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Its good, but a little bit empty. Add a backgroud or something. Maybe extend the background onto the table, so that there is a little big going on. Overall a good layout.

You might want to leave some space for a banner, if that is your plan.

Like I said -- good.

I'd give it 7.75/10 (he ehe)
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Guest ScirosDarkblade
For now I'd say it's a great start. The color scheme is relaxing and doesn't distract, but it still adds a lot of atmosphere. The navigation is clear and simple, which is good as well. So assuming you're about 10% done with it, I'd give it a 9.5/10.

But the jury is still out, because there's so little done so far you've got more than enough chances to totally screw up. So just keep with the atmosphere you've created for now, don't break from the design plan, and you'll have a good result.

One thing though. The more "stylistic" you make it the more likely you are to grow tired of the design. So keep that in mind if you want to make your website easily modifiable.
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