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Terran Dreams


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[FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode][COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]8:03 PM, Tuesday, 2812 Earth Time.
Deep Space vessel 'Netalanis'.
Log - Hedrin, Drew {Navigator}:

Strange things happening today. At 4:23 AM, we picked up unusual signals just a few kilometers away from the Netalanis. We sent out a few salvage drones, and they came back with some kind of vessel in tow. When we got a close look, it was obvious it wasn't Earth-made. Our engineers weren't about to miss the chance to take apart an alien craft, so they started dis-assembling it. I don't know any details, but it seems when they hit a certain piece of the craft, a hatch opened up, and the got a look at some kind of cocpit. The strangest part is, there was a [I]human[/I] in there! Or what appeared to be human. After that, they apparently carried him off to the med-bay. Don't know much more. My shift's coming up, better go.


8:37 PM, Tuesday, 2812 Earth Time.
Deep Space vessel 'Netalanis'.
Log - Truman, Phillip Dr. {Medical Officer}:

We have inspected this seemingly Human body, at close analyses of the anatomy has revealed it to be extra-terrestrial. Excuse me, it is not a body. The alien is still alive, but in critical condition. On close examination, it appears our alien is de-hydrated and very hungry. It, excuse me, [I]he[/I] has not yet gained conciousness, and we hope he will not for quite some time, as we still must make several more tests... especialy to find out how this extra-terrestrial has aquirred such human looks (even down to bodily extremities).


[FONT=Garamond][COLOR=Olive]75+81, Third Day, Minagey, 45+39 - Terris time.
Satalite Outpost 'Quelinegis'.
Data Input:

Contact lost with cruising scanner 56-Ilku. Sending beacon signals.
Response : Negative. Tcheilu'cos notified.
Orders Recieved. Retrieve cruising scanner 56-Ilku. Dispatching Mid-class ship Dronicque.


75+96, Third Day, Minagey, 45+39 - Terris time.
Mid-class Cruiser 'Dronicque.
Captain Input:

Search for 56-Ilku has been unsuccesful so far, but we have picked up strange anomolies on 56-Ilku's designated path. Proceeding to investigate.
76+12: We have encountered unknown ship class. Appears to be alien. It is traveling not far from 56-Ilku's path. Possibility that this vessel has picked up 56-Ilku. Trying to make radio contact.[/COLOR][/FONT]

The story thus-far: An Earth ship has found an alien vessel, taken it aboard and discovered a person inside. Although he appears human, his anatomy suggests otherwise. Not too many light-years away, the Terristans have discovered one of their cruising space scanning vessel to have lost contact. They have dispatched a ship to find it. Now the Terran and Terris ships meet in deep space. First contact for both of them. What chaos will ensue?

The Terristans appear much like humans, witch is the mane mytery in this RP... how do Terrans (humans) and Terristans appear so much alike? This you might find out if you join![/COLOR][COLOR=Blue]

Species: Human/Terran or Terristan
Name: IF human, use a human name, if Terristan, then make one up!
Gender: male or female.
Age: the life span of a Terristan is about the same as a humans.
Appearance: very basic. (remember, Terristans will not be wearing human clothes!)
Place in society/Occupation: If a human, you have a job on the ship, if Terristan, your job could be anything from military to desk work!
Personality: also basic. Be descriptive here!
Bio: Not too short, but nothing that will take a decade to read!

So.. here's mine!

Species: Terristan
Name: Idre'ten (idd-ray-ten) Seki
Gender: male
Age: 19

Appearance: 6'0'' with bright green eyes and dark brown hair thta goes down past his ears. His eyes are slightly bigger than a humans, but not by much. Idre'ten has a sturdy, tall build. He normally wears a traditional Terristan [I]Be'kai[/I] (like a tunic), colored dark red, and an olive green [I]frei[/I] (shirt)under that, and the same olive color [I]frees[/I](pants). But being on board of a human ship, they have put him in a white lab-coat.

Occupation: Former military [I]Gedari[/I] (luitenant), now works as a deep space scanner.

Personality: Good company, but rather morbid at times. He knows how to have fun, and does quite often, but he is also slightly philosophical. Having been in the military, he has learned to suppress "desires", but now tends to let go of that suppression since he is no longer a solder.

Bio: At age 15, Idre'ten joined the Terristan military, and was a Gedari by the time he was 17. At first sick of the blood, then sick of the lack of it, Idre'ten quit and took on the simpler job of deep space scanning. Truth be told, it was rather boring, but at least he didn't have to be formal all the time. Everythign went relatively normal, until his small vessel's life-support went berserk, and he nearly died, passing out before being picked up by an alien (human) ship. He has not yet gained conciousness.

Have at it guys/girls![/COLOR]
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