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  1. I'm finishing [i]The Rise of Endymion[/i] by Dan Simmons, and have generally fallen in love with the entire series. I think now when people ask me my religious affiliation I will just say, "Choose again." There's a whole bunch of non-fiction I've been dying to read, though. Next on my list will probably be [i]This Republic of Suffering[/i] by Drew Gilpin Faust. It's about death and the Civil War... good cheery reading for the summer. But I also couldn't help picking up [i]The Lost City of Z[/i] when it was 10% off, so no doubt I'll find my way over to that at some point.
  2. Everyone knows zombies go well with everything, but what about.... advanced alien civilizations? Apparently Elton John thinks so: [U][URL="http://www.guardian.co.uk/film/2009/feb/17/pride-and-predator-to-give-jane-austen-extreme-makeover"]Pride and Predator[/URL][/U]. I can't stop laughing. You can believe I'll be there at midnight, opening night, clutching my worn copy of Jane Austen's P&P while worrying incessantly over the fate of poor Mr. Darcy and his ten thousand pounds a year. The obnoxious Mr. Collins better be going [I]down[/I].
  3. [quote name='Warmside'] [COLOR="SlateGray"] Odd you should say that, considering Pullman wrote HDM as a direct rebuttal to Narnia and everything it stood for... frankly I think Narnia is crap. Cliched and unoriginal; black is black, white is white, talking animals... makes me want to hurl.[/COLOR][/QUOTE] I think Narnia goes a little deeper than that. But that's why I like both Lewis' and Pullman's books, when you get down to it, and why I think both are so very worth reading. What good is a one-sided argument?
  4. I reread Philip Pullman's trilogy [U]His Dark Materials[/U] and Garth Nix's [U]Sabriel[/U] books this summer and found that I loved them just as much the second time around. I always thought the magic in [U]Sabriel[/U] was especially interesting, and the three books are fairly dark for their age range, so I definitely suggest those. Sara Douglass is a pretty good fantasy author as well, if you can get past the occasional fit of angst and/or misogyny. Guy Gavriel Kay is beyond amazing, as well. I've read most of his books, and my favorite is [U]The Sarantine Mosaic[/U]. It's more hi
  5. I take it you've been reading Philip Pullman, hm? ;p I guess my most obvious question from this point would be how much of the story line will be similar to the books, as far as overall themes and weapons go (especially when it comes to the existence of different worlds and the possible ways of going through them)? I do like that you've expanded on the countries and created a very scary government for them to deal with. It should make the politics of the game very interesting. A Saracen in particular might make a handy character to have, if only because he or she would be so plainly oppos
  6. [size=1]?You know, I don?t think that?s going to work.? Her tone was light and her expression was carefully schooled, but Judith knew the engineer before her could detect her faint amusement. Said engineer scowled appropriately at her, adjusting the goggles she wore, and retorted, ?Ye of little faith.? Many loud noises followed, during which Judith took many steps back and made many faces as she covered her ears. One would think that the young woman would be used to her aunt?s relentless hacking and sawing and putting together of pieces, but she wasn?t. Still, she thought it useful to dro
  7. Yeah post-apocalyptic worlds! So, what kind of power plant is The Hub, and is it still running? I just assumed nuclear for some reason, but I went back and read and it doesn't actually say, so I thought I'd check first. I was also wondering if a hierarchy exists - would people with criminals and general lowlifes in their family tree be higher or lower on the food chain than, say, those with scientists? Or might this be something that's still sorting itself out within the story? Anyway, cool idea. ;]
  8. How big of a role will the Norse and Roman Gods (and every other, for that matter) play in the story? I was wondering if they would continue to be mentioned in passing references to various texts only or if they would, at some point, become actual characters that you'd be able to interact with. Mythology is [i]fun[/i], and this idea is cool.
  9. Some of you may have noticed that we've posted a new thread in the Adventure Inn, so please do check that out. In the meantime, we are positively delighted with Shy's contribution and have added it to the territory list. [i]Hopefully[/i] everybody is just taking their time with their ideas and we'll get more in soon... the map is just too pretty to waste.
  10. You know, before I write a fight scene I always get very excited and think, "This is going to be so awesome!" And then I sit there for a while and realize it's much harder than it looks. So kudos for some good fights and creative liberty!
  11. [center][b][size=3]The Quest for the Lost Relic:[/size] [size=4]The Sign-Up Thread[/size] [size=2]And other things you might find interesting to know.[/size][/b][/center] [size=1][i]Dear Friend, I have, for sometime, been involved in a search for information pertaining to the history and whereabouts of a certain historical artifact that may interest you. The relic is one we have all heard about at some point, but like all good legends, its exact appearance and uses have always varied from one story to the next. Much of my efforts have been spent in researching each of thes
  12. By magic we mean more of a Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings/OMG i am all powerful kind of thing, but it doesn't mean that it's all real all the time. I think we did mention that we encourage a supernatural aspect to the story, and a quest for an ancient relic can certainly be strange on so many levels. We [i]want[/i] some things to be unexplainable, but we don't necessarily want to revert to fantasy stereotypes in order to make that happen - people can't use magic, but it doesn't mean that magical things can't happen. The relic is something we want to reveal through the course of the story,
  13. [center][SIZE="4"][b]Quest for the Lost Relic[/b][/size] [INDENT][SIZE="2"][b]An interactive story brought to you by the makers of Laeth E’Thae and other fine cheeses.[/b][/size][/center][/INDENT] [size=1]My dear fine people, welcome to the preliminary thread for [b]The Quest[/b]. This thread’s major purpose is to create the world in which the quest is to take place. We have some ideas, but we also thought the story would be a lot more fun if the cultures and the cities were all created by the players. And we’ve even drawn a map. If that doesn’t get you excited, t
  14. There's been a lot of great advice, so I only want to add this little bit more: seriously, do not worry about getting in and out in four years. If it works out that way, good for you. If it doesn't, the world will keep turning, trust me. Sometimes you realize you're not in the right major, or sometimes a class or two turn out to be completely different than what you thought, and you can get a little "behind." But really, it's your education, do what you want. As long as you're happy with what you're learning and you have some ideas for the future, you're not behind. The only real concern
  15. "Oh no, my bouncing dear, this is a vanilla latté on ice, if you will." I slurpped the last of it up and then frowned at the empty cup. "Well, it was." Wander blinked and smiled and was swaying rather cheerfully on the spot. I blinked in response, and then remembered something about regularly updated caffeinated beverages and grinned. "Dance with me to restocked coffee! I imagine it's somewhere around here, and [i]then[/i] we can begin brainstorming for this new mission." As we manuevered out of the lobby, our dancing more reminiscent of epileptic fits rather than, say, ballet, I dec
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