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The Tyrant Kings


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you shoulda died
when you were born.
you’re worthless to us
you got nothing to do.
you say you’re all through.
we’ll bring it back to you.

that’s right you’re ours
we control you and own you.
copyright us.
you’ll never even see it
your head’s gonna die.
you’ll just sit there, eyes wide.
you’ll never even see it
your head’s gonna die
you’ll just sit there, eyes wide.

you’re such a pretty little toy
that’s right, it’s all a ploy
you’re just kid’s play to us.

you remember
when you were small.
you had your dinosaurs.
those plastic figurines.
your favorite was the tyrant king.
he was largest of them all.
his roar was louder than
hell’s tongue.
you could hear it
in your sleep as you sung.

we’re the tyrant kings
we own you stupid thing.
you can never know us
you’re too cold.
you just turn your back away.
you’ve put your roots to the ground.
we put your eyes to the sky.
but really, you’re just digging your hide.
too bad you heal
then you’d need to find
a bandage for your arm
to put it in a sling.
cause we’re gonna gain control of you.
your arm’s gonna sting.

we’re sorry the dinosaurs roam the earth
and you’re just a dragonfly for us to crush.
there’s no reason to be afraid.
we’re gonna take your soul
gonna have you made.

we are the tyrant kings
you know how to beg.

and still you remember
when you were a child,
the worthless futile,
you would play
with your army men.
the plastic tans
versus the plastic greens.

and the tans were the human beings.
the greens were just full of envy.
too bad your roots are gonna die.
you’ll turn the color of wilting brown.
the tans will have their ground.

the sixties was a setback
the counterculture died.
you’re gonna have to get by.
the armies lost against us.

we killed JFK
with a metal head.
and we shot Martin Luther King

and Malcolm X
he was a ****** that needed to die.
he was leading the blacks too fine.
and we didn’t like his religion.
Christianity is the only thing that goes.
we’re not gonna let you get a hold of toes.
and make your own counting ways of god.

we serve our god for you
you’re such a stupid coon.
you should’ve died when you were born
you’re gonna feel it before you explode.
we’re gonna make you implode
and build your walls till you can’t see
till you can’t even function as a human being.
you tell us it’s mind fuckery
we say it’s everything you need.

you sit here and say
the education is useless.
don’t you want to know the facts, jack?
that’s right you’re backing down.
how else will you get your money stack?
you’ve gotta get a job for that.

you listen to your music
write it all down
you digress your heart.
well you just gotta know
we’ve always had our hand on your heart.
and what you’re saying isn’t what we say.
you’re gonna get shot down today.
just like JFK.
because asking “not what your country can do
for you but what you can do for your country”
is too much devotion.
we don’t care about you.
we’d rather start wars than see you through.
the war makes it all go blue.
and makes us get more money too.

we don’t care about you
you’re a ******* waste of time
just go back where you’re doing your time.
the bars will hold your mind.
there’s nothing here for you to see
you’ll just call it mind fuckery.

you say the freedom we sell
is a veritable hell from where there’s a do-or-tell.
you say the freedom we bring
is slavery.

you’ve got something wrong in your head
you’re not getting it in there right.
go back to your crib and cry
drip until you’re dry.
we hope you die.
you don’t know anything
you just sit there and complain
reality’s gonna have a rude awakening for you.
you better get out of here before we call the cops.

that’s right, we’ll never stop
this is tops
we’re gonna spin you till you can’t see.
make you so full of fear you’ll cease to function, cease to be.
that’s the way it’s gonna be.

you say we’re killing you
the person you are is a carcass down the street
in a coffin where revolutionaries speak.
well the person you’re becoming isn’t weak.
that’s who you’ve gotta be, you worthless mouse
all you do is squeek.
you better go back, it’s only defeat.

for we’re the tyrant kings
we’re senseless, we don’t see a thing
war is better to us than your well-being.
you’re just angsty, you need to see.
life’s not all bad when you give in to us.
we’ll give you a life, money, and all you need.
then you can thank us on your knees.

grow up you child
you’re just a toy you don’t do a thing
we turn your coils and make you sing.
we want you to burst out in song,
talk about god and TV.
you better sing your our father
you better sing the national anthem.
there’s the one line you need,
“one nation, divisible by god.”
you’re no god you can’t divide us.
get back before we chew your head.
we’re getting tired of all you’ve said.
it’s either death to you or life.
would you rather take liberty or death?
the liberty we have is better than all.
we’re the best nation there’s ever been.
you’re just a has-been washed to our shores.
you better stop being such a whore.
selling yourself to them all.
they’re not gonna listen to you.
we’ve got them on our fingers,
our bloody fingers.
there’s nothing you can do.
you’re worthless, still strapped in your cocoon.
you better grow up ******* soon.
we’re tiring of your childish way.

the gays deserve to die
the blacks can rot from a tree’s bark hide.
the jews are coons.
muslims destroyed our towers.
and the middle class doesn’t do a damn thing.
the rich don’t have to pay much taxes, they know how to be.
you deserve a black eye, so we can hang you from a bark hide too.
you deserve a star of david in the sky, so we can shoot you cold.
you need to fly a plane into our heads, so you can end up dead.
you need to find out and soon.
the white folks rule the earth, and you’re not even white.
you’re some nothing that doesn’t know your way.
you’re lost in your phase.
get past it, then it’s time to be our *****.
you’re gonna be our slave.
don’t whine, just do what we say.
**** if you have your say.

we’re the tyrant kings
we’re senseless beings.
**** if you have your says.
get your ******* eyes away.
and carry your chicken legs to work.
get caught up so you can’t hear.
**** if you have your say.
you’re gonna die anyway.
you shoulda died when you were born.
your mom shouldn’t’ve had her sex that day.
it was useless to make you you’re nothing.
get away.
you’re a maggot, figure your way.
we don’t give a **** either way.

**** if you have your say.
dinosaurs’re gonna rule the earth.
we’re gonna roar.
you say there’s gonna be a comet to our sides.
you’re diseased take some drugs you’re crazy.
you don’t know what you’re saying.
we’re not gonna go extinct.
you’re gonna go there first.
you dodo bird.
you turd.
we don’t care an ell about you.
we gave a ****** an inch
and he gave us an ell.
you’re too black for us.
even though your white.
**** if you have your say.
get the **** away.

it’ll all fade
you’ll find it’s all right.
it’ll all be all right
we’ll heal you fine.
just settle down now
we’re sick of your talk
you’re crazy, you need to take a death walk.
and figure out your maze.

we’re tyrannosaur.
we’re rex.
you better get on
and flex your bones.
you’ve got a lot to do
you machine of ******* bones.
it’s time to find your home.
we’re the ruler of the earth.
we rule you, even since your birth.
you better get back.

dinosaurs roam the earth.
and we’ve got no time for humans.

we’re tyrannosaurous rex
we’ve gotta get you hexed.
get the **** away.
go crawl down your veins.
**** if you have your way.

we’re the tyrant kings
you shoulda died when you were born.
we’ll take your life before we’re done.

you wastes
you can’t even topple us.
the sixties was an exodus
in our dealing of your kind.
get back get in your ******* time.
get back in the ******* line.
we’ll break your spineless spines.
you have not been paying attention.
keep us in mind.
we’ll break your spineless spines.
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