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Elemental Wars


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The Elemental War

In the world of Darbid the elements lived, reminder lived, in peace. There were no distractions. Who helped who you may ask? Well Earth elemental needed the water elemental for crops. Think of the water cycle. The crops need water so the water elementalists give water to the plants. How the ground helps the water is like this. The Earth elementalists provide the crevasses for the ever flowing streams of water. They also provide the mountains so water elementalists can rush glaciers down the mountain.
The next pair of elements is Thunder and fire. Thunder helps fire by means of creating extreme heat for fire elementalists to use quickly. They could shape volcanoes, which is like a haven for fire elementalists. Now fire helps thunder elementalists keep flame going. See if lightning strikes flame is not made but the ground is scared. So, the fire elementalists keep the flame going. So far nobody knows why.
Now for the final group. These were the most recently discovered elementalists in the land of Darbid. The last group is light and dark. This may seem like an unlikely group yet they worked together. How they help is kind of tough to say. Ah yes light made the day come and dark made the night come. Pretty small job for them eh. Yet these were the most powerful of the elementalists. Dark had the power to put out the light and vice-versa. I would say these guys have the best job. Anyway they lived happily until the day of the mineral.
This is the present of the 500th moon. The mineral Krantal was discovered on this date. This mineral has the power to give the one elemental the power to control all other elements. As you now may know elementalists are humans, and humans are greedy. So, they are fighting for control of the mineral Krantal. They discovered it around a swampy area so both fire and thunder thought that water and earth were concealing it from them. But, if they had it why didn't they use it to take control of the entire planet. Well it turns out they didn't know about it either. Now the fire elementalists think the same like fire elementalists. So they are on a team. As well as Water and Earth. Light and Dark have no side to this conflict.
So your objectives are:
For the Water general- You are full of stealth and healing. You can transform into any liquid. Your job is to infiltrate the mane buildings of research to power the fire elementalists. You must destroy the labs and the buildings without being seen or identified. If you fail another general will be created from your DNA to keep this war going.
For the Earth general- You have the power of well power. So, you can throw rocks at many people. You have the power to control five hundred ten feet diameter boulders at a time and throw them at your opponent. Your job is to destroy military bases that camp thunder soldiers. You must annihilate each soldier without mercy.
For the Thunder general- You have the power to call upon fierce storms and make the myth not true that you are very unlikely to be struck by lightning. You also have the power to create incredibly powerful force field to block attacks. Your objective is to blow away the cities and capture them as bases. Yet you are only able to locate earth elementalist cities.
For the Fire general- You have the huge power to call upon magma deep within the planet to melt away your opponents. You can get help from the thunder elementalists to create huge wild fires. Your objective is to go head to head with huge battles with water elementalists so they are eliminated. This will let the thunder take over the cities and breed more elementalists.
For the Light general- You have immense healing powers that far pass water elementalists. You also have a power to blind your opponent and attack them full force if light energy you can form into huge beams of power. Your mission is to get control over all Krantal and destroy it with a huge shattering blow. But be careful for you are easily spotted in the night yet are almost invisible in the day.
For the Dark general- You have immense power that is far beyond fire and earth elementalists. You can use stealth to destroy your opponents. You operate of any shadow. Your blows you give to people are painful yet silent. Your job is to gain control of all Krantal by any means necessary. You will then control all elements. For the Dark elementalists are jealous of other elements. They want control over all. That means get the Krantal and keep it.

To tell you this though is kind of hard. Your best friends today will be your worst enemies tomorrow. I say this with truth. For the side who actually wins this battle will have to face their very own ally. Unless one of the neutral teams get the Krantal. Then the neutral team will destroy the Krantal and be peaceful again. Or keep it and reign terror over all who oppose them.
Now to make this interesting I?ll add a different element to this game. This is what I'll give you. You can also name and have four other party members that will travel with you to different places of Darbid. You can think of them as the general's gang. You?ll create their name, personality, and bio. Thus I decree this will make it more interesting.
Now for some rules. No super powerful allies, elements, attacks, HP, MP, tamed monsters, or magic, with super powerful on all them. (Yes you can summon monsters of your element.) No additional party members. No truces between allied, axis, and/or neutral. Finally no straying off from normal job. You can, however, do everything else.
Have a good time playing out the story line. You can talk to other party members from the same side. (Such as fire talk to thunder and water to earth.) You can get some info from neutral sides. You just don?t want to confront dark that often. The only reason for that is they will make a deal. You get information you treat them to a little battle excitement.
Finally I leave you with the legend:

The Legend

A child born under a mother and father who are, and shall be, elementalists will be dubbed entrance, at age, at the temple of the chosen to choose a crystal, through instinct and no persuasion, to become one of the said elements. The child will be blind folded. If child doesn?t do so they will have permission to pick out of the sacred crystals, said light and dark crystals. Of occasion the elementalist, male or female, chooses a mate, witch or wizard, the child is pronounced a warlock. Thus the child will have the temple trial, yet the child will only have half the original power of the crystal. Finally I end this constitutional legend letting all know that the war of the elements will rage for control of a certain object. Thus if one of the sides win then the planet will be in turmoil, but if the good side wins then the world will live in peace once again. Yet I have a strong feeling that the evil has the advantage.

Bishop of Darbid

Water-[closed] Wave_of_Death / Reserved for him so you can talk to me about water.

Dark-[closed] sonofdragon

Mane person
Name: David Vontam
Age: 28
Personality: He is from the mountains of the continent of Darbid. He loves to torture his little brother and is happily un-married. He is mostly evil and trains in the snowy peaks of Mt. Kono. He has many abilities and he can float through the air and perform some powerful aerial attacks. He has two girlfriends and one male friend. They all are dark elementlaists and love to learn new techniques. He had parents but a light elementalist killed them in a dragon attack. His brother is another dark elementalist. His entire family was and is. He has two things he fights for. 1. He fights for resurrecting his parents. 2. He fights for total control of the elements.
Bio: He is 7? 11??, pretty tall eh. He wears T-shirts. He wears torn jeans. He lives with his brother. He has no parents alive. He had a pretty bad life. He hates living dragons. He kills dragons for fun. The town he lives in is still recovering from the dragon attack.
Party Member 1
Name: Joshua Vontam
Age: 24
Personality: He is picked on by his brother. He also has pretty much follows in his brother?s foot steps. He is un-married too. He can summon monsters very well. One of his favorite summonings is shade dragon. He likes to ride his summonings too. He has the same friends David has.
Bio: He is 5? 3??. He loves sports. He hates light elementalists. He loves riding into the town to buy supplies. He is well known in the town of Gremton. It is at the bottom of Mt. Kono.
Party Member 2
Name: Kesha Nomen
Age: 27
Personality: She is part of David?s little gang. She causes trouble with her control over plants. She can use the trees by sending dark energy into its roots and control it. She lives in a worn down house that was crashed into by the fall of the dragon and lived. She thinks Joshua is cute and his power to summon is cool. She will let her sister take David, but she likes Joshua. She is nice to people, but in battle she shows no mercy.
Bio: She is 5? 7??. She likes Josh. She was friends with the Vontam family before. She loves nature. Her house is full of flowers. She keeps a garden. She relies on Josh to summon a monster to water her plants every day because he visits her every day.
Party Member 3
Name: Marian Nomen
Age: 28
Personality: She likes David. She thinks that her little sister nuts to like Joshua. She uses her dark power to speed her up. She has many different ways to create power fast. She can create shields and can give other people speed. She lives with her sister so she can speed up the growth of the plants.
Bio: She is 6? 2??. She likes David. She loves jewelry. She spends most her time with David. She loves the smell the flowers give off. She practices with David on top of Mt. Kono.
Party member 4
Name: Cid Patfonotec
Age: 30
Personality: He is wise and teaches David in his training. He loves coffee and bread. He likes to wear leather for some reason. He spends a lot of time going down to Gremton to buy supplies. He likes the thrill of battle and shares no remorse and/or mercy. He can make a sword out of his dark energy. He is the only friend of David?s and loves to tease him.
Bio: He?s 7?11??. He loves to kill dragons. He loves adventure. He would look for any excuse to fight. He likes Marian.
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