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[COLOR=green][B][I][FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode][SIZE=2]Finally Scalvur arrived in Domino city, there was a tournament about to start; the battle map tournament.
The rules weren't clear yet, but Yugi was about to announce.
After getting the new and improved duel disk he headed for the park in the center of the city, where Yugi was about to start the tournament.

The speech just begon when Scalvur arrived;
"The rules are simple, 5000 lifepoints and an participal card.
If you lose you lose you rarest card.
If you refuse a duel you attomatic lose and have to give your rarest card and your participal card.
If you have 5 you can get an map from me where the next duel arena is.
Once there you'll have to fight for 5 more, than you will recieve the final map, where I will be waiting, and than the final begins!

Scalvur looked around the monsters appeared and where graphicer than ever before.
He turned his duel disk on and slapped his deck into it.
And now look for an victom....[/SIZE][/FONT][/I][/B][/COLOR]
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[I][B][COLOR=green][FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode]Scalvur made his way to an bench.
He turned on his laptop and opened the site of the battle maps tournament.
After some seeking he could see all of the contestors whit their rank and their rarest card.

After a few minutes a boy with an duel disk came and looked aruond.
James Jase, 3 stars and rarest card is gaia the dragon champion.
Suddanly he saw Scalvur after his laptop.
He walked to him and said;"I challenge you to a duel you can't win or refuse!"
Scalvur turned of his laptop;"Alright, challenge accepted, prepare to lose."
They shuffled their decks as he walked stood up.

"I'll start this duel, with 2 m/t cards and 1 face-down monster on the field, your turn."
The cards in Scalvurs hand where; Trap hole, tribute to the doomed, Fairy box, marie the fallen one, seven tools of the bandit and mystical elf.
"I wil place 2 m/t cards and a face down monster on the field."
James drew an card and set another monster.
Scalvurs turn again, the card he drewed was waboku.
"I will place 2 other cards face down."
After James drew a card, he sacrificed both for the Dark magician.
"I don't think so, trap hole!"
"You really think I should take an risk like that? Seven tools of the bandit!"he answerred.
"Did you know I have it to? activate my first trap card, seven tools of the bandit!"
And so the tools destroyed the other tools, and the just summoned dark magician fell in the hole.
"Ow well, it does'nt matter anyways, I'll use premature burial to revive it, so it costs me only 700 more life points.
Attack his set monster!"
-dark magician attack suddanly was blocked-
The new card Scalvur just drew was summoned skull.
"I will use tribute to the doomed, to destroy your dark magician if I discard one of my card of my hand."
-An mummy's arm came out of the ground and strungled the dark magician, then he pulled the magician in the ground-
"Now i'll offer an monster on the field as an tribute for summoned skull, attack his life points directly!"
-An black lightning hit James and he was pushed back by the power-
James looked at his lifepoints and saw he only had 800 left.
"I'll end with setting 4 more cards."
Scalvur knew he had an card in his deck wich could garantie his victory, he drewed an card, and.... giant trunade!
"Now to end this duel"Scalvur set;"I will return all magic and trap cards to their owner's hand; GIANT TRUNADE!"
An tornado got every m/t card from the field.
-Summoned skull attacked directly and the boy fell-
He looked his lifepoints hit 0, he lost.
Wen the boy stood up he said;"Here, take good care of it.", and he runned away.
Scalvur looked at the participal card, he won, and was one step closer to the finals.[/FONT][/COLOR][/B][/I]
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[size=1][color=darkslateblue]Scalvur, welcome to the boards. A few things. First of all, this looks to be more of a battle than an actual story, which makes this the entirely wrong forum to post it in. The Adventure Arena is for RPGs - active story telling among a number of different people, complete with a concrete plot and dynamic, well-rounded characters. If you'd like to post a tournament, I suggest heading over to the Battle Arena.

Second, in the event that you do want to create an RPG, you must first post information about it in the Recruitment thread. Only after a number of people sign-up and you're satisfied with the results can you start it up in the Adventure Arena.

Last, double-posting is not permitted in any of the forums in OB. To avoid this in the future, just edit your first post and add whatever extra information you have.

Please go over both OB rules and Harlequin's sticky. Both are clear about what is to be expected in the Adventure Arena and the entirety of OtakuBoards itself. If you have any questions afterwards, feel free to PM me or one of the other Mods and we'll do our best to help you out.

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