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  1. On the DVD commentary did Tarentino actually say anything about his movie being religous or based after Othello? Or is this all based on Fan Theories? This confuses me.
  2. Brad Pitt: Besides making Tyler Durden 20x than most other movie characters including Jack Sparrow. He has also taken roles like Oceans 11, 12 Monkeys, California, Thelma and Louise (HAWT sex scene), and such. He has proven to me he can not only get more *** than I can, but he can command more respect as well. Johnny Depp: Good for the kind of roles he plays... always the creepy wierd guy.... and one of the best if not the best creepy wierd guy ever. Edward Scissorhand was hands down his best role ever. What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Sleepy Hollow, Nightmare on Elmstreet. This dude rules. James Earl Jones: Can this dude say anything and not have it somehow be cool? This man was Darth Vader. This was the man who made Darth Vader cool. This was Thulsa Doom from Conan: The Barbarian people! MUFASA! Bow before your king! Harrison Ford: Dude. This guy just is awesome. Classic awesome. Not cool like Jack Nicolson or Sinatra. No, this guy is awesome. Not new-school awesome like Sam Jackson or Bradd Pitt awesome, Old school Sly Stallone, Bruce Willis, and Ahnuld awesome. Steve Besumi: Desperado, Resivior Dogs, The Sopranos, etc. This dude is a character actor who is off-beat, fun and funny. And he seems to be getting better with age. Now. There are like 50 more I can put on this list like Steve Martin, Robin Williams, Jack Nicolson, Samuel L. Jackson, Frank Sinatra, John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Sylvester Stallone, etc. But I'm DAMN tired and I wanna get a sandwhich.
  3. The door to the office opened revealing a tall black man walking in wearing a standard black T-Shirt, Camo pants, and a pistol belt revealing a holstered custom MX-57 scoped Special Forces armor piercing handgun, and a 10 inch long combat knife. "I was requested. Sir?" Jacobs asked, obviously uncomfortable. "Yes, you were. We have something to discuss... sit down." David spoke accenting his polite gesture with an outstretched hand pointing to a seat before him. "I have something to discuss as well. I was pulled from hyper K-9 detainment/termination to come here. May I ask why sir? My record if I may say was exemplerary." David smirked. "Better than any before you if you consider the lack of RGSD casualties. But your record is why you were pulled from the unit and summoned here. Sit and wait for the others and all will be revealed." Jamael looked to his side and remained calm. "I thought the soviet and the Class-5 mental patient as they were reffered to in the logs, were not allowed to be on any type of squad due to company policy." "Things change my friend." Boris responded. "I hope so. If I go back to standard hunting I'm going to be upset. They are too easy to kill, and it's cold this time of year." Jamael laughed before sitting down. "Is that how you treated your superior's in the military?" Boris asked the ex-captain. "Sometimes." Mr. Jacobs smirked. "Damn Americans. They always think they are the best." Kim laughed. "I would shut up about that. If the USA knew Britian had the same Vampiric and other supernatural problems it does in such a small and concentrated area... this country would be rubble." Jamael sighed. "What? Why?" "Because such creatures in such a small area are a much bigger threat to the acual humans living in the area. And if it only takes 1 head shot to half a standard clip to kill one vampire. A single sidewinder can destroy hundreds." "But wouldn't countless people be killed as well." "Yes. But it's not as if they think about THAT issue anymore. As long as no American soliders or civilans are harmed." the room went silent before the door opened.
  4. You do realize the first 6 people who make thier own characters are gonna go: I have such and such a power... and I can heal and have unbreakable bones so nobody can kill me. For Wolverine and Sabertooth it's okay as they are cannon... but I have a feeling this is gonna get way overboard. But I'm gonna shut up now since this is your RPG, and I think your a cool cat and don't want to piss you off.
  5. Another popular theory was that it was the Resivour Dog's Diamonds. This is what I follow as I sure has hell don't believe the bit about Marcellus Wallace's soul. He proved he had one in his final dealings with Butch after his awesome line about some friends and a blow torch. :D Dude frekin RULES!
  6. I think you are going overboard with Adamantium. It is exrememly expensive and difficult to reifine. Only Wolverine had it installed as Weapon X because he could heal so quickly.... a very RARE mutant ability (hint, hint, nudge, nudge.) As only Ice Man, Cable, Mystique, Sabertooth and Logan have had that ability consistantly to my knowledge. Also, I don't think any other Weapon X projects than Wolverine and Sabertooth had healing abilites or the uber-expensive and extremely difficult to refine and maipulate Adamantium. Only Hammerhead's head, Captain America's shield, Wolverine and Sabertooth's skeleton lacings and Blade's sword are adamantium staples in the Marvel Universe to my knowledge.
  7. Well I liked all of his flicks wholeheartedly until Kill Bill came out. Resivoir Dogs was an amazing and blazingly real movie in terms of dialouge and personalities. It was so simple, yet the way it was done was simply amazing. From the selfish antics of new talent Steve Besumi to the insane love of tourture of Michael Madsen everything was done so well. Not to mention the awesome 70's radio station. There are two scenes that make this movie simply amazing to me: The diner and the car where they drive to the meeting. In both scenes these guys are so natural when they talk its like they are just having an everyday conversation. Whether it's acting or the dialouge itself that is mostly to blame I don't know, but damn this movie ruled! Pulp Fiction is without a doubt the best of his films. It is one of my favorites of all time and deserved every award it got. Not only did this movie have the superb dialouge of his previous movie. It also added more characters you truly enjoyed. None of the characters were realistic, but they were fun now and exticting to watch though. Jules was by far my favorite, his character was so amazing and was one of Sam Jackson's best and brightest characters ever. It was shocking, deep, and really funny while oozing with style. Jackie Brown was good.... but I haven't seen that in 6 years. so lets skip it. Kill Bill. A drop in quality for quantity and style. A good trade-off.... but not if it's supposed to be a comeback. None of the character depth and cool dialouge seen in his previous works is here. Instead insane action and some diffrent but decent dialouge comes into play. The Bride never made me care about her goal. But damn could she fight. Her dialouge was performed well... but it was typical action movie fare. The same goes for all characters in these movies except for Bill and his pimp-friend/father figure. While both movies were hysterical, the editing was done wrong. In the first one it was mostly action and little plot, while the second one had some awesome speeches... but little true action. If you swapped a few scenes like put the whole Tokyo scene in the second one while taking the Michael Madsen stuff and putting it at the end of the first one. At least that way the ending isn't as dissapointing... yet cool as it was. Kill Bill was good, but it could have been much, much, more than it was. Hopefully he can regain his true magic in his next films.
  8. Alright. An X-Men RPG that makes SENSE! Name: Remy LeBeau Age: late 20's-early 30's Codename: Gambit Powers/abilties: Remy has the ability to add massive amounts of Kenetic energy into anything he touches. (he also can create barriers and stuff when his brain implant stops functioning. But that's only in the comics.) he is also an expert in hand to hand combat and with a staff. Is a master thief and can make anyone trust him with his hypnotic pendandt. He can also smooth talk his way into any woman's pants if he wants to. (dead serious. Go read some of the mid 90s X-Men issues.) Side: X-Men. FOrmerlly Mr. Sinister. Personality: Suave, Cajuin, and secretive. Gambit is a smooth talking ladies man and smart-*** in the X-Men. Though his true side shows nothing but regret for his previous actions, few other than Xavier know about them. He loves to smooth talk the ladies and has a photographic memory and ways of making people trust him. Just a ladies man and suave guy. Nationality: Cajun Bio: I don't have 3 weeks and an extra month so I'll keep this simple. Gambit has a dark and secretive past that he hides from everyone. He has done something so shameful in the past he knows he is a hypocrite for fighting on the side of justice after causing the deaths of so many. (He led Sinister's men to the Morlocks.) He had been married once before and is torn between his love for his wife and Rouge. He seemed to have some kind of bond with Wolverine and Bishop. And is just a cool character. ... sorry, but there is too much to cover on this guy. I pity the guy who had Wolverine, that's a real *****.
  9. [I]22:33. Wednesday October 4, 2009. [/I] The doors to the RGSD burst open as four fully armored and armed soldiers walked in brandishing automatic assult weapons, combat shotguns and several exlosives as well. As thier combat boots echoed on the white tiled floor they seemed to be scanning the area. Turning the corner they stared at the light blue walls and floresant lights throughout the structure through thier face masks. It was hard to believe this is an offically sanctioned agency by the looks of the interior alone. It looked like an office building. Turning the corner they entered and armory/locker room and started to remove thier gear. First came thier helmets/facemasks and then thier neckguards and combat vests. A white man turned to look at a tall blackman who was pulling a ciggarette from his vest pocket and spoke in a thick British accent. "Sir, why are we hunting werewolves?" he asked. Captain Jamael Mestanabe or better known as "Mr.Jacobs" to his men turned. "Why are you so concerened Roberts? The pay is better, and you get to use fancy weapons." Jameal asked as his blue eyes stared right at the shorter man. "I get it. You damn brits, you can't stand too much excitement. Hunting a 6 foot tall hairy creature with inhuman strength and senses is kind of boring. I mean you almost **** yourself when it pounced from the bushes next to you." Roberts simply stared at the smiling American as he started to speak. "But it's out there in the country. And it was only going after some small farms." "There were 30 people dead because of it. We had to go after it." one of the other teammates said before heading to the showers. Mr. Jacobs grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist before turning to the man. "If you really must know, I transferred because Vampired aren't as fun to kill. They are simple when you break it down. Silver, Garlic, Sunlught, Decapitation, or a lot of damage will kill them. Besides, it should be exciting to take down a werewolf, if you wanted you could have taken it's head and put it on your wall." he smirked before turning and going to the showers. ----- After the shower Jacobs dressed in a black t-shirt, Forest camo pants and some old combat boots as he walked into his superior's office. The elderly man stared at him as the black soldier sat down. "You did well Mesta.." he started "I would appreciate it if you reffered to me as Mr. Jacobs or just Jacobs." Jameal stated. "Okay, Jacobs. You did well this time. But we have to take you off your current assignments by request." the elderly man sighed. Jacobs was stunned. "What? I chose this for a reason. You people asked me to come here, and this is the best place for me." "Look I'm sorry but a friend requested this transfer after seeing your record. It says here you have quite a lot of experiance in urban combat as well as wilderness training." Jamael closed his eyes. "Who asked for the transfer? Was it Arestopali or whatever the hell his name is?" "I cannot say." "Like hell you can't. Is my team comming with me?" "No. They are off active duty. They have refused vacations long enough." Mr. Jacobs stared at the old man before turning and exiting the office. He was gonna find out who requested the transfer, and get some answers immediatly.
  10. It was all acting. A director can only do so much to influence. It was raw talent that MADE you think these were just two guys having a normal conversation in a car. Tarentino has some excellent writing of dialouge (with the exception of Kill Bill) by making it seem as if anyone can say these things. A perfect example is the car scene in RD when they are discussing Pam Grier. It sounds like many a conversation we have all shared in the past and you forget these are supposed to be thieves.
  11. Well few characters are truly amazing or original that don't deserve a sequel. Most of the best characters in film have a sequel. People here know I love movies. I have probably seen more movies than anyone here. Sad, yes. But it's true. I don't want to make a list that takes up the rest of this thread (Oh yeah, I have that many characters I love. Like Flint or Sarah Conner.) [B] The Butcher [/B] (Gangs of New York.)- Some may call him a heartless racist scumbag. But he had a sense of honor and admired his opponents. And he was cool as hell. I love the way Lewis carried himself and made himself realistic and both likable and hatable. His entire philosophy and way of handling himself just amazed me. [B]James Bond[/B] (More movies than god.)- Bond is one of the coolest characters ever. He is so smooth and suave he is by far the ultimate pimp and secret agent. He is the only character in recent memory where a litterary character has more movies than original material. since the early 60's Bond has saved us from Commies, Lasers, Nukes, Global Warming, and other villanous plots. Not only has he survived the test of time (though Die another Day and Moonraker were horrible.) but he has has his mantle passed to many talented and unusual actors. From the kick-*** Sean Connery to the campy Rodger Moore to the cool Timothy Dalton and sbtle and high-tech Bond Pierce Brosnon. [B]Jules[/B] (Pulp Fiction)- To be honest this like the Bride, The Butcher, or Jack Sparrow is NOT one of the best film characters. No, this is a personal favorite who was done well enough for you to like it. Jules was smooth, cool and unlike anyone else on this list he was done as if he were a real person. Jackson and Travolta fed off of eachother amazingly as if it were just two buddies talking. It remided me of the opening diner scene in Resivoir Dogs. Kill Bill never had the realism or subtleties (BOTH volumes were lacking this. They were FAR from Tarintiono's best works. They were good but the editing could have been better as well as the overall plot.) of Pulp ficton. Jules was not only smooth and intimitating with his huge presence on screen he was just plain awesome. His quote before killing was simply amazing. But he never proved himself until the resturant at the end where he spoke to Tim Roth. His wallet said it all about his character "Bad Mother ******." [B]Indiana Jones[/B] (Raiders of the Lost ark and it's preqel and sequel)- Ford's best character ever. Indiana Jones would so kick Han Solo's ***... unless Han had Chewbacca.. but that's not fair. Indie was the unrealsitic and cool action hero because he had plots that made you think. He was simply amazing in that respect as few action movies ever have good plots (Temple of Doom is debatable though). Indie also brought together one of the best collaborative and imaginative film teams ever: George Lucas and Steven Speilburg. Which allowed the character to rise to even greater heights. Truly one of Films best [B]Darth Vader [/B] (Just guess the damn movies)- Besides being the Galaxy's most ruthless bad-*** dark lord. Vader brought some of the coolest lines ever and inspired guys who live in basements everywhere to TAKE what they want... which sadly led to many a date rapist. His skills with a lightsaber and the force are nothing to joke about. Sure he may have looked like an idiot but he made up for it with a cool black voice and some awesome lines like "He will join us or die." Sadly I was dissapointed when Vader went from being this cool black guy to being some fat white bastard at then end of Jedi (I refuse to put spoilers as the movie is over 20 years old and a damn classic! Everyone has seen it!)
  12. [QUOTE=ChibiHorsewoman][color=darkviolet]Oh, sorry, you're wrong you waggered how much? Oh I'm so sorry, thank you for playing tho. Harry's right. and I have this on good authority from the people I know who collect comics because they're nerds. And nerds know everything[/color][/QUOTE] ooookaaayyy.. Look at any TMNT fansite with a tribute or mention of it's creators and you will see two NEW YORKERS named Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird. I'm sorry but your nerds have no Idea what they are talking about thinking TMNT was from Japan. The original comic was black and white because the two guys were poor... they couldn't get a colorist. It also made the comic edgy and dark. After a little while the comic started making some more and more fans and thus became big. Soon the 80s show came about and the Archie comics... the original comic was being done at this point. A second volume was produced during the height of the turtles popularity (cira 91'-92') and was actually in color (in the comic all 4 turtles wore red bandanas instead of the colored ones seen in the cartoon.) Then came the other CBS one that desperatly tried to bring the turtles back only to fail. Image then took the comic from Mirage and raped the material by cutting Leo's hand off and fusing Donny with a cyborg... ewww. Then came the new age: The kick-*** cartoon, the third volume of the Mirage comic (still in print... and written by Peter Laird), and the Dreamwave comic that was released. The turtles are as American and homegrown as Superman or rednecks.
  13. Uh, for your first guy... Most western sword styles as well as ninjitsu fighting don't really work with a Katana. Fencing and the use of a Broadsword are two examples as the Katana's weight makes the Broadsword style less effective and it simply CANNOT be used for fencing... sorry. Character: Name: Hehachi Mishima... if one can use fencing with a Katana... than the man of the Iron Fist can come to the sixteenth century. Age: 80 Gender: Male Appearance: Old, but built. His tough and hard leathery skin makes it's own natural armor from the elements and the sharpest of blades. His white mustache and similarly white hair make him even more dicernable. Weapon: His own Body Weapon Name: Hehachi Mishima Fighting Style: Mishima Karate system. Personality: Cold, Evil, and powerful Hehachi is calcuilating and lives for fighting. He is disgusted by weakness and admires true strength. He believes nothing is truly sacred and has attempted to kill both his son and his grandson due to them being too dangerous to him. He will become the strongest both in the past and the present. Bio: Hehachi cut himself yet again on the sould edge fragment only to come back to the time of the sword. With a grin he awaits the chance to fight the strongest fighters out there... and show them the true power of his Iron Fist!
  14. Well. I have standards... but nothing that dictates the perfect girl for me. This isn't wierd science. Women aren't Mr. Potato head figures. As long as she's sexy to my eyes and we cared for one another I wouldn't care if she had red hair.. or pine green. Hell if your drunk enough any woman can be the perfect woman.
  15. Shiguru

    Kung-Fu movies

    When Kung-Fu flicks are involved 2 things follow: 1) Bad story 2) Bad acting. That's just what makes them Kung-Fu movies. While I am a fan of Bruce Lee as both a man and a legend... and respect him VERY much... he can't act worth a damn. My personal favorite Kung-Fu films are the ones made in the 70's and early 80's that have absolutly AWFUL dubs. If you thought Anime had the worst dubs in existance... you haven't seen Fist of Vengence III yet. :laugh: As for fights: 1) Warrior Debts- Kenji vs. Hattoko. One of the best and most realistic (well, theatrical wise.) sword duels I've seen on film. It was short, but it was VERY Kenetic and awe inspriring to see how dedicated the filmakers were. To the average eye it may not seem like much, but to a film and Martial Arts buff it is amazing. The fight is done from one camera angle, and was done in one take. Now, Bruce Lee 's choreagraphy didn't allow that because he went for both Realism and dramatics. Here is was more like Hong Kong theatre meets Japanese sword-play. Perhaps the coolest part was when Hattako used a second-form Judo Shoulder Throw to litterally SLAM Kenji on the floor. 2) Fist of Vengence II- The final duel. God did this movie suck... even to a Kung-Fu movie buff like myself. This fight was pretty awesome though. It takes place on the top of a ship plank floating in the river. (I don't know how the filmmakers got the damn thing to be so sturdy. They might have used beauy's or something on the side and off camera.) but bad editing actually HELPED this fight by making these girls seem more realistic. The almost falls throghout the fight and the almost vomit of one of the fighters makes it seem better. And the fight a little more entertaining. Those are my two favorites of all time. I have many others, but they are either too unbeleivable or just don't make me stare in awe. Sorry, Bruce Lee never did that to me... he never was able to convince me that someone was actually fighting. Maybe it's because I've seen so many fights in my life I'm desensitzed or something.
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