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Victory Gundam


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[COLOR=Indigo][FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=1]Mobile Suit Victory Gundam was made in 1993. The story starts off 74 years after the One Year War and 30 years after Formula 91 ended. Again the Earth Federation is helpless as an even bigger threat appears on the scene. This organization is called the Zanscare Empire and is much more dangerous than that of the Zeon and Crossbone Vanguard. Eventually the conflict between the two political powers erupts and the feds are crushed.

Insert the League Militaire, a civilian-led resistance force. Usso Evin is the main character, and unlike most Gundam series pilots he is only thirteen years old. This time, instead of feeling it his obligation, poor Usso is thrown into combat by the Militaire and forced to pilot the Victory Gundam.

Running at a ground-breaking 51 episodes, Victory Gundam by far suceeds all of its UC predecessors. I say this because the series not only got a larger budget which meant that it got the best orchestral music in Gundam history, courtesy of Akira Senju, but it also recieved a full-year airing period.

What's also good about this is Tomino added an extra touch of folklore and mystery to this series, along with the great plot twists and suspense.

This series is presented in a kind of David vs. Goliath style, the Militaire being David and of course the Zanscare Empire being the massive Goliath.

Tomino is able to amplify his message of childhood, innocence, and the brutality war has on those traits through his characters. Yet you would think that the children would become corrupt and heartless, but they are able to retain their kindness.

Kunio Okawara, Hajime Katoki, and Junya Ishigaki are able to crank out some of the best looking mecha and in turn created a whole new generation of Gundam. A lot of the mecha though are able to trace their roots clear back to the One Year War. V-Gundam proves Tomino's creativity is as strong as ever and you really are able to appreciate his brilliance in this Gundam series.

So I definetly suggest all of ye big mecha fans try and watch this series or just wait for it to get released in English. Either way, this series is awesome, its right up there with SEED. Hell, this series was SEED of the 1990s so I definetly suggest you watch this.[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]
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