke's zoid. Tanner opened its mouth, and grabbed the zoids leg. SHe almost tore it in half.

Kes darted away, flipping the boosters off. Duke cursed, and contacted her. "Damn! How do you expect me to lead you to the base if you tear off my legs?" Kes laughed. "Its not that bad. I just disabled your attacks."

Duke grimaced. "Pretty eficiantley, too. How about you give me a ride back?" Kes thought about it. "Maybe..." Dukes face lit up. "..maybe not." His expression went sour. Kes laughed. "I'm joking. I can tow your zoid."
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"Well, Kes you might want to hurry up. The peace bureau's on its way." A voice came through the communications system to Kessi.

"Aw man. Okay...would you at least help us out here, Kayin?" Kes replied.

"Of course...I couldn't just let you get caught. Who will me and the Shadow Fox train with?" Kayin answered. "Wait for me to hook up the tow cables." the Shadow Fox jumped over the downed Zoid and released tow cables from its hind legs. Kayin jumped out of the cockpit and manually hooked up the cables. "Alright let's move out!" Kayin said as he climbed back into the Shadow Fox. The Shadow Fox howled and began to take off along with Tanner right beside it, towing the Aerosaurer behind them.
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"I don't need to be towed" duke said.

He was annoyed that he lost. He had never lost to any one before except for those on the demolition runners team. He was really ticked off that blade didn't do what he was supposed to.

"Blade show your self" duke yelled out.

Blade's cloaking device turned off and showed that he was flying above them. Blade flew down and combined with the aerosaurer and healed the leg then disconected the cables.

"You were supposed to snip her when the moment was right" duke yelled.

Blade just grolwed in a tone saying that it was sorry. Duke moved the aerosuarer and started leading them to the base. As they went through the dessert dukes systems went off and showed a zoid useing a cloaking system went by them. Duke figured it was probaply maverin becuase only maverin and evean knew how to use the geno suarers cloaking systems.

"So why do you want to go to the base" duke asked.

"I want to take a look around and meet this evean guy i've heard about" kessi said.

"Well the base is comeing up. You'll have to go to the left side hangers. If you see two weamon running around the base with crazed looks stay out of there way" duke said as the base came into view.

Duke sent out a message that he was bringing some zoid pilots into the base. Once they were close enough duke left them and went into the student hanger.
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Evean looked around the halls. He didn't see suzuki or katherin around so he figured they were in a different part of the building looking for maverin. He let out a sigh of relief becuase it ment that he wouldn't get hurt to soon.

"I guess it'd be best for me to get some work done" evean said as he started for his office.

As he walked down the halls his watch beeped. He stopped and turned a dial on the watch. On the screen of the watch a girl appeared. It was one of the people who worked with tracy in the control room.

"What is it alice" evean asked.

"Duke brought in some people. Appearenlyt one of them beat him and he's a bit steamed becuase tail blade didn't help him. They're in the visiting team hanger at the moment" alice said.

"Thanks alice" evean said as he started walking again.

Evean turned down a hall that would take him to one of the hangers for visiting teams. Even though he had work to do he alwaysed liked to meet new zoid pilot. He came to the part of the hanger that over looked the zoids. and saw a konig wolf and a shadow fox. Evean hadn't seen a konig wolf in awhile because hardly any one used them any more. he saw two pilotes get out of the zoids and look around. Evean walked to the stairs and went down to the ground floor to greet the pilotes.

"Hello and welcome to the base. I'm evean and how can I be of service" evean asked sticking out his hand.

"I'm kessi but you can call me kess and this is my brother kayin" kess said shaking evean hand.

Evean nodded as he shook there hands.

"So what brings you here" evean asked.

"just here to look around" kess said.

"O.k. If you need help ask one of the students or members of the faculty" evean said.

Kess and kayin nodded. Evean nodded back as his watched beeped again. He looked at it and the word run went across the screen in big bold red letters.

"Well if you'll excuse me I must be going" evean said looking around.

He saw suzuki comeing down the hall that lead to the main floor of the hanger. He waved bie to kess and kayin then started running as fast as he could down another hall.
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