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New Banner/Avatar Combination


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[SIZE=1][COLOR=SlateGray]Nice work, Hataki Vash. Both the avatar and banner are, pretty much perfect and high quality. I see what you mean by not adding text because of how you'd get it in, but I think it looks just fine with out any text

I like the fact that you went with the double, one white line, border rather then a plain border. It adds to the feel of the light in the image, also accents for the door frame and the other items within the image that aren't totally seen.

Dido above, but I don't like the way there, seems as though to me, that over on the opposite side of the character/person right by the first inner border the green seems to curve a bit. (Although, it may just be my eyes. Don't know...) It'd try to straighten that out, but it all depends on eye sight and comprehension of that dark of green were it fades.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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