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Highlander: Immortal Legacy


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199X-200X(present day) Toronto, Canada.

"So, Mr.Bond. Perhaps I should shoot you in the head? Or watch you as you have sex with my daughter and then I put you in my death machine and watch you escape as I tell you my plan?" The evil scientist said looking at the ageing british man.

"You sir smell like a dungheap and have the manners of a Goat." Bond said as he spit upon the scientists face.

"Now Mr.Bond. I expect you to die."

The blonde man shook his head at how bad these once great movies had become. 'They just had to bring back Connery.' he thought as he tried to recline in his chair, and try to enjoy the worst film he'd seen all year.

As he chomped down on some popcorn a buzzing shot to the back of his skull. Instantly the large and built man's eyes shot open as he began to slowly scan the room for any kind of threat until he realized it could only be outside. Getting up he started to slowly walk out of the theatre and through the lobby and ouside the building itself.

Looking to his left he saw the outline of a person escape into the steam of the manhole below as he walked through the alley. The tall blonde followed the figure realizing they were of the same kind.

The figure turned revealing an asain man smoking a cigarette, and wearing a nice buisness suit... surly Italian. "It's been a long time Gavin Valgaeth." he spoke between puffs of his cigarette.

"60 years Enishi Yoshimaru. Since that day in Tokyo back '32. The day we never finished the duel thanks to the police interruption."

"Too long. And now is perfect time for a rematch I think. Nobody comes here anymore, and especially at 2:00 AM." Enishi said as he took off his coat and threw it to the side after pulling a long black object. Pulling a shiny and flat blade from it he held the ninja-to up in the air for his opponent to see.

Gavin reached into his own jacket and pulled out a broadsword from ancient times, the glint from the blade reflected on the broken glass below his feet. A slight smile appeared on his face as he leaned forward and held the blade behind his head in an offensive position.

The former ninja shifted his weight backwards as he began to hide the blade behind his back, and prepared for all-out defense. Holding his hand out he used a simple jerk back to signal his viking opponent.

Gavin rushed forward and slashed high, after the inital parry from Enishi the viking sent his leg out and kicked the ninja to keep him off balance, only to see him recover as he spun arounf and cut the blonde's side clean open, and licked the blood from his own blade.

Gavin used his quickening to heal the wound as he spun and got back into postion, knowing this man was not someone to mess with. Running toward the ninja again he stopped short when Enishi's ninja-to launched forward into a devastating thrust sped up by his quickening. Cocking his head to the side to dodge the blade Gavin grabbed Yoshimaru's shirt and pulled him toward himself as he kneed the ninja in the stomach and threw him down.

Rolling backwards the ninja grabbed his sword and decided to take a run towards the viking. Swinging his sword with strength amplified by the quickening Gavin's blade met Enishi's as both were charged by the same energy that powers all living things. As thier blades locked, so did thier eyes. Gavin ducked down forcing the ninja forward and thrust his broadsword up and into the ninja's stomach. A scream of pain echoed through the alley. Gavin pulled the blade out and watched the Asian man fall to his knees. Standing up next to him he whispered the words all immortals live by. "There can be only one."

Raising his sword, it came down in one strike, severing his opponents head. Lightning and energy crackled in the air around Gavin as the body of the fallen immortal started to glow as well. Soon electricity shot thorough the Viking's body and into headlights and garbage bags causing them to explode violently. A scream came from Gavin's lips as his opponent's power shot through him. Dropping his sword from the intensity of the life current flowing through him.

When suddenly it stopped and the 300 year old Viking fell to the ground panting... and feeling diffrent. Much diffrent than before. Getting up and grabbing his blade he placed it in his coat and walked out of the alleyway.

OC: Okay, that is what you can expect from the game. Now I'd suggest putting a short introduction of everyone's char and such before we introduce the big bad immortals and then let the gathering begin. I'll do a big character introduction later, but just have fun.
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Dana parked her black jeep wrangler, and pulled her camera out its small bag. She smiled loading the film into the SLR, and hopped lightly out of the vehicle, her converse tennis shoes squeeking softly on the pavement. The woman closed emerald eyes, and took a deep breath of the cool Canadian air.

She drove for hours to get out here, and would be staying for about a week to get a photo series done. The senery was beautiful but she was lost, so she stopped at what she assumed to be the local school to get directions.

"Hi...I'm looking for directions to the city park around here." She said with a smile as she walked into the office. A somewhat large woman with wild curly hair was chatting on the phone and ignored her completely. Dana sighed....no matter where she went there were always rude people. As she stood their waiting the bell rang, and the hallways filled with students and teachers followed by a sudden buzzing in the back of her skull. Her eyes went wide, and she slowly turned to look in the hall, but couldn't tell who it was.
"Can I help you?" A strong masculine voice suddenly came from behind the desk. She turned and locked eyes with a tall blue eyed man, definately a teacher, and froze....it was him...he was the immortal, and he knew she was too.
"I need directions to the park forest...I'm a photographer." She smiled a warm smile instead of the sarcastic smile she usually gave other immortals. This man had done her no wrong....yet, so she would be civil.
"My name is Dana....Dana O'Hara. I'm just around trying to get some shots doen for a series I"m working on." The man looked at her and smiled, probably because they were in public.
"Eric Longson. Listen just go about a mile down the road, and then take a left. The park entrance is a dirt road that way...you can't miss it."
Dana nodded, knowing the man would come after her to see what her intentions were. NO doubt he would assume she was after him even though she wasn't.

(alright peeps. Lets get crackin.)
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[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=2]Jiae whistled the tune to Naughty Girl as she walked down the street. SHe was bouncing the black soccer ball used for the Herricanes soccer practice on her wrists. She dropped it, and said, "Oops!" She picked it back up, and kept heading towards the park. She got there, and the rest of the Herricanes where already there. The coach, Coach Kelping, was handing out new uniforms. The girls on the team chatted as they made it to the YMCA locker rooms.

"Did you hear? We're up agains't..."

"And then Diana said..."

"Courtney, mine is a size to..."

Someone waved a hand on front of Jiae's face. "Hello? Earth to Kirsten!" Jiae started ut of her half sleep state. "Did you stay up to late doing karaoke, Kirs?" Jiae's best bud and the Herricanes goalie Michelle was standing there. Jiae looked sheepish as she finished pulling the balck shorts on. THey had the dark blue hurricane symbol on one leg, and blue stripes down the sides. The raven haired 'teen' pulled off her T-shirt, and pulled on the black Herricane jersey.

"Yeah. Sorry." Michelle rolled her eyes. "Your Center Middle, remember? You have to have energy!" Jiae grinned. "As long as I'm not sitting still, I'm as hyper as a kangaroo!" Michelle and Dezerea(who was near them) laughed. "Well, as long as Mich doesn't let any goals get in, we should be fine, right?" Jiae punched her friends arm playfully. "You just worry about defending her right corner."

The whistle blew, and as the girls rushed out of the lockers to the field, Jiae pulled her hair into a pony tail.

Jiae was the tallest person on their team aside from Michelle. Michelle was lanky, and almost six feet tall, thus, her goalie status. Jiae was fastest, and was always all over the field. The coach had tried her as other things, but found out she had the most energy, and stuck her where she was needed most.

Jiae tossed to ball to Tanya, the coach's daughter, who tossed it to her mom. "Okay, girls! We're up against The Furies today, so you all need to be on your toes." She shot Jiae a look. "Huddle. Okay, Michelle, take goalie, Kirsten center, Tanya Left Wing, Dezerea, Right wing, Chelsea Right defense and Right middle. Melissa, your left middle and defense, and Katie Center Forward. Got it? I want Stephanie, Meagan, and Jessica on bench."

The girls gathered around, making a star. They all stood grinning. Jiae shouted,

"Herricanes are blowin in!"

The girls clapped: clap clap clapclapclap

"Herricanes are sure to win!" Dezerea.

More clapping in the same pattern.

Tanya, "We will blow them all away!"


Chelsea, "herricanes are here to stay!"

The girls put their hands together, one on top of the other. They all yelled, "Goooo Herricanes!"[/SIZE][/FONT]
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Toronto, Canada.

"Mr. Longson, I have a question about this test. I think I got the essay question perfectly." a young dark skinned teenager asked. Gavin took the paper from her hand and read it carefully.

"I gave you half credit didn't I?" Gavin asked.

"But I wanted full credit. I worked hard on that essay Mr. Longson." The young lady was practically begging for a better grade.

"I'm sorry Alice this isn't getting changed. Fact is you put information on here that is simply opinon, which is fine if you don't have any facts. This entire answer to why Sherman torched the south is opinon. I gave you half credit because it was well written and percise but it had no facts. The C+ still stands." Gavn stated as he looked at the hurt girls face.

The final bell of the schoolday rang as the students picked up thier stuff and walked out of the door. Getting up from his desk he sighed, he was there when the burning of the south happened and whie most of Alice's opinon's on General Sherman were shared by him he couldn't let her get the whole question right.

Walking out of the door he grabbed his bag and locked his room as he started toward his truck. Today was wierd between the damn meeting and the other soccer coaches bugging him about random things that had nothing to do with the game.

But what was most unusual was the woman who came today.. she was another immortal, but it was quite unusual for someone to come to a school and ask for directions... unless she was hunting for someone's head.

As he unlocked the truck door he reached behind the seat and gripped his sheathed blade to make sure it was still there from a week ago... when he killed Yoshimaru. Placing the sword in the passenger seat he got in and drove off to his home. He had a bad feeling something was going on out there something that had to do with all remaining immortals.
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Toronto Canada,

Dana smiled as the shutter release on her camera snapped finishing off the roll of film. She slowly stood, and wound the film before popping in a new roll as she looked around for her next shot. The forest was relaxing, it reminded her of her home, even of the day she died her first death.

[flashback, Ireland...13--]

Dana laughed as she pulled her shin length green dress free of a thorn bush, and took of running. A young male voice shouted in a strange tongue as the soft padding of feet followed her.
With a smile the young woman stopped, and turned with her hands on her hips looking back through the shady forest for the man to catch up.
"You run to fast Dana." He said panting slightly as she brushed auburn hair from her face.
"no, you just don't run fast enough...come on...I have somethin' to show ye." And with that she was off again, her hair trailing behind her like a veil. The woman ran without a care, and didn't even have time to realize what the dark blur was that flew through the darkness towards her. In an instant her lithe body tumbled toward the forest floor, and a shout erupted from the man's throat. Dana had been shot.

[end flashback]

Bright emerald eyes snapped up looking around as a soft buzzing began in the back of her head. A bird chirped, and then she heard it...the sound of a truck in the distance, probably getting close to where her jeep was parked.
"Great." She said softly turning around, tucking her camera safely in its bag. Next to the small camera bag laid a tripod bag which she unzipped, and drew a long green wrapped something from. The smooth green material fell quietly to the ground revealing a worn sheath, and beautiful hilt. The sword Nuadha was beautiful even after all those years.
Even though she was not interested in taking his head, she would be ready just in case.....
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Gavin walked slowly through the woods, barely making a sound. Pale blue eyes scanned the area as he started to feel an all too familar feeling of another of his kind present. Slowly unsheathing his sword as he walked the feeling was becoming stronger by every passing moment.

He didn't like this, the woods and the feelings reminded him of something all too long ago.

[I]Flashback. Virginia, 1953[/I]

"STOP! He didn't do anything wrong. I decided to let him get something to eat, the man was starving!" the viking cried as he rushed toward a black man tied up and with a neuss around his neck.

"It was a 'whites only' establishment Luke (Gavin's current alias). You shoulda known better, but commin' from California you stupid sack a **** wouldn't know much about that would ya?" A tall man said before he swung a baseball bat crashing it against the Viking's jaw. A few teeth came loose as blood and saliva dripped from his mouth. The taller and better dressed redneck picked up Gavin's head and looked him in the eyes before pulling out a small knife and stabbing him in the heart.

As Gavin lay bleeding upon the grass and listening to the beating of his friend he sensed another immortal approaching his position. Lifting his head he saw a short and stocky middle aged man look down upon him. Both knew who eachother were as sky blue met dark brown. A savage kick collided with Gavin's kidney as he gasped in pain. "How does that feel. 'Cause I got a whole lot more for you." placing his lips mere inches from the Viking's ear he whispered with hatred.

"And then I'll steal you're head. You should have known better than to do this." he said before getting up.

"Why don't we settle.... settle this like me.. men?" Gavin half spat as he spoke, but was slowly healing himself.

"Because I don't like you." The older looking man said with a smirk before taking out a cigar. He looked at the other hired hands and nodded. "Do it."

"NO! You son of a *****!" Gavin shouted as he heard his friends screams.

Half an hour later it was just Gavin, the other immortal and his friend's buried corpse. Gavin's breathing was ragged as he coughed up another tooth. Another soccer kick to his ribs sent him to the ground with a slight gasp in sharp pain. The southern immortal left him there as he pulled out a confederate saber from his Ford truck only to see Gavin gone.

Looking behind him he saw the Viking rush at him with a fire axe and a look of mad fury on his face.

[I]End Flashback[/I]

Gavin saw an attractive young woman looking around as he edged closer to the immortal. Calling out he was surprised to see the same woman from this afternoon looking at him about to draw her sword.

"Who are you and why are you here?" he asked looking at the woman before him.
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Dana's emerald eyes gazed out into the shadows, her hand hovering over her blade, and saw the outline of a man coming toward her.
"My name is Dana." Her voice wasn't cold, but slightly hardened for the possiblity of battle.
"Dana...is that it just Dana?" The woman's brow furrowed slightly not sure if she liked the tone in his voice.
"Yes, that is it."
Dana could tell the man was younger than herself, but she also knew better than to think that mattered when it came down to the game.

[flashback Ireldan 13XX]

A battle raged in the meadow below. It had been 150 years since Dana had died her first death. Her brother who she had been with that day was gone, and she was alone, save for Seamus who now stood by her side. The Gaels were invading their land trying to force the native Celts out by force.
"Will we win Dana?" The woman looked at him raising an eyebrow.
"You are brave to call be such....if the others heard you they'd be shocked."
"Just because they think you're a goddess doesn't mean that I'll follow such a trend when we are alone." A gentle hand slid around her waste pulling her close.
"You mortals are all the same...." She said with a smirk, but suddenly she froze.

A violent buzzing started in the back of her skull. It was sickening, and caused her legs to crumple.
"Dana?" She just groaned looking up to see a tall lean looking man come up the hill a Celtic straight sword raised.
"I knew when the rumor of a earth bound goddess reached me that their was an immortal behind it." Seamus lunged in front of Dana, his sword raised, and ready. The strange man was too strong though, and after a short battle ran him through, allowing his body to crumple to the ground.
"Seamus!!!!" A scream ripped from the woman's throat as she scrambled forward.

Tear filled eyes lifted toward the man staring down at her as a shaky hand closed around Seamus' sword, and just barely blocked the downward blow that would have beheaded her. The immortal woman struggled to her feet, pulling out from underneath the man's blade, and in one lucky struck severed his head from his body.

[end flash back]

"Do you come for my head, or small talk?"
She asked looking back at the man who had now stepped out of the shadows exposing a tall lean body, blue eyes, and platinum hair....a very handsome ensemble.
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Gavin's eyes narrowed at her remark as he lifted his blade into an offensive position. "That all depends on why you are so close to my home with another sword. I just met you this afternoon."

Dana looked at him with a neutral expression, her voice somewhat distant. "I wish to know your name as well."

"Gavin Valgaeth. Remember it well." he barked before stepping forward. He knew this woman was more than she seemed, as he took this slow. "Now answer me why you came!"

OC: Sorry about the short post.
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The woman put a hand on her hip, still not drawing her sword, and looked over at her camera bag as though it were the most obvious thing in the world.
"I'm a photographer. I'm here finishing a series, I had no idea I'd stumble across another immortal. As for the sword you know as well as I that we all keep a blade with us."
The man looked tense, ready to strike, his blade raised ready for an offensive storm. Dana's eyes studied him, taking in every aspect of his face.
"Well if you intend to try and take my head...as you seem intent to do go ahead, and lets get this done with."
Gavin's brow furrowed slightly seeming taken aback by her forwardness. He looked her up and down, and narrowed his eyes.
"I will give you this one opportunity to fold."
Dana laughed drawing her sword.
"I don't need your sympathy or generocity."
Then she lunged holding the celtic sword low in a fast sweep which the man blocked easily. Dana's eyes went wide as a few spark flew, and the realization that she might be outmatched started to sink in.
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Gavin blocked the strike before it reached his neck. His eyes lowered as he pushed against the celtic's blade pushing her down to the ground. She arose like lightning as she struck his thigh. Blood started to seep from the wound as he kicked landed a haymaker to her jaw. Dana spit blood onto the tree as she rushed forward.

Gavin ducked her sword strike as it became lodged in the tree. Kicking her down to her knees she looked up at him accepting her fate.

"There can be only one." he whispered as he raised he sword... only to hear police sirens in the distance.

"*****" Gavin cried as he grabbed both blades and tossed them in different directions. The police officers looked down at Gavin as he let go of Dana's hair and scrambled out infront of the officers view.

"Excuse me sir what are you doing here eh?" the first officer asked with a smirk.

"Well officer to be honest this young lady and I were about to do some photo shoots." Gavin lied.

The officer pushed through and watched Dana slowly get up and straighten her outfit.

"Doesn't look like a photoshoot to me. But it is a nice night for an outdoor thing, just make sure the neighbors don't hear ya." the older officer said before walking away.

As soon as they were out of sight Gavin walked over and picked up his sword. Dana looked at him with a confused expression on her face.

"Why are you leaving?"

Gavin turned to her. "Because if I kill you they will think I just killed a hooker and start to look for me. I don't think we will meet again, but if we do: Pray it under better circumstances."

As he walked off leaving a dumbfounded Dana there he took out a cigarette and lit it up before getting in his truck and driving away. His New York Vacation was one he desperatly needed right now.

"I'M NOT A WHORE!" Dana shouted to the fleeing truck as she made it to the top of the hill.

OC: A little off beat. But one that needed to be done to get the plot going. Anybody who wants to be the badguy just say so and it'll probably be yours.

And why are only 3 people posting here?
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Dana stared at the tail lights as they disappeared into the distance, and slowly shook her head turning to go back and find her things.
?Photo shoots?.what an idiot?.I don?t even have any lights.? Even as she voiced her frustration she couldn?t help but be thankful that the police had shown up before he?.

She?d be ready for him next time?..or would she? There was something about the man that intrigued her, and though the truth was, there could be only one; she didn?t think she would have killed him had she had the upper hand.

?Where are you dammit?? She muttered softly scanning the earth for her sword. Crouching down she slowly closed her grip around the leather wrapped hilt, and turned back to her equipment several yards away.

Sighing she slid the sword into its sheath, and tucked it back in the tripod back before slumping softly to the ground, and leaning against at tall sturdy tree. That had been close?too close, and her hands still shook from the encounter. She turned, and after digging in her bag for a minute found what she sought.
?Empty?.great.? In her hand lay a crumpled cigarette box, with not even one left in it.
Groaning she chunked the empty box across the ground, and leaned her head back looking at the moon.

[flashback] (sorry I love them, great for history, and making longer posts ^.^)

Dana sat in a blue robe looking up at a pale moon. The battle had been three days ago, Seamus was dead, and the Celts had been forced to retreat all hope had been destroyed for her people. As she dwelled on the past day?s events a voice came from behind her as a somewhat bent old woman walked forward, and sat down on the ston bench next to the immortal.
?You?re wondering why it happened aren?t you?.what it meant??
Dana?s eyes went wide, and shot toward the woman.
?The battle? What do you speak of?? The druid smiled knowingly, and patted Dana?s hand.
?Not the battle. I have been around long enough to see many things?things that made me wonder. In my youth I met one, and love him with all my soul?.he was slain before my very eyes, and the things that I saw that day cannot be uttered under such a pure moon, but they are the very things you cried in your fevered sleep Dana.?
Dana shook her head, her confusion clear.
?I don?t understand what?s happened to me?.? Her voice dropped to a barely audible whisper. ?I can?t die Bridget?.I?ve tried, but I can?t. And now?.?
The woman nodded, a small smile playing on her lips.
?Aye child, the only way for your life to end is by separating that beautiful head of yours from your body?you are an immortal, a creature strange to this world, but not unwelcome. In the tales of old, as I?m sure you know, they told of people who would not die, nor age?.that is the race that runs in your blood. It is your destiny to play the game.? Unshed tears of frustration, grief, and anguish filled the Dana?s eyes when she looked at the elder.
?What are you talking about??
Bridget smiled again, resting a calming hand on Dana?s shoulder.
?You are on the holy ground of the druids now, calm your heart, and you will learn the ways. In time all will be revealed ?just give it time.?

[end flashback]

Dana buried her face in her hands, rubbing her eyes wildly, and then stood, gathering her things, and headed for her jeep. She would stay at the holiday inn she had seen, and either head back to New York in the morning, or go find this Gavin person for a talk.
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Pulling into his driveway Gavin Valgaeth exited his truck and walked inside the house. Leaving his broadsword in the truck he grabbed a beer as soon as he came in the door. Sitting on the couch he looked at his small collection of goods from over the centuries, his spanish cutlass, his gold he stole from trading ships, even his Civil War musket lay in this room.

He should be packing, but he'd rather just sit down for now. Looking at the dagger on his wall old memories came back. Taking the dagger he went to his room and pulled out some suitcases. While packing the contents Gavin pulled out an old photo from his days in the Union army.

[I]Flashback, 1863[/I]

"Listen here. Those are some fine young whores that are comming here tonight. And dammit Thomas (Gavin's alias at the time) you are going to look presentable." the shorter Irish soldier barked.

"I will look however I want to. We aren't being attacked you stupid bastard." Gaivin smirked before taking another drink.

"Well Thomas at least put a damn shirt on!"

"Keep your damn head on Johnny. You and I both know they'll be seeing me without a shirt and less as well."

Johnny looked at Gavin and coughed "You have no sense of tact do ya? You god damn square."

Gavin jumped up and swung at the smaller man, his fist colliding with his jaw.

"What did you just call me?!" Gavin roared. Placing his foot on the smaller man's neck he removed it when he heard the sounds of horsehooves. Stapping back he quickly donned a shirt as the captain went by and looked at Gavin.

"Carry on Leiutenant." he said as he rode off.

Gavin looked at the Irish man one last time. "If you ever speak to me again, you'll regret it for the rest of your life."

[I]End Flashback[/I]

2 days later that person took a bullet for him. Nobody had ever done that for Gavin before.. it was always him and the other way around. Sighing he continued packing and put the picture of his unit down on the bed. Over half those men died that day, and the one racist prick he hated was shot down to try and make up for his previous faults.

This world, after 300 years made no sense to him... and with the sudden feeling he had never felt before he knew something was happening.... The Gathering would be soon. In New York city.
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[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=2]Jiae laughed with the rest of her team as they sang their victory song. They ended up all lying on the floor of the locker room, laughing hysterically. THe coach poked her head in. "Okay, girls. I fyou want pizza, I'd suggest getting into your good clothes, and hustlin'!" The girls all got up, and started changing. Jiae laughed with Michelle as she tried to sing Barbie Girl. "I'm a barbie girl, in a barbie wooorld-" The girl fell to the floor, shaking hard with laughter.

"Sorry, guys, my sister was singing that earlier." Jiae laughed. She stuffed her uniform and the ball into her bag, and zipped it closed, slinging it onto her shoulder. SHe got up, and said,a s te other girls got finished, "Race you all to the vans!" She took off running, and burst through the door. The rest of the team was behind her, and they all raced towards the parking lot, where the vans were parked.

Soon they were all piled in the vehicles, and the soccer moms started driving. When they reached Ci Ci's the girls all pushed tables together, and ordered. The team had won, and they were going to the finals. As she laughed and joked along with her team mates, Jiae's mind was elsewhere. She knew, somehow: the Gathering would be soon, in New York.

And the girls next game would take them there, for the Finals.

Jiae got up, and excused herself, heading to the restroom. She got in there, and washed her face with cool water. Then she locked herself in a stall as the headache came on. Her eyes got blurry, and she sat on the toilet seat as her mind whirled.

[i]Flashback, California, 1940

Jiae hummed as she walked down the street. It was off-key. A little girl clung to her hand, large silver eyes wide. Jiae looked down at her, a smile on her face. "Tanji, do you like California?" The little girl nodded, mouth wide. The mother picked up her daughter, carrying the young girl. Tanji was only 11 months old, but she could already walk. She was small, and didn't like to talk.

Jiae carried the little girl, who clung to her. She sat down on a bench, and smiled at the little girl. Tanji climbed off her lap, and got off the bench. Jiae said, "Tanji, stay close." The little girl nodded, and started walking around, exploring.

Suddenly, before Jiae could do a thing, a car was screaching around the corner. The lady inside was screaming as the car skidded around, and opened the door. Her children flung themselves out. Jiae screamed, and Tanji froze. The car hit the little girl, and she was lost.

It ahd all happened in a second.

Jiae screamed as the car slowed on the grass, and the mother went limp inside. The children ran over, crying. "Mommy!" "Mother!" THe lady inside said, "Chelsea, Darien, I'm okay! Darien, call the ambulence!" The boy, oldest, ran to a pay phone, dug out some change and dialed. Soon sirens could be heard.

Jiae knelt next to the nose of the car, choking on sobs. The body of her daughter, Tanji, lay broken and bloody. She didn't move; the girl was dead. Jiae wailed in sorrow, and crumpled on the ground.

End Flashback[/i]

Jiae silently sobbed as it came back to her. She had made ehrself forget, and now, it had surfaced, bubbling fiercly into her mind.

OOC: Yes, actually, I did. ^^ I don't have enough brain present to do another post. Tanji was Jiae's husband's(or the guy who was) daughter. Her real mom was dead.[/SIZE][/FONT]
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The drive back to New York had gone by without event. Once she hit the city though it was just like usual?a bunch of idiot cab drivers weaving in and out of the few people in New York brave enough to take their own car into traffic, and that was only if they owned one. She slowly rolled up her window as a curly headed woman with a heavy Bronx accent waved an obscene gesture her way as she cut in front of her.
?Oh get over it you heifer.? She said returning the gesture with a drab expression. Things went much the same way until she whipped into the parking garage across the street from her apartment. Shouldering her duffle bag, and camera equipment she clambered out of the jeep, and headed out across the pedestrian bridge that connected the garage to the apartments.

Punching in a series of numbers the door slid open, and she took the elevator up two floors to her small apartment. When she walked through the door the bags fell to the floor, and she flopped down on the cozy black couch in the center of the room letting out a long sigh. She lay like that for several minutes staring blankly at the creamy looking ceiling, and finally got up, grabbing her camera bag, and disappeared into the second bed room which she had converted into a dark room.

She flipped off the light, grabbing the film reel, and then with nimble practiced fingers popped open the film canister, and began rolling it into place. When she was done she popped it into a smooth canister, and turned on the lights. The whole process was written on her mind like a tattoo upon her hand. First the developer, then the stop bath, followed by the fixer, and then the water, and chemical wash. She hummed a soft tune as the time went by, and finally popped the silver canister open, peeling out the wet film with gentle fingers to get a look at the negatives. A smug smile lit her face as the images came out in wonderful clarity, and detail.
?That?ll do.? She muttered softly as her eyes focused on one image in particular. With the negative it was hard to tell what it was, but the moon had been just bright enough to light Gavin?s face from its place on the ground.
?Now Gavin, we?ll find out just who you are.? She said smiling.

She would have to wait for the negatives to dry before she could do anything, and she probably wouldn?t have much chance in the coming week, but she was sure going to try and fit it. The world Unity Festival was coming up and she had to get shots of that. It was also a good place to find other immortals lurking, if one knew how and where to look.
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(Callmegoddess, you do realize Immortals are sterile. But that doesn't mean they can't adopt :D )

As the truck barrled down the road Gavin finally passed the US/Canadian border as he started going slightly faster. His thoughts were unusual right now, something was comming... something big. He didn't like to think of what it might be, perhaps the Gathering.

He was surprised he had remained until the Gathering, he'd had so many close calls in his life while dueling. From Ena in Washington, to Chekota in Prauge. They had all come close to taking his head, but he somehow survived. Now his feeling of death was stronger than ever. This would be the finale to it all, Kuang would be there if his letter was accurate at all. It would be nice to see his old friend after 10 years of simple letters... even if it is under these unusual circumstances.

Slowing it down to avoid an obvious speed trap ahead, he started to remember how he got here. So many had fallen by his hands since his first death so many years ago. It seems to be second nature now, paranoia was a common thing for big targets like him. He knew he was stronger than many, but there were many higher ups. He has heard of one who has killed more and is older than any other immortal ever to exist. Rumor from a higher up has even said they have some other strong immortals with them. Perhaps perverting the game to speed up the Gathering is the persons plan?

Gavin didn't care, he just had a sudden urge to travel.. to New York city.

(come on people, anyone can post during the Gathering.)
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Dana woke with a gasp, her heart beating rapidly as a buzzing grew in the back of her skull. Jumping up from the couch, she thrust a hand in her pocket to find a pony tail holder. Spinning around in the dark she pulled a mass of auburn locks into a messy bun, and then dropped to the ground peering under the coffee table to find what she need. When it was not there stood up with a slight wobble, and then vaulted over the back of her couch stuffing both hands into a long black duffle bag.
A look of relief crossed her face as she felt her hands close around the familiar object. The smell of well worn leather greeted her nose as she slowly drew the sword out of the bag, running her fingers first along the leather wrapped hilt, and then the smooth sheath.
Tucking it into a low thick belt that barely clung to her hips she grabbed a black trench coat, and her keys, and headed out the door with a calm expression. The coat?s length extended just past her knees, and was held closed by three smooth buttons in front which accentuated her figure slightly. Any passerby never would have known that within the folds of the coat was hidden a razor sharp blade that could take a head with a mere flick of her wrist.
Walking out onto the dead New York streets she moved as a shadow unnoticed by all save a small gang of men. She knew they were whispering about her, and much to her annoyance they jumped up and started following her.
The chains that hung from their belts jingled softly as they took step after step growing closer. Finally, she had enough, and spun looking at them with an icy gaze.
?What do you want?? One of the men with a rather outlandish looking hair do that was something reminiscent of a skunk leaned forward, and tried to touch her face but was stopped by his comrade, a somewhat short stocky looking fellow with a pierced lip, and a tattoo that rose above the collar of his shirt.
?We only wish to know fair lady?s name.? He said with a mock bow as the others circled in around her rubbing their hands hungrily.
?Get a life.? The man reached out grabbing her roughly by the arm, turning when a strong voice came from behind them.
?Let her go.? The gang turned, ready to attack, but faltered when they saw a tall man with ebony hair, and steely eyes staring down at them with a rapier in his hand. He looked as though he?d been through some rough times, but still held a certain elegance about him.
?What the hell?? The punk shouted backing away quickly. ??you can have her!? and with that they all took off running into the nearest alleyway.
Dana?s eyes burned with anger as she pulled the coat onto her shoulders.
?You ?save me? from that scum, so you can feel better if you get my head?? Her voice was venomous, and a green fire burned in her emerald eyes. The man gave a slight bow, sweeping his sword in front of him.
?My name is Raphael D?rosque.? Dana rolled her eyes drawing the sword from her side.
?I really don?t give a damn what your name is. There can be only one, and since that one is me, you are of no consequence.? The man looked slightly taken aback by her cruelty, but soon narrowed his eyes and moved into a fencer?s stance.
?Fine m?lady. We will skip the niceties and get straight to it.? Dana smirked, and lunged hard and fast.

From his quickening, Dana could tell he was definitely younger than her, but his skill was substantial nonetheless. His attacks were precise and even beautiful if one was interested in such things which Dana was not. She didn?t care for fencing in the least, and found it rather drab. She was much fonder of Japanese sword play even though she didn?t use it out of the need to remain true to her heritage.
The man grunted as Dana blocked his blow, and pushed back shoving him into a dark alley. Their dance went on, Raphael lunging forward and back his rapier working in the circular patter of fencing while Dana whirled Nuadha with eloquent speed, easily working him back where she wanted him.
?You are better than I knew.? He grunted as he stepped back, nearly stumbling over an empty beer bottle. Dana just smirked, and attacked again, lashing out at his knee with her foot. A look of shock flashed on the man?s face as his leg crumpled from beneath him.
?There can be only one.? She said in a low tone as the blade flew toward his neck, Raphael leaned his head down with closed eyes accepting his fate.

The soft clatter of his sword mingling with Dana?s heavy breath was the only sound in the alley after his body hit the ground. The silence pounded down upon the woman?s ears as if she were submerged in water that swirled slowly around her. She closed her eyes, feeling the electricity in the air as the quickening began to transfer. A nearby trashcan exploded, and the beer bottle on the ground shattered. Energy coursed in Dana?s body causing her breath to come in short gasps. It whirled around her, filling ever inch of her body, sending the world into a sudden chaotic state. A cat screeched and ran from the alley as an emergency staircase shook violently and crashed to the.
Dana?s form seemed to be enveloped in pale blue light as her head fell back, and her hands began to shake with the new power. Then just as suddenly as it began it all faded, and the woman fell to her knees clutching her sword with white knuckles as she tried to regain her breath.


Dana stood nonchalantly wiping her bloodied blade upon the man?s shirt trying to decide what she would do with the body. To her left his sword lay alone, just out of his hand?s reach. Dana looked at it for a moment thinking of what a great picture it would make, but then stepped over and popped the rapier up, catching it in her hand. Her converse tennis shoes squeaked softly as she turned, surveying the body from every angle. The rapier was now tucked in her belt opposite to the Celtic blade, neither concealed by the black jacket that hung open on her shoulders giving her the look of an old west gun fighter, only with swords instead of guns.
Bending down she found a half empty pack of cigarettes in the man?s front pocket along with a zippo lighter. She smirked lighting one of the cigs as she stood, and looked around. Whoever lived in the apartment up above was either blind, deaf, and dumb, or not home; after a moment?s consideration she decided they weren?t home. Continuing to walk up and down the alley way she stopped when she saw a dark red can sitting next to a large trash bin.
?Hello there?? She muttered blowing out a long stream of smoke as she nudged the can with a foot. It was full. She looked back over at the corpse and shook her head.
?You bastard, you were letting me drive you here. Too bad you didn?t win eh?? Taking another long drag on the cigarette she picked up the can in one hand, and headed back toward the body. Holding the cigarette between smooth lips she first rolled the man over, and poured some of the gasoline under him, then proceeded to drench the ground around him.
She walked away, looking rather cocky and arrogant as she dragged on the cigarette again looking over her handiwork. Getting caught would never do, it had to be perfect, there was no use spending eternity locked in the state pen, or worse, getting the death sentence and not dying when they gave her the injection. That would actually be funny?.almost. Just imagining the looks on their faces when she sat through the whole ordeal smiling?it would be great, but just because it would be didn?t mean she wanted to do it.
?Well, I?m glad to have met you Raphael, truly.? She then pressed the cigarette to her lips one more time, and flicked the still burning butt onto the gasoline which immediately burst into flame. Exhaling the smoke, she turned and headed home, the gasoline can bumping against the rapier as she walked.

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