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Yu-gi-oh; the virtual reality virus


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[SIZE=2][I][B][COLOR=green][FONT=Lucida sans Unicode]A new Yu-gi-oh sensation; the VR game.
You can pick an programmand enter the VR.
There is gonna be an virus innfiltrating in the game wich makes communication with the real world impossible.
To gain acces again you will have to defeat an powerfull virus.
The virus can use all magic, trap, and monster cards and can converd your monsters.
You can also duel with digital duelists, wich are working for the virus.
They may be paralized, and when you fight them you can play every card from your deck.
If you fight duellists there are normal rules and the life points wich you have left.

This is what I want to know:
- Name: Scalvur
- Gender: Male
- Age: 18
- Type: Fire
- Deck:

Main deck:

High level monsters:

Bleu eyes white dragon
Curse of dragon
Gaia the fierce knight
Luster dragon #2
Summoned skull

Low level monsters:

La jinn the mystical genie of the lamp 3x
Aqua madoor
Mask of darkness
Big eye
Wall of illusion
Man-eater bug
The dragon dwelling in the cave
Armed ninja
Magician of faith
Witch of the black forest
Giant soldier of stone
Darkfire soldier #2
Trap master
Kaiser sea horse
Jowgen the spiritualist
Battle ox

Fusion monster:

Gaia the dragon champion

Ritual monsters:

Paladin of white dragon

Spell cards:

Monster reborn
Change of heart
Tribute to the doomed
Premature burial
Axe of despair
White dragon ritual

Trap cards:

Seven tools of the bandit
Shadow spell
Dust tornado
Torrential tribute
Magic jammer
Raigeki break

- Questions: None

[/FONT] [/COLOR][/SIZE][/I][/B]
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Name: Jon Wheeler

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Type: Dark and Dragon

1. Dark Magician
2. Dark Magician Girl
3. Yami
4. Black Pendant
5. Black Pendant
6. Black Pendant
7. Dark Energy
8. Dark Energy
9. Dark Energy
10. Megamorph
11. Mirror Wall
12. Acid Trap Hole
13. Swordstalker
14. Flame Swordsman
15. Red Eyes Black Dragon
16. Meteor Dragon
17. Dragon Treasure
18. Dragon Treasure
19. Mountain
20. Gravity Bind
21. Monster Reborn
22. Royal Decree
23. Mimicat
24. Blue Eyes Toon Dragon
25. Toon World
26. Panther Warrior
27. Lord of Dragons
28. Summoning Dragon Flute
29. Sapphire Dragon
30. Kaiser Dragon
31. Soul of the Pure
32. Soul of the Pure
33. Polymerization
34. Raigeki
35. Swords of Revealing Light
36. Change of heart
37. Summoned Skull
38. Dark Luster Ritual
39. Toon Summoned Skull
40. Skull Knight

Side Deck
1. Baby Dragon
2. Acrobat Monkey
3. Armored Lizard
4. Alpha The Magnet Warrior
5. Beta The Magnet Warrior
6. Gamma The Magnet Warrior
7. Giant Soldier of Stone
8. Harpie's Brother
9. Man-Eater Bug
10. Winged Dragon Gaurdian of The Fortress #1
11. Gaia The Fierce Knight
12. Feral Imp
13. Curse of Dragon
14. Celtic Guardian
15. Time Wizard
16. Magician of faith
17. gazelle The King of Mythical Beasts
18. Dark Blade
19. Royal Magical Library
20. Shooting Star Bow - Ceal
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