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Dropzone I


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The year is 2006. Nothing has changed since 2004. Iraq was liberated and now has a newer, better democracy. The U.S.A. captured Osams bin Laden. ... ...
Microsoft recently developed a new game called Tyope, where players have to interact and develop their own world with other players around the globe. Hackers saw this opportunity and brought about a plan to execute the Us's presidential cabinet. This plan was never brought out. A bigger force erupted and massacred the hackers. Now, demons from another realm are geting into the real world through this game, even though no one knows it.
Several gamers found out and are now being recruited to send these monsters back into the game through a program called Dropzone, where they can lock themselves into a 12-man tournament with the players fighting the demons one-on-one. The man behind the demons is known as Japuro. He is protected in the other realm, since no one knows what to call it, by the most powerful fighters alive.
You have recieved an e-mail with a copy of Dropzone I, the first version of the program. Will you accept the challenge and be a hero? Or will you accept and become a demon to serve Japuro, the mysterious man behind all this chaos? It's up to you, but you have a destiny to fufill nonetheless. Let's Go!

What I need to sign up is:

Grade: (if student)
Other: (if I missed anything)
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