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[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]So the search for Clud Nine begins! A quick review of who's joined...

Dragon_Warrior/ Damario Daskar/ 22

wrestlemaniac40/ Grim/ 26

Miki/ Kaiye Trevalis/ 16

Cyriel/ Arabella/ 21

Trowa_fan/ Jack/ 19

And I'm Isaac Telanthos, age 15.

So here we go...

[COLOR=DarkOliveGreen]"Ship! Prepare the dock!" a man in a low watch-tower called out, waving at the workers below. It wasn't often Introth'Din got visitors, and they must work fast to get the dock ready for a ship.

Isaac heard the shout and hurried down to the dock platform, watching the workers pull up boards and set ropes into place. Several miles off, a massive air ship could be seen, gliding through the air like a great whale, thought no one knew what a whale was.

A few minutes later, the ship was pulling into the hovering dock, workers throwing down ropes so the crew could tie the ship in. Isaac watched it all from afar, adjusting the cloth over his eyes as it shifted, making a blind-spot. Maybe this ship would bring visitors from one of the distant cities... maybe even some girls, thought Isaac.

He ran down a narrow plank connecting his platform to the next, heading towards the ship. He passed the aquaducts, harvesting water from the ever-present clouds. He stopped three platforms away, watching as the crew lowered a plank and a few stepped onto the 'solid ground' of Introth'Din.[/COLOR]

OOC: the ship that just docked can be anyone's. As long as you are supposed to be on a ship.
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On of the sailors kicked a large barrel down the loading plank, upon closer inspection an eye could be seen looking through a hole in it.
Jack kicked the side that his feet were against and the cap flew off.
"Hey you!" yelled the ship's guard.
"Time to run!" Jack said an took off across the harbour and rans straight into the blind kid and grabbed him as he fell into the mist.
Jack pulled the kid up and hid behind a fruit stand nearby.
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Let's hope the others get online soon

[COLOR=DarkOliveGreen]Isaac was nearly stunned... though they spent their whole lives in the skye, falling was a rare, scary experience for anyone. That tiny moment of free-fall before Jack had caught him, left Isaac momentarily frozen.

As Isaac gained control of his body again, Jack shushed him and the shouts of angry sailors could be heard on the other side of the small stand, barely able to hide the two. The shouts eventualy passed, and Isaac blurted out, "What the hell was that about?!"

Jack looked down at Isaac, and Isaac up at Jack. "Forget it kid. I'm outta here."

Isaac sat there for a moment as Jack got up and walked casualy away across the docking platform, being sure to hide his face from the wary crew. Unfortunately for him, Isaac wasn't one to give up with such a small explanation.[/COLOR]
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"Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me, hahahaha! I like that one." Normal blundering fool of a patron in the inns of sky cities. Damario happened to be one of them. Sitting alone in the corner, he watched as a few drunks made fun of pirates by mocking their music. "Let's try, what do you do with a drunken sailor, what do you do with a drunken sailor, what do you do with a drunken sailor?"

Before the man could finish, one of his buddies kicked him in the rear and sent him flying forward into a chair. "Throw 'im in a chair, mate!" Laughter arose from that, even from the man that was the victim. Damario shook his head. He wasn't quite sure why that was funny. Nevertheless, as much as the entertainment was... well... entertaining--he had other business. Like finding a crew. He stood up, threw his money's worth in the empty grog mug and left the nonprosperous inn's bar. Stretching out, he felt it was a fine day to walk the streets of Pathegari to find some mates.

He came across some fine women chatting in the market. Giving a toothy grin to them, he was immediately smacked and then dismissed. "What the-" He was suddenly picked up by the scruff of his coat by a large, bald man.

"What are you doing with my woman?" said the man, spitting in Damario's face.

"And my woman?" put in a smaller man of about one third Damario's size.

"I was just giving a friendly greeting is all, mates."

"Yeah, and I'm the King of Aluthergard!" The bald man suddenly chucked Damario into a load of trash outside a butchery. The smaller man kicked him in the shin and spit in his face before following his larger counterpart.

"Owww..." Damario whined. He took a sniff of the stuff around him and wrinkled his nose. "Ugh, butchery garbage. The worst."
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OOC: Trowa_fan, you might want to keep straight your location. Isaac and Damario aren't even in the same city. Which city are you in? Pathegari or Introth'Din?


A drab figure sat in the dim tavern, sipping the last of their drink. The room was dusty, lightly lit by the windows that faced the public street. Inside, most of the tables were empty; it was a bit too early for the normal crowd to be there yet, and not many people associated in a bar in the nice afternoon. The bartender wiped some of the last glasses, opening a window to get some airflow going, refreshing the musty air. Tonight the room would once again become hazy, filled with the smoke of pipes, tall tales, and the bouts of drinking and socializing.

Standing up, Arabella put the money under the glass, and went out through the doorway. Thoroughly disguised, not a colorful bit of silk was visible. Instead, the dark traveling cloak and normal leathers that she wore let her blend in with the busy crowds perfectly.

[I]Market day...[/I] It was her favorite; so many different people, and so many different things. Gossip and laughter, some rowdy bunches, and the occassional top ten of bounties being offered for pirates. [I]Wonder where I am on the list today[/I], she thought to herself, a smile flickering on her face. But she didn't hang around the colorful stalls long; she had business to attend to.

Making her way over to a quiet shop, she stood in front of it for a moment, her gaze lingering on the familiar door. [I]It hasn't changed much...[/I] Arabella stepped into the quiet shop, letting the deep smells of fine linens and cloths seep into her skin. Taking a deep breath, she opened her eyes, and found herself under the scrutiny of a wisened old man, stooped with age, but eyes still bright with mischief and knowledge.

"Can I help you?" he asked gruffly, his fingers stopping in midair. He held a bone needle in his weathered hands, and he seemed to be mending something.

Arabella could only smile, "Ah now Corin, don't tell me you don't recognize this old friend of yours? I only come here to Introth'Din to see you, you know." She winked, taking off her wide hat.

The old man's eyes widened in recognition, and he broke out in a smile, "'Bella!" He grinned mischieviously, looking much younger than his age. "You pretender you, dressin' up to be a common folk. Well now, how's business been gettin' along wit ya?" He winked as well, clapping Arabella on the back.

She nodded, sitting on some random pile of cloth. "Well, it's all goin' fine. I bet you heard a bunch 'bout my crew recently, as we were the ones who raided Ordney."

Corin went back to his mending, looking occassionally out the window. "Aye, the whole city's heard 'bout that, as well as half the sky, I suppose. Makin' quite a name for yourself, you are. Heard them callin' you the "Pastel Bandit" or some sort. But I suppose that's not why you're here. So, what can old Corin do for you?"

She smiled, shaking her head. "Well...while we were raiding Ordney, we got some damage on one o' the sails. I was wondering if I could get a replacement. They're all worn out anyway - it's time I got some new ones. Fresh wings for the good ol' [I]Angeles[/I]." Spreading out some parchment on the counter, she let Corin look them over. He squinted, muttering to himself, and then nodded.

"Ah yes, old Corin can get his wrinkled hands to work now. At least now it's somethin' interestin', stead of some old hemming." He went off to the back. Arabella sat to relax; even though he was the fastest sailmaker she knew of, it would still probably take a few hours...
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((I deleted the post that put me in the wrong place sorry for the inconvenience))

Jack realised that Issac is following him so he turns into a dark alley so as not to draw attention to them then turned grabbed Issac by the shirt and hauled him close to his face.

"Look kid I don't need some snot-nosed punk kid following me around, now beat it!"

And Jack walked off and a book fell out of his "goody" bag.
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Pathegari, just another regular city of the sky. Nothing much made it stand out; it was average-sized, if not a bit smaller than most; the citizens and inhabitants were mostly middle class; and no one of reknown had really lived there. Except, perhaps, Trevalis.

Trevalis, a kind captain who gained fame for his generosity, patience, and capture of some of the most famous pirates of the time. Pathegari was Trevalis's home town, as well as his little-known daughter's, Kaiye. And with Trevalis's death, his child's whereabouts became even less known... Or perhaps it was that it could never be charted where she was, for she had flown on almost every ship that was now docked in the city.

Kaiye could only laugh; the day was bright, the wind was running with mischief, and she had just returned to Pathegari. Walking on the dock, she felt the familiar sense of home return to her - there was nothing she could do about it. This was indeed her home, even if she was only here a few short times a year. For some reason, she always returned here, and whenever she did, good fortune seemed to rain down on her.

"Oy! Kaiye! You let me know if you ever want a place on the crew, ya hear?" the captain called to her. He was still on the ship, and the rest of the crew were looking over as well, giving her the honor of being the first to set her feet upon "solid ground." Their journey had been one that was uneventful to some ports in the east, and there had been much time to share stories and games. While at first a little rough, most of the crew had opened up, and it had been a thoroughly enjoyable trip.

Kaiye smiled and waved in return, and then continued walking, her step light as she started to enter the familiar streets of childhood. A small knapsack on her back held a few changes of clothes, a book, and a few other items. Her sling and pouch of pebbles were hanging off of the sash tied around her waist.

As she entered the marketplace, her face was recognized everywhere; her part in many crews and journeys had left many friendships and bonds - none forgot her that had ever met her. She waved, smiled, and kept walking, sometimes exchanging quick greetings with those she hadn't seen for a while.

Suddenly, a large bald man clapped her on the back, his smaller friend following. "Kaiye! Where were you all this time? We was wondering where you were! We wanted to introduce you to someone..." Blushing, the bald man held out his hand to the woman he had so recently "defended" from Damario. "This is my wife, Bridgette." The small man also introduced his newly wed wife as Sarah.

Kaiye clapped her hands in excitement, "Pike, Gerard, you both got married? Congratulations! Why din't you tell me sooner? It was common knowledge that I was on the [I]Handmaid[/I], wasn't it?"

The bald man called Pike answered, "Oh, we tried to git you a message, but we just plumb forgot where you was. We looked fer you everyday in the harbor though."

Kaiye shook her head, laughing, "Ah, well, still, it's better that I find out in person. Congrats again! I wish you all the best of luck." Then, looking around, she saw the trash pile...with a man...and turned back to Pike and Gerard. "...oh no, don't tell me you did this?" They both blushed again, nodding, and tried to explain, but Kaiye cut them both off. "Pike, Gerard, how many times must I tell you, it's really not polite to do that! You can't go beatin' on everyone in the street. Come on now, help me get 'im up." With a sympathetic smile, she offered her hand to Damario, brushing off his clothes at the same time.

"Hey, you alright there mister?"
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OOC: that's OK... nobody's perfect trowa_fan. One comment... exceptional job from all of you. I didn't think this would turn out so well!

[COLOR=DarkOliveGreen]Isaac tried to run after the man, but found it impossible to keep up with him. Soon, he found himself standing pointlessly in the middle of the docking platform. The platform was now filled with foreigners, all working around the ship to get it ready for another flight.

[i]At least it's a nice day... no storm clouds.[/i] Isaac shuddered at the thought of storms. Only one storm had hit Introth'Din in his lifetime, and it had been horrific. Thew entire west half of the city had been engulfed in the electricly charged cloud... they had to rebuild many platforms, but without the original magic that held it aloft, the city had sunk a total of four feet from the extra weight.

Just when everything was looking good, and Isaac was resting on a wooden post, the cloth that allowed him to see caught on a loose splinter and the fabric ripped slightly before he shook it loose. Immediately, part of the magic in the cloth was released, and his vision became blurred.

"Damn!" Isaac cursed his luck and went to find the weaver's little store. As he entered, he found that the owner, Corin, was not there, but a woman sat on one of his piles. "Excuse me... where is Mr. Corin?" Isaac asked as politely as he could manage.

The stranger looked up at him, a little surprised, and said, "He wet into the back to mend something of mine."

"Oh..." Isaac sat down and hoped it wouldn't be long. "Excuse me... you have a strange accent... are you from the ship in the dock?" Isaac asked, eager to make the time pass.[/COLOR]
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Arabella looked at the boy with a flicker of a smile on her face. "Hmm...perhaps; that would depend on who was asking."

"Oh, I'm Isaac," he answered, trying to get a better look at the stranger. However, his blurred vision didn't allow him to pick up the features of her face, and sat down on one of the piles across from her.

She laughed quietly, "Just Isaac? A bit short, isn't it?"

He blushed a bit, then recovered. "Sorry, full name's Isaac Telanthos. And your name...?"

Sitting back again, she looked amusedly at him, "Hmm...Isaac Telanthos eh? Well, I suppose you can call me...'Bella."

"Just 'Bella? A bit short, isn't it?" was Isaac's quick reply.

Arabella laughed; [I]he's a sharp one[/I]. "Yes, just 'Bella. Can't really give you a last name on my part; sorry." Leaning forward, she studied Isaac more closely. "...so, what are you needin' Corin for? Need somethin' mended, perhaps?"

Isaac took off the piece of cloth from his eyes, and handed it to her. "Mr. Corin made this for me, but it got a bit ripped, so I was hoping that he could fix it..."

"Ah, Corin made this y'say?" She fingered the cloth a bit, and then stood up, rifling through some of Corin's supplies at the counter. "Well, perhaps you don't need to wait for Corin here. He still might be awhile, so how 'bout if I just patch it up for you now?" Taking another bone needle, this one with intricate designs of silver laid into it, Arabella began to stitch the cloth together. It seemed to answer the gentle tugging of her fingers and the needle; the cloth seemed to mend itself flawlessly. Reading the worried expression on his face, Arabella answered the question on his mind, "Oh, not to worry Mr. Isaac Telanthos, Corin won't mind a bit here. There now, all mended for your esteemed self." She handed the cloth back to him, and he felt it with his fingertips, amazed that he could find no seam. It was as good as new.

Suddenly, from a noise in the back, Arabella went outside and gave a low whistle, one that could barely be heard. But someone did hear it; four men came immediately to the door and entered the shop. Corin bustled out a few moments later, giving directions, and the four men, all dressed accordingly like Arabella, picked up the bundles of sails. They had been disguised and rolled up into carpets - it would look as if an ordinary crew was loading carpets onto a ship. Arabella smiled, thanked Corwin silently, left a clinking bag on the counter, and left with the men.

She called back, "Farewell, Mr. Isaac Telanthos. Thanks again, Corwin."

Isaac put the cloth back over his eyes just to see Arabella walk out the door, a rolled "carpet" on her shoulder, her wide hat hiding her features.
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[COLOR=DarkOliveGreen]Isaac looked after the foreign woman for a moment, before Corin said "Ah, Isaac! What can I do for ya?" Isaac turned back to the older man, startled a little.

"Oh... nothing Corin... I was just stopping by to say hi." He gave a smile and began to walk out, 'Bella' on his mind. Who was she... really?

"OK then Isaac. See you later!" Isaac closed the door behind him, turning around to see if 'Bella' was still around. There was no sign of her in the immediate area. Surely she would head back to the dock platform? Isaac ran for the platform, curious about where she came from.

Half way there, he could see several of the ship workers with carpets slung over their shoulders. He was about to go the rest of the way... "Storm! Storm cloud on the East side!"

Everyone suddenly stoped what they were doing and looked out to the sky. Sure enough, a massive dark cloud was forming not half a mile away. But how? A storm cloud never formed so quickly. Even as Isaac watched, it loomed forward, heading striaght for the docks.

"Every one go! Back to the core!" Workers and citizens called out, desperately evacuating everyone they could. Crew members ran for the ship, untying ropes and lifting hatches. They were attempting to sail away before the storm hit.

Isaac spotted Arabella boarding the ship and resisted running after her. As he headed back for the core of the city, the cloud picked up speed, as if it was determined to catch him. Within a matter of second, the storm was upon the edge of the dock, and the ship let off from the dock and dropped. It wasn't sinking, just decreasing it's altitude as far as it could withing breakign the cloud layer. Isaac couldn't out run it... he was suddenly in the midst of the storm, ripping up the platform and throwing wooden shrapnel everywhere.

Isaac felt that horrible thrill again... free-fall. And the only thing he heard before hitting the deck of the ship was, [i]destiny[/i].[/COLOR]
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Arabella's head shot up as she looked at the storm clouds - the wind was already whipping her face. Her crew dashed around, scurrying madly to reattach the new sails in place of the old. [I]Oh...a mistake on my part[/I], she thought to herself. She had whistled a little wind for them...and it had propelled the storm. [I]I should have looked more closely at the sky before I did that.[/I] Her face was set in a grim expression, and she hurriedly tied down a few things.

The ship sank quickly, and the storm blew over them - she could hear the docks splintering apart as the winds ripped into the city. And suddenly, her eye was caught by something falling out of the sky...directly towards her ship.

"Arabella!" a crew member shouted, pointing at the object.

She nodded, her gaze enraptured by the free fall...until it landed squarely on her deck. She rushed forward, ignoring the whipping winds around them. Her eyes widened in disbelief - [I]it's the boy, Isaac.[/I] Suddenly the storm howled over them, and she picked up his unconscious form, running to one of the cabins.

"Let's get moving! First mate, steer us out of here!" she shouted over the wind. He immediately started giving orders, and the newly-made sails went up, bright and shimmering against the darkened sky. Laying Isaac on one of the bunks, she took another look at him to check he wasn't seriously injured. She bit her lip. [I]What am I going to do with him? We won't be back in Introth'Din for at least another six months...[/I]

Some yelling attracted her attention back outside onto the deck, and she left, closing the door behind her. Running to the wheel, she took over, shouting orders left and right. The crew followed her perfectly - so much experience together allowed them to expect each other's actions, and they worked as equal counterparts. Soon, Introth'Din was distant, and they were blowing at full speed, the power of the storm's wind behind them. Arabella took one glance back, and then whooped in excitement, the crew following her victorious shouts.
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Isaac's head throbbed as he gained conciousness ans sat up. For several seconds, all he could see through the enchanted cloth was a swirl of brown. When his vision cleared, he saw he was in a small room, sitting on a bunk. Isaac tried to stand, and regretted it when his head surged with pain.

He lay back down and tried to relax. He could feel gentle swaying, as if the whole room was moving... but he assumed this was some kind of side-effect. Five minutes later, his head had stopped throbbing enough for him to stand, and he walked a little shakily to the door.

As it opened, Isaac was met with a swirl of color, the dominant being blue, as he was used to. When everythign came into focus, he regretted even opening the door. Isaac dropped to the deck and stared around at the crew, working dilegently.

At the back of the ship, Arabella stood at the wheel. Again standing up, Isaac tried to make his way to her, only to be bumped into by one of the crew. After he got up again, he was run itno again, and this time told to move out of the way.
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*Jack was "down below foraging some food on a tin plate. So far he had a few apples, a few pickles, some salted pork, a peice of bread, and finally a flask of mead. Then he walked over to "his" barrel, grabbed the cap, and in one solid motion jumped into it and sealed the lid. He started eating quickly sitting atop the sack that now only contained a wad of bills, a few blankets and a pillow. He would collect some finer things later.*
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