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Chobits Banner/Avatar Please


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Could someone out there be so kind as to make a Chobits banner for me? I own a few of the mangas and they are just too funny!

Thanks a lot! I really appreciate it! (*laughs to herself because she's being so kind!*) Just kidding about that last part! :D

Thanks again!

~Minako :all:
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I hope you don't think it is too pink. If you don't like it, I think I will use it. ^__^" I think this one turned out fairly well. I had a lot of fun making this....which is why it took so long. I played around with alot of stuff, but this one was the best. I hope you like them. Also if you need anything changed....anything at all....let me know. I would be more than happy to fix it.

Oh and I am sorry about not putting Hideki. I couldn't find any decent pictures of him. They were all of him looking stupid. ^__^


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