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Digimon: Second Generation!


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[B][I][COLOR=Navy]OOC: Ok, I'm going to start this, but I still need four more people. Here's a link for sign-ups if you think this sounds interesting. [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?p=570910#post570910post570910]Digimon: Second Generation Sign-Ups![/url]

"Ow man," Kirk yelled as his head hit the seat in front of him. The girl Kirk had been flirting with started giggling as he stood up and marched to the front of the bus. The bus driver was trying to get the bus to run again, but it just wasn't starting. Kirk put his hand on the seat and leaned over the bus driver's shoulder.

"Don't started with me you little punk," the bus driver yelled as he stood up, "I don't know what's wrong with the bus. It just stalled out and I'm going to go get some help." The bus driver stormed off the bus and all the kids followed.

Once outside, the bus driver gather almost all of the kids, except ten, and took them with him to search for some help. Kirk kind of felt left out as he looked around. Out of the other nine kids, he knew six of them. Kirk let out a depressed sigh and looked toward the sky. The sky suddenly lit up and Kirk fell on his backside.

"What the heck is that," Kirk yelled as he stood up. The sky suddenly flashed brighter and ten balls of lights started decending toward the ten kids at blinding speed.

"Oh no," on of the girls screamed, "we're all going to be crushed by meteors!" A sweat drop appeared on the back of Kirk's head. Maybe the girl had a point. Maybe they were all doomed. Kirk closed his eyes and hoped for the best.

After a few seconds, Kirk opened one of his eyes. One of the balls of light was floating in front of his face. The light was a navy blue color and eye catching.

"This might be a stupid idea Kirk," Kirk thought to himself as he reached for the ball of light, "but I'm going to do it anyways." Kirk quickly grabbed the ball of light and opened his hand. A small navy blue device was glowing in his hand. Kirk started to sweat as the device glowed brighter. Suddenly Kirk felt a surge go up his arm. He then blacked out.

"Kirk," a kid like voice said from where it seemed nowhere, "Wake up Kirk." Kirk slowly opened his eyes to discover a pink creature sitting on his chest. A look of horror crossed Kirk's face as he threw the creature off of him. He then quickly backed up to a tree.

"Who or what are you," Kirk asked as the creature bounced up to him. The creature started bounceing up and down in front of Kirk. Kirk followed it with his head. He felt like he was going to pass out. Kirk quickly looked away from the creature and looked down. The navy blue device was still in his hand.

"My name is Koromon," the creature said as Kirk looked back over at it, "and I'm a Digimon, short for Digital Monster. I'm your friend. I'm your friend." Kirk nodded his head, clipped the device to his pants, and grabbed Koromon. Koromon looked at Kirk with a smile.

"Ok," Kirk said with a confused look, "would you mind telling me where the heck I am." Koromon nodded and smiled as Kirk stood up. Kirk started to look around. He seemed to be by himself.

"Your in the Digital World," Koromon said happily. Kirk let out a sigh. He didn't know what the digital world was, but he knew he was far from home. Suddenly a hologram appeared in front of Kirk. Kirk jumped back as a sweat drop appeared on the back of his head.

"Now who are you," Kirk asked as he put Koromon under one arm. The hologram was of a middled aged man. He laughed softly at Kirk. Kirk started to get impatcient. He started tapping his foot.

"Hohoho," the man laughed, "I'll exsplain when everyone else arrives." Kirk stopped tapping his foot and looked down at Koromon. Koromon looked just as confused as him. Kirk let out a sigh and sat down. He didn't know how long it could take for the "others" to get there.

OOC: For your first post, you wake up in the Digital World and to your Digimon. You then have to wonder into the area where Kirk is. And yes, the guy is a younger Gennai. Well, enjoy! [/COLOR][/I][/B]
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"Ohh neat!" Emily said looked at the device that glowed before her, "I wonder" She then reaches out and takes a hold of it. It was bright and very cool to her... That is untill she lost conciousness.

She woke up to a strange tapping noise and realized it was her own fingers... She shook her head and opened her eyes. She sat up and saw a pink thing sitting next to her. It had a blue like flower on its head nad big cute eyes.

"Who are you?" Emily asks...

"Oh im Yokomon... Nice to meet you Emily... I have beet waiting my entire digilife for you to get here." The pink thing smiled and grinned.

"Ok Yokomon... where am I?"

"The Digital World!"

"How did I get here?"

"No clue."

"What are you."


"That means what?"

"Digital Monster."

"And Im here because?"

"Um... No idea..."

"Ok..." Emily stands up and looks around. She dusts herself off and repositions the skull near her neck.

"What thats it? No over reaction? No freaking out?" Yokomon asks...

"Nope..." Emily picks up the tiny pink thing. "So where to?"

"I sense someone else nearby... Why dont we go that way... Perhaps it will be someone you know..." Yokomon smiled.


Soon emily heard a grummble and looked over some bushes. It was a familiar guy... 'How strange is this!' She thought to herself before stepping into the clearing.

"Hi!" Emily said smiling.

"Um... Hi..."

"Um... Emily... Wheres your Digivice?" Yokomon suddenly asks.

"My what? You mean that device I grabbed back... of in my world somewhere? Right here." She patted an almost invisible pocket on her dress.

"Ok good..."


"Its important... Thats all... dont ever lose it!"
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"Hey," Amika said as she looked at Teal light floated in front of her, "that's cool. Maybe I should......." Amika slowed grabbed the device. A soft shock went through Amika and she slowly blacked out.

"Amika," a soft male voice said with a slight laugh, "Please wake up Amika." Amika fluttered her eyes opened and discovered a small gray bird like creature with an orange thing it's head sitting on her. A look of surprise crossed Amika's face. She wasn't sure if she should scream or hug the cute little bird. She slowly lifted the bird up and sat up. She stared into the bird's bright blue eyes,

"May I ask who or what you are," Amika said as she stood up. The brid smiked brightly and fluttered to Amika's shoulder. Amika looked at it strangely as it hugged her around her neck.

"I'm Bukamon," the bird said with a smile, "and I'm a Digimon." Amika nodded and then got a confused look on her face. Bukamon blinked a few times at Amika's confused exspression. Amika smiled nervously and started rubbing the back of her head.

"What's a Digimon," Amika asked with an embaressed tone to her voice. A sweat drop appeared on the side of Bukamon's face. He then laughed slightly.

"A Digital Monster," Bukamon said with a slight laugh. Amika blinked and nodded. She then started looking around. She looked toward some bushes and started walking toward them. She looked over them and discovered a boy and girl sitting near a hologram. The boy had a pink head with long ears under one arm and the girl had a pink thing with a blue flower on top of its head sitting next to her. Amika took a deep breath and walked into the clearing. She now reconginzed the two people. The boy was Kirk Kamiya and the girl was Emily. Amika blinked a few times.

"You two stuck here too," Amika questioned. Both Kirk and Emily nodded. Amika let out a depressed sigh and ploped down next to Emily. Bukamon flew down and sat in Amika's lap. This place was getting stranger by the second.
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[B][I][COLOR=Teal]"Whoe," Daina said as she looked at the little ball of turquoise light, "Maybe I should just........." Daina grabbed the light and looked at a small device that appeared in her hand. She suddenly felt her arm go numb and she soon passed out.

"Daina," a creaky male voice said from nowhere, "Wakey, wakey!" Daina opened an eye and quickly backed up to a tree. A small fireball with blue eyes floated up to her. Daina stared at the fireball as it smiled at her.

"And who might you be," Daina asked as she looked at the fireball. The fireball stopped smiling. It had a confused look on it's face, but went right back to smileing.

"I'm DemiMeramon," the fireball said with a smile, "and a Digimon which is short for Digital Monster. You're my partner. I'm a friend." Daina nodded and stood up. She walked up to the DemiMeramon. She wasn't about to touch him. She was afraid of getting burnt.

"Ok," Daina said while looking around, "do you have any clue were we are?" DemiMeramon floated next to Daina and looked up at her. Daina looked down at him.

"We're in the Digital World." DemiMeramon said as he smiled again. Daina nodded and started walking. DemiMeramon quickly followed.

A few seconds later, Daina walked into a clearing. She discover two girls and a boy sitting in front of a hologram. She reconginized all three of them. Emily, Amika, and Kirk. They all had strange creatures with them as well. Daina looked down at DemiMeramon and then at the group of three. She quickly ran over to Kirk.

"I can't beileve you guys are stuck in this weird place," Daina said as she quickly sat down next to Kirk. Kirk looked over at Daina as DemiMermon floated next to her. Daina smiled and started to sweat. Kirk shook his head and looked back at the hologram. Daina let out a sigh. She started to wonder what was going on.[/COLOR][/I][/B]
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[B][COLOR=RoyalBlue]"Now that's interesting," Yuki said as he reached for a purple light. As he grabbed ahold of the light, he3 felt something cold in his hand. Yuki looked down at his hand and discovered a small purple device in his hand. He suddenly felt a jolt go through his body and he passed out.

"Hey Yuki," a cute male voice said from somewhere, "Get up sleepy head. This isn't the time to rest." Yuki slowly opened his eyes to discover a orange and tan creature with a horn sitting on him. Yuki thought he was going to pass out again. The creature bounced off of him and started smiling. Yuki sat up and started looking around as he rubbed the back of his head. He then looked at his right hand. He still had ahold of the strange purple device. He quickly clipped it to his pants.

"This place is awesome," Yuki said as he stood up, "but where exsactly are we?" The little creature bounced next to Yuki. Yuki looked down, smiled, and picked the little creature up.

"We're in the Digital World," the little creature said as he looked around, and I'm a Digimon or Digital Monster. You can call me Tsunomon." Yuki nodded and started walking. He wouldn't achive anything standing around. Tsunomon was safely tucked under his arm.

A little later, Yuki discovered four of his friends sitting near a hologram of a middle-aged man. They were Amika, Emily. Kirk, and Daina. Yuki let out a sigh of reilieve and ran over to his friends. He noticed all four of his friends had strange creatures as well. He quickly sat down next to Daina. Everyone turned and looked at him.

"I don't exspect you guys know what's going on," Yuki asked with a nervous smile. Everyone shook thier heads and turned away from Yuki. Yuki stopped smiling and looked around. He wondered if any of his other friends were stuck her.[/COLOR][/B]
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[I][COLOR=SeaGreen]"This isn't too logical," James whispered to himself as he stared at a forest green light, "Should I touch it? Well, I do have to make sure I'm not seeing things." James reached for the forest green light and grabbed it. He then opened his hand to discover a small forest green metal device in his hand. James looked at the device strangely, but suddenly felt something. He fainted not too long after.

"Wake up James," a cute sounding female voice said from nearby, "Come on! You don't want to be late now." James quickly opened his eyes and sprang up. He looked around and then he looked down. A cute brown blob like creature with three little horns on it's head was standing to his right. She smiled as James jumped up. James backed up to a tree and dropped to his knees. The creature jumped up to him. James looked down at the creature as his sunglasses fell onto his nose.

"Wha......wha......what are yo....you," James asked as he pointed at the little creature. The creature blinked her eyes a couple of times and then jumped in James' lap. James looked like the color dropped out of him. He fell backward and put his sunglasses back on his head.

"I'm a Digimon, that's short for Digital Monster," the creature said as she started to jump up and down, "You can call me Chocomon though friend. Oh, you're also in the Digital World if you're wondering." James nodded and picked Chocomon up in midair. Chocomon blinked and looked at James. James smiled and stood up. He then just reilized he stilled had the strange forest green device in his hand. He let out a sigh and quickly clipped to his pants.

"That's good to know Chocomon," James said as he started walking, "Now I'm going to see if I can find any other humans. BTW, that's what I am. Have you seen any?" Chocomon thought for a moment and looked up at James. A sweat drop appeared on the side of James head.

"I can't say I've seen any," Chocomon said with sigh, "but I did sense something strange to our right." With that said, James started walking to his right. He hoped he wasn't in this alone.

A few seconds later, James walked in to a small clearing. He let out a sigh of reilieve as he spotted Kirk, Emily, Amika, Diana, and Yuki sitting around a strange hologram. He knew he wasn't seeing things either because each one of his friends were playing with a Digimon. Kirk was counting how many times Koromon could bounce, Emily was playing with Yokomon's blue petals, Amika was moving Bukamon's flippers up and down, Daina was laughing at something that DemiMeramon had just said, and Yuki was dozing off with Tsunomon on his head. James took a deep breath and decided to join his friends.

"Well," James said as he sat down next to Amika, "looks like I'm not alone after all." Everyone nodded as they quickly glanced at James. James smiled and let Chocomon out of his arms. He then looked at the hologram. It was a middle-aged man and he had just nodded at James. James nodded back and quickly looked at the sky. He wondered what this strange world was and why him and the others were there.[/COLOR][/I]
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[COLOR=Indigo][FONT=Georgia][B]"Now that's neat," Carrie said as she looked at an indigo light, "It's drawing me in. I've just gotta touch it." Carrie grabbed the light right from in front of her. She then opened her hand to discover a small indigo device in her hand. She held the device up and it flashed. Carrie blacked out after the flash.

"You can't sleep all day Courtney," a small female voice said from Carrie's right, "You do have to get up sometime today." The voice started giggleing as Carrie opened her eyes. She spotted a small yellow creature with four short legs, two long pointed yellow ears, and a long fox tail standing next to her. Carrie's hazel eyes met the creature's bright blue ones. Carrie thought she was loseing it. She shook her head and sat up. The yellow creature jumped in her lap.

"Ok," Carrie said as she stared down at the creature, "that's the last time I eat anything my mom packs for a trip. I've gotta be dreaming or something." The small yellow creature looked up at Carrie as she shook her head. She then tickled Carrie with her tail. Carrie stopped shakeing her head and looked down at the creature.

"I'm not a figment of your imaganation," the creature said with a smile, "I'm a Digital Monster or Digimon for short. You can call me Viximon, Courtney. So you know, you're in the Digital World." Carrie nodded and looked down to her left. The indigo device was still in her hand. A sweat drop appeared on the side of her face as she clipped the device to her pants. Carrie then picked Viximon up. Viximon looked up at Carrie.

"Do me a favor and call me Carrie," Carrie said as she started to walk, "and I'm going to see who I can find." Viximon nodded and smiled as Carrie continued to walk.

A little later, Carrie stummbled into a clearing. She turned around and mumbled something under her breath at a branch and turned back around. She spotted Kirk, Emily, Amika, Daina, Yuki, and James sitting around a hologram. Everyone was doing something with a creature of their own. Carrie let out a sigh a ran up to Yuki. Yuki looked up at her and smiled. Carrie smiled back and sat. Daina looked over at her and grinned. DemiMeramon grinned as well.

"Not you too Carrie," Daina said as DemiMeramon floated around her head. Carrie nodded her head and let out a sigh. Viximon jumped out of her arms and landed in her lap. Carrie laid back and looked at the blue sky. [/COLOR][/FONT][/B]
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[B][I][COLOR=Red]Ok," Terren said as he looked at the red glowing ball of light in front of him, "I've seen weirder, but this does almost take the cake." Terren reached for the red ball of light. He was attracted to it for some odd reason. He quickly grabbed it and looked at the small device that appeared in his hand. Terren looked the device weird when he suddenly felt his arm go numb. He soon passed out.

?Terren,? a cute male voice said from Terren?s right, ?Wake up. This isn?t the time to be napping.? Terren moved his head a couple times before opening his eyes. When Terren opened his eyes, he spotted a light purple thing with a white nose and four tiny little legs. It was smiling brightly at him. Terren quickly jumped up and took a few steps backward from the creature.

"Where the heck am I," Terren said as the creature walked up to him, "and who or what are you?" The creature blinked it's golden colored eyes and wggled its ears and short tail. It started smiling again.

"You're in the Digital World silly," the creature said as he continued to smile, "and I'm Dorimon, your Digimon. BTW, Digimon is short for Digital Monster." Terren nodded his head and kneeled down in front of Dorimon. Dorimon quickly jumped into Terren's arms. A sweat drop appeared on the side of Terren's face as he stood up. He then felt the device in his left hand. He quickly clipped it to his pants and started walking without saying anything.

A few moments later, Terren came into a clearing. He spotted Kirk, Emily, Amika, Daina, Yuki, James, and Carrie sitting around a hologram and playing with creatures of their own. Terren shook his head, walked over to the group, and sat down next to James. Everyone turned and looked at Terren. Terren just put his head down and didn't say anything. He was wondering what was going on and what everyone was doing here.[/COLOR][/I][/B]
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[B][I][COLOR=Magenta]Maria looked at the powder pink light was slightly floating in front of her. She put her a hand to her chin and poked the light with her other hand. The light didn't move, but Maria hit her finger on something. Maria took her hand off her chin and grabbed the light. She opened her to discover a small powder pink device in her hand. Maria was slightly confused. She suddenly felt a jolt go through her entire body. She then passed out.

"Maria, Maria," a small female's voice said from Maria's left, "It's time to wakey. I don't think you should sleep all day." Maria fluttered her eyes open and turned to her left. A blue color crossed he face as she stared at a green thing with a tan face, four feet, and a little seedling on it's head. Maria quickly jumped up and backed away from the creature. The creature looked at her and blinked.

"Who are you," Maria said as she stared at the creature. The creature looked as if she was going to laugh. She walked up to Maria and smiled.

"I'm Tanemon," the creature said as she continued to smile, "I'm a Digimon AKA Digital Monster. You're in my home known as the Digital World. Don't worry, I'm your friend." Maria nodded her head and started looking around. She wondered if she was here alone or did the other nine people she was with here as well. She let out a sigh as Tanemon jumped up into her arms. Maria looked down as Tanemon smiled.

"Maybe I should see if the others are here," Maria said as she started walking. Tanemon nodded her head as Maria continued to walk.

A few seconds later, Maria stummbled into a clearing. She spotted Kirk, Emily, Amika, Daina, Yuki, James, Carrie, and Terren sitting around a hologram of a man. Marai let out a sigh of reilieve, ran over to the group, and sat next to Carrie. Carrie looked at her and she smiled. Maria then looked around. It seemed like everyone that was with her earlier was there. The only person missing was Jace. She wondered if he would be there as well.[/COLOR][/I][/B]
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[B][I][COLOR=Navy]OCC: I can't wait for yalborap. I'm just going to have Gennai exsplain everything and have the Digimon Digivolve. Then he'll send us into the Dark Forest where we'll meet our next challenge. That won't be until my next post though. I'll pretend Jace showed up with Shonakimon.

"Well," the holographic man said as Jace finally ran up with a Digimon in hand, "it looks like everyone's here now. So you guys won't be totally lost, I'm Gennai and I'm going to be a Digital Guide. In a matter of speaking." Kirk and everyone else still looked totally confused. Koromon had stopped jumping and looked at Gennai the same way the kids were looking at him. A sweat drop appeared on the side of Gennai's face as he let out a sigh.

"Listen pops," Kirk said as he put his hands on the back of his head, "I want to know how we got here and why we're here." Gennai shook his head and looked at the ten children. Some of the girls were talking among themselves as some of the boys stared Gennai down. Gennai let out another sigh.

"You ten are the choosen Digidestined," Gennai said as he crossed his arms, "You have been chosen to save our world from total destruction. You ten are the only ones who can help your friends here Digivolve into bigger and stronger Digimon. The small colored devices you recieved are called Digivices. Those are what help your partners Digivolve. Don't lose or trade those if it's the last think you do. Even if they are what brought you here." Everyone took their Digivices out and started looking at them. Kirk started looking around. All the other "Digidestined" had diffrent colored "Digivices" then he did. Daina suddenly spoke up.

"We were choosen to save this world," Daina said as she looked away from her Digivice and at Gennai, "but our Digimon are small and helpless. Not putting them down or anything, but I don't think their exsactly world saving material." All of the Digimon put their heads down. Daina looked around and then put her head down. She didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings. Gennai grinned slightly.

"Now there's where it gets interesting missy," Gennai said as he brushed a bit of black hair from his face, "Watch and learn. Watch and learn." Gennai made a hand motion and everyone's Digivice satarted to glow along with thier Digimon. Kirk jumped up and watched Koromon double in size. Everyone else's Digimon were doing the same. Soon a white colored reptile creature with blue eyes was standing where Koromon was. Kirk looked at the new Digimon in disbelieve. He then started looking around. A pink bird with a silver ring around one of her feet and blue eyes was smiling as she stood in front of Emily, a white and purple seal like creature with huge claws and green eyes was happily looking up at Amika, a bat like creature with golden eyes and floppy antena things on his head had just flew onto Daina's shoulder, a strange black creature with a black horn on his head, a strange golden symbol on his white underbelly, and brown eyes was happily grinning at Yuki, a long eared broen rabbit like creature with three horns, pink in it, and cute brown eyes jumped onto Jame's head, a huge yellow fox with purple in her and blue eyes looked down at Carrie, a light purple creatur with little wings, a huge fox tail, a red stone on it head, and with gold eyes was wagging it's tail as Terren looked at it in total confusion, a green plant like creature with purple flowers as hands, a red flower petal collar, a red helment like thing, and blue eyes smiled brightly at Maria, and Jace was looking strangely at his bigger Digimon. Daina smiled brightly and started screatching her new Digimon's chin.

"That's amazeimg," Daina exsclaimed as she continued what she was doing, "They got bigger! Maybe now we stand a chance." Gennai smiled happily and looked around at all the confused faces. He cleared his throat and everyone turned to look at him. He smiled again at eveyone's attention.

"I would like you all to know your Digimon's new names," Gennai said as he stopped smiling. "Why don't you introduce yourselves guys and gals." All the Digimon nodded thier heads and stood in front of their partners if they weren't already.

"I'm SnowAgumon," the small white colored reptile said with a smile.

"I'm Biyomon," the pink bird said with cheer.

"I'm DemiDevimon," the bat said as he fluttered in front of Daina.

"I'm BlackGabumon," the strange black creature said as he smiled brightly.

"I'm Lopmon," the brown rabbit said as she streatched her ears.

"I'm Renamon," the yellow fox said as she crossed her arms.

"I'm Dorumon," the purple fox said as he wagged his tail.

"I'm Floramon," the plant said as she smiled.

"And I'm Shatakumon," the Digimon standing in front of Jace said. All of the Digidestined nodded their heads and looked back at Gennai. Gennai smiled as the Digimon went back to their partner's side, head, arms, or shoulder.

"They're are all in their Rookie forms now," Gennai said as he turned his back to the Digidestined, "If you can make it to that village over there near that volcano, I'll give you more information. For now you have to enter the Dark Forest behind you, find your way through that, make your way across Green Valley, quickly pass on Fire Road, and finally enter the village. I bid you farewll for now." Kirk reached for Gennai as he disappeared. He shook his head and looked down at SnowAgumon. SnowAgumon shrugged his shoulders. Kirk let out a sigh and looked toward the forest. He then started walking toward it.

"We should do what pop says," Kirk said as SnowAgumon stummbled to catch up to him. All the other Digidestined looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders, and started following Kirk. Their Digimon followed as well.

OOC: I really don't care who'll post next and I don't care what they post. Just remember we're in the forest. I would kind to like them see a shadow or something. Other then that, post what ever you like. Oh yeah, don't start any battles. OK ^_^[/COLOR][/I][/B]
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Emily frowned at biyomon a little...

Biyomon looked back, "Whats the matter Emily?"

"Pink just never... I have just never liked pink all that much you know..."

"Hehehe dont worry Emily my other forms arent all pink like this one..." Biyomon flew alongside Emily as she walked quickly and cheerfully ahead of everyone else. She could get hyper at times and have huge bursts of energy and this was one of those moments.

"This is fun..." Emily said watching the skull's eyes on her dress glow red like they normaly did, "This is so much better than back home!" She spun around a few times and then glanced into the trees around her. She thought she saw something but shrugged and ignored it.

Biyomon flew alongside her still and saw movement, "What was that?"

"What was what?" Emily asks

"I thought i saw something..."

"Yeah so did I... Just forget about it..." Emily skipped a bit then spun in place again before finally calming down to a normal rate.

lack of creativity but it works
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[B][I][COLOR=Navy]Kirk stopped and turned around to see that everyone else stopped.He looked a little irratated with this and pushed his way through some of the other Digidestined. SnowAgumon wasn't too far behind him.

"What's going on here people," Kirk asked as he pushed his way to the end. Everyone looked at Kirk and then at Emily. Emily and Biyomon were looking around like they saw something. Kirk walked in front of everyone else as SnowAgumon stummbled to his side.

"Emily swears she saw something," Daina said as she leaned toward Kirk. DemiDevimon nodded his head in agreement with Daina. Kirk shook his head and looked back at Emily.

"Look Emily," Kirk said as SnowAgumon looked at Biyomon, "you're seeing things. We have to keep moving before it gets dark. We don't want to be stuck in this dark forest so it can get darker." Emily looked over at Kirk, but jumped when something moved. That time everyone saw it and took a step backward, even Kirk. Emily stood there with Biyomon at her side. Everyone suddenly jumped when they heard laughter. Biyomon got into a fighting stance, but fell over when a Digimon jumped out of the shadows and landing in front of her. Emily stiffened up as she stared at the goblin type Digimon that just jumped out of the shadows.

"It's a shame that you think I'm only a figment of your imagination," the strange Digimon said as he glared at the group. Kirk looked down at SnowAgumon as everyone took another step backward. SnowAgumon looked really tension and didn't like the fact that Emily and Biyomon were so close to that thing.

"Watch out guys," SnowAgumon yelled to Emily and Biyomon, "That's Baronmon. His Dancing Meteor and Scarlet Hair attacks can leave some perrty nasty scares." Emily and Biyomon looked over at SnowAgumon as everyone took about five steps backward. Baronmon laughed as Emily and Biyomon looked back at him. They both started to sweat.

"My master order ten human children dead," Baronmon laughed, "and I think I'll started with this little one and her little pink birdy." Everyone tensed up as Baronmon started to close in on Emily and Biyomon. Everyone started wondering what could happen.

OOC: Alright, Emily and Biyomon are first up to bat. Baronmon's attacks are Dancing Meteor and Scarlet Hair, just in case you didn't catch them when SnowAgumon said them. Fair warning to the others. I'll mention the evil Digimon's name and attacks in my post. Watch out for them because one of our Digimon will say them. LOL Well, go for it Emily. ^_^[/color][/i][/b]
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Emily shook her head and took a step towards the digimon set on destroying them, "Im not afraid of you!" She said glaring, "You big pig face in a dress!"

"Oh you will be..." He said with a wierd tone of voice

"No I wont..." Emily said stepping closer to it again.

"And neither will I!" Biyomon said flying next to Emily.

"Fine then... You two need a little persuasion... Scarlet Hair!"

He let out the attack quickly and almsot to fast to notice but Emily and Biyomon stood their ground. The attack slammed into the ground right in front of the two. Once the dust cleared Emily was seen still standinger in her place... biyomon still in hers.

"Like I said Big tooth... I am not afraid of you!" Emily shouted and suddenly her digivice glowed. It let out a burst of light that blinded baronmon and the others. Biyomon was struck by the light and engulfed in it. She grew larger and let out a loud yell.

"Biyomon Digivolve Too.... Saberdramon!" The now big black bird yells.... as the light vanishes.

"Yeah now thats more like it!" Emily cheered for her partner more about the black color...

"This changes nothing..." Baronmon sent another attack towards Emily.

"Mach Shadow!" Saberdramon rose into the air and a shadow of her grew underneath her.... Soon it took her shape but no details were made... Just a shadow... The shadow sped at Baronmon and hit him directly in the chest... sending him slamming backwards into a nearby rock.

"It will take more than that!" He said pulling himself up to his feet.

"Ok... Mach Shadow!" She yelled again... and this time she flew with the shadow and both slammed into him causing double trouble for Baronmon... He digitized in Saberdramon's claws as she crushed him... He then was no more.

She devolved into Biyomon and flew down next to Emily... who gave her a Hi-Five

"Great job! You showed him a thing or two! Rock on!"

ooc: By the way her Anti-Confusion attack is only used for when a digimon is confused by a certin attack OR eats a certin food that causes confusion... it is also the only attack she will use if she becomes confused... so she instantly will heal herself from confusion...
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[B][I][COLOR=Navy]"That was awesome," Kirk said as Emily and Biyomon walked back over to the group. Emily nodded at him and gave him a thumbs up. Everyone let out a sigh of reilieve and looked around.

"Now what," Emily asked as she looked at Kirk. Kirk pointed at himself and everyone, except Terren and Daina, nodded. Kirk put his hand to his chin and looked around. He noticed the trail wa stright and there shouldn't be a promblem getting out of the forest.

"I say we try to get out of this forest as quick as possible," Kirk suggested as he walked through the group. Everyone looked at each other and quickly followed Kirk.

A few mintutes later, the group stummbled upon a fork in the road. A sweat drop appeared on the side of Kirk's face as SnowAgumon looked up at him. Kirk shook his head.

"This is just great," Kirk said as something caught his eye. Something was moving in the trees. Kirk quickly turned toward the movement. Everyone one else looked over there as well. They all stiffened a little when the saw something move as well.

"You ten are stubborn," a deep voice said from the trees, "aren't you?" The group started looking around as Kirk clinched his fist. Suddenly a huge half-human like half-horse like Digimon jumped out of the trees. Amika backed up and fell over as the Digimon landed in front of her. Everyone else ran away from the Digimon. Emily had to get drug away. They all looked in horror has the Digimon got closer to Amika. Gomamon stepped in front of Amika. The evil Digimon laughed.

"Watch out you two," Lopmon yelled from James' head, "That's Centarumon. His Solar ray, Jet gallop, and Heat uppercut attacks really hurt." Amika closed her eyes as Centarumon started to get closer to her.

OOC: Alright, it's Amika's turn. Digivolve away! Good luck! LOL :D[/COLOR][/I][/B]
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Centarumon started pawing the ground with one of his hoofs. He looked down at Amika as Gomamon's fur stood on end. Centarumon took another step toward Amika and Amika moved slightly backward. Centarumon laughed at Amika's plight. He thought it was fuuny to watch the fear dance in Amika's eyes. He took another step closer.

"No," Amika screamed as she put her hands to her face, "I don't want to die. At least not yet." As Amika said that, her Digivice started to glow. She took her hands off her face and looked at Gomamon. Both her Digivice and him were glowing with the same glow.

"Gomamon Digivolve to..............," Gomamon shouted as he started to grow in size, "Piddomon." Amika looked on in amazement as an angel with a red ribbon and sash like thing on appeared in front of her. He was holding a staff and had a helment on. His long golden blond hair caught Amika's eye.

"Wow," Amika said as she stummbled to her feet behind Piddomon, "he's an angel." Piddomon suddenly put his staff out toward Centarumon. Centarumon backed up slightly out of fear.

"I don't know what you evil Digimon want," Piddomon said as he started to spin his staff, "but I won't allow you to get too far. This is going to end here. APOLLO TORNADO!" A fire tornado suddenly appeared from Piddomon's staff. Centarumon tried to dodge, but he got trapped in the tornado's vortex. He started laughing as he started to Digitize.

"There are others," Centarumon laughed as he almost completely disappeared, "and they will come for you. We will not lose. WE WILL NOT LOSE!" Both the tornado and Centarumon suddenly disappeared. Amika blinked a few times as Piddomon touched down on the ground and started glowing. Then Gomamon suddenly appeared out of the light and ran up to Amika. Amika quickly grabbed him and hugged him.

"You're my hero Gomamon," Amika said as she started walking back over to the group. She then stopped and looked back at the spot Centarumon disappeared at. She wondered what he ment by what he said. She was starting to get worried now. She hugged Gomamon a bit tighter and caught up with the group.
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[B][I][COLOR=Navy]OOC: Sorry guys, I'm trying to move the whole Champion thing right along. I'll even post two Digimon up this time. We'll have a break as soon as we hit Green Valley. Which will be right after these two fights. I promise!

"Ok," Kirk said as he walked with his hands behind his head, "Biyomon can turninto a huge black bird surrounded in black flames and Gomamon can turn into a fire angel. I'm starting to like this." Everyone looked at Kirk with a stressed look. Terren stepped ahead of Kirk and grabbed him by the jacket.

"I'm glad you're likeing it," Terren said with a sneer, "but Emily and Amika almost got killed. They're luck their Digimon......umm.....Digivolved to save them." Kirk raised an eyebrow at Terren. Terren losened his grip and let go of Kirk. A sweat drop appeared on the side of Kirk's face.

"Sorry dude." Kirk said without even looking at Terren, "I was just shareing what I thought out loud. I didn't mean anything by it and I'm sorry if I offended anyone with it." Terren shook his head and crossed his arms. Kirk sighed and started picking up his pace. Everyone picked up thier pace as well.

A few mintutes later, the group spotted a orangish color at the end of the trees. They knew they were almost out of the forest. Everyone started running toward the exit. Daina and Terren were taking the lead when two figures jumped out in front of them. Everyone slammed on thier breakes. The two figures started laughing.

"We've got you know," one of the figures said as it came into light. It was some sort of witch Digimon. Daina backed up as the with floated a little closer to her.

"There's no way you can beat two of us," the other figure said as it came into light as well. This was a plant like Digimon and he hopped toward Terren. Terren stood his ground as Dorumon's fur stood up.

"Oh my," Floramon said with a gasp, "that's Witchmon. Her Poison Storm attack can leave the oh so ever lasting after effect." Maria looked down at Floramon. Floramon smiled and looked back at Witchmon.

"Yes," Renamon said as she looked down at the other Digimon, "and the other is Weedmon. His Deadly Weed and Deadly Ivy attacks can be, well, deadly." Carrie slightly giggled at Renamon. Renamon looked down at her and she stopped. Daina looked at DemiDevimon as he flew in front of her and Terren looked at Dorumon as he ran in front of them. Witchmon and Weedmon laughed at the Rookies. Kirk started hoping that DemiDevimon and Dorumon would Digivolve fast. The group didn't need another close call.

OOC: Ok, it's you turns Daina and Terren. As soon as you guys are done with the fight, you can started heading for the exit again. I'll give everyone a break in Green Valley. LOL Happy Digivolveing you two.[/COLOR][/I][/B]
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[B][I][COLOR=Teal]Daina looked at DemiDevimon as he glared at Witchmon. Witchmon glared right back. She then looked at Daina. Daina swallowed hard and stuck her tounge out at Witchmon looked totally outraged. She quickly floated by DemiDevimon and got in Daina's face. Daina swallowed hard again. She decided to keep her tongue to herself this time though.

"You ingorant little wentch," Witchmon hissed as she stared Daina in the face, "I'm so glad I have the pleasur of destroying you." Daina backed up, but fell on her backside. DemiDevimon quickly flew in front of her again. He really looked upset. Daina stood up and took another step backward.

"Why don't you pick on me you Magical Hag," Witchmon looked even more outraged with what DemiDevimon said. Daina found it funny. She giggled slightly until Witchmon grabbed DemiDevimon with one her big red hand. Daina gasped and fell to her knees.

"No," Daina yelled as she shook her head," "Let him go! Please don't hurt him! You don't want him! You want me! You can kill me for all I care, just don't hurt DemiDevimon!" Daina looked like she was about to cry as Witchmon put her free hand to her chin. DemiDevimon looked down at Daina with a sad look. Daina eyes were filled with. She suddenly punched the ground and turned her head. Her Digivice started glowing brightly along with DemiDevimon. Witchmon had to cover her face from the blinding light. She dropped DemiDevimon, but he didn't hit the ground. He floating in midair and glowing brighter. Daina wiped the tears from her eyes and looked back at DemiDevimon. Her eyes lit up with excitement.

"DemiDevimon Digivolve too.......," DemiDevimon shouted as his voice changed, "Wizardmon!" Witchmon dropped her arm and looked at the floating Wizardmon. Wizardmon's left red eye and right blue one seemed to glow with passion and honor.

"Cool," Daina said as she picked herself up, "he's a Wizard. Show us a magic trick Wizardmon." Wizardmon looked down at Daina and winked at her. Daina gave him a thumbs up as he turned back toward Witchmon and put his staff out. A sweat drop appeared on the side of Witchmon's head.

"Watch it lover boy," Witchmon said as she started chargeing at Wizardmon, "You might get hurt if you play with toys like those." Wizardmon quickly moved to the side and watched Witchmon crash into some nearby trees.

"My partner wants to see some magic," Wizardmon said as he held his staff out toward the dazed Witchmon, "How 'bout you be the Digimon I saw in half. MAGICAL GAME!" A blue blast shot from Wizardmon's staff and headed toward Witchmon. Witchmon came back to her senses, but not in time. Wizardmon's Magical Game attack struck home. Witchmon Digitized without a word. Daina jumped and ran over to where Wizardmon was decending. She grabbed Wizardmon and hugged him when he touched down. He turned back into DemiDevimon in her arms.

"That was soooooo awesome," Daina said as she looked over at Terren, "Let's hope Dorumon will do the same for Terren." DemiDevimon nodded and flew up onto Daina's shoulder. Daina watched Terren's battle tensely.[/COLOR][/I][/B]
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[B][I][COLOR=Red]Terren gripped his fist as Weedmon hopped closer to him. Dorumon growled slightly and glared at Weedmon. Terren had to sat something. It wasn't like him to just stand there.

"All right weeds for brains," Terren said as he glared at Weedmon, "Come get me. I'm ready for you." Weedmon laughed and just cut it off. He looked at Terren with an evil glare. He suddenly charged at Terren.

"DASH METAL," Dorumon shouted as his red jewel glowed. Dorumon suddenly smashed into Weedmon side. He sent the both of them tumbleing. Terren cringed as Dorumon struggled to get up. His partner was hurt and it was his fault.

"You furry brat," Weedmon said as he got up, "Why don't I show you a thing or two. DEADLY IVY!" Dorumon tried to avoid the attack, but he got caught up in Weedmon's vines. He couldn't move and it felt like his energy was draining. Terren gripped his fist and put his head down. His Digivice suddenly started to glow. Dorumon glowed alond with it.

"Dorumon Digivolve to..........," Dorumon yelled as he started to grow in size, "DoruGamon." Weedmon dropped DoruGamon. He couldn't support his weight. Terren looked up to discover a Digimon about two times Dorumon's height standing in front of Weedmon. DoruGamon's fur was also darker and he had tiger like stripes. His tail had a blade on the end of it and his winges were way bigger.

"Whoe," Terren said as he took a step forward, "Now that's awsome." Weedmon backed up away from DoruGamon. DoruGamon stepped closer to Weedmon. He lowered his head. Weedmon started to sweat.

"I think it's time to make some tossed salad," DoruGamon said as the small red jewel on his head started to glow, "POWER METAL!" Weedmon tried to get away from the silverish beam that came out of the jewel, but he wasn't quick enough. The beam struck him and he Digitized. Terren quickly ran over to DoruGamon. DoruGamon turned toward Terren and smiled. He the De-Digivolved. Terren ran up and hugged him.

"That was so great," Terren said as he picked Dorumon up, "Now I'm all for getting out of here. Anyone else?" The whole group agreed and started running toward the exit. Terren looked down at Dorumon as he started following the group. Dorumon blinked a few times. Terren shook his head and smiled. He then started running so he wouldn't be seperated from the group.[/COLOR][/I][/B]
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[B][I][COLOR=Navy]OOC: Finally, we're in Green Valley. Time to take a break. LOL

"So," Kirk said as he walked out of Dark Forest into a lush green valley, "this must be Green Valley. Since the sun is setting, I vote we set up camp. Who agrees?" Everyone started talking among themselves and agreed. They all started gathing firewood right away.

After the firewood was gathered, Biyomon used her Sprial Twister to lite a fire. Kirk let out a sigh a quickly sat down near the fire. Everyone else did the same along with the Digimon. Terren was giving Kirk an evil glare. Kirk raised an eyebrow at him.

"Now what," Kirk asked as he put his hands behind his head. Terren just turned his head from Kirk. Kirk shook his head and looked over at Daina. Daina was taking he backpack out from behind her. She opened it and feed DemiDevimon a piece of a candy bar. Kirk cleared his throat. Daina almost dropped the candy bar and looked at Kirk.

"Sorry," Daina said as she gave the last piece of the candy bar, "that was the only one I had. I thought DemiDevimon deserved it. I'm really sorry again." Kirk nodded and let out a sigh. He then layed down in the cool soft grass.

"Maybe we should take shifts watching the campsite," Terren said as he cleared his throat slightly. Kirk sprang back up and SnowAgumon looked at him with surprise. He looked over at Terren.

"I'll take the first shift," Kirk said with a shin in his eye, "I'm not tired anywho." Everyone nodded their head. They all weren't tired at the moment. Maybe they could find something to do.[/COLOR][/I][/B]
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[B][I][COLOR=Teal]Daina let out a sigh. She was bored half out of her mind. She quickly looked around the campsite at everyone. Everyone seemed to be bored as well. DemiDevimon was dozing off on her shoulder.

"Oh boy," Daina said with a sigh, "I'm bored half outta my mind. Does anyone want to do anything." Everyone looked at her and shook their heads. Daina huffed and looked over at DemiDevimon. DemiDevimon looked as if he was about to fall over. Daina shook her head and stood up. Terren looked up at her.

"Where you going Daina," Terren said as he stood up as well. Dorumon jumped up next to Terren. Daina shook her head as DemiDevimon looked around, startled.

"I'm going on a walk around this valley," Daina said with a wink, "You wanna join me Terren?" Terren turned a slight red color. Kirk rolled his eyes. Even though he didn't want to admit it, he liked Daina just like she liked him.

"Sure," Terren said with a smile. Daina smiled and looked at the rest of the group. They still looked bored. Daina let out a sigh.

"Anyone else wanna join," Daina said as she started to walk away, "If not, you can figure out something else to do." Everyone looked at Daina and started to talk among themselves. They were disgusting what to do as Daina, Terren, Dorumon, and DemiDevimon continued to walk.

OOC: I kind of out of ideas at the moment! :sweat:[/COLOR][/I][/B]
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OOC: Sorry I haven't been around, folks. But at least I'm here now, right?

IC: Jace watched the others and leaned against a tree, getting very rapidly bored.
"Shatakumon, want to go see if there's anything to do?"

shatakumon:"Sounds good to me."

Jace and shatakumon quickly made their way in the general direction of daina and terren, both beginning to wonder if there was any way to work completely alone, but quickly dismissing it.

jace:"Shatakumon, got any ideas on how to scare them?"

shatakumon:"Already planned on it."
Shatakumon quickly turned invisible as jace hid behind a tree and watched, shatakumon sneaking up behind daina and terren, only to hang a huge spider on top of daina's head and letting it drop onto her head, as she screamed and just generally freaked out, shatakumon already behind the tree with jace.

jace:"Awesome dude, awesome. Now, we run.

shatakumon:" Good idea."
They both quickly ran as daina finally found out it was a rubber spider, making it back to the campsite and looking perfectly natural before she could realize only shatakumon could do that.

OOC: Tell me if I screwed anything up continuity wise, and feel free to comment on making jace and shatakumon pranksters.
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[B][COLOR=RoyalBlue]Yuki watched Daina and Terren walk back into the campsite. Daina looked totally annoyed. Yuki looked at BlackGabumon. BlackGabumon shrugged his shoulders. Yuki shook his head.

"What's wrong Daina," Yuki asked as he looked at Daina. Daina stopped walking and looked over at Yuki. Yuki started to sweat. Daina maybe goofy, but she was scary when she was mad.

"Someone thought it would be funny to put a rubber spider on my head," Daina said as she started to calm down. Yuki put his hand to his mouth. He was about to laugh. He started wondering if Daina wiged out.

"Why would someone do that," BlackGabumon asked with a confused look. Yuki dropped his hand and looked at his digital partner. BlackGabumon looked at him with a confused look.

"I thought you were kidding," Yuki said with a nervous smile," but you're totally serious." BlackGabumon nodded his head. A sweat drop appeared on the back of Yuki's head.

"So," BlackGabumon asked as he started to rub the back of his head, "why would someone do that?" Yuki shook his head as Daina started to walk by. He went to say something, but Daina cut him off.

"Because the think they can out do me in pranks," Daina said as she rubbed DemiDevimon's head, "but I'll show them." Yuki nodded his head and watched Daina and Terren sit back down near the fire. He let out a sigh and looked up at the star filled sky.[/COLOR][/B]
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Jace watched daina, laughing uncontrollably in his mind but completely calm to what everyone else could see.
"That really sucks. People who do that are really cruel."
He stood up and sat down next to her, smiling slightly.
"I'd never do that."

shatakumon was sitting there watching, staying perfectly calm as well, yet laughing even harder than jace on the inside as he began attempting to win the same girl they had just pulled a prank on over, and possibly succeeding a little bit.
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[B][I][COLOR=Navy]OOC: Since it seems everyone is bored, I'll have an attack on the campsite. I hope we can get this over with quick and getting moving onto the crests. LOL

Kirk looked totally bored as he stared into the fire. He looked over at Daina and Jace. Jace may have said he wouldn't pull a prank, but Daina didn't seem to trust him. Kirk shook his head and let out a sigh.

"This is totally boring," James said as Lopmon looked down at him. She blinked a few times as James grinned nervously. Kirk suddenly stood up. Everyone turned and looked at him.

"We need some action," Kirk said with a grin. Everyone was silent until something moved behind them. Kirk quickly ran to the back of the group. Two pairs of glowing eyes started staring at him. Kirk looked a little nervous as he took a step backward. Jace looked really interested in this. He quickly ran next to Kirk followed closely by Shatakumon.

"Your wish is our command," a male voice said as both pair of glowing eyes jumped into the light. One was a huge yellow ape and the other was a small broewn bired with a radar on.

"Hey," DemiDevimon said as an angered look crossed his face, "that's Apemon with his mighty Metallic Fur and Mega Bone Stick. Going up aginst him might be a crushing exspience." Daina nodded at her partner then looked at the other Digimon.

"Then who's fly boy," Daina asked as she looked back over at DemiDevimon. DemiDevimon streatched his wings and glared at the bird Digimon.

"That's Aurumon," DemiDevimon said with a snort, "His Midnight Sniper and Infrared Red attacks rarely miss." Daina looked worried, so did Jace and Kirk. They were the closest to the Digimon. SnowAgumon and Shatakumon looked ready to fight.

OOC: Alright yalborap, it's yours and mine turns. You're gonna have to post first.[/color][/i][/b]
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Shatakumon was becoming quite angry and ran in, attacking apemon and getting knocked back in the process, as he slowly managed to stand again.

shatakumon:" Let's see what happens!"
Shatakumon quickly ran and jumped into the air towards apemon, as jace's digivice glowed and light shot out of it.

"shatakumon digivolved to...Shonakimon!"
As shonakimon continued his attack, leaving a bit of shock and awe, he managed to get his sword out and move it into a stalemate with apemon blocking and shonakimonuselessly trying to force his sword through. If there was going to be a surprise attack, it would be now, and it would have to be big for either side to win this fight...

OOC: A digivolve and preparation for an underhanded surprise attack! Not bad, huh?
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