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Neoteric America


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Tired of this mindless daily bump and grind
Living through this methodical routine
Corrosion swimming in each human mind
But there's a vestige of rebellion in this habitual scheme
Our bodies could be hurled into a revolution
The country is on the verge of a forced evolution

Creating a new America
Running from our past
Sitting, ready to belly up
Into our last days
Our nights on the bay
And I'm ready to risk it all
For the chance at ridding you all
Of this horrid routine

Rebuilding the new America after our futile front attack
Changing the thing we're weary of, since we have turned our back
On the society of old, the tiring routine
The systematic bliss we lived in, now has gone to waste
After the first rebellion, it was all lost in the race
The race toward utopia, with blindfolds on our face
The blinding race with aspiration
Has led us to a near extinction

Now we rebuild this wasted land
We hold our routed plans
In our ambitious hands
Living in the days of yore
We try to reinvent
This new life is such a bore
We have to implement
We work long days and nights
We've got to recreate
A fleeting paradise
But we won't close our eyes
We keep pushing on
And as I sing this song
The mother comforts her fawn

The only thing that matters now
Our offspring pay the price
We can only hope
That they can catch the light
And cast a bright wave of might
They must pay for our fight
But they do not have the right
To tear away the night
And at the sight of a tight aurora
They build a new euphoria
A lone child starts an aria
Showing what we're not weary of
But now we keep our eyes peeled
As we replant the fields and forests
No longer will there be unrest

No more unrest
In our new America

Alot of forced rhyming, but it's all stuff that I wanted in there. I like that I found a use for euphoria. That last paragraph was pretty much freestyle, just typing without really stopping to think, but it's my favorite.
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